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BolderBOULDER 2004


May 31, 2004 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:43,772
Number of Females:23,421
Number of Males:20,350
Average Time:1:16:20
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Josh Eberly 30:21
2. Bradley Harkrader 30:52
3. Greg Mitchell 31:24
4. Nelson Laux 32:00
5. Christopher England 32:09
Female Participants
1. Lidia Simon 34:00
2. Diane G. Gentry 36:21
3. Siri Lindley 36:57
4. Loretta Harrop 37:00
5. Patty Murray 37:03
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print A458 John McGuire M17 32:56
print A352 Jason Holt M17 34:26
print A199 Aaron Clark M17 34:57
print A508 Miguel Cazares M17 35:11
print A029 John Kress M17 35:36
print A525 Sean Kinne M17 36:06
print A300 Kyle Lohman M17 36:17
print A220 Rylan Little M17 37:16
print A306 Keith Mertz M17 38:18
print A262 Evan Erickson M17 38:19
print A273 Jonathan Rice M17 38:36
print AB054 John Euwema M17 38:45
print G131 Greg Johnson M17 39:20
print A519 Alex Leach M17 39:27
print A219 Tyler Hanson M17 39:35
print AB115 Steven Crisp M17 39:44
print BA373 Michael McClaran M17 39:46
print AA425 Alex Dowdell M17 39:59
print BB136 Billy Otteman M17 40:04
print AB209 Adam Ingels M17 40:08
print ED331 Eric Payton M17 40:13
print AA397 Brian Christie M17 40:16
print B039 Kyle Benjamin Halgren M17 40:21
print AB414 Dustin Anthony Peckman M17 40:24
print B117 Willy Coburn M17 40:42
print AA225 David Sutherland M17 40:47
print AA233 Brent Bailey M17 40:49
print AA255 Ryan Whipple M17 40:53
print A253 Drew Katzberg M17 40:55
print A222 Danny Girard M17 41:29
print AA510 Clint Moore M17 41:33
print AA487 Marques Bravo M17 41:34
print A361 Matthew Provencio M17 41:57
print BA241 David Walker M17 42:00
print FD480 Jimmy Skeffington M17 42:04
print B411 Kevin Roth M17 42:08
print FC078 Josh Pacheco M17 42:09
print B488 Richard Bonney M17 42:20
print B215 Andrew Magalong M17 42:21
print FD022 Ryan Peacock M17 42:22
print A224 Chris Miller M17 42:30
print C396 Matt Gant M17 42:40
print A319 Dylan Taylor M17 42:46
print FB350 Brady Pochon M17 42:51
print A552 Tyson White M17 42:55
print BA256 David Kinz M17 42:55
print AA492 Brendan Kullback M17 43:08
print BA237 Kevin Hesla M17 43:09
print FD021 Joey Burrows M17 43:12
print BB047 Thomas A McLellan II M17 43:19
print BA492 Trevor Ruwitch M17 43:22
print GE574 Jared Helle M17 43:25
print AA386 Joseph Merkel M17 43:37
print A518 Andy Tinsley M17 43:37
print AA199 Aaron Moore M17 43:43
print FD024 Stuart Shepherd M17 43:48
print BB395 Steve Bramble M17 44:04
print BA047 Matthew Carl Podlogar M17 44:06
print EC143 Justin David Kinner M17 44:07
print B124 Andrew Given M17 44:11
print A254 Aaron Juretus M17 44:25
print B234 Drew Jones M17 44:44
print B136 Chad Nicholas Miller M17 44:56
print JA622 Brandon Policky M17 45:10
print FC705 Brian Harano M17 45:28
print BB534 Daniel R. Patch M17 45:34
print GB005 Mat Jenkins M17 45:49
print B425 Jeffrey A. Shockley COMMA Jr. M17 45:51
print GD638 Benjamin Forbes M17 45:51
print JA402 Cristopher Hirsch M17 45:59
print BA365 AJ Munoz M17 45:59
print C283 Alex Mazzola M17 46:06
print FD019 Damon Carmin-Smith M17 46:13
print D604 Duncan Hughes M17 46:21
print D420 Justin Yeash M17 46:32
print BB352 Paul Stephens M17 46:40
print EE369 Ryan Vaughn M17 46:54
print GA110 Kevin Valko M17 47:12
print FD646 Paul Schabron M17 47:18
print BB339 Derek Lambert M17 47:20
print FF407 Taylor Stayton M17 47:23
print C495 Paul Weskalnies M17 47:47
print KE445 Sean Brian McCudden M17 47:56
print ND575 Ryan Carr M17 47:56
print FC081 Scott Alexander Ulen M17 48:03
print DD488 Kade Stubbs M17 48:18
print H750 Drue Banta M17 48:28
print BB356 Richard Powell M17 48:36
print CA318 Chirstopher Barker M17 48:38
print D139 Teddy Negreann M17 48:40
print KB329 Brian Powers M17 48:43
print HA736 Trevor Rice M17 48:51
print EC274 Jeremy Rau M17 48:57
print EA057 Nicholas Daugherty M17 49:02
