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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print A108 Beth Ellickson F38 38:06
print AB194 Bronwyn Morrissey F38 40:08
print AA100 Yuko Wilson F38 40:18
print AB200 Susan Nuzum F38 40:53
print AB163 Dawn Fischer F38 41:18
print AA486 Kelli Frykholm F38 41:32
print B367 Sara Pickering F38 41:34
print A119 Christine Brighton F38 41:42
print B455 Katie Fether F38 42:26
print AB050 Eilleen Herbst F38 43:19
print BA316 Christine Crabb F38 43:50
print FC462 Tara J. Manne F38 43:51
print B376 Kristin Moreau F38 43:57
print BA456 Miki Kalesz F38 45:04
print C258 Amelia Marja Tanttila F38 45:39
print C351 Sandra Paiz-Garcia F38 45:55
print BB286 Liz Sellyei F38 45:58
print BB379 Lisa Floyd F38 46:26
print HA634 Michelle Torres F38 46:35
print EA071 Carrie Sue Loudenburg F38 46:40
print BB174 Jacqui Pesa F38 47:04
print CA490 Terri Spencer F38 47:30
print C248 Renee Marie Tebon F38 47:34
print CC384 Elizabeth Couture F38 47:36
print FF738 Stephanie M Davis F38 47:53
print D565 Jacqueline Molenaar F38 48:13
print BB357 Karen Copeland F38 48:18
print DA117 Lydia Dissly F38 48:31
print FD475 Jessica Catlin F38 49:03
print D135 Jackqueline Szablewski F38 49:16
print EA450 Cathy Maslowski-Yerges F38 49:21
print DD332 Laura Zarlengo F38 49:24
print F457 Deann Geertsema F38 49:34
print GD214 Keith Molenaar F38 50:05
print D354 Kim Congedo F38 50:05
print F169 Allison Angulo F38 50:06
print JC283 Paula Neubert F38 50:25
print CA213 Deborah Nastro F38 50:31
print MC733 inge E verhaegen F38 50:35
print DD407 Fran Davis F38 50:36
print CC174 Julie Daugherty F38 50:47
print E123 BRENDA L LYNCH F38 51:05
print DD398 Amelia Reighard Reinkensmeyer F38 51:05
print HB737 Michele Colleen Garlough F38 51:37
print D010 Ashley Rosen F38 51:47
print ED068 Diane Sankey F38 51:48
print JA057 Michelle P Tilford F38 51:48
print FD078 Kimberly Ocel F38 51:48
print DD079 Jill P Lichon F38 51:51
print FF400 Betsy McNeer F38 51:52
print D448 Rani Jennings F38 51:53
print EA173 Maggi Diasabeygunaward F38 52:07
print EC098 Leigh Levesque F38 52:11
print EA008 Rachael Bray F38 52:35
print E231 Shannon Pinkston F38 52:48
print PB795 Amy Edwards F38 52:56
print GB046 BRIGITTE R REMINGTON F38 52:59
print EA104 Michelle Evans F38 52:59
print D120 Stephanie Struble F38 53:04
print EB398 Melanie Rapp F38 53:07
print F571 Kathryn Julia Greany F38 53:17
print DD451 Nadine Balabanoff F38 53:23
print EB131 Joanne Winge F38 53:26
print D396 Sue Pfefferle F38 53:29
print E342 Dana Ford F38 53:30
print EC444 Kelly Valdez F38 53:34
print ED585 Eva Mullen F38 53:34
print EE047 Beth A. Parker F38 53:58
print G135 Kyra Lutan F38 54:08
print CC352 Dale Skram F38 54:12
print H376 Linda Grim F38 54:15
print EE119 Kathy Barnes F38 54:22
print EA398 Joan Munson F38 54:35
print HC274 Tami Tremmel F38 54:44
print F444 Susan Cheedle F38 54:47
print EB259 Monica Ines Schlatter F38 54:48
print FD476 Lisa Luckett F38 54:58
print EC231 Juile Davis F38 54:58
print JE072 Roz Lillian Elliott F38 55:00
print EE216 Dawn Kilgore F38 55:02
print FC502 Stacey Healy F38 55:02
print HB419 Clare Huntington F38 55:02
print FD642 Dana Keel F38 55:02
print MG243 Tracy Woodward F38 55:08
print FF566 Susan Bruno F38 55:11
print F128 Paige Noble F38 55:14
print GD602 Tami Brook F38 55:20
print FA456 kristen holland F38 55:20
print ED336 Cami Brereton Germer F38 55:33
print HE609 Dawn Lewis F38 55:43
print FE738 Jean Marie Murphy F38 55:52
print FF423 Cynthia Snoke Jessen F38 56:01
print FD792 Jen Tucker F38 56:08
print FF243 Diana Browne F38 56:10
print HC549 Shannon Halgren F38 56:11
print GE405 Melinda Denney F38 56:24
print FD691 Sandra L. Johnson F38 56:32
print HC460 Gwen Martinez F38 56:33
print MD301 Jennifer Anne Eggleston F38 56:37
print G671 Theresa Simonich-Russ F38 56:46
print M352 Joan Brucha F38 56:52
