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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A008 Greg Mitchell M29 32:21
print A141 Jonathan Sushinsky M29 35:13
print A250 Paul Meznarich M29 36:02
print A172 Bryan Dayton M29 36:26
print A440 Cortino Garcia M29 36:52
print A328 Bryan Spencer M29 37:15
print A198 Campbell Mcintyre Ilfrey M29 37:45
print A342 Rob Wright M29 37:48
print A338 Jeremy Ramsey M29 38:40
print A108 John Llyod M29 38:45
print AA481 Scott Kukel M29 39:07
print AA082 Ivy Koger M29 39:09
print A190 Matt Schneider M29 39:33
print A188 Neal Henderson M29 39:46
print AA094 Jose Arreola M29 39:48
print AA284 Kreighton Bieger M29 39:52
print AA263 Chris Smith M29 39:59
print B435 Duane Smith M29 40:11
print BB312 Sanjay Ramesh Mehta M29 40:24
print AA405 Kyle Bush M29 41:15
print BA197 Matthew Erichsen M29 41:32
print BA016 Tarek Ghazi M29 41:32
print B336 Luis Narvaez M29 41:50
print BA312 Jeff Garnett M29 42:11
print AA280 Colin William Enssle M29 42:18
print AB216 Steven Gosselin M29 42:25
print AA244 Whitney Lloyd Hite M29 42:33
print GE148 Hank Pool M29 42:34
print AB217 Dave Shelles M29 42:34
print AB390 Stuart Currie M29 42:35
print AA129 Keith Montoya M29 42:38
print DA349 Richard Neale M29 42:46
print AA554 Ryan Gerlach M29 42:59
print BA242 Derrick McCuen M29 43:04
print JB081 john b becker M29 43:07
print AA292 Thomas A. Conway M29 43:08
print BB274 Mark Bilby M29 43:24
print EB387 Robb Moody M29 43:37
print BB120 Richard Hogan M29 43:45
print B367 Mark Gram M29 44:08
print C510 Brian Kot M29 44:22
print GD386 Alexander Osheroff M29 44:23
print JE266 ALEX HORSFIELD M29 44:30
print BB090 Doug Jones M29 44:33
print BA519 Craig Oberlink M29 44:37
print AB554 Paul Bergquist M29 44:37
print BA188 Justin D. Kelly M29 44:42
print JM508 Chad Corrigan M29 44:46
print B395 Chuck Miller M29 44:47
print GA010 Jasin McGuire M29 44:50
print B396 Ken Bean M29 45:01
print E306 Derek Huisjen M29 45:11
print C105 Daniel Kauffold M29 45:17
print HH144 Mike W Hyten M29 45:21
print AA307 Casey L. Malone M29 45:31
print C393 Zoltan Sternovsky M29 45:32
print D251 William Graziano M29 45:34
print C521 Stefan Muszala M29 45:34
print DD330 Guillermo Sanchez M29 45:50
print C136 Van Robert Culver M29 45:52
print BA246 Byron Kent Nowlin M29 45:52
print JA294 Jason Kassoff M29 45:55
print FD085 Timothy Dinehart M29 45:58
print D285 Adam Cohn M29 45:59
print BA220 Brent Hatch M29 46:03
print AB243 Tyler Perry M29 46:11
print CA334 Robert Jacobs M29 46:20
print D178 Matt Krumme M29 46:28
print GD508 Josh Ellison M29 46:33
print EB137 Russell Forester M29 46:36
print HF294 jeff clark wicks M29 46:39
print JE560 Christian Bottcher M29 46:43
print BA264 Brad Labarry M29 46:43
print GB363 Joshua Knight M29 46:44
print EA204 Jay P. Bredbenner M29 46:52
print GD326 Brian Smit M29 46:53
print HG346 Greg Lea M29 47:05
print DD256 Chris Schroeder M29 47:06
print D339 Tristan Gruett M29 47:07
print HH282 lee cherry M29 47:21
print C166 Zachary Zoet M29 47:21
print G183 Peter Dipersio M29 47:34
print MB593 Reagan Garrett Jones M29 47:38
print GB064 John Andreae M29 47:40
print CA308 Jason Willis M29 47:42
print HD503 Tony Vela M29 47:49
print BB352 Todd Robinson M29 47:49
print CA123 Dawa Sherpa M29 47:51
print HF299 Travis J Boone M29 47:55
print D406 Josh Davies M29 47:57
print CA236 William Lansing Madry M29 47:59
print DA160 James Nicholson M29 48:03
print DD259 William Hander M29 48:03
print DA217 Darren Jacoby M29 48:07
print GC113 Ethan Saunders M29 48:09
print EB391 Marc Diamant M29 48:09
print DD252 john bradley igers M29 48:11
print HF225 Matt Fry M29 48:12
print EA081 Brad Harrington M29 48:27
print ED168 geoffrey lake M29 48:29
