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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print A175 Susan Brooker F36 38:16
print A145 Sheri Wright F36 39:47
print AA551 Bev Zimmermann F36 40:08
print AA274 Kristi Jordan F36 40:48
print B254 Janet Rooney F36 41:31
print AA122 Kirsti Sheeran F36 41:48
print AA879 Kathryn Bradshaw F36 42:09
print AA083 Lynne Parks F36 43:11
print AA249 Tonya Riggs F36 43:34
print BB487 Kathleen Aycock F36 44:49
print B211 Lynn Arenson F36 45:02
print AA593 Mary Hohnholt F36 45:09
print C683 Juli Ann Clark F36 45:39
print BB296 Deborah Halternam F36 46:23
print BB219 Susan Foskett Cobb F36 46:35
print B414 Lorie Moreno-Roch F36 46:52
print BB106 Diane Hinzman F36 47:26
print C173 Linda Roberts F36 47:32
print C197 Pamela Jones F36 47:33
print D276 Lisa Bennett F36 47:33
print C114 Becky Swanstrom F36 48:01
print FF498 Kristen Marie Nunez F36 48:21
print CC378 Monique Guidry F36 48:33
print DD045 Theresa M. Myers F36 48:43
print D476 Maria Kunz F36 48:49
print OO686 Sandra Bertrand F36 48:54
print CC420 Chrissy Lingelbach F36 49:03
print C670 Ellen Ivy F36 49:11
print CC293 Jacqueline Schafer F36 49:26
print CC408 Diana Rudolph F36 49:43
print C070 Marge Gale F36 50:00
print HH952 Heather Sappenfield F36 50:10
print C137 Marie Davey F36 50:12
print DD208 Laura Williams F36 50:19
print J305 Lisa Franseen F36 50:26
print DD143 Julie Tisone F36 50:33
print DD298 Lisa Cech F36 51:02
print C342 Shawna Kinkead F36 51:33
print CC570 Kimberly Fonder F36 51:33
print D605 Jan North F36 51:48
print CC350 Julie Pope F36 51:51
print E539 Lynne Norikane F36 51:53
print CC632 Catherine Rodriguez F36 52:04
print D485 Theresa Wittry F36 52:04
print H168 Nancy Nicholson F36 52:06
print S286 Marcia Becker F36 52:08
print EE567 Marilyn Koponen F36 52:11
print GG155 Louise Simons F36 52:16
print R996 Mary C Weiser F36 52:24
print EE302 Laurie Deckert F36 52:38
print DD440 LaRae Bradbury F36 52:38
print J429 Jennifer Maulsby F36 52:43
print D174 Sandy Sundine F36 52:47
print DD435 Suzanne Steward-Johnson F36 52:49
print H496 Susan Himelstieb F36 52:52
print U651 Melinda Jo Jones F36 52:52
print EE571 Kristi Kinney F36 52:53
print DD270 Liz Dietz F36 53:36
print D247 Laurie Ann Williams F36 53:44
print KK228 Amy Smith F36 54:06
print LL392 Amy Arntzen F36 54:12
print E446 MaryAnn Hewicker F36 54:14
print EE199 Jaye Shomaker F36 54:27
print DD094 Tracy Lynn Brainard F36 54:44
print TT656 Colleen Seyer F36 54:57
print E123 Cindy Lamanna F36 54:58
print FF155 Jeanne Timmons F36 55:00
print KK106 Robin L. Wilson F36 55:04
print J702 Jolene Splett F36 55:09
print TT831 Renee Wiseman F36 55:09
print E206 Wendy Jerman F36 55:15
print P942 Leslie Chandler F36 55:15
print E070 DeeAnn Dietrich F36 55:18
print D422 Janice Jentz F36 55:22
print FF406 Kerry Sexton F36 55:30
print JJ816 Moniek Govers F36 55:33
print LL045 Alicia K. Mahoney F36 55:35
print JJ636 Tami Grieve F36 55:37
print FF265 Sharon Elizabeth La Croix F36 55:44
print PP211 Suzanne Cabral F36 55:46
print EE190 Magali Azema-Barac F36 55:48
print PP327 Amy Britton F36 56:04
print H199 Sandra Muller F36 56:12
print J076 Cindy Anne Malone F36 56:17
print JJ352 Karen Fienberg F36 56:18
print JJ759 Tammy Mercy F36 56:33
print KK698 Sheri Shannon F36 56:35
print LL462 Kelly McPhee F36 56:36
print JJ867 Tania Young F36 56:44
print LL375 Wendy Bohling F36 57:06
print PP393 Tracy Winfree F36 57:11
print PP376 Jennifer Scheifele F36 57:16
print OO322 Tina Geyer F36 57:20
print H506 Wendy Guenthner F36 57:32
print P566 Maureen K Hart F36 57:44
print NN265 Kathy Lacy F36 57:48
print G161 Beverly Moss F36 57:48
print LL248 Jennifer Uhland F36 58:01
print PP853 Celina Gomez F36 58:05
print Q691 Bridget Lois Luebbert F36 58:06
print GG341 Suzie Anderson F36 58:06
