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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A301 Anne Bersagel F19 37:36
print AA500 Elizabeth Brase F19 41:41
print BB479 Sarah Pizzo F19 42:39
print B391 Erin Hardin F19 43:18
print BB250 Kellie Faircloth F19 43:46
print GA036 Chelsea Vendegna F19 44:22
print DA484 Catherine Callahan F19 44:30
print C680 Jennifer Prehn F19 45:26
print CC146 Julianne Ohara F19 45:58
print G769 Elizabeth Greig F19 46:35
print CC309 Tricia Lennberg F19 46:49
print JJ468 Marie Fourniier F19 46:51
print C013 Amalia Petherbridge F19 47:09
print BA440 Jennifer Marshall F19 47:10
print BA500 Joslin Heyward F19 47:25
print D500 Hannah Beren F19 47:41
print GG555 Korry Johnson F19 47:44
print BB396 Shelby Sommer F19 47:51
print BA441 Adrienne Koepsell F19 47:56
print CC056 Janet Bossio F19 48:05
print C575 Monika Griffin F19 48:09
print EA355 Stephanie Sharp F19 48:22
print C649 Elizabeth Voss F19 48:23
print EA406 Julie Meuret F19 48:58
print GG321 Amber Barlow F19 49:22
print JJ162 Stacey Olson F19 49:26
print E608 Erin Deffenbaugh F19 49:42
print FA219 Jennifer Skarka F19 49:45
print BB443 Johanna Westbom F19 50:14
print F164 Ashley Ruppert F19 50:29
print F503 Riki Cramm F19 50:46
print GG191 Pamela Bailey F19 50:51
print MS579 Caroline Fisher F19 50:58
print F271 Christina Azzolina F19 51:07
print EA281 Katie Hamilton F19 51:08
print FA372 Sarah Withey F19 51:18
print D207 Marina Latchininsky F19 51:37
print PP194 Vallen Brock F19 51:42
print GA418 Jasmine Sanchez F19 51:51
print MA362 Tami Kochen F19 52:03
print HH208 Anna Davies F19 52:06
print E381 Kate Douglas F19 52:21
print KK166 Naomi Clark F19 52:25
print GG596 Elizabeth Sonneberg F19 52:38
print MM478 Kelly Youngman F19 52:53
print G579 Sara Bertagnolli F19 52:57
print Q298 Bethany Griego F19 52:58
print HA345 Melissa Hahn F19 53:03
print JJ800 Mary Allen F19 53:19
print FF462 Kerry Galusha F19 53:24
print PA519 Brianna Loecher F19 53:29
print GA281 Trisha Benglen F19 53:55
print FA270 Amber Gartner F19 54:22
print D636 Glenys de Wet F19 54:22
print FA269 Abigail Alpaugh F19 54:25
print PA513 Julianne Bentley F19 54:50
print MT041 Meagan Hoffman F19 55:03
print FF309 MacKenzie Mielke F19 55:38
print QA722 Erin Lustik F19 55:41
print LL239 Molly Johnston F19 55:58
print HH735 Ann Depperschmidt F19 56:04
print Q554 Helen Wright F19 56:09
print HH654 Melody McElwair F19 56:14
print P646 Nicki Post F19 56:26
print P630 Margaret Lamb F19 56:27
print MM750 Susan Lewis F19 57:16
print E675 Kirsten Huner F19 57:46
print G638 Corrie Shinn F19 57:46
print G351 Meghan Tappan F19 57:53
print EE187 Brittany Gillespie F19 57:59
print GG246 Shannon Ryan F19 58:01
print QQ321 Kelly Campbell F19 58:11
print G272 Darcey Vertuca F19 58:14
print R324 Victoria Pepper F19 58:30
print MA622 Courtney Kunz F19 58:35
print G139 Emily Hines F19 58:58
print MT376 Heather Timmcke F19 59:11
print FF021 Tara Pionkowski F19 59:17
print QA673 Kristen Brumley F19 59:22
print NN343 Deann Heiland F19 59:22
print LL693 Kristen Trull F19 59:25
print LL397 Miriam Shaw F19 59:38
print QA750 Jessica Best F19 59:45
print PP739 Mika Wheelwright F19 59:52
print LL274 Ashley Withington F19 1:00:02
print EE239 Amanda Carlin F19 1:00:10
print LL301 Amanda Mathisen F19 1:00:13
print H241 Lindsay Moore F19 1:00:15
print L579 Adelaide Surette F19 1:00:20
print M216 Annie Clasen F19 1:00:38
print MM529 Amanda Martinez F19 1:00:55
print LA075 Emily Levi F19 1:01:05
print HA325 Ashley Taylor F19 1:01:09
print QA131 Elisa Tadokoro F19 1:01:16
print GA013 Iris Adelmann F19 1:01:32
print HH344 Randie Wirt F19 1:01:34
print KK531 Mari Ackah-Yensu F19 1:01:36
print J600 Valerie Koester F19 1:01:41
print GA298 Kimberly Ferris F19 1:01:49
print R314 Lauren Bloom F19 1:02:01
print K630 Amber Tuma F19 1:02:10
