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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 30:43
2. Neji Makhlouf 31:07
3. Pedro Alvarez 31:17
4. Peter Fleming 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:40
Female Participants
1. Diane Gentry 34:59
2. Jane Welzel 35:29
3. Raquel Sanchez 36:05
4. Regina Joyce 36:58
5. Takako Yamada 37:15
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print A826 Alex Accetta M27 31:51
print A622 Matt Schubert M27 32:30
print A512 James Giveans M27 32:45
print A366 Brad McLean M27 32:54
print A556 Miguel Flores M27 34:07
print A723 Michael Ryan M27 34:33
print A261 Andre Raveling M27 35:08
print A262 Scott Glen M27 35:10
print A644 Matt Maske M27 35:39
print A773 Melchor Moran M27 35:44
print A490 Jorgen Lind M27 36:00
print A478 James Faeder M27 36:04
print A092 Peter Arendsen M27 36:19
print A279 Mike Dixon M27 36:29
print A390 Matt Kretchmar M27 36:40
print A418 Frederick Bolin M27 36:43
print A397 Anthony Prenni M27 36:58
print A708 Doug Agne M27 36:59
print A883 Paul Heiman M27 37:40
print A542 Curt Nuncio M27 38:45
print B267 Scott Kempers M27 38:46
print A848 Kris Martinez M27 38:49
print A694 Geoffrey Douglas M27 38:58
print A307 Thomas Meiser M27 38:59
print A412 Robert Wood M27 39:06
print A391 Brian Taladay M27 39:19
print A107 Paul Frazey M27 39:23
print A602 Zack Spencer M27 39:45
print A663 Mark Ruth M27 40:17
print AA764 Dean Prok M27 40:29
print A189 Kirk Keller M27 40:29
print AA320 P.J. Carew M27 40:47
print EE496 Joel Lurkins M27 41:01
print AA051 Rob Fagan M27 41:12
print JJ739 Paul Collins M27 41:13
print B607 Sverre Nyquist M27 41:22
print CC741 Tim Shannon M27 41:24
print AA647 Peter Laatz M27 41:27
print B773 Whit Faulconer M27 41:28
print B313 Seth Portner M27 41:33
print BB768 Paul Mackin M27 41:34
print FF385 Kevin Davidson M27 41:34
print JJ064 Chris Anderson M27 41:34
print B742 Alex Hess M27 41:39
print AA232 Anthony Bull M27 41:49
print BB866 Todd Haavind M27 42:12
print D251 Daniel Marshall M27 42:13
print AA117 Brian Holburn M27 42:33
print BB807 Richard Bell M27 42:36
print F431 Gary Stevens M27 43:08
print BB774 Chris LaSala M27 43:20
print B084 Josh Robinson M27 43:22
print DD242 Damon Craft M27 43:32
print B550 Tim Gerlach M27 43:39
print D441 Eric Buxman M27 43:48
print B256 Phil Quatrochi M27 43:51
print AA399 Brian Geraghty M27 43:59
print B795 Matthew Wingate M27 44:03
print DD202 Alan Sanfey M27 44:16
print C690 Tony Bleuze M27 44:20
print DD634 John Novak M27 44:25
print B049 Greg Freeman M27 44:28
print CC360 Kline Kelly M27 44:30
print MM165 Mark Chua M27 44:30
print KK299 Tracy Kugle M27 44:37
print DD382 Steve Blazevich M27 44:39
print B126 Gavin Gillette M27 44:39
print D560 Brad Wambeke M27 44:41
print E160 Ryan Reichenbach M27 44:50
print BB565 Brett Ford M27 44:54
print B654 Edward O'Connor M27 44:57
print D105 Colin Heinrich M27 44:58
print I451 David Taylor M27 45:02
print DD791 Stuart Kleinschmidt M27 45:07
print DD295 John Kearney M27 45:15
print K138 Kevin Heinicke M27 45:16
print AA798 Ben Bohren M27 45:35
print N626 Chris Haroy M27 45:36
print EE588 Marc Verkaik M27 45:48
print BB610 Larry Hobbs M27 45:54
print EE265 Joseph Schur M27 45:56
print I770 Ken Black M27 46:00
print C533 Robert DeYoung M27 46:01
print E026 Garrett Anderson M27 46:03
print P743 Walter Magill M27 46:08
print C618 Ibrahim Konak M27 46:11
print BB233 Thomas Hand M27 46:15
print F668 Scott Johnson M27 46:18
print JJ221 Jay Dugas M27 46:25
print DD200 T.J. O'Rourke M27 46:28
print GG597 David Reeves M27 46:29
print E104 Mike Laracy M27 46:30
print BB151 John Campbell M27 46:30
print C711 Arun Gopalan M27 46:43
print DD759 Dennis Burkhardt M27 46:44
