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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print AA150 Kim McConnell F34 39:29
print AA392 Marjorie McFarland F34 40:09
print AA210 Kelli Frykholm F34 40:45
print AA096 Liza York F34 41:42
print AA616 Christine Gould F34 41:59
print AA516 Steph Popelar F34 43:01
print BA159 Robyn Hicks F34 43:22
print B449 Diane Perun F34 43:24
print B390 Holly Edmunds F34 43:31
print B509 Brenda Maller F34 43:38
print BB615 ELLEN BAIN F34 44:38
print E418 Julie Callicoatt F34 45:57
print BA459 Angela Longworth F34 46:01
print B510 Kari Barbour F34 46:22
print BB512 Susan Parkinson F34 46:55
print BB664 Jennifer White F34 47:20
print BB310 Susan Johnson F34 47:31
print CA548 Kristin O'Brien F34 48:01
print BB644 Raelene Milne F34 48:05
print GG220 Jennifer Henningsen F34 48:18
print BB601 Meg Kaehny F34 48:35
print CA597 Amy Gensler F34 48:35
print C260 Karen Marquez F34 48:41
print PP218 Ellen Natvig F34 48:52
print CA231 Jenifer Dunn F34 49:11
print L330 Michelle Schwartz F34 49:53
print CC337 Lisa Duffy F34 49:53
print DA193 Rachel Ferguson F34 49:56
print D628 Donna Vallin F34 49:59
print DD449 Maureen Rudy F34 50:10
print HH673 Christiana Ott F34 50:14
print DA166 Lisa Nichols F34 50:17
print F426 Leah Hunter F34 50:17
print CC201 Michele DeYoung F34 50:19
print BB139 Kelly MacKenzie F34 50:24
print CA683 Leslie Snyder F34 50:29
print EA185 Paula Cittadino F34 50:37
print E439 Kelli Schultz F34 50:41
print DA225 Heidi Eckert F34 50:43
print GA393 Katy Murfield F34 50:47
print CC084 Dori Culter F34 50:53
print BB461 Kristi Lucas F34 51:08
print DA644 Nancy Elise Seibert F34 51:12
print D561 Betty Bloomer F34 51:13
print GG349 Kris Evans F34 51:14
print D411 Laura Appelhans F34 51:32
print K682 Jennalyn Levins F34 51:39
print DD583 Peggy Goehringer F34 51:44
print F157 Michaline Wingfield F34 51:59
print LL459 Bobbi Lavoie F34 51:59
print DA107 Debbie VonThun F34 51:59
print F058 Ellen Caliri F34 52:09
print F335 Brenda Thompson F34 52:13
print F168 Cynthia Lecocq F34 52:43
print F249 Donna Berns F34 52:47
print L512 Laurie Garcia F34 53:05
print G699 Ellen Festoso F34 53:05
print E220 Elizabeth Neff F34 53:16
print LA738 Cami Pogue F34 53:20
print EA137 Nadia Prasad F34 53:28
print HA371 Jennifer Henderson Pitner F34 53:29
print EA331 Gayleen Maelzer F34 53:39
print G315 Diane Michel F34 53:44
print DA233 Carrie Brown F34 53:53
print DA461 Gina Parks F34 53:59
print EA305 Patricia Gilbert F34 54:03
print JA453 Julie Clark F34 54:08
print CA060 Alice Burron F34 54:12
print G688 Kelly Guerin F34 54:14
print FA381 Alexandra Neisler F34 54:18
print EE459 Priscilla Lacy F34 54:19
print PP442 Kristen St. Peter F34 54:24
print G054 Susan Kastner F34 54:26
print EA472 Lisa Herbst F34 54:28
print E679 Josie Warfield F34 54:31
print P733 Angela Mueller F34 54:37
print EA119 Heidi Cogswell F34 54:41
print DA483 Mona Ragsdale F34 54:41
print EE492 Christine Page F34 54:44
print EE123 Aileen VanMereren F34 54:52
print G077 Maryanne Gilbert F34 55:03
print EA503 Cheri Cabrera F34 55:03
print FF331 Jenny Schwartz F34 55:05
print DD597 Kathleen Haggerty F34 55:06
print KK586 Kindra Kurtz F34 55:08
print FF053 Jenny Aust F34 55:15
print E393 Sandra Cochran F34 55:19
print FF268 Heather Soistmann F34 55:20
print KK596 Kimberly Larson-Ohlsen F34 55:22
print DA347 Julie Shirley F34 55:31
print PP650 Shere Colvin F34 55:36
print GG489 Megan Bertron F34 55:37
print DA512 Kristen Guzman F34 55:39
print LA385 Hollyn Engel F34 56:01
print LL383 Heather Marie F34 56:04
print E588 Margaret VanderLaan F34 56:08
print F589 Katherine Davis F34 56:09
print GA552 Kristen Fitzgerald F34 56:12
print GG788 Sally Spencer-Thomas F34 56:16
