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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
print A086 Mike Dudley M32 31:57
print A208 Trent Morrell M32 33:28
print A143 Eric Billmeyer M32 34:57
print A282 Matt Maske M32 35:46
print A404 Paul Collins M32 36:08
print A327 Carl Schmitt M32 36:21
print AA421 Scott Glenn M32 37:17
print A055 James Faeder M32 37:37
print A212 Matt Adams M32 37:40
print A328 Anthony Prenni M32 37:44
print A057 Doug Agne M32 37:56
print A479 James Campbell M32 38:24
print A406 Robert Wood M32 38:48
print A240 Dan Thorson M32 38:55
print AA138 Mike Dixon M32 39:04
print AA124 Todd Queck M32 39:28
print A434 Daniel Sturgis M32 39:31
print AA655 Chris Bell M32 39:45
print B014 Keith Pryor M32 39:59
print AA198 Don Davis M32 40:00
print B155 Tony Bleuze M32 40:04
print A494 Neal Oseland M32 40:05
print BB495 Keith Arnold M32 40:11
print AA417 Eric Buxman M32 40:37
print A280 Michael Roberts M32 40:39
print AA218 Jason Kaminski M32 40:40
print AA054 John Stevens M32 40:42
print B480 Mashed Potato M32 41:00
print LA341 Mike Piper M32 41:06
print AA471 David Griffiths M32 41:11
print B350 Tony Link M32 41:20
print B240 Tim Gerlach M32 41:32
print AA057 Chris Pevateaux M32 41:36
print B084 Gerard Morris M32 41:39
print AA569 Cory Schmidt M32 41:40
print AA130 Tracy Kugle M32 41:44
print AA152 Zackelli Spencer M32 42:29
print D349 Tony Meraz M32 42:32
print B164 Fred Buonocore M32 42:33
print B524 Brian Resch M32 42:40
print B238 Jeremy May M32 42:42
print D553 Brian Adams M32 43:05
print B229 Gavin Gillette M32 43:11
print BA446 Steven Dunbar M32 43:18
print BA352 Jeff Greenstein M32 43:21
print G408 darin ross M32 43:28
print AA618 Ed Rankin M32 43:29
print AA084 John Sievers M32 43:37
print AA537 Toby Doub M32 43:41
print B459 Christopher Woodward M32 43:44
print MS685 Michael Powers M32 43:52
print BA279 Ian Williamson M32 43:55
print B560 Donald Lopezi M32 43:59
print B540 John Ennis M32 44:02
print B484 Todd Barfield M32 44:02
print BA624 Joseph Longo M32 44:06
print B539 Hal Writer M32 44:09
print P260 Chris Manges M32 44:17
print B554 Joshua Robinson M32 44:19
print B469 Erik Boye M32 44:23
print B470 Scott Billsborough M32 44:25
print BA082 Michael McGurkin M32 44:26
print GA044 Shawn Fitzgerald M32 44:28
print BA165 Ryan Kunka M32 44:28
print CA266 John Van Soest M32 44:29
print BA260 Robert King M32 44:32
print BB291 Scott Peterson M32 44:34
print CA607 Doug Tollin M32 44:35
print B614 Ed Gille M32 44:37
print B437 Jamie Dawson M32 44:45
print CA605 Jeremy Fields M32 44:50
print QA096 Charles Shafer M32 44:55
print C307 Jason Hevelone M32 44:59
print JA196 Jeff Marcus M32 45:11
print G607 Guy Wood M32 45:13
print CC684 Paul MacKin M32 45:14
print MM442 Marc Walker M32 45:14
print SA563 Vrao Gangavelli M32 45:19
print BA612 Mark Torres M32 45:25
print BA296 Rob Krissel M32 45:29
print BB343 Douglas Maves M32 45:32
print NA129 Jeff Sorkness M32 45:35
print B088 Miguel Flores M32 45:40
print C488 Ben Klaus M32 45:41
print BA286 Scott Starr M32 45:42
print MM475 ERNEST ROBLES M32 45:55
print LA721 Will Gillis M32 46:01
print BB071 Matthew Roan M32 46:05
print BB091 Eric Ryterski M32 46:05
print PA434 Todd Martin M32 46:06
print BB318 TODD HOFFMAN M32 46:08
print CC543 John Bertrand M32 46:11
print BB353 Steve Chappell M32 46:15
print BA346 Andrew Potter M32 46:17
print P029 Aaron De Rose M32 46:18
print D092 Joseph Reinke M32 46:20
print BB503 Robert Camacho M32 46:22
print BB625 Steve Sheldon M32 46:26
print BA395 Chris Huyer M32 46:33
