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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print A662 Tewodros Jaleta M41 31:45
print A587 John Prasuhn M41 32:45
print J116 Paul Grillo M41 33:47
print A702 Bill Kael M41 35:25
print A604 Dan Rindfleisch M41 36:14
print A122 Geoff Cooper M41 36:43
print A726 Tom Rachubinski M41 37:02
print A703 John Rebehook M41 37:02
print A537 Bob Stoneman M41 37:06
print A186 James Hill M41 37:53
print A872 Jim Fuller M41 38:09
print A048 Steve Carlson M41 38:24
print A090 Craig Caukin M41 38:38
print A701 Mike Hamity M41 38:42
print A321 Paul Grosscup M41 38:59
print A415 Paul Emery M41 39:37
print A221 John Gillespie M41 39:44
print A568 Tom Backs M41 39:45
print AA694 Jay Holloway M41 39:58
print D873 Terence Rieger M41 40:05
print AA538 Thomas Olson M41 40:08
print AA600 Terry Wolford M41 40:13
print B189 Pete Zellner M41 40:24
print A634 Mark Reinke M41 40:28
print AA655 David Pierce M41 40:29
print AA537 Thomas Pirog M41 41:29
print H629 Bert Bond M41 41:31
print AA167 David Klein M41 41:43
print AA464 Paul Chacon M41 41:52
print AA453 Rimmer Fowler M41 41:57
print AA641 John Bowell M41 42:15
print AA547 Jeffrey Barker M41 42:18
print AA670 Carlos Catalano M41 42:30
print AA223 Renny Kroge M41 42:37
print AA262 Stephen Selzer M41 42:52
print AA175 Sam Radetsky M41 43:04
print C310 Rick Hinman M41 43:12
print C142 Corydon Sperry M41 43:27
print D351 Steel Bluewater M41 43:30
print AA402 Brad Schultz M41 43:32
print B294 Marty Wright M41 43:44
print AA163 James Melson M41 43:47
print B360 James Jones M41 43:50
print AA315 Steve Lind M41 43:52
print AA120 Rick Berne M41 44:07
print AA515 Robert Irving M41 44:10
print J186 Michael Orr M41 44:20
print B407 Geoff Clark M41 44:23
print I348 Lupe Chavez M41 44:23
print B379 Richard Sexton M41 44:24
print C636 Kurt Montas M41 44:24
print B868 Timothy Carlson M41 44:36
print D811 Thomas Napp M41 44:40
print AA671 Howard Beall M41 44:49
print BB621 Gerald Hayes M41 44:51
print C100 Carlisle Spence M41 45:15
print CC192 Joey Betts M41 45:15
print B067 Ross Sakaguchi M41 45:17
print B653 Douglas Pasquale M41 45:21
print F266 James Smith M41 45:23
print BB655 Bob Lumley M41 45:25
print AA089 James Helgoth M41 45:28
print B578 Gary Walters M41 45:40
print J310 James Miller M41 45:41
print BB434 Matt Richard M41 46:00
print AA158 Michael Fabozzi M41 46:01
print D443 Samuel Anderson M41 46:06
print C437 Loren Lee M41 46:11
print BB496 Gary Melinkovich M41 46:13
print D647 Stanley Spencer M41 46:26
print BB478 Robert Rothfuss M41 46:31
print B568 Frank Modica M41 46:37
print CC367 Gary King M41 46:50
print C445 Ron Marko M41 46:55
print DD497 Kevin Smith M41 47:09
print B502 Richard Tedeschi M41 47:15
print AA609 Dana Lockwood M41 47:18
print CC091 Benton Ellis M41 47:18
print CC483 Michael Martin M41 47:19
print B143 John Penna M41 47:23
print CC249 Jack Wilson M41 47:23
print C653 George Morris M41 47:25
print D590 Mark Atwater M41 47:25
print CC867 Mark Schietinger M41 47:26
print B831 Mike Torrey M41 47:35
print B129 Michael McConnell M41 47:38
print C143 Robert Josephs M41 47:47
print F074 Kirk Weber M41 47:48
print BB675 Gary Flynn M41 47:51
print D699 Darvin Ayre M41 47:55
print C748 Donald Alcott M41 47:58
print AA439 Bob Skold M41 48:01
print EE433 David Baumgarten M41 48:01
print D664 Ernie Poggi M41 48:04
print L349 Scott Wager M41 48:06
print NN606 Ken Bryan M41 48:06
print CC167 Larry Borish M41 48:09
print FF891 Tom Cramer M41 48:10
print DD088 Thomas Cooper M41 48:11
print EE350 Michael Von Flatern M41 48:13