print PA393 Heidi Wanner F19 1:02:10
print K131 Allyssa Phillips F19 1:02:10
print LA353 Lily Smith F19 1:02:11
print P090 Jessica Novitksy F19 1:02:11
print PP492 Christine Hughes F19 1:02:12
print N797 Jessica Phillips F19 1:02:17
print K589 Sarah Burkhardt F19 1:02:21
print GG036 Ellen Satterwhite F19 1:02:30
print L315 Anne Walsh F19 1:02:32
print MT692 Katie High F19 1:02:35
print TT777 Shannon Lahr F19 1:02:40
print EE485 Leslie Sturdevant F19 1:02:41
print NN234 Lisa Moler F19 1:02:41
print EE444 Cahleen Hegarty F19 1:02:43
print H273 Amy Plant F19 1:02:44
print QQ371 Sarah Burns F19 1:02:53
print Q533 Valerie Macheel F19 1:02:54
print MS797 Hannah Varani F19 1:03:05
print RR396 Beth Harry F19 1:03:24
print NA189 Amy Tolley F19 1:03:30
print J152 Alison Buck F19 1:03:43
print QA108 Rachel Hutcheson F19 1:03:50
print N649 Sarah Steinwand F19 1:04:01
print N595 Lane Harlow F19 1:04:07
print L670 Elizabeth Roush F19 1:04:27
print JA379 Suzanne Lewis F19 1:04:37
print N757 Ann Mailander F19 1:04:42
print EE186 Aubrie Gillespie F19 1:04:43
print NN302 Catherine Ogden F19 1:04:43
print F363 Stephanie Pugh F19 1:04:45
print N758 Danielle Anderson F19 1:04:47
print N759 Christine Riker F19 1:04:51
print LL502 Darah Jorgensen F19 1:05:11
print N412 Brooke Helmink F19 1:05:30
print Q321 Emily Zimmerman F19 1:05:38
print Q676 Catherine Foulkrod F19 1:05:59
print MS785 Elizabeth Everson F19 1:06:08
print KA537 Julie Simons F19 1:06:17
print KA092 Keri Grogan F19 1:06:19
print R798 Cara Jordan F19 1:06:58
print N596 Christine Fenske F19 1:07:06
print MM189 Kristina Olson F19 1:07:15
print JA123 Jennifer Hume F19 1:07:19
print J370 Christina Gangl F19 1:07:28
print PA446 Bethany Grosser F19 1:07:41
print PA599 Sarah Bauman F19 1:07:42
print M336 Sara Simpson F19 1:07:59
print NN452 Aimee Safko F19 1:08:27
print N423 Kate Zimmerly F19 1:08:28
print NN344 Katie Wieleba F19 1:08:55
print KK413 Tanya Sichko F19 1:09:11
print FA194 Rebecca Vancura F19 1:09:26
print J704 HILARY MURRAY F19 1:09:32
print KA610 Mary Crespin F19 1:09:43
print RR027 Carolyn Mueller F19 1:09:50
print JJ765 Becky Dumas F19 1:10:02
print LL396 Ellen Thompson F19 1:10:16
print LA584 Nicole Dally F19 1:10:42
print GA195 Michelle Didier F19 1:10:45
print JA526 Stacy Trujillo F19 1:10:53
print L166 Adrienne Nemanic F19 1:11:11
print TT754 Jennie Perlmutter F19 1:11:19
print M119 Ashley Shaw F19 1:11:20
print LA212 Rachel Novotny F19 1:11:31
print TA765 Megan Garrison F19 1:11:46
print TA539 Alexa Cares F19 1:11:50
print TA541 Holly Orr F19 1:11:52
print TA538 Cassidy Hartmann F19 1:11:53
print LA002 Ashley Hobart F19 1:12:01
print TA542 Lindsey Miller F19 1:12:20
print TA543 Miranda Dettmann F19 1:12:20
print EE188 Stephanie Wernke F19 1:12:31
print TA245 Lily Hunter F19 1:12:45
print KK441 Kate Catalano F19 1:13:18
print H730 Chelsey Sackley F19 1:13:29
print MT317 Wells Jessie F19 1:13:44
print MT316 Elizabeth Johnson F19 1:13:45
print N432 Danice Crawford F19 1:14:11
print N735 Aubrey Koplar F19 1:14:30
print R334 Iris Eison F19 1:14:51
print K139 Gwyneth Holston F19 1:15:12
print NA465 Beth Pierce F19 1:15:41
print Q237 Jennifer Edmondson F19 1:15:53
print Q236 Christina Szoke F19 1:15:55
print R599 Courtney Ritscher F19 1:15:59
print HH079 Leah Parker F19 1:16:04
print SA328 Alyssa Saunders F19 1:16:52
print QQ471 Kelli McNierney F19 1:17:11
print NA077 Leslie Deacon F19 1:17:35
print TT631 Jessica Wilson F19 1:18:04
print PP366 Kelsey Magnuson F19 1:18:09
print PP495 Brittany Schecter F19 1:18:30
print WA348 Eden Volinsky F19 1:18:40
print WB036 Cara Christensen F19 1:19:11
print PP413 Becky Goetz F19 1:19:35
print P617 Danielle Dwyer F19 1:19:35
print T484 Kate Steinberg F19 1:19:43
print HH384 Kirstyn Hedahl F19 1:20:15
print NN460 Catie De La Garza F19 1:20:44

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