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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print A301 Andrew Roberts M14 36:30
print AB097 Kevin Harris M14 39:27
print A272 Bryan Heiny M14 39:37
print C467 Brent Paze-Sapegin M14 41:27
print AA093 Mike Kasberg M14 42:22
print DA206 Ari Davis M14 42:46
print C389 Eric Wigton M14 42:55
print BA198 Drew Phillip Scott M14 43:29
print CC200 Andrew Steitz M14 43:38
print BB490 Alex Zoecke M14 43:40
print E149 Jacob Lewis Heath M14 43:47
print BB088 Hayden Hohnholt M14 44:03
print ED066 Ryan Joseph Venor M14 44:14
print AB287 Trenton Greer M14 44:19
print AB331 Skye Swoboda-Colberg M14 44:20
print C453 Ian Donaldson M14 44:35
print CA140 Luke Johns M14 44:37
print CC337 Neal Gerber M14 44:37
print B444 Keegan Dougherty M14 44:44
print KB282 Tyler Hornback M14 44:56
print AB315 Alex Weinheimer M14 45:01
print BA402 Casey Cannon M14 46:32
print GC024 Andrew Flint M14 46:38
print DA055 Lance Light M14 47:00
print MC085 Aaron Alarcon M14 47:07
print E509 Evan Hirk M14 47:12
print CC199 Conner Bracy M14 47:12
print FF345 Seth Christian Olson M14 47:20
print CA070 Matt Hutton M14 47:24
print B097 Kaley Campbell M14 47:26
print KC172 Kody Leach M14 47:33
print B175 Patrick Abbey M14 47:34
print C454 Blake Boeckner M14 47:44
print D398 Phillip Monette M14 47:54
print CC170 Michael Ciaglo M14 47:56
print C464 Everett Warner M14 48:04
print FC186 Sean Casmey M14 48:08
print FE294 Kevin M Howard M14 48:10
print B157 Keegan Parker M14 48:37
print KB178 Elliot Smith M14 48:51
print GC179 Alexander Conley M14 49:11
print FE009 Nyall James M14 49:22
print HD240 Sam Yulsman M14 49:31
print DD411 Travis Pence M14 49:34
print EA091 Jonathan DeWerd M14 49:35
print KC105 Kyle Smith M14 49:42
print E575 Will Woodward M14 49:42
print FA467 Keaton Patterson M14 49:51
print KB602 Devin Kuh M14 49:57
print A358 Benjamin Slawski M14 50:06
print GE074 luke ernie porter M14 50:12
print JB196 Alexander Ciucci M14 50:18
print DA168 Jacob Larkee M14 50:34
print C263 Erick Dwight Ghent M14 50:44
print BA161 Jonathan Sackett M14 50:51
print KB288 Christopher Metzler M14 50:52
print G637 Charles Muncy M14 51:04
print J587 Severin Steensen M14 51:57
print W071 Azan Dhanani M14 51:58
print KC313 Spencer Hogan M14 52:01
print EC531 Matt Hoekstra M14 52:04
print FC771 Sam Anderson M14 52:19
print KB512 Erik Scheetz M14 52:27
print EA423 Robert Van Dusen M14 52:28
print F277 Matthew B Paradis M14 52:31
print KB323 Peter Hanssen M14 52:31
print KB314 Charlie Hager M14 52:33
print KB425 Asa Harrington M14 52:34
print KB504 Sam Watson M14 52:35
print F588 mason smith M14 52:36
print FA389 George Haydock Jr. M14 52:40
print EE400 Cory Engel M14 52:41
print EA332 Gabe Wiedel M14 52:42
print KB261 Greg Perry M14 52:43
print N442 JORY FALCONE M14 52:47
print AB314 Dain Kahn M14 52:50
print KB227 Phillip Mitchell M14 52:51
print CA305 Marc Barbeau M14 52:53
print EE200 Benjamin McIntosh M14 52:55
print HD228 Charlie Lindgren M14 53:00
print EA481 Ivan Komodore M14 53:01
print EC436 Simon Aeschlimann M14 53:08
print HC229 Elliot Barrera M14 53:29
print E399 Connor Stokes M14 53:31
print KB469 Dylan Howell M14 53:48
print GC731 Kyle Beach M14 53:49
print KC163 Lemuel Esparza M14 53:54
print NC349 T R Young M14 53:55
print FD232 Bradley Antonio M14 53:56
print EC243 Karl Stokley M14 54:12
print KB601 Jaim Coddington M14 54:18
print KB294 Benjamin Kuelthau M14 54:30
print EB028 Quinn Brooker Hood M14 54:38
print MF198 Wade Casey M14 54:41
print KB329 Cody Glander M14 54:44
print KC245 Alejandro Muaillo M14 54:47
print FF668 Cameron White M14 54:53
print BB259 DREW F TOWLES M14 54:56
print KC314 Tyler Alton M14 55:07
print HB225 Tyler Olson M14 55:22
print FE143 Mark Westerlind M14 55:23