print DD261 Nathan Adams M29 48:34
print BA498 Roger Greene M29 48:38
print DA262 Brian Nuel M29 48:39
print JE551 Eric Anderson M29 48:41
print H390 Robert Crowley M29 48:53
print KJ413 Graham Johnson M29 49:00
print DD302 Keith Baltus M29 49:02
print EA171 Joseph R Hanel M29 49:04
print D391 Mike Searle M29 49:05
print GC442 Lyle Hays M29 49:09
print JM029 James Thies M29 49:14
print G006 Glenn Herman M29 49:19
print BB496 Dan Waterman M29 49:20
print GF571 Joe Gamble M29 49:24
print GB176 Jonathan Christopher Loomis M29 49:29
print JA419 Ben Taylor M29 49:30
print ED340 Chad Groce M29 49:32
print DA272 Gunnison Carbone M29 49:34
print EB211 Jay Hartwell M29 49:38
print EB108 David Hulslander M29 49:42
print GD213 keith j richardson M29 49:43
print KD624 Keith Allen Sanders M29 49:46
print HB023 Thomas Pennell M29 49:47
print JM371 Jeremy Petsinger M29 49:48
print JM372 Tom Shook M29 49:49
print EA201 Kyle Evashevski M29 49:51
print D192 Andy Niquette M29 49:55
print FA451 oliver wendell burns M29 49:57
print DD200 Seth Daire M29 49:58
print HG112 Sean Sullivan M29 50:05
print FE236 Jay Goebel M29 50:07
print E128 Erik Hans Nielsen M29 50:10
print H001 Jonathan Moore M29 50:10
print FA173 John William Ragland M29 50:11
print GE597 Garrett Rea M29 50:15
print EB253 Servaas Kokkelmans M29 50:17
print DD440 Roland Mercier M29 50:29
print G050 Todd Santee M29 50:36
print EA459 Donald Halloran M29 50:36
print GD134 Joseph Michael Johnson M29 50:39
print EA395 Mark Hills M29 50:43
print JJ463 Ryan Lutz M29 50:44
print GA577 Ryan Baca M29 50:54
print F103 Kevin Priola M29 50:59
print E490 Eli Korner M29 50:59
print E499 Vaughn McWilliams M29 51:03
print DA488 Michael Benoit M29 51:08
print G046 eamon pierce essex M29 51:09
print HD505 Carlos Garcia M29 51:12
print DD328 Frederick Katona M29 51:21
print GB036 Sean Flynn M29 51:26
print DD336 Sven Junkergard M29 51:26
print GD129 Mike L Davis M29 51:27
print DA084 Luis Mota M29 51:30
print HA112 Brian Hunsaker M29 51:33
print CC026 Nathaniel Daw M29 51:40
print FA210 Jason Christie M29 51:40
print GC560 Shad White M29 51:44
print H393 Davis Alvey M29 51:45
print HG622 Chris Leoniak M29 51:45
print JJ567 Masaki Horii M29 51:47
print GG200 Todd Jay Pilger M29 51:56
print MJ476 Matt Rianda M29 51:58
print JC563 Glenn Hattem M29 51:59
print HE547 John Morehead M29 52:10
print J486 Rob Campolieto M29 52:10
print GD401 Jason Mark Levine M29 52:17
print GB451 Randy Crites M29 52:19
print DD215 Dan Leonhardt M29 52:24
print HG372 Chris McCain M29 52:25
print HF331 Rudy E. Verner M29 52:26
print GA494 Matt Schwartz M29 52:30
print KG496 Brannon Hertel M29 52:31
print HD201 Jason Thayer Wyman M29 52:34
print EC296 Matt Mann M29 52:34
print GE120 Miles Corkern M29 52:35
print EC379 Jason W. Heldt M29 52:39
print GB102 Brian Wade M29 52:44
print JC329 Nick Kemmer M29 52:50
print JM485 Ted Noe M29 52:50
print CA262 Antonio Robert Ruiz M29 53:01
print FC357 Chris Lennon M29 53:01
print FA358 Mark Thylin M29 53:07
print JD489 Scott Scheff M29 53:10
print E403 Andreas Lemos M29 53:11
print JJ472 Matthew Fulton M29 53:23
print FD081 Mekuria Assefa M29 53:23
print JB417 Chris Hoffer M29 53:24
print FC191 Edward Bowers M29 53:33
print AB431 Hector Marroquin M29 53:36
print KH082 Jon Smela M29 53:37
print G398 Lance Pribble M29 53:44
print EA308 Timothy Woods M29 53:44
print FE208 Robert Borland M29 53:47
print G039 Sashisekaran Thiagarajan M29 53:56
print JB199 Jason Mullaney M29 53:58
print JC382 Brian Koistinen M29 54:02
print JC332 Stephen Zimmermann M29 54:19
print JE265 Ian Michael Connor M29 54:23
print GE358 Steven Winder M29 54:25

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