print BB679 Paul Corbet M41 48:13
print BB754 Woody Salava M41 48:14
print BB668 Greg Womack M41 48:16
print EE058 David Tongate M41 48:22
print C355 Pablo Olmos M41 48:26
print BB174 Vincent Gerber M41 48:28
print BB390 Morgan O'Brien M41 48:38
print E251 Scott Walker M41 48:38
print D380 Tom Campbell M41 48:38
print R883 Eloy Sandoval M41 48:44
print B147 James Woods M41 48:48
print E873 Curt Brought M41 48:59
print I543 Terry McKibbin M41 49:03
print D266 John Carlson M41 49:03
print R784 David Campbell M41 49:04
print BB765 Mark Emery M41 49:05
print CC147 Gary Detweiler M41 49:05
print D251 Brian Colby M41 49:09
print L588 Phil Pritchett M41 49:12
print CC838 Peter Makuta M41 49:15
print EE744 Timothy Davis M41 49:17
print D711 Will Jones M41 49:18
print FF534 James Bates M41 49:19
print BB714 Thomas Neal M41 49:21
print H253 Clarke Chambellan M41 49:21
print BB066 Alan Openshaw M41 49:24
print D377 Roger Ryan M41 49:26
print I423 Steven George M41 49:31
print DD751 David Hannegan M41 49:33
print DD355 Robert Musgraves M41 49:33
print CC007 Michael Deshayes M41 49:35
print D593 Michael Campbell M41 49:37
print D576 John Rudin M41 49:42
print BB154 Chris Church M41 49:42
print DD047 Barry Rigby M41 49:43
print NN319 Tim Lennek M41 49:47
print I646 Jeff Priestley M41 49:48
print CC801 Ralph DiPentino M41 49:48
print C730 James Smith M41 49:58
print I777 Tom Hesemann M41 49:58
print DD032 Mike Binning M41 49:58
print M293 Walton Werren M41 49:59
print BB379 Bill Ireland M41 50:01
print J021 Kurt Vanderhurst M41 50:02
print KK014 Carl Ostenak M41 50:10
print CC652 David Stevenson M41 50:20
print GG525 Rocky Gahring M41 50:20
print CC297 Jack Smardo M41 50:22
print CC039 Patrick Wong M41 50:23
print HH854 Michael Dambeck M41 50:23
print G191 Marc Landry M41 50:25
print CC083 Peter Harrington M41 50:25
print Q560 Charles Cossentine M41 50:25
print C428 William Endres M41 50:30
print CC653 Jack O'Connor M41 50:39
print EE131 Alex Franzusoff M41 50:41
print E369 Douglas Turner M41 50:45
print BB752 Jeffrey Smith M41 50:46
print E601 John Husband M41 50:46
print DD760 Steve Welter M41 50:48
print L488 Dennis Bensaro M41 50:48
print E291 Donald Johnson M41 50:53
print FF424 Joe Ackah-Yensu M41 50:54
print BB334 David Wilber M41 51:03
print EE498 David Brauer M41 51:12
print F153 Irving Kruger M41 51:13
print LL007 Robert Roden M41 51:24
print CC064 Scott MacDougall M41 51:26
print HH504 Dan Travis M41 51:26
print C596 Randy Moen M41 51:27
print G142 Fred Dunlap M41 51:32
print L071 Anthony Noblett M41 51:41
print G170 David Linnet M41 51:45
print AA249 Buz Graves M41 51:53
print D890 Richard Hewitt M41 51:55
print CC717 Richard Friend M41 51:56
print N485 Patrick Loper M41 51:58
print AA335 Grant Peck M41 52:04
print D302 Greg Ingalls M41 52:06
print CC769 Theodore Johnson M41 52:08
print Q651 John Thunen M41 52:16
print G874 Brad David M41 52:16
print LL892 Gerry Dameron M41 52:25
print CC341 Maurice Habenicht M41 52:28
print FF200 Rex Albertson M41 52:30
print DD339 David Mellon M41 52:38
print G290 Rick Carollo M41 52:44
print BB158 Richard Dunn M41 52:45
print TT718 David Brunel M41 52:49
print EE898 Sam Durr M41 52:52
print DD236 David Lee M41 53:03
print BB394 Bob Rayburn M41 53:05
print C359 Bill Lucas M41 53:06
print CC601 Larry Atchison M41 53:10
print H456 Kingdon Parsons III M41 53:16
print CC231 Rick Romeo M41 53:18
print NN685 Pete Page M41 53:21
print FF525 Rod Pohlman M41 53:21
print I394 Mike Craigie M41 53:21
print GG263 Benton Britt M41 53:23

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