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Columbus Marathon - 2008

Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon

When searching for results, for best response, search only on your last name. Many runners had duplicate bib numbers, so we are using a unique ID. Thank you,


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October 19, 2008 in Columbus, OH

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Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon - Results

  • Male Participants
    1. Josh Ordway 2:23:03
    2. Joshua Koros 2:25:34
    3. Peter Vail 2:26:05
    4. Timothy Budic 2:26:47
    5. Jeremy Zarins 2:26:51
  • Female Participants
    1. Dani Prince 2:48:56
    2. Molly Watcke 2:54:44
    3. Leah Shouey 2:55:51
    4. Tanya Thatcher 2:56:33
    5. Kelly Dworak 2:57:04