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Grandmas Marathon - 2008 logo

Grandma's Marathon - 2008

Garry Bjorklund

June 21, 2008 in Duluth, MN

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Number of Finishers:5,409
Number of Females:3,015
Number of Males:2,394
Average Time:2:10:30
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Garry Bjorklund - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Mathew Chesang 1:04:48
2. Fernando Cabada 1:05:07
3. Michael Reneau 1:05:21
4. Peter Gilmore 1:05:51
5. Matt Hooley 1:06:19
Female Participants
1. Liza Hunter-Galvan 1:13:29
2. Caroline Rotich 1:14:40
3. Kate Smyth 1:16:32
4. Zuzana Tomas 1:17:14
5. Katie Koski 1:18:29