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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A387 Matthew Cabrera M22 34:12
print A452 Jay Stephenson M22 34:36
print A180 Stephen Lester M22 34:47
print A161 Derek Hudson M22 35:02
print A296 Patrick Cole M22 35:33
print AA516 Adam Moos M22 35:50
print A499 Phillip Schumacher M22 36:07
print A455 Luke Jay M22 36:35
print A275 Brian Wandzilak M22 36:54
print AA353 Luis Miaja M22 36:54
print AA012 Austin Lamprod M22 36:56
print A223 Jonathan Enoch Titley M22 37:20
print A280 Sean O'Connell M22 38:25
print A149 Jeff Garmany M22 38:50
print AA168 Benjamin Sergo M22 39:13
print AB521 Mitchell Snow M22 39:15
print B028 Carl Leivers M22 39:38
print A221 Jeremy Warner M22 39:42
print CC413 Brooks Jeffrey Masterson M22 39:46
print EA297 Jonathan Oltman M22 40:08
print AB585 Ted Romero M22 41:19
print AA315 Nic Vondrak M22 41:26
print C405 Robert Dahl M22 41:30
print B384 Matthew Stangoni M22 41:37
print AB344 James Tobin M22 41:37
print AA049 Byron Thomas Boyle M22 41:46
print AA361 Eric Manning M22 41:49
print D301 Derrick Huner M22 43:03
print BB372 Chris Martinez M22 43:15
print AB015 Matthew Iyer M22 43:20
print B427 Manuel Castellanos M22 43:35
print JB308 Jesse Robert Henley M22 43:47
print BA380 Brian Christy M22 43:54
print AA030 Brian Conley M22 44:26
print AB007 Daniel Roller M22 44:29
print JJ378 Stephen Smith M22 45:03
print HF197 Weston Jerome Finch M22 45:24
print JM230 christopher smiley M22 45:33
print MM249 Kevin Clopper M22 45:36
print B387 Matthew Schantz M22 45:56
print GB366 Timothy Elley M22 46:04
print JH054 Patrick Barry M22 46:05
print GC006 Andrew Hembo M22 46:15
print JE594 Ben Seccombe M22 46:18
print AB269 William Maercklein M22 46:26
print CA359 Jonathan Harrach M22 46:39
print GD143 Matthew Krasucki M22 46:43
print CC495 Jesse Kirby M22 46:44
print HF568 Tom Erickson M22 46:57
print GE172 David Bohling M22 47:07
print JC538 John Stinar M22 47:24
print JB353 Charles Kerr M22 48:00
print E377 Blair Harness M22 48:01
print GB195 Bret J. Forsyth M22 48:19
print H385 Zach Hill M22 48:29
print JG224 Brian Gieda M22 48:31
print KB549 Rory Seiter M22 48:35
print B530 Noah Dille M22 48:42
print NE555 Rory Korpela M22 48:49
print HF549 Brett Miller M22 48:56
print HH456 Steve Smiley M22 49:07
print HH458 Sundance Wicks M22 49:08
print AA593 Steve Lommele M22 49:12
print B552 Seth Fetters M22 49:13
print NK007 McLean Giles M22 49:26
print JE194 Cody Clark M22 49:29
print GF234 Darren Steven Kirkwood M22 49:32
print GC172 Sean Michael Thompson M22 49:44
print HF145 Brooks Webber M22 49:47
print JE550 Charles O'Keefe M22 49:49
print GA637 Brian Thrall M22 50:01
print HF546 Gary Jones M22 50:06
print GD645 Jesse Winterringer M22 50:19
print JE250 robert barrett rodgers M22 50:20
print CA417 Tyler Costin M22 50:47
print ED434 Timothy McCarthy M22 50:52
print HC179 Jonathan Sullivan M22 50:56
print DA387 Kevin Riegler M22 50:57
print GB368 Jonathan Pentland M22 50:59
print G057 Andrew Marshall M22 51:09
print G091 Jesse Buckner M22 51:24
print JA509 Jeff Carroll M22 51:31
print HD113 Jacob James Cram M22 51:33
print G317 Timothy Forwood M22 51:36
print JD412 John Elwood Shaler M22 51:43
print ED121 J.W. Vickers M22 51:48
print JJ381 Ian Hardy M22 51:49
print JA199 Matthew Phillip Kuhn M22 51:52
print JD127 Willie Shanley M22 52:01
print GE004 Chad Moses M22 52:03
print KG543 Mike Pogvara M22 52:06
print GB577 Michael Tauchen M22 52:07
print JB182 John Esbenshade M22 52:09
print JD108 Sean Stedeford M22 52:10
print J015 Nick Moretti M22 52:12
print JD619 Eric DeKruif M22 52:19
print F512 Adam Gibbons M22 52:24
print HF313 Eric P Blumenstein M22 52:45
print JM650 Bill Brinser M22 53:04
print DD465 Anthony Peterman M22 53:07
print GC226 Joshua Kennemer M22 53:15
