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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print A027 Anna Pichrtova F32 34:30
print A158 Diane Gentry F43 35:51
print A149 Patty Murray F39 36:12
print A414 Jeanne Hennessy F27 36:59
print A137 Lesley Anne Higgins F24 37:28
print A553 Uta Pippig F39 37:32
print A078 Hannah Kinseth F27 37:37
print AA212 Rachel Gioscia F18 37:47
print A152 Elsabeth Goshu F18 37:50
print A246 Patty Rogers F31 38:00
print A108 Beth Ellickson F38 38:06
print A320 Tanya Poel F39 38:11
print A413 Colleen Stroud F31 38:16
print AA503 Heather Fredriksen F28 38:47
print A090 Uli Bromme F24 38:56
print AA215 Cate Guiney F24 38:59
print AA468 Tanya Ball F34 39:02
print AA290 Laura Bruess F44 39:03
print AA311 Sarah Pizzo F22 39:03
print A256 Simonetta Piergentili F40 39:05
print A120 Mary M Alico F42 39:10
print A421 Keara Sammons F17 39:12
print AB419 April Ann Thomas F20 39:14
print AA460 Amanda Occhi-Augspurger F27 39:15
print A556 Kelly Carlson F40 39:20
print AA272 Lesia Marie Atkinson F39 39:21
print B220 Jordan Frances Pallas F18 39:22
print A248 Kelly Smith F23 39:24
print AA375 Megan Hunter F27 39:30
print AA098 Jocelyn Petrella F25 39:31
print AA478 Erin Cunningham F27 39:38
print AA193 Bunki Bankaitis-Davis F47 39:39
print AB326 Kimberly Lauren Smith F20 39:41
print AA379 Sarah Krakoff F40 39:46
print AA134 Andrea Viger F27 39:47
print AB304 Kelly King F14 39:50
print AA109 Karen Lynn Franklin F34 39:51
print AA405 Susan Brooker F41 39:52
print A086 Cody Sohn F25 39:54
print AA296 Susan Williams F35 40:00
print AB194 Bronwyn Morrissey F38 40:08
print AA396 Jessica Wyant F28 40:17
print AA100 Yuko Wilson F38 40:18
print AB278 Kathryn Bradshaw F41 40:19
print AA155 Rachel Marie Anderson F19 40:32
print AB086 Laura Kwiatkowski F24 40:41
print B429 Dana James F32 40:44
print AA060 Meredith MacGregor F16 40:49
print AB200 Susan Nuzum F38 40:53
print AB350 Erica Viger F27 40:54
print B407 Jennifer Keil F27 40:57
print AA502 Catriona Dowling F47 41:00
print AB068 Megan Marie Sullivan-Greene F26 41:01
print AA051 Erica Siemers F30 41:01
print AA294 Karen Aeberli F34 41:02
print AA207 Ellen Hart-Pena F47 41:05
print AB493 Sarah Day F40 41:08
print AB363 Sarah Toland F26 41:09
print C413 Kirsten Anthony F18 41:09
print AB203 Kristin McLaurin-Little F35 41:14
print AB012 Kristina Brendzel F31 41:15
print A235 Danielle Quatrochi F28 41:16
print AB318 Emily Oates F26 41:17
print AA222 Katie Follett F17 41:17
print AB163 Dawn Fischer F38 41:18
print AA409 Noreen Shea F43 41:19
print AA395 Erica Schramm F27 41:19
print B243 Brittany Nicole Hubbard F20 41:19
print AA488 Jeanette Heimbach F39 41:26
print B531 Meg Letherby F31 41:28
print AB525 kelly ANN Brady F26 41:29
print BB052 Missy Simpson F29 41:30
print AA477 Sara Callor F27 41:30
print AA486 Kelli Frykholm F38 41:32
print AA453 Karen Knudsen F42 41:33
print B367 Sara Pickering F38 41:34
print BA201 Sara Werner F20 41:40
print A119 Christine Brighton F38 41:42
print A017 Morgan Schulz F18 41:43
print AA206 Kristen Johansen F18 41:49
print AA373 Rachel Harvey F25 41:51
print AA459 Ashley Birger F21 41:54
print A150 Alexis Skarda F15 41:54
print AA380 Sheri Wright F41 41:55
print AA213 Karen Murphy F44 42:02
print AB096 Joanie Carew F41 42:04
print BA304 Greer Anne Satherlie F18 42:05
print AB485 Yvonne Joyce F45 42:05
print BA124 Leslie Anne Straayer-Varys F26 42:06
print AA235 Julie Jenkins F42 42:06
print AA075 Bridget MacKinnon F28 42:08
print AA363 Meredith Ashley Groves F19 42:09
print B291 Lisa Clark Rozman F26 42:10
print BA527 Robyn Rae Burson F31 42:11
print B315 Maria Wik F29 42:12
print AB483 Paula Roberge F30 42:12
print BA043 Svenja Knappe F32 42:12
print B446 Sarah Kovach F30 42:15
print B381 Michelle Ellingson F23 42:16
