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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A139 Liz Sabochik F20 40:31
print AA467 Cassie O'Shea F20 41:36
print AA857 Kelly Rice F20 41:47
print A392 Lindsey Bradfield F20 43:13
print BB283 Rachael Geidel F20 43:50
print B750 Breana Studenisa F20 44:03
print C236 Katherine Fout F20 44:42
print I262 Kristina Kehoe F20 45:17
print C031 Anne Pierson F20 45:20
print B766 Tanya Kunkel F20 46:29
print C430 Aimee Hoogheem F20 47:11
print CC621 Lisa Boatright F20 47:24
print MM240 Juliet Duffy F20 48:24
print S385 Kara Swartzendruber F20 48:36
print G750 Lauren Hale F20 48:38
print EE073 Kelly Ratterman F20 48:42
print U242 Whitney Trainor F20 48:58
print S595 Rebecca Wenger F20 48:58
print D623 Maren Higgins F20 49:16
print F727 Mandy Peterson F20 49:39
print L352 Kelley Sullivan F20 49:50
print H371 Amy Harnisch F20 50:10
print F499 Kristen Homes F20 50:13
print OO839 Ellen Heyward F20 50:48
print KK881 Kirsten Larson F20 51:23
print DD691 Shana Letnes F20 51:43
print EE798 Annalise Ozols F20 51:47
print JJ848 Michele Welch F20 52:02
print GG629 Lenox Powell F20 52:43
print S784 Heather Crump F20 52:54
print F243 Alisa Williams F20 52:59
print II696 Sonia Brusch F20 53:08
print GG006 Carly Cordova F20 53:11
print FF039 Amberly Thurman F20 53:37
print I750 Jennifer Sloan F20 53:40
print H323 Jill Knight F20 53:41
print H024 Eva Cosyleon F20 53:54
print CC777 Jane Cyphers F20 53:57
print M876 Rhiannon Boies F20 54:07
print R445 Lauren Cook F20 54:08
print FF447 Holly Van Hofwegen F20 54:10
print H453 Valerie Rankine F20 54:17
print GG196 Molly Niquette F20 54:29
print BB646 Ansley Bowie F20 54:31
print L419 Jamie Harper F20 54:43
print N624 jamie Gorden F20 54:45
print H241 Sara Schow F20 54:47
print MM713 Roxanna Swartz F20 54:55
print M358 Julia Resetarits F20 55:11
print L435 Erica Linnell F20 55:29
print NN273 Andrea Machiorletti F20 55:39
print EE612 Kimberly Baker F20 55:54
print HH883 Hayley Harness F20 55:54
print FF457 Jamie VanDruff F20 56:16
print GG443 Amy Schlagenhauf F20 56:17
print JJ728 Somer Gammon F20 56:17
print KK007 Rebecca Volz F20 56:21
print U182 Misti Williams F20 56:22
print F170 Lydia Varela F20 56:24
print JJ277 Misty Kellch F20 56:34
print L090 Jennifer Brug F20 56:36
print K254 Katie Saksen F20 56:45
print K255 Katie Steele F20 56:49
print R173 Leslie Haindorf F20 57:02
print G115 Karen Murphy F20 57:03
print L222 Kristine Thompson F20 57:04
print PP618 JAIMIE ZELKIN F20 57:20
print P613 Michelle Young F20 57:20
print H399 Erin Ewing F20 57:24
print H544 Mary Beth Davenport F20 57:24
print GG156 Hilary Thieler F20 57:28
print N457 Susannah Zan Ludlum F20 57:31
print II600 Pamela Hosea F20 57:32
print XX271 Emily Berkey F20 57:34
print SS681 Lynn Boesiger F20 58:00
print P612 Mandie Haggerty F20 58:06
print II318 Becky Carter F20 58:12
print K710 Sarah Lundgren F20 58:28
print Q760 Jenny Grant F20 58:36
print H401 Stephanie Breen F20 58:37
print I540 Melissa Orff F20 58:40
print II656 Kimberly Young F20 58:42
print H362 Melissa Hurd F20 58:49
print HH707 Diana Apodaca F20 58:53
print N895 Jamie Byrne F20 58:59
print I889 Estee Christensen F20 59:03
print K880 Gina Vaccari F20 59:05
print SS891 Autumn Jensen F20 59:06
print SS297 Sarah McIntosh F20 59:13
print RR524 Molly Mayfield F20 59:18
print M482 Maureen Pozzi F20 59:18
print Q148 Rebecca Dragul F20 59:25
print QQ649 Sommer Mandeldow F20 59:29
print RR164 Carrie Craft F20 59:30
print NN260 Krista Rowles F20 59:38
print QQ028 Janessa Deverux F20 59:54
print E792 Jenelle Treat F20 1:00:09
print M772 Jennifer Reynolds F20 1:00:11
print JJ818 Michelle Johnson F20 1:00:19
print I259 Jennifer Christian F20 1:00:23
print MM733 Makai Trujillo F20 1:00:27
print JJ328 Emily Georgitis F20 1:00:47
