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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print A799 Debbie Maass F25 37:33
print A860 Yumiko Otsuka F25 37:36
print A241 Karen Laslo F25 38:40
print AA481 Buffy Bruns F25 41:08
print AA746 Kimberly Bruckner F25 41:10
print AA471 Amy Jackson F25 41:57
print AA900 Christy Bungel F25 42:29
print T724 Sonja Smith F25 43:32
print AA213 Erica Jones F25 43:52
print AA829 Charlotte Woodcock F25 45:16
print D494 Erin Head F25 45:24
print BB787 Rachael Van Pelt F25 45:28
print E579 Kachun Yu F25 45:59
print B864 Kelly Foerstner F25 46:09
print HH609 Regina Anderson F25 46:17
print D493 Kendra Hinkson F25 46:28
print EE268 Virginia Nicknish F25 46:32
print BB871 Hollie Adams F25 46:40
print FF015 Lisa Young F25 46:43
print G362 Carin Kutcipal F25 46:53
print BB422 Carrie Larson F25 47:10
print BB389 Emily Davey F25 47:21
print KK370 Jennifer Harder F25 47:44
print C508 Wendy Fitch F25 47:46
print C613 Susan Spindle F25 47:52
print CC058 Raili Mood F25 48:23
print E195 Stephanie Desmarais F25 48:31
print OO615 Sarah Landeryou F25 48:31
print GG777 Vanessa Sebahar F25 48:51
print FF803 Danielle Kadovich F25 49:01
print JJ562 Erika Leetmae F25 49:04
print I231 Jen Tubergen F25 49:06
print C091 Jennifer Sible F25 49:10
print D564 Jessica Dion F25 49:14
print D542 Robin Oram-Smith F25 49:20
print E256 Carla McFarlan F25 49:30
print F438 Amy Waldo F25 49:39
print E808 Asha Conroy F25 49:39
print LL657 Malaynia Wick F25 49:57
print CC065 Erin Wilsted F25 49:59
print L581 Michele Jensen F25 50:01
print H566 Maggie Ruddy F25 50:03
print EE098 Kristin Truell F25 50:06
print D198 Leigh Kettler F25 50:06
print D465 Angie Artzer F25 50:07
print J289 Darbi Pzinski F25 50:10
print J227 Sarah Chapman F25 50:11
print EE747 Jennifer Hite F25 50:12
print E218 Heidi Lindenlaub F25 50:13
print I071 Andrea Dowhan F25 50:27
print LL551 Lanise Beeson F25 50:38
print M267 Kaia Histand F25 50:43
print N827 Amy Sauers F25 50:43
print HH625 Corinne Herndon F25 50:43
print I312 Nicole Antonietti F25 50:44
print HH805 Justine Lerose F25 50:52
print B428 Jenn Leiferman F25 50:52
print M783 Bernadette Wiskerchen F25 50:57
print CC756 Kathy Menefee F25 51:01
print FF028 Annabel Sherwood F25 51:09
print FF730 Jeanna Sakal F25 51:10
print D464 Amy Artzer F25 51:13
print E145 Marna Steuart F25 51:18
print NN710 Melissa Wiese F25 51:40
print F773 Kathleen Marini F25 51:41
print M272 Meredith Watt F25 51:41
print GG890 Beth Harrington F25 51:47
print KK895 Colleen Sullivan F25 51:51
print FF224 Heidi Tussing F25 51:51
print P274 Lisa Olson F25 51:54
print DD463 Colleen Currie F25 51:57
print LL367 Dana Miner F25 51:57
print DD609 Heather Hevelone F25 52:03
print I066 Dina Denham F25 52:03
print L166 Drew Laufer F25 52:07
print D413 Brandy Bratek F25 52:11
print G377 Tara Kilroy F25 52:23
print FF836 Sara Wise F25 52:23
print QQ638 Heather Froning F25 52:24
print EE484 Kim Horsley F25 52:25
print P272 Melinda Kimmel F25 52:26
print DD550 Debbie Chiolero F25 52:26
print EE052 Jill Quaid F25 52:31
print MM019 Julie Reddy F25 52:34
print G807 Ellen Stemmons F25 52:40
print BB560 Janet Hattlestad F25 52:47
print HH322 Catherine Bolin F25 52:48
print F602 Krista Miller F25 52:49
print I021 Elizabeth Kreimer F25 52:50
print GG293 Lara Keeley F25 52:52
print L565 Sara Wilensky F25 52:55
print FF453 Maria Monroe-Devita F25 52:56
print I254 Kirsten Sunblade F25 53:03
print MM262 Karen Nolan F25 53:11
print K817 Jill Zimmer F25 53:11
print RR818 Valerie Phillips F25 53:13
print F301 Amy Andrews F25 53:14
print HH514 Katie Sternberg F25 53:16
print R285 Jolie Dekleva F25 53:25
