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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A474 Elizabeth Roodell F23 37:27
print B595 Jennifer Larkin F23 38:42
print AA455 Courtney Clinard F23 41:30
print B468 Erika Harden F23 43:04
print BA198 Leslie Straayer F23 43:35
print BA629 Lisa Clark F23 44:12
print BA632 Elizabeth Conti F23 44:21
print BB578 Lisa Boatright F23 45:14
print BB481 Sara Riker F23 45:45
print C115 Shannon Swish F23 46:34
print LL226 Barbara Knor F23 46:50
print MS445 Kjersten Kramer F23 47:01
print BA477 Breanna Studenka F23 47:04
print BA084 Jeanette Montour F23 47:13
print C015 Maren Higgins F23 47:19
print KA570 Kelda Klingmheller F23 47:25
print BA237 Davonne Johnson F23 47:43
print JJ241 Kristina Beaudry F23 48:05
print MM173 Sarah Martin F23 48:11
print BB011 Heather Sutton F23 48:27
print M573 Kimberly Green F23 48:35
print CA692 Juliana Serafini F23 48:47
print CA174 Irene Rosenthal F23 48:51
print BA610 Mary Anne Evans F23 48:56
print KK406 Marissa Willey F23 48:57
print EA181 Janessa Devereux F23 49:08
print L565 Kelly Cotter F23 49:30
print BB092 Stephanie Basile F23 49:31
print CA499 Ashley Wheeland F23 49:34
print BA076 Jennifer Brug F23 49:41
print B604 Leona Light F23 49:42
print E627 Amy Sorensen F23 49:49
print LL437 Heather Heath F23 50:15
print E307 Grace Spivak F23 50:16
print EA128 Lauren Augusta F23 50:21
print NN571 Kelly Ratterman F23 50:30
print E190 Eva Cosyleon F23 50:35
print KA388 Heather Raben F23 50:39
print MA401 Lorel Birmingham F23 50:39
print J326 Catherine Workman F23 51:05
print P026 Caroline Hildreth F23 51:14
print M526 Shannon Schakel F23 51:17
print C588 Kristine Thompson F23 51:18
print FF299 Erika Bodigheimer F23 51:28
print CC512 Wendy Hegwood F23 51:31
print MA192 Elizabeth Maddox F23 51:54
print EA395 Cindy Mahlberg F23 52:20
print E361 Jessica Gallegos F23 52:20
print G589 Jill Knight F23 52:31
print FA530 Laura Mead F23 52:31
print GA042 Kelley Sullivan F23 52:31
print J331 Rachel Weber F23 52:40
print GA253 Mary Beth Davenport F23 52:44
print K676 Shana Letnes F23 52:47
print JA433 Elyza Pierce F23 52:53
print KA488 Lyndsey Paul F23 52:54
print PP322 Leslie Jamieson F23 53:05
print DA485 Kristen Waite F23 53:09
print FA472 Gwendolyn Fidecaro F23 53:10
print GG273 Natalee Downs F23 53:21
print LA196 Deirdre Sullivan F23 53:22
print KA440 Jacqueline Haberkorn F23 53:24
print HA289 Rachel Ellenberger F23 53:30
print EA339 Stacey Harris F23 53:30
print HA297 Kyley Ellenberger F23 53:31
print F092 Jennifer Williams F23 53:34
print EE392 Amy Wheeler F23 53:37
print QA713 Erin Bauer F23 53:37
print L600 Heather Shaver F23 53:53
print EA442 Carly Smart F23 53:57
print NN603 Richelle McMurty F23 54:05
print D470 Karen Bucher F23 54:13
print MA714 Kiley Perrich F23 54:14
print MT497 Michelle Butler F23 54:18
print E266 Molly Niquette F23 54:20
print QA709 Dayna Kendall F23 54:21
print MA189 Mills Hook F23 54:23
print KK787 Amanda Fisher F23 54:25
print DA416 Johnna Fandel F23 54:25
print MM435 Heather Arnold F23 54:26
print MS723 Sarah Stuppy F23 54:29
print P689 Jenny Lufen F23 54:30
print GG214 Suzanne Spruce F23 54:38
print KA596 Kelley McGlothlin F23 54:46
print E466 Adria Pearson F23 54:46
print GG277 Amber Jones F23 54:47
print MS555 Stephanie Lape F23 54:55
print PA442 Kimberly Howry F23 55:05
print K370 Jessica Rutherford F23 55:11
print K695 Kaia Butzman F23 55:24
print KK400 Mary Widener F23 55:30
print L564 Kelly Hagen F23 55:31
print KA307 Carolyn Firchak F23 55:36
print LL278 Judith Nakagawa F23 55:46
print QA728 Mandi Mayer F23 55:48
print Q655 Laura Wolfkiel Wolfkiel F23 55:51
print E112 Kristy Wade F23 55:53
print CA658 Alison Langlois F23 55:55
print P651 Gina Kruse F23 55:58
print CA307 Jennifer Halser F23 55:58