print GG470 Kelli Brunz F20 1:00:48
print TT605 NATASHA MCCALL F20 1:01:06
print R046 Anna Byrnes F20 1:01:10
print Q530 Anne Coniff F20 1:01:11
print N091 Kate Boersma F20 1:01:23
print QQ806 Holly Fischer F20 1:01:25
print JJ669 Angela Argentati F20 1:01:33
print PP221 Danielle Guttman F20 1:01:35
print NN308 Janneke Volkert F20 1:01:44
print NN307 Nell Coogan F20 1:01:45
print NN305 Erin Lane F20 1:01:47
print N088 Kristen Reed F20 1:01:52
print G815 Shannon Trunck F20 1:01:56
print QQ636 Meredith Barlin F20 1:02:00
print JJ403 Emily Hamann F20 1:02:02
print OO305 lilia Zaharris F20 1:02:10
print RR626 SUMMER KREIGER F20 1:02:14
print T158 Rochelle Skitt F20 1:02:25
print PP805 Dana Allis F20 1:02:26
print VV501 Anna Poulsen F20 1:02:27
print OO381 Jessica Perrill F20 1:02:34
print OO515 Kristi McKee F20 1:02:49
print JJ079 Jodi Pounds F20 1:02:57
print QQ065 Jessica Peck F20 1:03:00
print O472 Lynn Scutelliard F20 1:03:01
print OO095 Liz Iracki F20 1:03:04
print Q382 Raegin Eyre F20 1:03:17
print NN419 Maris Dillman F20 1:03:23
print KK193 Maryanna Wienbroeer F20 1:03:26
print E548 CHRISTY HANSUM F20 1:03:33
print H727 Jennifer Ferro F20 1:03:41
print MM786 Karol Kirby F20 1:03:42
print T179 Meredith Young F20 1:03:46
print MM362 Melissa Bobic F20 1:03:49
print OO829 Amy Diamondstein F20 1:04:00
print Q481 Suzanne Linville F20 1:04:00
print II411 Katy Rossiter F20 1:04:34
print H838 Molly Clarke F20 1:04:40
print M063 Leslie Popp F20 1:04:50
print II557 Jessica Groeger F20 1:04:59
print J132 Brooke Simmons F20 1:05:26
print J133 Anna Grotluschen F20 1:05:28
print RR135 Elizabeth McClow F20 1:05:50
print RR136 Brooke Pietz F20 1:05:51
print O390 Amanda VanVleet F20 1:05:54
print MM397 Ashley Fenzel F20 1:05:58
print ZZ347 Jennifer Dunteman F20 1:06:07
print LL362 Mariel Hernandez F20 1:06:12
print P119 Jennifer Wilson F20 1:06:19
print JJ160 Molly Coughlin F20 1:06:24
print NN520 Vivian Hsu F20 1:06:26
print K125 Stacey Proctor F20 1:06:31
print L513 Lindsey Hayes F20 1:06:33
print NN343 ALICIA ERNEST F20 1:06:44
print RR738 Jennifer McLellan F20 1:06:48
print RR431 Katie Dvorak F20 1:06:49
print LL185 Audra Decker F20 1:06:53
print N217 Leah Haynes F20 1:07:03
print MM068 Laurie Russell F20 1:07:03
print G783 Andrea Lassota F20 1:07:18
print K565 Sarah Martin F20 1:07:19
print JJ867 Laura McCarthy F20 1:07:27
print M100 Pamela Pierson F20 1:07:45
print OO815 Katie Allen F20 1:07:54
print FF787 Amanda Fischer F20 1:08:01
print T212 Erin Berlant F20 1:08:10
print LL422 Erica Lawrence F20 1:08:55
print Q885 Katie Croft F20 1:08:56
print P315 Virginia Charnow F20 1:09:33
print J499 Lori Stephens F20 1:09:40
print J590 Christine Cox F20 1:09:52
print K153 Beth Markham F20 1:10:34
print MM419 Danielle Kish F20 1:10:43
print KK147 Anne Millard F20 1:10:45
print S001 Sara Pace F20 1:10:48
print NN143 Jen Vasquez F20 1:11:07
print XX733 Jennifer Haltiwanger F20 1:11:26
print N660 Corey Rosen F20 1:11:43
print RR104 Meredith Lippitt F20 1:11:55
print N082 Erin Buckner F20 1:11:55
print MM861 Sarah McConnaughey F20 1:12:00
print J441 Lindsay Farmer F20 1:12:21
print KK178 Heather Chinault F20 1:13:06
print SS399 Kami Jo Carmann F20 1:13:07
print SS397 Becky King F20 1:13:15
print MM121 Sarah Schliemann F20 1:13:27
print H878 Kathryn Hunt F20 1:13:27
print J766 Megan Denton F20 1:13:51
print PP552 Kari Leidich F20 1:14:26
print U518 Krissy Murphy F20 1:14:37
print N297 Amy Holzmann F20 1:14:43
print O139 Natalee Downs F20 1:15:14
print LL377 Rebecca Kolody F20 1:15:35
print O792 Lilly Cifuentes F20 1:17:01
print NN805 Monica Johnson F20 1:17:29
print SS757 Sarah Hebeler F20 1:17:41
print LL818 Kara Pepper F20 1:17:56
print X790 Meegan Andrews F20 1:18:28

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