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Men's Health Urbanathlon 2010


October 16, 2010 in chicago, IL

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Number of Finishers:4,297
Number of Females:820
Number of Males:3,473
Average Time:1:47:14
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Solos - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Shane Logan 1:03:22
2. Chad Sierman 1:03:52
3. Jeffrey Hojnacki 1:04:36
4. Jared Tanz 1:05:51
5. Nathan Eagen 1:07:43
Female Participants
1. Kristin Marvin 1:17:09
2. Kari Karhoff 1:17:47
3. Kaylin Himes 1:18:10
4. Kara Bachman 1:18:47
5. Ana Laura Gisbert 1:20:23