print HC254 Bill Coleman M22 53:23
print GB432 Stephen Gravaghe M22 53:36
print GC003 Matt Skinner M22 53:37
print EA372 Will T Patrone M22 53:50
print G656 Justin Zaharris M22 54:13
print G093 Cody Zack M22 54:17
print GD404 Abe C. Bergan M22 54:28
print ED032 Jacob Maggart M22 54:28
print KJ181 Philip Roland Webb M22 54:36
print MH366 Sage Tweedie-Yates M22 54:36
print GD481 Timothy Clark M22 54:40
print JM327 Scott Aaron Bellows M22 54:55
print NJ281 Michael Oakes M22 55:02
print HG385 Nick Deskevich M22 55:03
print JD109 Matthew Herz M22 55:28
print MA208 Duane Arthur Aldrich M22 55:33
print JG590 Dustin Tiep M22 55:50
print HH331 Craig Demmel M22 55:55
print J003 Keith Dalke M22 55:56
print JB022 Brian Krehbiel M22 55:59
print HH596 Bret Shively M22 56:05
print JJ636 Richard Parisi M22 56:22
print JE025 Rob Scholl M22 56:23
print JM638 Kurt Finley M22 56:26
print HH272 Jamie Nau M22 56:34
print FC167 Kevin Haugland M22 56:37
print MM396 Mark Hernandez M22 56:39
print GA513 Erik Paulson M22 56:45
print MJ188 Todd Sutton M22 56:47
print KJ503 Matthew Rowe M22 56:51
print JE436 Andrew Pitts M22 56:58
print MM281 Matthew Kirby M22 57:07
print HA438 Brian Scadden M22 57:18
print HA013 Aaron Infante-Levy M22 57:18
print JC524 Scott Mehlman M22 57:30
print HF348 Corey Collier M22 57:45
print HC186 Kyle Smith M22 57:50
print FF175 Jeremy Charles Dickinson M22 57:55
print H222 Farid Tabaian M22 58:04
print NK004 Paul Ablino M22 58:16
print HG197 Michael A Furasek M22 58:22
print JA198 Josiah Aon Reich M22 58:40
print GC161 Benjamin Erick Brinton M22 58:40
print K230 Grant Kirk M22 58:42
print JJ403 Brian Mulholland M22 59:03
print FC188 John Gabaldon M22 59:05
print GA502 tony j koesters M22 59:11
print JC604 David Beckner M22 59:12
print JE152 Colin Tucker M22 59:34
print MA509 Joe Yatteau M22 59:38
print HA174 Barret Palmer M22 59:43
print HC169 Michael Berry M22 59:49
print J144 Ray Rodriguez M22 59:52
print KJ186 Mark Tsair Bradshaw M22 1:00:00
print HF458 Eric Johnson M22 1:00:03
print HH615 Adam Tyler Beck M22 1:00:35
print ND416 Bart Breanig M22 1:00:49
print MG262 Rob Dro M22 1:00:55
print KD618 Benjamin Kendrick M22 1:01:04
print JJ315 Andrew Quinones M22 1:01:40
print GG651 Matthew Lindeman M22 1:01:58
print EC306 Wes Wright M22 1:01:58
print KB261 John Vonrentzell M22 1:02:01
print HF120 Ken Mentasti M22 1:02:05
print HC452 Jim Michael Barrett M22 1:02:08
print JJ363 Michael Alexander M22 1:02:11
print KJ379 David Winkler M22 1:02:21
print WB787 James Gan Taylor M22 1:03:39
print GE362 Kurtis Charles Muchow M22 1:04:00
print JB314 Kristopher George Mansfield M22 1:04:06
print HE357 Dan Seidman M22 1:04:10
print WE413 Matthew Muncey M22 1:04:28
print FC034 Ryan Vertuca M22 1:04:28
print HC137 Kyle Beard M22 1:04:30
print NK005 Zachary Valenzuela M22 1:04:31
print HC503 Michelle Sloan M22 1:04:31
print JD363 Jason Mikkel Aga M22 1:04:38
print MT001 Ladd DeJong M22 1:04:57
print HD278 Nathan Scott Osborne M22 1:04:58
print NB197 Nicholas Patzer M22 1:05:05
print KB606 Brian Spinnato M22 1:05:08
print JM560 Ryan Romanoff M22 1:05:17
print G008 Wyatt Cobb M22 1:05:29
print JJ312 Carols Garcia M22 1:05:46
print JE053 Brendt R Hahn M22 1:05:47
print KG596 Bryan Gilbert M22 1:05:49
print MM275 Timothy Rochholz M22 1:06:02
print GF304 Jake Yenny M22 1:06:38
print NB196 Scott Kanemoto M22 1:06:50
print FA023 Brian Cox M22 1:07:04
print GE061 Jacob Clemons M22 1:07:35
print H602 Ty Furlow M22 1:07:53
print JF441 Stephen Douglas Nelson M22 1:08:13
print HG400 Dan Secrist M22 1:08:32
print HE145 Matthew J Huelskamp M22 1:08:37
print G591 Jacob Wayne James M22 1:09:43
print JC571 Doug Carr M22 1:09:50
print GD597 James Fazio M22 1:10:30
print ND229 Kelly Schmidt M22 1:10:31

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