print E165 Stephen Baker M17 49:13
print EB376 anthony a rippen M17 49:22
print ND496 Derek Valenciano M17 49:28
print HB084 Nick Meyer M17 49:41
print GD041 Taylor Branco M17 50:02
print KD604 Austin Badeau M17 50:42
print PF720 Jeffrey Alexander M17 50:46
print ED070 John Darst M17 51:15
print FE759 Jeff Blano M17 51:35
print FA645 Weston Dague M17 51:41
print F371 Tyson Quiller M17 51:47
print FE325 Trent Gillaspie M17 51:50
print KD785 Addison MacMahon M17 52:05
print DA331 Austin Ouyang M17 52:08
print FE476 Mark Witte M17 52:10
print HD685 Seth Drury M17 52:28
print EA220 Daniel April M17 52:37
print HB681 James Swirhun M17 52:41
print FF189 Caleb Bonham M17 52:41
print GB354 Daniel Clark M17 53:06
print BB210 Ryan Baker M17 53:20
print C306 Tyler W Ficken M17 53:30
print FE596 Seth Whittlesey M17 53:33
print HA702 Roe Burrell M17 53:39
print D402 Tyler Horejs M17 54:00
print EF589 Jeff West M17 54:02
print N178 Ryan Miles M17 54:06
print JA503 Jake Mantanona M17 54:27
print E189 Ryan Staley M17 54:53
print JB279 William Karspeck M17 55:04
print JB125 Jeffrey Hill M17 55:07
print JC730 Connor Hogan M17 55:26
print GC758 Marek Sotola M17 55:37
print FC344 Daniel Armstrong M17 55:40
print H494 Caleb Dettmann M17 55:42
print HC629 evan gray roberts M17 55:45
print HB085 Sean Murphy M17 55:52
print HC630 graham anders roberts M17 56:01
print ED445 Taylor Chokran M17 56:23
print EF368 Witchuphan Rattanarangsun M17 56:31
print KE043 James Zasowski M17 56:32
print JA352 Ryan Burdick M17 56:54
print EF261 Joe Bermudez M17 57:01
print H557 John Linton M17 57:06
print KE480 Brad Storrs M17 57:16
print BB394 Mark Hilmar M17 57:27
print HA573 Adam Brantz M17 57:40
print EE188 Chris Bowling M17 57:47
print HC686 Christophley Wolf M17 57:50
print GC707 Matthew Orobona M17 58:08
print FA627 Christopher McCormick M17 58:11
print JA351 Eric Burdick Burdick M17 58:24
print G088 Rob Griffin M17 58:25
print KB383 Charlie Hughes M17 58:39
print FF116 Sam Archer M17 58:57
print DA347 Nick Sentel M17 59:12
print GC604 Clint Decker M17 59:35
print ED063 Brady Kilgallen M17 59:50
print F489 Brian Roth M17 1:00:09
print MC560 Taylor Lawrence M17 1:00:35
print JD456 Brain Baumgarten M17 1:00:35
print PE760 T. J. Scherer M17 1:01:17
print P131 Robbie Bayless M17 1:01:33
print ME060 Corey Morgan M17 1:01:38
print JB537 Peter Dettmann M17 1:01:46
print MB282 Cole Patton M17 1:02:20
print FA123 Eric Bandstra M17 1:02:30
print HA121 Ryan Halgren M17 1:02:34
print NC194 Chad Povich M17 1:02:47
print GB451 Joseph Detro M17 1:02:51
print FF588 Ryan Bok M17 1:02:51
print KC403 Kyle Bartels M17 1:02:54
print FC054 Brad Kraus M17 1:03:04
print H246 Jack Mangels M17 1:03:07
print KD635 Tyler McKitterick M17 1:03:19
print J038 Daniel Choi M17 1:03:21
print PG800 Corrie Guerin M17 1:03:23
print ND593 Anthony Capra M17 1:03:24
print E599 Andrew Daniel Herlihy M17 1:03:46
print KE247 Calan Weisgerber M17 1:03:52
print NE796 Royce Skelton M17 1:04:33
print KA405 Jonathan Moore M17 1:04:38
print HC455 Todd Phillips M17 1:04:47
print MA714 Francesco Lecce-Chong M17 1:04:49
print MB584 Jonathan Oliveras M17 1:05:20
print GA780 Michael Arnold M17 1:05:22
print HB257 Mattson Compton M17 1:05:28
print H261 Sam Bush M17 1:06:00
print JE354 brian noakes M17 1:06:05
print FC018 Chad Hovell M17 1:06:13
print HC351 Brandon Borchardt M17 1:06:29
print PD446 Robert Reser M17 1:06:31
print KD786 Lee Sullivan M17 1:06:38
print JB039 Chris Skinner M17 1:06:44
print HB470 Michael Safko M17 1:07:04
print GC629 Damion Thomas Pechota M17 1:07:04
print J281 Graham Gerritsen M17 1:07:24
print KD708 Alex McCulloch M17 1:08:19
print KD603 Ben Harper M17 1:09:05
print KE719 Steven Cook M17 1:09:28
print PE344 Thomas Rogers M17 1:10:26
print GC788 Andrew Rahn M17 1:11:34
print F468 Kordd Robinson M17 1:12:05
print F376 Alex March M17 1:13:11
print NA387 Justin Watkins M17 1:14:21
print ND359 Spencer Rains M17 1:16:30

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