print E275 Amy Allison F34 56:18
print GA390 Janet Harty F34 56:24
print FA206 Pam Rhoads F34 56:26
print DD281 Catie Brooks F34 56:26
print JJ238 Jenni Letzeiter F34 56:26
print L783 MARTINA O' CONNELL F34 56:27
print F536 Treci Saenz F34 56:35
print H146 Julet Hutchens F34 56:37
print F145 Mary Potter F34 56:39
print J700 THERESA DANTONIO F34 56:40
print DD346 Amy Baxter F34 56:46
print M208 Paula Poppe F34 56:53
print LA775 Wendolyn Gozansky F34 57:03
print KK766 Courtney Kenady F34 57:07
print GA551 Eva Vega F34 57:16
print MM407 Carolyn Bird F34 57:18
print MT169 Robin Paschall F34 57:18
print F607 Jody Wickers F34 57:22
print M519 Ann Kenchel F34 57:25
print JJ125 Trisha Pendley F34 57:25
print HH587 Kim Offerman F34 57:28
print FA412 Cydnie Gonzales F34 57:32
print EE402 Billie Waldo F34 57:32
print FF169 Jill Brandom F34 57:38
print KA512 Kristina Lane F34 57:40
print F476 Jill Bruner F34 57:41
print LA793 Christine Madden F34 57:42
print H137 Tracey MacDermott F34 57:42
print MT551 Stephanie Kelsey F34 57:48
print NN607 Anissa Larson F34 57:57
print FF479 Jane Haarala F34 57:57
print GG083 Nancy Silverstone F34 58:00
print PA029 Pamela Crawford F34 58:04
print TT674 Mary Gadt F34 58:05
print K661 Jill Atkinson F34 58:10
print KA766 Brenda Georgopulos F34 58:11
print LA762 Katri Thorpe F34 58:13
print J459 KARIN CHAR F34 58:14
print LA225 Mary Coolidge F34 58:19
print NA263 Deborah Rothstein F34 58:24
print M146 Theresa Tenhoeve F34 58:26
print NA115 Karen Suehrstedt F34 58:28
print F210 Marnie Shay F34 58:30
print Q624 Alecia Barker F34 58:32
print WF378 Jill Seguin F34 58:32
print HA416 Holly Weiler F34 58:38
print HH314 Kathy Klostermann F34 58:38
print HA635 Teresa Conley F34 58:42
print GA511 Tiffany Brown F34 58:42
print D216 Gretchen Logan F34 58:45
print LA257 Dawn DeAno F34 58:56
print LL245 ERIN WOOLVEN F34 59:00
print JA525 Tina Lopez F34 59:02
print G737 Karin Katzer F34 59:04
print FF148 Ingrid Herte F34 59:11
print GG076 Barbara Bradley F34 59:20
print GG712 Julie Blankinship F34 59:24
print NA150 Kristen Oskvarek F34 59:35
print NA151 Susan Burtley F34 59:36
print KA643 Christine Cope F34 59:39
print GA022 Michelle Davis F34 59:42
print HA494 Karin St Pierre F34 59:47
print HH275 Debbi Serke F34 59:48
print N570 Kelly Bookman F34 59:53
print HA116 Darcy Hoover F34 59:55
print G610 Barbara Lupton F34 59:58
print GG451 Michele Gibson F34 1:00:00
print FA537 Lucy Donovan F34 1:00:02
print JJ603 Lizzie Clapham F34 1:00:14
print R231 Anne Carraturo F34 1:00:14
print C537 Julie Carlson F34 1:00:24
print P218 Wendy Trumbull F34 1:00:28
print JJ648 Erica Bonenberger F34 1:00:33
print EA260 Wendy Meyers F34 1:00:34
print L646 Kimberly Livingston F34 1:00:46
print M538 Stephanie Stevens F34 1:00:52
print KK305 Greta Quintana F34 1:00:55
print EA319 Emily Bevill F34 1:00:59
print JJ174 Sherri Elman F34 1:01:00
print MA554 Susan Robertson F34 1:01:01
print L732 Karen Hug F34 1:01:04
print P268 Sonya Pham F34 1:01:07
print FF553 Nicole Hammes F34 1:01:17
print PA093 AMY DOROW F34 1:01:17
print M783 Theresa Shaver F34 1:01:17
print M785 Dawn Cumming F34 1:01:18
print HH610 Kristen Zink F34 1:01:22
print J189 Sherry Haller F34 1:01:27
print G411 Andrea Sakiewicz F34 1:01:31
print G193 Karrin Kalb F34 1:01:35
print HA585 Sabra Frazer F34 1:01:36
print MA155 Erin Morgan F34 1:01:46
print JA104 Elizabeth Smith F34 1:01:48
print P604 Renee Kobey F34 1:01:53
print SS190 Cindy Lawrence F34 1:02:00
print JJ135 Michelle Coulter F34 1:02:03
print L800 Victoria McCarthy F34 1:02:03
print KA542 Karen Hedman F34 1:02:06
print JA731 Margaret Hicks F34 1:02:07
print K546 Debra Mason F34 1:02:08
print PP689 Julie Ziemer F34 1:02:10

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