print KK323 Joan Laubacher F36 58:08
print P518 Dawn Dennison F36 58:12
print I809 Karen Leonhart F36 58:14
print L387 Jennifer Toriggino F36 58:22
print LL167 Karen Baker F36 58:22
print F161 Julie Sinclair F36 58:24
print JJ587 Peggy Ann Neises F36 58:27
print FF258 Kelley Kennedy Reed F36 58:33
print PP581 Laura Tremaine F36 58:35
print EE271 Alison Cliffton F36 58:45
print JJ780 T.C. Aylward F36 58:47
print T991 Lynne Elizabeth Perry F36 58:52
print H196 Jane Parenteau F36 58:55
print WW665 Donna Meloan F36 58:57
print KK713 Kathy Lein F36 59:13
print L232 Lauren Litman F36 59:14
print N763 Lisa Schrag F36 59:23
print OO653 Sandra Homner - van Damme F36 59:24
print GG250 Christy Horvat F36 59:26
print O842 Cheryl Gillett F36 59:28
print H088 marianne fay johansen F36 59:35
print KK579 Lisa Lynch F36 59:39
print KK220 Janice Hoff F36 59:45
print KK582 Lindy McGrath F36 59:46
print II189 Jeanette Teder F36 59:48
print L261 Carol Bethke F36 59:52
print MM086 julie ann benzel F36 1:00:01
print I560 Fiona Taylor F36 1:00:07
print G262 Karen Griffith F36 1:00:09
print H107 Stacy Ann Thrash F36 1:00:11
print LL458 Anne Kirchner F36 1:00:11
print SS007 Francie Gallacher F36 1:00:11
print K317 Penina Axelrad F36 1:00:28
print OK088 Lou Unger F36 1:00:32
print FF042 Michele Rozycki F36 1:00:47
print S597 Suzy Christensen F36 1:00:49
print LL113 Alie Olsen F36 1:00:51
print PP469 Stacy Hockaday F36 1:01:07
print I627 Kim Leverett F36 1:01:09
print P647 Kat Hatcher F36 1:01:10
print K805 Joanna Zoltay F36 1:01:15
print P220 Kate Shuckter F36 1:01:21
print G338 Yun Rodriquez F36 1:01:21
print PP227 Edith DeCraene F36 1:01:22
print R455 Nance Furber F36 1:01:25
print O501 Kristin Lavelle F36 1:01:27
print O634 Denise DeCarlo F36 1:01:30
print R075 Kathy Lucero F36 1:01:31
print SS979 Jackie Guerre F36 1:01:40
print H030 Lisa Sickles F36 1:01:47
print I270 Celeste Landry F36 1:01:54
print SS055 Diane Huwa F36 1:01:54
print DD087 Melissa Winter F36 1:01:56
print Q055 Sherri Moore F36 1:02:06
print H347 Kim Wheeler F36 1:02:07
print LA372 Bitsy Gagnon F36 1:02:17
print N091 Betsy Ann Britz F36 1:02:31
print KK784 Alison O'Connell F36 1:02:39
print MM247 Carla Mueller F36 1:02:42
print MM325 Kathy Savill F36 1:02:45
print TT635 Lisa Cargerman F36 1:02:46
print SS712 Betty J. Garrison F36 1:02:46
print NN059 Julie Javernick F36 1:02:48
print KK586 Kelli Haselden F36 1:02:53
print E105 Laurie Gaudreault F36 1:02:59
print G344 Natalie Henderson F36 1:03:03
print R076 Michelle Marie Matkins F36 1:03:05
print NN816 Patricia Costa F36 1:03:09
print OO528 Natalie Shallow F36 1:03:16
print PP601 Tanya Holland F36 1:03:18
print QQ292 Megan Dolan F36 1:03:18
print QQ291 Jamie Watson F36 1:03:19
print SS555 Jennifer L. Stotter F36 1:03:19
print S550 Laura Rising F36 1:03:19
print LA084 Kaye Wilcox F36 1:03:20
print SS647 Angela Marie Parsons F36 1:03:21
print MA044 Elke Hornig F36 1:03:25
print NN766 Mary Beth Wolff F36 1:03:28
print HH729 Kim Bremner F36 1:03:31
print II702 Annette Maxson F36 1:03:48
print P470 Gaynell Lucero F36 1:03:49
print KK685 Kathy Dokter F36 1:03:51
print JJ358 Margaret Nowachek F36 1:03:54
print P357 Angela Nelson F36 1:03:54
print L408 Janice Pappas F36 1:03:57
print J447 Kathy Seidman F36 1:04:00
print K542 Jacki Naylor F36 1:04:09
print N784 Lee Ann Holwager F36 1:04:10
print K498 Colleen Kaufman F36 1:04:17
print P592 Margaret Badar Riedel F36 1:04:22
print R088 Sandra Pequette F36 1:04:25
print RR848 Stacie S Mullins F36 1:04:31
print LL939 Penelope Gill-Stuart F36 1:04:35
print HH739 Sandra McMillan F36 1:04:42
print S509 Mary Tragiai F36 1:04:47
print HH790 Amy Stiewig F36 1:04:48
print NN328 Pam Simich F36 1:04:51
print HH177 Melanie Dries F36 1:04:55
print II487 Jaye Matthews F36 1:05:00

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