print M559 Karen K Danielson F38 56:52
print EE057 Patricia M Martinez F38 56:54
print HA246 Stephanie Pitcher F38 56:54
print EC449 Regine Sediva F38 57:05
print FC245 Molly Ann Swan F38 57:07
print GB384 Susan Finnefrock F38 57:07
print EE427 Allison Paradise F38 57:09
print G532 Suzanne Mishmash F38 57:16
print GA370 Debra Wall F38 57:17
print PF792 Michelle Brade F38 57:19
print NG008 Julie Seaman F38 57:25
print FC030 Becky Kierein F38 57:27
print ED382 Jeanne Mulder F38 57:33
print FA187 Ronda Frenette F38 57:35
print GD411 Rebecca Knott F38 57:36
print GB440 Jessica Wilson F38 57:38
print EC173 Madonna Lynn Letourneau F38 57:43
print MG062 Jackie Mironescu F38 57:59
print FD277 Elizabeth Anderman F38 58:00
print FF798 Ann Togasaki F38 58:01
print FB242 Elisa Sherman F38 58:17
print JC316 Julie Suzanne McLean F38 58:17
print GA306 Michele Daun Housh F38 58:41
print FA217 Eileen Moellenberg F38 58:43
print HC512 Camie Johnson F38 58:43
print MC137 Ann M Foster F38 58:46
print MB126 Becky Troutman F38 58:55
print HD262 IXTLA E VAUGHAN F38 58:56
print GE688 Tina Marie Gillett F38 58:58
print FB500 Laura Freedman F38 58:59
print G604 Anne Venables F38 59:11
print PB028 Lisa Holmes F38 59:16
print FE333 Kendra Kaiser F38 59:30
print FF188 Danica Lucker F38 59:39
print J291 Heather Ogle F38 59:43
print FC712 Laura Shove F38 59:48
print J523 Julie Winz F38 59:50
print EE289 Margarita Palomo F38 59:54
print GA491 Ursula Lauper F38 59:54
print J647 Erin Hannan F38 59:54
print F060 Amy Wittenmeier F38 59:56
print EE588 Jeanne coy F38 59:59
print GA537 Amy L Hathorne F38 1:00:01
print HA191 Margaret Katherine Emerson F38 1:00:14
print HB115 Josie Gellner F38 1:00:18
print FA231 Kate Fuentes F38 1:00:21
print FF536 Sue Swanson F38 1:00:26
print J618 Michelle Theall F38 1:00:26
print HD024 Angela Waskiewicz F38 1:00:28
print FA506 Isabella Grossinger F38 1:00:31
print H582 Clare Cull F38 1:00:32
print EB411 Sue Bostwick F38 1:00:33
print JC370 Deanne Gleason F38 1:00:34
print GD592 Susan Holt F38 1:00:35
print PB633 Margy Kern F38 1:00:38
print H554 Shadlee Friesen F38 1:00:38
print HD030 Laura J Lenardson F38 1:00:40
print EE507 Elizabeth Smith F38 1:00:45
print FB343 Linda Baumgartel F38 1:00:48
print F085 Teresa Aragon F38 1:00:55
print HA507 Dot Newton F38 1:00:59
print GC777 Deanne Criswell F38 1:01:17
print GD201 Teresa Matthews F38 1:01:20
print FD609 Kathleen Ruby F38 1:01:29
print MA218 Holly Peterson F38 1:01:31
print FC403 Lianne Tengler F38 1:01:35
print HC327 Clare Summers F38 1:01:36
print FE375 Jacqueline Lampe F38 1:01:40
print FD313 Michelle Clopton F38 1:01:45
print MC274 Kim Schaefer F38 1:01:48
print JC586 Sally Sudol F38 1:01:48
print GB407 Christine S. Martin F38 1:01:52
print GC261 Anke Brandenburg F38 1:01:53
print FD243 Julie Ann May F38 1:01:56
print FA256 Cindy Van Schouwen F38 1:02:05
print ME295 Donna DeVine F38 1:02:12
print JE273 Laurie O'Hara-Torres F38 1:02:16
print FD716 Carol Wellbaum F38 1:02:16
print JE504 Erica Stetson F38 1:02:23
print F470 Priscilla Madden F38 1:02:25
print MF714 Molly K Crawford F38 1:02:26
print HA351 Marianne Martens F38 1:02:32
print WD354 Maria Ramirez F38 1:02:36
print FF678 Ermina Agic F38 1:02:40
print H627 Lisa Desmarais F38 1:03:02
print HD396 Susanne Marie Spence F38 1:03:13
print FA226 Lauren Arnold F38 1:03:14
print HA280 Sharon Thomas F38 1:03:17
print FD646 Kim Zimmer F38 1:03:35
print FD436 Diane Guerrero F38 1:03:44
print FD288 Courtney Frasch F38 1:03:44
print MA052 Judi Rihacek F38 1:03:48
print HC342 Elizabeth Paradine F38 1:03:50
print GB127 Jennifer Kelly F38 1:03:51
print GD546 Celia Doherty F38 1:03:54
print JE208 Christine Maciolek M Maciolek F38 1:03:58
print EE078 J. Kelly Buis F38 1:03:58
print H511 Simone Ince F38 1:04:05
print GE570 Nathalie Flannery F38 1:04:05

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