print GE488 Chris Ewasko M14 55:31
print KC457 Sean Michael McEwen M14 55:40
print KB327 David Forman M14 55:42
print HC477 Benjamin Scambos M14 55:51
print KB234 Jakob Seelig M14 56:01
print HE314 Stephen M Gunnink M14 56:06
print HD582 Garrett Facer M14 56:07
print K212 kyle christopher snow M14 56:12
print ND553 Zakary Schneider M14 56:19
print FF417 Robert Palmer lV M14 56:23
print KB283 Kellen Hirsch M14 56:43
print FF520 Alexander Tanner M14 56:45
print KB402 Travis Rids M14 56:47
print J153 Taylor Pierce M14 56:58
print GA068 Tracy Babb M14 57:01
print GE201 Matthew Packard M14 57:10
print ED038 Sean Ratledge M14 57:12
print KB502 Kevin Kelly M14 57:31
print ED500 Greg Mulder M14 57:31
print PE086 Alex Tarnawski M14 57:32
print GD161 Kaleb Radebaugh M14 57:34
print J412 Andrew J. Johnsen M14 57:37
print FE529 Patrick Wagner M14 57:40
print NE213 Doug Walton M14 57:47
print HC668 Ben Barron M14 57:48
print FA239 Stephen Andrew Crosby M14 57:48
print HE518 Markus Feyh M14 57:49
print ME354 John Cabrera M14 57:53
print KB176 Jacob O'Neill M14 57:55
print KC433 Jack Kirk M14 57:59
print HC669 Gavin Leeper M14 58:07
print GD470 Adam Fuselier M14 58:09
print KC388 Jamie Culbertson M14 58:11
print FD429 Kevin Colin M14 58:15
print KC417 Drew Matthews M14 58:18
print MD327 Aaron C. Rousey M14 58:24
print HA069 Joe Salinas M14 58:36
print PD078 andrew gambardella M14 58:49
print NF428 Kevin O'Neill M14 58:55
print MC751 Kurtis Hampton M14 58:55
print KB757 Jacob Cooper M14 59:09
print HC301 Corey Valentine M14 59:10
print GC559 Jackson Williams M14 59:10
print PA699 Sam Felsenthal M14 59:10
print GD676 Taylor Gillach M14 59:15
print FD464 Chris Tschudy M14 59:24
print FF698 Andrew Ramirez M14 59:24
print FF396 Tyler Wallace M14 59:25
print NC105 Andrew Knighton M14 59:30
print KB279 Ryan Lebsack M14 59:31
print KB372 Chad Buelter M14 59:33
print F137 Colin Asay M14 59:47
print G524 Brendon Larson M14 1:00:03
print F154 Gregory Gerken M14 1:00:11
print MF455 Mikkel David Tophoj M14 1:00:14
print KB673 Rob Little M14 1:00:27
print ED471 Andrew Kyle Catlin M14 1:00:38
print PB271 David Archibold M14 1:00:43
print PA292 Seth Brown M14 1:00:43
print JD266 Robin Bouricius M14 1:00:48
print PA254 Connor Hannagan M14 1:00:49
print GD202 Keegan Boyle M14 1:00:55
print GC773 CODY SCHUYLER M14 1:01:09
print G409 Gregory Guerin M14 1:01:14
print J188 Kyle Aragon M14 1:01:24
print PA270 Cole Chokran M14 1:01:29
print JC572 Shawn Hicks M14 1:01:35
print FD343 Sebastian George M14 1:01:40
print PA494 Ted Hebert M14 1:01:44
print PA497 Kevin Alwes M14 1:01:46
print HE271 Benito Marta M14 1:01:58
print MB581 Michael Monson M14 1:01:59
print GC732 Jordan Philipp M14 1:02:01
print HE270 Trevor Wilson M14 1:02:03
print PA378 Albert Brown M14 1:02:03
print HD479 Adam Marqueen M14 1:02:12
print NC048 Matthew White M14 1:02:13
print NC049 Rob Wear M14 1:02:15
print JB030 Martin Amador M14 1:02:15
print PA291 Charles Brophy M14 1:02:17
print D262 Charles Groen M14 1:02:26
print FD741 Will Brown M14 1:02:39
print KC312 Ryan Strachan M14 1:02:46
print HE007 Kyle Hurt M14 1:02:50
print FE681 Travis Freund M14 1:03:12
print KB172 Xavier Farley M14 1:03:17
print ND576 Sean Kalra M14 1:03:22
print PA050 Colin Andrew Sorensen M14 1:03:23
print MD613 Oliver Goddu M14 1:03:30
print KB377 Peter Neis M14 1:03:33
print MB566 Anthony Tran M14 1:03:37
print KB400 Ethan Hitchcock M14 1:03:47
print GE337 Corey Schott M14 1:03:48
print PF017 Michael Overfield M14 1:03:52
print F237 John Hickey M14 1:03:53
print PA290 Nolan Bohm M14 1:04:06
print GC011 Alec Campbell M14 1:04:17
print KC018 Steve Moreno M14 1:04:40
print MG403 Simon Tye M14 1:04:41

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