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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print B356 Cheryl Beckwith F47 43:55
print C482 Diane Ridgway F47 44:26
print EE344 Randy Dyson F47 45:30
print D038 Marilyn Fogerty F47 46:14
print D043 Lorrie Allen F47 47:24
print BB312 Kathy Kirsling F47 47:30
print B313 Sue Riedel F47 47:41
print BB202 Jane Potter F47 47:53
print D596 Marge Rinaldi F47 47:57
print CC467 Kristina Stowell F47 48:18
print H731 Marilyn Findley F47 48:20
print D616 Diane Tribbett F47 48:56
print BB542 Kathy Elmont F47 49:07
print A775 Carolyn Mather F47 49:30
print E594 Corky Wilcox F47 49:38
print CC603 Sandy Prouty F47 49:45
print D030 Nancy Shipps F47 49:57
print B267 Peg Roddy-Reeg F47 50:17
print D597 Cathy Redlin F47 51:10
print E874 Dee Schafnitz F47 51:28
print F112 Sylvia South F47 52:52
print CC554 Patricia Swan F47 52:59
print EE122 Lynne Foley F47 53:07
print EE320 Victoria D. Cardenas F47 53:13
print F185 Diana Taylor F47 53:17
print DD131 Sharon McCarrell F47 54:22
print NN347 Karen Steeper F47 54:28
print E066 Suzanne Brost F47 54:32
print E288 Shelbie Berry F47 54:43
print G356 Marie Smythe F47 54:43
print EE755 Nancy Bounini F47 54:48
print J079 Linda Beal F47 55:12
print G779 Jo Hay F47 55:28
print JJ365 Sandra Miller F47 55:29
print EE236 Marian Fuller F47 55:52
print D471 Rebecca Barnes F47 55:57
print DD142 Patricia Emigh F47 56:06
print I076 Bobette Stone F47 56:09
print NN708 Alison Richards F47 56:18
print GG455 Patricia Kule F47 56:39
print HH423 Rebecca Curtis F47 56:54
print EE475 Diana Mantey F47 57:23
print H490 Penelope O'Donnell F47 57:31
print I643 Donna Wheeler F47 57:38
print H164 Barb Kantor F47 57:55
print E788 Kathy Scott F47 57:58
print YY668 Myra Calley F47 58:23
print N831 Marjorie McCloy F47 58:26
print L141 Linda Ketcham F47 58:44
print H543 Jigger Staby F47 58:49
print HH598 Loujuana Terry F47 58:58
print MM237 Debbie Dispense F47 59:01
print G420 Virginia Sandoval F47 59:09
print K843 Nancy Crow F47 59:14
print K623 Angela Cipolla F47 59:26
print J595 Dawn Obrecht F47 59:35
print KK504 Judith Wilson F47 59:43
print GG570 Mary Ann Gilbert F47 59:57
print GG056 Karen Gross F47 1:00:07
print E586 Judy Johnston F47 1:00:10
print M518 Cinda Johnson F47 1:00:13
print DD781 Elaine Felver F47 1:00:17
print I106 Samantha McBride F47 1:00:31
print NN401 Barb Morphew F47 1:00:31
print KK770 Janice Moore F47 1:00:33
print SS588 Judy Lawler F47 1:00:42
print K047 Kay Foelske F47 1:00:47
print K566 Annemarie Sierks F47 1:00:58
print K630 Eileen Skaflen F47 1:01:02
print J157 Molly Melamed F47 1:01:05
print G534 Pat Critchfield F47 1:01:24
print L042 Juliana Bratun F47 1:01:36
print OO734 Candis Miller F47 1:01:42
print SS104 Gillian Driscoll F47 1:01:50
print FF159 Stephanie McKay F47 1:01:57
print MM195 Susanna Rodell F47 1:01:57
print G820 Marjorie Rosendahl F47 1:02:19
print LL078 Jane Smith F47 1:02:34
print JJ812 Ellen Earle F47 1:02:57
print Q225 Beverly Giordano F47 1:03:06
print L459 Donna Carnahan F47 1:03:08
print H467 Mary Hunter F47 1:03:08
print L375 Starla Fitzjarrell F47 1:03:12
print J516 Kristin Lewis F47 1:03:31
print MM035 Mary Peters F47 1:03:56
print GG095 Barbara Amador F47 1:04:00
print L306 Laura Clemons F47 1:04:03
print Q632 Patty Miner F47 1:04:40
print K395 Marilyn Hughes F47 1:04:46
print JJ098 Gale Kozberg F47 1:04:55
print KK397 Helen Hase F47 1:04:56
print MM168 Kathy Langenwalter F47 1:05:00
print M810 Nora Mallory F47 1:05:28
print F159 Nancy Plemmons F47 1:05:30
print M499 Shirley Hickman F47 1:05:32
print E521 Nancy Otteman F47 1:05:34
print J059 Patricia Bianchi F47 1:05:38
print JJ463 Sharon Bailey F47 1:05:42
print HH697 Linda Bondar F47 1:06:06
print MM509 Kelley Antony F47 1:06:11
print KK145 Amy McCrary F47 1:06:15
