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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print A162 Grant Duin M17 34:40
print A129 Greg Griffith M17 34:43
print A136 Matthew Michael Beamer M17 34:49
print A085 Paul Brown M17 35:05
print A216 Tim Gaskins M17 35:22
print A273 Cheyne Christopher Heiny M17 35:52
print A293 Stephen K Koch M17 35:54
print A361 Nathan Hatleback M17 36:11
print AA397 Christopher Sweeney M17 36:13
print A093 John Coleman M17 36:26
print AA081 Richard McDaniel M17 37:57
print AA257 Jason Nykiel M17 38:25
print A097 Curtis Reid M17 38:31
print AB111 Jeff Dailey M17 38:39
print AA035 Eiger Erickson M17 38:46
print AB079 Matt Comeaux M17 39:17
print A507 Charles Overbay M17 39:23
print AA402 Mark Husted M17 39:44
print AB091 Mike Maugans M17 39:49
print AB425 Adam Aragon M17 39:51
print HE083 Greg Pulscher M17 39:58
print AA302 Nicholas Haynes M17 40:02
print AB298 Bryce Moore M17 40:10
print AA246 Alec Olschner M17 40:33
print A357 Cory Hanson M17 40:57
print B556 Amha Assefa M17 41:01
print A264 Brian Landblom M17 41:18
print AA057 Justin Mier M17 41:23
print HD097 Eric J Anderssen M17 42:10
print AB156 Cory Lampshire M17 42:29
print C446 Matthew Steven Swink M17 42:30
print A151 Bryce Skarda M17 42:33
print BA420 Nicholas Crowl M17 42:52
print BA544 Jeffrey Campbell M17 42:58
print HD756 Alex Harrington Milgroom M17 43:02
print C445 David Samuel Burns M17 43:10
print AA295 Dustin Messner M17 43:13
print FF170 Kyle Thomas M17 43:23
print A218 Joe Klahn M17 43:26
print CA207 Shane Straka M17 43:29
print B298 Zach McCabe M17 43:42
print B491 Max Taffet M17 43:45
print BA183 Colt Barton M17 43:47
print B242 Todd James Germeroth M17 44:13
print FD754 wesley ryan M17 44:28
print CC134 Alex Stewart M17 44:42
print HB399 Victor Gonzalez M17 44:46
print B463 Sophie Galleher M17 44:58
print E415 Geoffrey Ward M17 45:29
print A354 Max Freese M17 45:32
print CA301 Mathew Martinez M17 45:40
print CA285 Dylan Snider M17 45:46
print MD475 Brian Brindisi M17 45:49
print HA407 Asher Ryan Ball M17 45:53
print HA409 Aaron Daniel Ball M17 46:01
print DD343 Cole Wiedel M17 46:04
print JE226 Jerald Dean Dewolf M17 46:07
print BB170 Tyson Kaiser M17 46:20
print D343 Jason Mastalski M17 46:41
print BA169 joseph conrad accountius M17 46:51
print BA357 Matthew Seiler M17 47:25
print GB156 Alex Dangler M17 47:26
print HE137 David Swanson M17 47:29
print C284 Justin Lee Hicks M17 47:47
print HD387 Robert James Lopez M17 48:16
print GC788 Luke Simon Hurt M17 48:36
print FB320 Timothy Zakowski M17 48:37
print C405 Travis Hall M17 48:38
print FF559 Sage Buckner M17 48:54
print FF603 Reid Thornton M17 49:16
print E574 Justin Briggs M17 49:20
print ED373 Evan Shane Apodaca M17 49:25
print KB511 Yasuhisa Yamauchi M17 49:35
print FF062 Micah Bontrager M17 49:51
print FC656 Matan Mazursky M17 49:58
print HB376 Adam H Deal M17 50:07
print HE253 Andy S. Coats M17 50:24
print HE258 david Mares M17 50:25
print HD420 Dan Seth Ormsbee M17 50:34
print GC702 Christopher Luse M17 50:36
print DA221 Tyler Gibson M17 50:49
print ED320 Eric Dillon M17 50:55
print ED321 Kyle Black M17 50:58
print FF676 Andrew Johns M17 51:26
print DA268 Joey Pummer M17 51:33
print DA266 Erik Senescu M17 51:52
print JA668 Riley J Newcomer M17 52:23
print KB583 Mark Knutson M17 52:35
print GE325 Carl Sykes M17 52:45
print GE708 Greg McCudden M17 53:23
print GE759 Matthew Kaplan M17 53:32
print CA230 joel christopher deen M17 53:39
print F493 Tom Rose M17 53:56
print CA117 Ian Spencer M17 54:05
print HA248 Jake Whipple M17 54:19
print NE722 Trevor Holt M17 54:32
print PC240 Zach Meints M17 54:59
print PE203 Steven Wilke M17 55:10
print A224 Joel Kienitz M17 55:15
print GD078 Mark Harrison M17 55:18
print FC752 Christopher Robert Krance M17 55:19
print KB092 Keagan Smallwood M17 55:30