print G835 William Stason M27 46:46
print J450 Shawn Sullivan M27 46:47
print M608 Chaz Aldo M27 46:58
print CC829 Todd Cramer M27 47:04
print JJ466 Luke Bemis M27 47:06
print G097 Todd Kuchman M27 47:13
print BB207 Kevin Anderson M27 47:13
print MM400 Craig Dorroh M27 47:16
print D594 Joe Jennings M27 47:19
print G754 Saul Espinoza M27 47:20
print CC500 Jason Hevelone M27 47:27
print BB705 Chris Huyer M27 47:29
print B477 Jason Wood M27 47:31
print G900 Harry Gehring M27 47:33
print G359 Paul Wisniewski M27 47:35
print E203 Justin Spaulding M27 47:38
print G241 Micah Loring M27 47:39
print LL448 Juan Faz M27 47:40
print I125 Rajul Pandya M27 47:40
print JJ580 Scott Starr M27 47:53
print FF861 Chris Bendon M27 47:57
print D511 Chris Howson M27 48:07
print CC770 Warren Franklin M27 48:09
print L165 James Moss M27 48:11
print R019 Eric Schmitz M27 48:14
print GG561 Todd McCague M27 48:14
print MM075 Steve Wimmer M27 48:14
print EE767 Gavin Pritchard M27 48:15
print C644 Eric Burger M27 48:33
print JJ144 David Mills M27 48:35
print CC552 Keith Kavanaugh M27 48:40
print BB802 Donald S Kettering M27 48:40
print F621 John Hahn M27 48:45
print G268 Eric Brown M27 48:46
print QQ567 Chris Jacobsen M27 48:46
print C475 Tony Jackson M27 49:01
print BB690 Jason Kingham M27 49:07
print M207 Ludwig Ploetz M27 49:08
print FF425 Jon Fairchild M27 49:10
print G888 Brian Stedge M27 49:14
print JJ164 Ryan Minson M27 49:22
print EE167 William Sundberg M27 49:26
print CC244 Mark Longacher M27 49:28
print DD776 Andrew Diamond M27 49:33
print GG359 Roger Heaston M27 49:39
print QQ859 Tripp Gebhard M27 49:41
print DD357 Jason Faloon M27 49:47
print CC702 Steven Hird M27 49:49
print B451 David Berthiaume M27 49:50
print JJ024 Eric Rickard M27 49:51
print CC352 John Hindman M27 49:53
print I008 Kip Kuhn M27 49:55
print F844 Michael Scholl M27 49:59
print H324 Sean Baker M27 50:00
print N223 Keith Busch M27 50:02
print H083 Stephen Mottram M27 50:03
print P536 Julian Wright M27 50:06
print C723 Marc Serravezza M27 50:13
print JJ033 Steve Chappell M27 50:14
print JJ031 Scott Burdick M27 50:16
print DD757 Greg Anderson M27 50:20
print MM351 Travis McKercher M27 50:25
print DD547 Mark Davis M27 50:26
print K747 Scott Collard M27 50:29
print DD231 Russ Clock M27 50:30
print BB535 Donald Lopezi M27 50:35
print H087 Frederico Valdez M27 50:38
print G799 Shannon Clute M27 50:39
print PP506 Brad Ernst M27 50:48
print D037 Brian May M27 50:48
print FF884 Roberts Dickert M27 50:52
print DD716 David Heath M27 50:54
print J884 Michael Lucas M27 50:58
print LL154 Darin Snow M27 51:03
print KK689 Joe Kelzer M27 51:06
print L542 Chris Pangburn M27 51:10
print D098 Eric Ryterski M27 51:11
print L202 Todd Thomas M27 51:18
print F508 Garrick Stone M27 51:19
print BB723 Eric Wilkins M27 51:23
print GG257 Paul Gross M27 51:24
print G599 David Schaller M27 51:30
print FF011 John Phillips M27 51:34
print EE214 Jonathan Branch M27 51:36
print GG710 Dave Fredericks M27 51:44
print MM509 Craig Maxwell M27 51:48
print GG178 Scott Sinelli M27 51:50
print OO527 Shaun Carmody M27 51:53
print F640 Randall Thomas M27 51:56
print P461 Kurt Brocko M27 51:58
print GG655 Andy Walker M27 52:01
print GG033 Nat Eastman M27 52:04
print H379 Tim Jackson M27 52:04
print EE369 Sean Califf M27 52:15
print GG372 Leng Xiong M27 52:18
print T140 Stephen Johnson M27 52:20
print FF597 Andy Burns M27 52:24
print Y861 Scott Walsh M27 52:25
print K130 Scott Rosecrans M27 52:28
print P733 Brian Wesley M27 52:32
print MM234 David Barney M27 52:42
print J449 Paul Skach M27 52:45
print GG849 Darrell Laing M27 52:47
print HH058 Robb Heaton M27 52:52
print H778 Coleman Wise M27 52:53

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