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MAD CITY Marathon Races - 2006

Marathon - Official Results

NOTICE: Due to the weather conditions the marathon course was closed at 5:15. Official finishers and later finishers are in separate sections.

NOTICE: Due to the weather conditions the Race Management and Medical Team directed the course to be closed at 5:15 into the marathon. No finish times were recorded after 5:15. People completing the course after that time are listed in the section labeled "Marathon - finishers after course closure"


Number of finishers:
Number of females:
Number of males:
Average time:


May 28, 2006 in Madison, WI

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Marathon - Official Results - Results

  • Male Participants
    1. Joe Kurian 2:42:03
    2. Ryan Greutman 2:44:53
    3. Thomas Brunold 2:45:58
    4. Scott Damon 2:47:45
    5. Darrin Pater 3:01:13
  • Female Participants
    1. Kelley Hess 3:24:50
    2. Julie Golding 3:38:28
    3. Jennifer McLaughlin 3:38:41
    4. Sarah Roelli 3:39:31
    5. Rachel Penczykowski 3:41:05