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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A106 Art Siemers M29 31:52
print A462 Joseph LeRoux M29 32:20
print A470 Florian Hild M29 33:49
print A111 Cody Hill M29 34:32
print A188 Chris Richardson M29 35:35
print A121 Shane Fanning M29 37:56
print A409 Warren Kish M29 37:57
print AA082 Jesus Delgado M29 38:46
print A349 Isaias Gomez M29 39:27
print A093 Gino Maurelli M29 39:58
print AA540 Thomas Myers M29 40:02
print AA011 Clinton Wall M29 40:13
print AA623 Edward Bierhaus M29 40:52
print BA656 Ryan Scofield M29 41:01
print B451 Daniel Osborn M29 41:02
print AA580 David Benedict M29 41:03
print BB449 Matthew Kapinus M29 41:06
print AA364 Paul DesRosiers M29 41:10
print AA595 Matt Casse M29 41:19
print AA584 Del Kreiser M29 41:23
print A421 Kevin Smith M29 41:40
print AA458 Matt Sherman M29 42:01
print BA590 Ryan Bentley M29 42:22
print A203 Matt Greer M29 42:26
print G314 Gregg Fine M29 42:28
print AA472 Troy T. Harris M29 42:51
print AA368 Keith Speckman M29 42:55
print B439 Derek Berglund M29 43:09
print BA077 Kevin Durand M29 43:22
print BA464 Jason Van Dye M29 43:26
print AA545 Ivan Perez M29 43:28
print BA541 Per Larsen M29 43:29
print BA365 Jeremy Parmenter M29 43:37
print KK355 Rajesh Vedanthan M29 43:44
print AA520 Nicholas Gatehouse M29 44:22
print B486 Vladimir Lyapunov M29 44:31
print J014 Adam Burstein M29 44:37
print C308 Ryan Loewer M29 44:44
print BB564 Ollie Kirkpatrick M29 44:48
print GA740 Gary Bechtold M29 44:51
print PP700 Rodolfo Frayre-Arellano M29 44:57
print G716 Matthew Wehr M29 45:02
print PP295 Steffen Mehl M29 45:04
print C690 Kevin Hall M29 45:09
print B521 Jason Atlas M29 45:13
print BA654 Jayson Clark M29 45:13
print B481 Joshua Marsh M29 45:13
print BB652 Joseph Guerrero M29 45:18
print BB114 Jason Siegler M29 45:20
print LA771 Christopher Taylor M29 45:35
print QA727 Lars Petersen M29 45:45
print BA634 Matias Turri M29 45:46
print B535 Brian Newman M29 45:51
print B473 Jason Birr M29 45:57
print CA504 Jason Bertolaccd M29 45:57
print C514 Kevin Houck M29 45:58
print L082 Kieth Terrio M29 46:04
print BA321 Kevin Holst M29 46:08
print C552 James Nash M29 46:28
print KK490 Michael Spivey M29 46:32
print KK002 Chad Cuddy M29 46:33
print CC318 Thomas Berglund M29 46:40
print BB089 Dana Sedin M29 46:46
print G751 Blaine Miller M29 47:01
print BB131 Paul Cunningham M29 47:03
print B287 Gary Tucker M29 47:07
print BA283 Ted Church M29 47:09
print CA378 Justin Buswell M29 47:13
print GG588 Chad Franzen M29 47:24
print C574 Craig Hoffman M29 47:25
print BA251 Brett Bader M29 47:25
print JA646 Dave Corson M29 47:28
print BB341 Michael George M29 47:36
print BB528 Dawa Sherpa M29 47:37
print GA422 Nathan Holmes M29 47:47
print GA583 Toshiaki Yoshida M29 47:53
print LA383 Christian Schuett M29 47:54
print NN681 Michael Sheehy M29 48:12
print GG095 Ken Gall M29 48:22
print L797 Preston Jenkins M29 48:31
print D219 Eric Gilleland M29 48:32
print HA021 Tyson Nunn M29 48:34
print C171 Roman Adcock M29 48:56
print C080 Steve Schulte M29 48:56
print E645 Aaron Macarelli M29 48:57
print C093 Brad Leiby M29 49:11
print BB268 Peter Whalen M29 49:14
print PA737 Steven Hughes M29 49:17
print DD084 Ronald Jones M29 49:25
print D159 Justin Lurie M29 49:26
print F196 Donnie Stadler M29 49:37
print NN760 Andrew Rose M29 49:39
print N545 Ryan Brady M29 49:39
print BB562 Brian O'Connor M29 49:39
print G254 Matthias Rempel M29 49:40
print C407 Ryan Trahan M29 49:43
print EA129 Kreg Viesseiman M29 49:44
print B355 Michael Davidson M29 49:46
print FF700 Nick Spitzer M29 49:48
print GG108 Aaron Somer M29 49:48