print M402 Elizabeth Thompson F25 53:25
print GG832 Ellen Bilek F25 53:32
print JJ317 Jamie Giese F25 53:33
print K691 Gloria McCamley F25 53:34
print D400 Kristen Gast F25 53:50
print K692 Patricia Stadulis F25 53:53
print M385 Megan Chard F25 53:54
print FF331 Kelli Witter F25 53:55
print JJ824 Harriet Farmer F25 54:18
print P512 Jolene Olson F25 54:35
print JJ688 Juli Bergoffen F25 54:42
print EE625 Elena Wilken F25 54:53
print M664 Amy Hicks F25 54:56
print NN267 Kristi Ward F25 55:05
print G442 Jennifer Blandford F25 55:06
print GG188 Vikki Neibauer F25 55:08
print NN612 Jill Howard F25 55:14
print J419 Lisa Closson F25 55:21
print KK403 Alexandra Caplan F25 55:22
print NN743 Celeste Schins F25 55:22
print NN371 Kedra Enslow F25 55:29
print L442 Yvonne Cuddie F25 55:34
print KK279 Elizabeth Schofield F25 55:41
print FF381 Grace E. Mills F25 55:43
print M630 Melani Diloreto F25 55:48
print J029 Theresa Noble F25 55:48
print F615 Gabrielle DeAngelis F25 55:52
print KK024 Missy Kosier F25 55:55
print M304 Rachel Simonds F25 55:57
print I245 Amy Barrier F25 56:00
print GG892 Schuyler Roach F25 56:02
print HH618 Sara Fisher F25 56:10
print JJ494 Tracie Peterson F25 56:15
print DD664 Suzanne Brown F25 56:17
print L596 Kelley Griffith F25 56:25
print GG300 Michelle Idle F25 56:33
print H720 Catherine O'Grady F25 56:38
print K173 Kris Fraser F25 56:39
print NN365 Kelly Bernau F25 56:39
print EE252 Jillian Balow F25 56:39
print R592 Lauren Schwartz F25 56:41
print G503 Amy Wheeler F25 56:44
print KK316 Sarah Zepeda F25 56:48
print SS667 Blake McKenna F25 56:48
print HH441 Erika Schwalbach F25 56:50
print H551 Kelly Pate F25 56:58
print G110 Jennifer Pounder F25 57:06
print P599 Leslie Weisbrook F25 57:10
print EE104 Molly Kitsmiller F25 57:13
print JJ357 Pamela Jean F25 57:20
print L515 Aimee Hoskins F25 57:31
print JJ061 Michelle Heath F25 57:31
print GG769 Lisa Thieme F25 57:34
print N771 Suzette Fleharty F25 57:47
print JJ781 Susan Ardourel F25 57:48
print G581 Alison Verth F25 57:49
print J399 Julia Olson F25 57:53
print EE137 Kristine Anderson F25 57:58
print J647 Amy Smith F25 57:59
print J832 Melinda Henrie F25 58:03
print HH803 Trina Mayhill F25 58:10
print JJ624 Sharon Hyatt F25 58:22
print R452 Robin Morgan F25 58:23
print M561 Sherri Ehrenberg F25 58:24
print Q556 Lori Bedore F25 58:27
print G103 Ayla Laumark F25 58:29
print I739 Julie Webster F25 58:35
print FF314 Jackellyn Kirstein F25 58:41
print L217 Heidi Anderson F25 58:41
print M355 Julie Love F25 58:44
print H611 Karen Reedy F25 58:45
print E570 Veronica Schlagel F25 58:48
print JJ622 Sarah Wang F25 58:50
print OO737 Jennifer Temple F25 59:00
print H376 Deborah Aruca F25 59:01
print E406 Tracy Lew F25 59:03
print L226 Kathleen Deignan F25 59:07
print GG048 Caroline Marshall F25 59:09
print J513 Jennifer McAninch F25 59:11
print Q290 Gwendolyn Howard F25 59:12
print M310 Lori Deacon F25 59:19
print M311 Nicole King F25 59:19
print MM063 Liz Bodnar F25 59:22
print T617 Christine Ritzer F25 59:23
print F719 Kelly Hopkins F25 59:24
print K479 Laura Bielak F25 59:30
print DD443 Gina Munoz F25 59:32
print HH673 Susan Gingrica F25 59:35
print M444 Lisa Katzman F25 59:35
print FF601 Amy Robertson F25 59:38
print NN409 Monica Cavender F25 59:42
print E735 Monique Bluvas F25 59:45
print K541 Amy Maranowicz F25 59:46
print E029 Jill Grissom F25 59:48
print MM587 Amy Velarde F25 59:53
print R884 Alicia Fawcett F25 59:58
print FF835 Angel Weant F25 1:00:01
print EE661 Tiffany Moxley F25 1:00:06
print JJ414 Tammy Wiley F25 1:00:06
print K743 Michelle Lang F25 1:00:19
print U673 Kathy Brookman F25 1:00:21

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