print GG743 Katie Roecker F23 55:59
print J468 Misty Anne Winzenried F23 56:00
print KA478 Sarah Burnett F23 56:00
print Q596 Jessica Bowers F23 56:14
print H731 Hayley Graves F23 56:17
print KA111 Meghan Cogswell F23 56:21
print PA534 Jenni Rysavy F23 56:22
print GG780 Anna Reishus F23 56:23
print KK409 Sarah Hagerty F23 56:25
print LL254 Felicia Birch F23 56:31
print NA361 Louisa Brosman F23 56:31
print J361 Shannon Trunck F23 56:38
print FA541 Jamie Walker F23 56:39
print WK216 Kirsten Larson F23 56:39
print JA282 Carletta Bruno F23 56:50
print DD584 Julia Frances Slejko F23 57:03
print L624 Meghan Reidy F23 57:05
print JJ348 Tanya Kunkel F23 57:12
print FF440 Audrey McElwain F23 57:17
print HH748 Holly Sweezer F23 57:20
print CC094 Joshua Mulhall F23 57:22
print J386 Melissa Hurd F23 57:27
print KK399 Erica Bianco F23 57:35
print Q616 Jaimie Zelkin F23 57:37
print NN508 Alisa Dangelo F23 57:41
print MS133 Erin Lisa F23 57:44
print KA651 Michelle Johnson F23 57:46
print GA030 Amanda Krings F23 57:55
print GA438 Shannon Snavely F23 57:57
print JA230 Laura Driscoll F23 58:08
print GA682 Hilary Wimmer F23 58:14
print JA150 Karen Murphy F23 58:18
print FA325 Katy Rossiter F23 58:30
print PP510 Bridget Fees F23 58:30
print LL077 Ashley Ennis F23 58:34
print HH109 Julie Head F23 58:35
print BB025 Sonia Brusch F23 58:36
print LA012 Sara Huls F23 58:36
print K295 Bethany LaHaie F23 58:47
print Q369 Teesha Laflin F23 58:48
print MT650 Jordan Murphy F23 58:54
print MA600 Brooke Quigley F23 58:59
print PP606 Lindsey Lanham F23 59:01
print NA511 Audra Guthrie F23 59:02
print LA638 Melissa Syndergaard F23 59:07
print LA628 Meghann Schmidt F23 59:07
print H655 Joy Genuardi F23 59:09
print PA766 Deborah Park F23 59:12
print MS707 Melissa Lehr F23 59:31
print P528 Katie Van Stedum F23 59:39
print K745 Leanne Hemphill F23 59:42
print EA197 Angie White F23 59:48
print SS753 Nicole Rich F23 59:50
print G176 Michelle Lemire F23 59:53
print HH127 Kristi Steeger F23 59:53
print GG439 Lauren Board F23 59:58
print JJ222 Allison Edwards F23 59:58
print PA375 Sara Stonehill F23 1:00:00
print J625 Stephanie Hartley F23 1:00:09
print QA715 Joanne Jaje F23 1:00:09
print PA114 Lisa Jardine F23 1:00:09
print MA232 Kimberly Teahan F23 1:00:11
print MA231 Anna Peters F23 1:00:14
print JJ211 Jennifer Brodkin F23 1:00:17
print LA229 Maureen Pozzi F23 1:00:25
print JJ741 Molly McAllister F23 1:00:27
print JJ670 Erena Comras F23 1:00:29
print FA470 Sarah Beard F23 1:00:39
print MT010 Marcy Nelson F23 1:00:39
print NA718 Kristie Demmel F23 1:00:40
print HH484 Heather Rasmussen F23 1:00:44
print JJ689 Heather Hawthorne F23 1:00:48
print L516 Monica Hadd F23 1:00:54
print H646 Josie Evertsen F23 1:01:03
print J487 Erin Bilbo F23 1:01:04
print M473 Amanda Champany F23 1:01:07
print KA479 Carisa Davis F23 1:01:12
print JJ781 Mica Wojinski F23 1:01:17
print MA383 Briana Mahaney F23 1:01:22
print N715 Meghann Conter F23 1:01:24
print L169 Lucie Rangel F23 1:01:31
print L781 Annie Johnson F23 1:01:38
print HH173 Heather Gasper F23 1:01:39
print MM436 Angelique Freking F23 1:01:48
print MM076 Mindy Nace F23 1:02:04
print MA725 Kimberly Romens F23 1:02:07
print MS477 Sarah Lehto F23 1:02:09
print JA781 Tracy Landercasper F23 1:02:14
print K533 Zoe Sternberg F23 1:02:16
print JA251 Laurie Smith F23 1:02:26
print Q599 Jennifer Boettner F23 1:02:26
print MT693 Katie Curry F23 1:02:32
print NN078 Kathryn Klehr F23 1:02:32
print HH728 Lesley Martin F23 1:02:33
print HH487 Erin Griguts F23 1:02:35
print HH474 Tracy Hall F23 1:02:39
print Q784 Elizabeth Abram F23 1:02:40
print J157 Melissa Moses F23 1:02:45
print J144 Lesley Taylor F23 1:02:45
print WE185 Kimberly Sireno F23 1:02:46

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