print C667 Dan Dorenkamp M29 49:54
print DD271 Stephen Di Vito M29 49:54
print LL736 Brian Noecker M29 49:56
print FF578 Eric Clark M29 50:00
print PA105 Eric Boyle M29 50:06
print D130 Joseph Dougherty M29 50:22
print BA163 Kevin Broad M29 50:28
print CC051 Johnny Drozdek M29 50:32
print DA443 Roger Patino M29 50:36
print HA657 Phil Knowles M29 50:37
print D557 Ophir Rahmani M29 50:40
print DA297 Jeremy Williams M29 50:43
print D182 Mike Keleman M29 50:46
print MM633 Patrick Gallagher M29 50:46
print KK640 Robert Eslami M29 50:50
print K798 Stephen Torline M29 50:52
print DD342 Brandon Gaither M29 50:58
print MM307 Chris Munson M29 50:59
print DA349 Yongqin Xu M29 51:08
print NA580 Brian Schwartz M29 51:11
print CA351 Scott Silverman M29 51:11
print LL564 Kurt Schlomberg M29 51:13
print CC427 Luis Alvarado M29 51:16
print NA513 Ryan Greenstreet M29 51:16
print E527 Steve Dershimer M29 51:24
print PA595 Erik Dail M29 51:25
print G142 Shane Mood M29 51:32
print D471 Cori Ewing M29 51:33
print L068 Matthew Macy M29 51:39
print CC092 Russell Overy M29 51:47
print DA331 Michael Brady M29 51:48
print D491 Gilbert Morgan M29 51:51
print QA669 Matt Barbour M29 51:56
print L750 Tom Copley M29 52:01
print GA248 Craig Torres M29 52:02
print PA092 Scott Widing M29 52:07
print LA600 Daniel Domenico M29 52:10
print G393 Michael Martin M29 52:14
print DD434 Dale Degen M29 52:21
print GA365 Alberto Castellanos M29 52:22
print KA374 DAMIAN ESPINOSA M29 52:25
print KA355 Matthew Melton M29 52:27
print KK743 Jeff Gorsegner M29 52:35
print D423 Matthew Joy M29 52:44
print FF294 Wayne Thompson M29 52:44
print LL262 Tom Dishion M29 52:46
print EA553 Greg Shepherd M29 52:48
print GA584 Steven Morozowich M29 52:57
print HH223 Adam Bowman M29 53:07
print D440 George Bannister M29 53:12
print EA525 Jason Lord M29 53:15
print HA341 Laurie Middleton M29 53:15
print KA377 Jason McCabe M29 53:16
print GA238 Jonathan Ochsner M29 53:24
print EA526 Darren Larson M29 53:30
print CC168 Mark Schulbach M29 53:35
print EE334 Andy Van Boskirk M29 53:40
print M021 Joseph Ridley M29 53:41
print J251 Eric Waggoner M29 53:42
print GA423 Paul Workman M29 53:47
print EA584 Scott Manning M29 53:50
print PA216 ANDREW SWAN M29 53:51
print MS593 Eli Michael M29 54:00
print Q792 William Arens M29 54:02
print JA293 Bill Gibson M29 54:07
print AA389 Timothy Kovac M29 54:08
print CC108 Matthew Westenburg M29 54:09
print KK214 Adrian Zabolitzki M29 54:13
print HA281 Kwok-Keong Lin M29 54:21
print D273 Ted Kijanka M29 54:21
print NN621 Chandrasekhar Venkataramanan M29 54:22
print CC110 Mike Bell M29 54:22
print MS560 Jason LaClair M29 54:31
print KK632 Jonathan Engelstad M29 54:34
print GG760 Jonathan Georgitis M29 54:35
print DD385 Scot Davidson M29 54:38
print H598 Erik Anderson M29 54:40
print K007 David Downing M29 54:44
print GG039 Michael Dowling M29 54:46
print LL012 Greg Eddy M29 54:49
print LL294 Kevin Pelech M29 54:57
print L438 Michael Wurdeman M29 55:00
print KK347 Michael Kelly M29 55:06
print FF682 Theodore Bosley M29 55:07
print GA330 Chris Aleksiewicz M29 55:07
print Q501 Jeremy Lince M29 55:14
print S752 Cameron Kidd M29 55:28
print PA293 Robert Ogarek M29 55:29
print GG285 Jimmy Frickey M29 55:37
print Q781 Matt Hayes M29 55:37
print PA718 Matt Dumm M29 55:39
print PP781 Jaime Vega M29 55:43
print NN280 Kevin Ahearn M29 55:44
print PA524 Travis Jones M29 55:45
print GG270 Adam Maxfield M29 55:52
print JJ375 Greg King M29 55:53
print LA267 Romney Philpott M29 56:03
print F401 David Manthey M29 56:05
print KK642 David Arnt M29 56:05
print KK641 Scott Kelsen M29 56:07

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