print AB306 Jennifer Price F28 42:17
print AA289 Kristi Jordan F41 42:18
print AB276 Meg Tilton F34 42:22
print D539 Laurie Mizener F35 42:24
print GA009 Kelly Idema F23 42:24
print AA352 Jennah Keidel F20 42:26
print B455 Katie Fether F38 42:26
print B460 Melissa Larkin F26 42:28
print AA063 Nancy Thonen F39 42:31
print BA248 Heather Scheumann F24 42:32
print AB090 Dianne Gates F40 42:32
print AB198 Angela Anderson F24 42:32
print AB300 Emily Steele F25 42:35
print AB056 Adriane Stewart F40 42:36
print AB106 Annette Krueger F41 42:37
print B382 Molly Miller F22 42:38
print BA148 Sarah Mercer F23 42:38
print CC233 Sarah Lewandowski F20 42:38
print AA131 Megan O'Sadnick F18 42:40
print BB175 Annie Friesema F26 42:40
print AB379 Lara Christine Johnson F24 42:43
print B493 Frances West F28 42:45
print AA425 Vicki M Ostendorf F42 42:49
print AB232 Colleen Sanderlin F17 42:51
print AB339 Tessa Mariah Dallarosa F22 42:52
print B102 Lisa Ledet F44 42:53
print CC017 Laura Tingle F21 42:54
print BA362 Cathy Ruf F31 42:54
print C082 Tracy Albright F33 42:55
print BA241 Whitney Henderson F24 42:57
print BA125 valerie J D'Ambrosio F31 42:57
print AB303 Edie Stevenson F55 42:58
print BB142 Hillory Davis F16 42:58
print BA352 Megan Boord F27 42:58
print AB355 Kelly C Lear-Kaul F32 43:03
print FF316 Myriah Blair F28 43:03
print B534 Suzie Oriold F31 43:06
print B072 Ashley Anne Mees F29 43:09
print B559 Haley Beann F27 43:10
print BB094 Dani Wanner F28 43:11
print B027 Kerry Washburn F18 43:12
print AB050 Eilleen Herbst F38 43:19
print AA135 Joanna Virgin F21 43:20
print AB338 Trisha Jo Spaeth F28 43:28
print AA107 Dawn Carlson F33 43:28
print B052 Randi Mitchem F41 43:30
print AB235 Emily Borrego F37 43:31
print AA203 Angela Longworth F37 43:32
print A345 Shannon Filar F20 43:33
print AB136 Lisa Marie Chaffee F30 43:35
print BA196 Wendy Zuck F32 43:38
print CC019 Danielle Kehoe F17 43:38
print B279 Karen Pugh F40 43:40
print BB090 Emily Judd F23 43:41
print BA282 Julia Cantarovici-Simisky F37 43:41
print BB006 Amy Ludtke Colby F31 43:42
print B264 Karen Fuchs F36 43:43
print CA307 Sabrina Robinson F47 43:46
print BA067 Rebecca Norton F27 43:47
print BB169 Sandra Boots F39 43:47
print AA204 Caleigh Barker F23 43:48
print BA316 Christine Crabb F38 43:50
print FC462 Tara J. Manne F38 43:51
print AB342 Rebecca G Huffman F16 43:52
print B376 Kristin Moreau F38 43:57
print B358 Melissa Repjar F30 43:58
print C109 Katherine Van Essen F46 44:00
print AB478 Kristi Wasson F30 44:01
print BB475 Shannon Gallagher F33 44:01
print AB115 Stephanie Rene Meleady F24 44:03
print B280 Erin Kummer F20 44:03
print DD315 Kellie Faircloth F22 44:03
print AB067 Lilia Abaibourova F23 44:03
print B363 Erin Ressler F27 44:05
print BB119 Kristy M. Palmer F25 44:07
print BA287 Monet Martin F29 44:07
print B397 Colleen Julian F31 44:07
print AB334 Bre Griffin F20 44:08
print B286 joni b fehrenbacher F41 44:08
print AB283 Amber Rydholm F27 44:09
print BA460 Delcia Litt F46 44:10
print AB103 Pam Boudreau F49 44:10
print B383 Bridget Stephenson F25 44:11
print JB007 Natalie Warner F24 44:13
print AA233 Vanessa Dawn Martell F22 44:14
print B044 Deirdre Epstein F44 44:14
print BA219 Laura Probst F21 44:15
print B394 Katherine Hatch F23 44:15
print BB173 Jennifer Fawcett F43 44:15
print BB346 Pamela Campbell F26 44:15
print E144 Katharine Gaddis F23 44:16
print B101 Katie Hegg F42 44:17
print B537 Abbey Eldridge F25 44:17
print AB145 Peggy Muhn F53 44:18
print BA441 Michaela Brosius F26 44:18
print CA375 Michelle Lauren Cassidy F20 44:19
print C019 Alyson Blomquist F27 44:19
print BA135 Barbara Peterson F36 44:22
print BA407 Megan Shields F30 44:24
print D180 Tina Malissa Martinez F32 44:24
print A479 Heidi Gabalski F32 44:24

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