print N370 Michele Allard F47 1:06:45
print SS430 Delane Kinshella F47 1:06:47
print LL476 Sue Edwards F47 1:06:49
print GG198 Jeanne Gevik F47 1:07:21
print R324 Jenna Ridgeway F47 1:07:56
print RR583 Kathy Deal F47 1:07:56
print L636 Kelly Kleinberg F47 1:08:06
print K129 Ann Stringfellow F47 1:08:10
print K121 Diane Hohensee F47 1:08:12
print M454 Shela Flickner F47 1:08:13
print RR410 Deborah Smith F47 1:08:16
print Q871 Roberta Abbott F47 1:09:11
print PP561 Donna Paulson F47 1:09:12
print MM214 Cecelia Castagnozzi F47 1:09:21
print TT040 Mary Schubert F47 1:09:22
print S817 Pat Flores F47 1:09:23
print Y793 Judy King F47 1:09:42
print S465 Linda Brown F47 1:09:59
print NN474 Susie Ando F47 1:10:02
print H656 Jackie Lewis F47 1:10:09
print SS880 Kathie Jackson F47 1:10:14
print F085 Linda Swanson F47 1:10:20
print Q552 Deborah Kuhl F47 1:10:23
print FF519 Marilyn Rudd F47 1:10:39
print OO746 Maggie Fox F47 1:10:47
print SS553 Trudy Sanclaria F47 1:10:58
print GG756 Donna Cawiezell F47 1:11:06
print GG524 Judy Lunsford F47 1:11:27
print MM452 Pat Lockhart F47 1:11:29
print Q514 Jane Gwin F47 1:11:33
print TT454 Jane Brust F47 1:11:45
print M466 Katherine Evans F47 1:12:08
print N820 Sue Ellen Harrison F47 1:12:18
print JJ399 Cris Siebenlist F47 1:12:27
print V081 Donna Davis F47 1:12:44
print Q572 Patricia Holman F47 1:13:08
print U237 Jean McNicol F47 1:13:28
print N130 Marilyn Henthorn F47 1:13:55
print SS494 Re Smith F47 1:14:22
print QQ310 Mary Kay Palmer F47 1:14:24
print Q286 Janice M. McDonald F47 1:14:28
print E716 Betsy Rubner F47 1:15:02
print RR581 Mary Pereira F47 1:15:50
print SS530 Jan Cox F47 1:15:51
print OO471 Linda Dykstra F47 1:16:14
print DD224 Sharon Parry F47 1:16:25
print I506 Linda Simons F47 1:16:41
print W130 Judy Sanclaria F47 1:16:45
print R577 Megumi Kumano F47 1:16:55
print X242 Margaret Chrisope F47 1:17:05
print SS616 Susan Link F47 1:17:32
print K036 Judi Lesta F47 1:17:40
print W475 Sharon Spring F47 1:19:31
print K670 Laura Goodwin F47 1:19:36
print W738 Jill Braddock F47 1:19:52
print S676 Patricia Gogerty F47 1:20:21
print T260 Joan Sackheim F47 1:20:36
print R060 Becky Palmer F47 1:20:38
print J653 Jody McClellan F47 1:20:43
print Y199 Susan Short F47 1:20:52
print K631 Cathy Harris F47 1:20:55
print V193 Connie Renfrew F47 1:20:59
print YY125 Scout Dixon F47 1:21:11
print Q640 Kate Price F47 1:22:34
print V532 Nancy Siebenneicher F47 1:22:35
print Q462 Nancy Radkiewicz F47 1:22:36
print S006 Marcia Green F47 1:23:02
print NN622 Tina Bell F47 1:23:18
print QQ456 Barbara Durdin F47 1:23:30
print RR038 Julie Brodie F47 1:23:32
print M409 Shirley Chavez F47 1:24:01
print U144 Cecilia Jefferson F47 1:24:07
print S675 Deb Gardner F47 1:24:25
print L370 Mary Ann Keatley F47 1:24:54
print L067 Mary Schneider F47 1:25:16
print QQ208 Judith Dressler F47 1:25:29
print KK777 Marlene Skovsted F47 1:26:10
print Q687 Barbara Banta F47 1:26:15
print TT426 Patricia Carruth F47 1:26:16
print SS635 Jean Ogden F47 1:26:39
print Z433 Sally Carter F47 1:27:03
print N513 Sharon Harrison F47 1:27:19
print U332 Barb Szemak F47 1:27:23
print TT495 Zoanne Shaw F47 1:27:27
print Y539 Carol A. Lawson F47 1:27:35
print U325 Marlea Thompson F47 1:27:37
print V301 Cana Bernhardt F47 1:28:07
print UU527 Jean Mai F47 1:28:29
print S329 Mary McQuiston F47 1:28:30
print W081 Bonnie Rumsey F47 1:28:43
print UU879 Nancy Horstmann F47 1:28:45
print CC605 Linda Burrow F47 1:28:54
print M567 Kathy Figgan F47 1:29:04
print U217 Linda Offenberg F47 1:29:27
print YY399 Mary Hill F47 1:29:42
print WW090 Linda Bouquet F47 1:29:52
print V864 Gail Pradelli F47 1:29:54
print Y040 Irene Shaffer F47 1:30:23
print J135 Betsy Cropley F47 1:30:25

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