print EA075 Nicholas Ratajczyk M17 55:30
print GA558 Zachary Ward M17 55:38
print EB386 Travis Werbelow M17 56:08
print HD164 Joey Coringrato M17 56:14
print G512 Adam Heninger M17 56:43
print GA359 Leroy Santos M17 56:50
print NF778 San Miguel Castillo M17 56:51
print ED174 Jayden Quinlan M17 56:52
print GB629 Paul Vaughn Miller M17 57:05
print P281 James Coppinger M17 57:05
print B252 Eliott Dimond M17 57:10
print HE094 jonathan cody ketterman M17 57:16
print MA635 Eric Wiens M17 57:31
print PF140 Bobby Ri Antonio M17 57:37
print FA238 Shawn Harrison Crosby M17 57:49
print HC363 Travis Ramp M17 57:50
print HA131 Bryce Carande M17 57:51
print HC756 Michael Abbott COMMA Sr. M17 57:56
print HC773 Adrian Shaffer M17 57:59
print MB743 Mark Colbenson M17 58:14
print AB438 Tyrone White M17 58:26
print H419 Danny Wasserman M17 58:49
print HE414 Thomas Simpson M17 59:23
print FB313 Jacob Stinar M17 59:26
print JC301 Keith Foss M17 59:28
print NC455 Jan Eide M17 59:31
print P280 Christopher Shwayka M17 1:00:02
print K193 Travis J Barratt M17 1:00:50
print NF662 chris michael marez M17 1:00:59
print HC048 Anthony Tovado M17 1:01:17
print NF683 Ben Tucker M17 1:01:34
print NA282 John Yates M17 1:01:35
print P329 Brandon Dykes M17 1:01:35
print MF787 Lucas A. Johnston M17 1:01:40
print HE740 Jared Carlson M17 1:01:52
print FF671 Michael Holmburg M17 1:02:26
print EA575 Jeff Mack M17 1:02:26
print GC194 Wyler Metge M17 1:02:58
print NE201 Jason Delange M17 1:02:58
print PD736 Taylor Bailey M17 1:03:20
print JC583 Corey Morgan M17 1:03:31
print GC350 Micah Christopher Howe M17 1:03:52
print G339 Aaron Lam M17 1:04:14
print MF283 Ben Helmink M17 1:04:19
print B391 Carl White Eagle M17 1:04:44
print FC679 Devon Maxwell Malling M17 1:04:47
print EC584 Trevor Babb M17 1:04:50
print C434 Chris James Campbell M17 1:04:52
print K060 Spencer Collins M17 1:05:11
print GB014 Read Anderson M17 1:05:13
print MB194 Justin Gibbs M17 1:05:43
print MB192 Nathan Mueller M17 1:05:46
print G100 travis james M17 1:06:02
print HE300 William Dieters M17 1:06:08
print MB339 Chris Wall M17 1:06:48
print PD440 Mattson Lewinski M17 1:07:01
print ME348 John Kyed M17 1:07:43
print P023 Rainer Fehrenbacher M17 1:08:01
print NF302 Jordan Wallis M17 1:08:17
print NE664 Brian Smith M17 1:08:22
print MF658 Jason Cetlinski M17 1:08:24
print HB244 Weston Scott M17 1:08:25
print M211 Chris Stenner M17 1:08:58
print JC679 Esa Slavin M17 1:09:40
print FC407 FABIAN HARO M17 1:10:15
print MC372 Carter Baird M17 1:10:59
print HA630 Neal Gillivan M17 1:11:07
print NE662 Jimmy Zavala M17 1:11:37
print GE600 Adam Matthies M17 1:11:40
print M562 Ian Emery Roberts M17 1:13:23
print PC612 Paul Beattie M17 1:13:36
print GB542 Kyle Langford M17 1:13:40
print HB178 Ryan Epperly M17 1:15:10
print HB088 Tommy Walton M17 1:15:19
print GC552 Michael Spillan M17 1:15:44
print B160 Taylor Ellington M17 1:16:22
print PD298 Johnny Shattuck M17 1:19:08
print PB780 John Hoopes M17 1:19:13
print NF424 Mike Sargent M17 1:19:53
print FF009 Wyatt Etzel M17 1:21:15
print FF358 Ian Weber M17 1:22:46
print G182 John Michael Haynes M17 1:23:44
print KC327 Matthew Struck M17 1:24:21
print PE037 Piper William Powelson M17 1:24:39
print WD829 Asbjoern Soerensen M17 1:25:59
print MC664 Bryan Randall M17 1:26:02
print NF133 Mitch Mahan M17 1:27:24
print WA628 Colin Brennan M17 1:29:02
print ME546 Drew D Slade M17 1:30:41
print NA035 Jared Bourquin M17 1:33:42
print NB127 Benjamin Cooper M17 1:34:27
print WD144 Devin Spahn M17 1:38:38
print WA761 David Machado M17 1:42:47
print WA526 Jonathan Maloney M17 1:43:49
print MF033 Matt Piechowski M17 1:44:23
print ME448 Alex Schwartz M17 1:46:17
print NC448 Sam Bosley M17 1:48:51
print PF784 Jacob Snyder M17 1:50:31

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