print BB330 David Coldiron M32 46:49
print BB097 John Field M32 47:00
print C507 Lynn Snyder M32 47:08
print F350 Mike McDowell M32 47:09
print DA254 Leonard Dattilo M32 47:09
print AA099 Nate Getrich M32 47:14
print B247 Robert Fagan M32 47:14
print BB415 Chad Mitchiner M32 47:14
print DD578 Larry Lindeman M32 47:19
print L106 Augie Deluca M32 47:19
print B397 Mike Varkevisser M32 47:20
print BB096 Kurt Wilson M32 47:22
print CC680 Steve Blazevich M32 47:23
print CA617 Darren McKee M32 47:26
print C580 Kurt Brocko M32 47:30
print B094 Mike Twedt M32 47:30
print C621 Bill Landow M32 47:33
print BB433 Paul Shager M32 47:35
print AA445 Todd Paulsen M32 47:46
print L133 Chris Marks M32 47:55
print H197 Mark Falkenhagen M32 47:58
print CA507 Jason Mitcham M32 48:03
print D068 Joseph Stepzinski M32 48:04
print C284 Darren Kurpecky M32 48:10
print C274 Keith Galante M32 48:11
print C298 Mike Morrow M32 48:16
print G720 Timothy Dorpinghaus M32 48:16
print BB392 Ben Fogelberg M32 48:24
print GG428 Santaigo Barela M32 48:26
print DA586 Dave Garcia M32 48:26
print CA600 Kevin Doyle M32 48:27
print C318 Kevin Anderson M32 48:34
print D360 Scott Walsh M32 48:34
print D359 Dan Welch M32 48:38
print DA148 Chad Rucker M32 48:39
print BB032 Irfan Azeem M32 48:40
print GG350 Bryan Allen M32 48:44
print PP214 Jeremy Wilcox M32 48:55
print GA045 Kevin Sprincz M32 48:55
print BB178 Edwin Lyons M32 48:55
print GA529 Steve Ransweiler M32 49:03
print E187 Daniel Inman M32 49:04
print D170 Stefan Klockner M32 49:04
print CC681 Steve Smith M32 49:04
print KA018 T.J. O'Rourke M32 49:07
print K416 Mark Fishman M32 49:10
print CC104 Chris Bendon M32 49:14
print B189 Dan Simon M32 49:15
print HA117 Scott Farish M32 49:16
print PA635 Ron Dennis M32 49:20
print D542 Brent Hailes M32 49:23
print CC060 Thierry Jean M32 49:25
print C584 Christopher Herr M32 49:28
print CC411 Tod Stenger M32 49:29
print CA443 Craig Maxwell M32 49:29
print CC547 Fraser Roberts M32 49:33
print GA719 Hugh Hatcher M32 49:43
print CA379 David Brereton M32 49:45
print EA188 Noah Brown M32 49:47
print BA399 Warren Lynch M32 49:49
print DD296 William Husband M32 49:52
print H384 Mark Berg M32 50:00
print C506 Gregory Gauna M32 50:01
print EA277 Josh Durfee M32 50:03
print CC432 Shaun Carmody M32 50:05
print H503 Justin Hobert M32 50:07
print NN323 CHARLES BOYER M32 50:09
print DD340 Monther Hammoudeh M32 50:12
print HA610 Peter Boerner M32 50:13
print P036 Jim Bricker M32 50:15
print DD306 Mark Schiavone M32 50:17
print P002 Michael Moore M32 50:20
print DD415 Tim Kelly M32 50:20
print C600 Michael Coleman M32 50:31
print CC306 Allen Thomas M32 50:33
print MM432 Erick Mueller M32 50:42
print NA657 Javin Houser M32 50:42
print KK126 Fathi Namouni M32 50:52
print FF115 Roland Sesselmann M32 50:53
print CC385 Rob Rohs M32 50:57
print P655 WILLIAM GLASCOE III M32 51:00
print MT576 Joseph Carbonaro M32 51:01
print FA436 Jeremy McGuire M32 51:02
print HH713 GLENN CRIST M32 51:03
print PA199 Todd Cramer M32 51:08
print MA620 Brian Ewing M32 51:09
print E481 Todd McGuire M32 51:12
print CC054 Alastair Rankine M32 51:14
print G084 Michael Manczur M32 51:14
print CC456 Larry Hobbs M32 51:16
print EE335 HEINZE CHRIS M32 51:16
print D492 Tim Fletcher M32 51:18
print DA466 Andrew Diamond M32 51:18
print JA348 Cameron Sloan M32 51:21
print F637 Gustavo Giller M32 51:23
print JA235 Jonathan Lurie M32 51:24
print D175 Gregory Gentry M32 51:25
print D396 Calvin Eisenach M32 51:26
print BA282 Thomas Williamee M32 51:26
print CA588 Tim McClary M32 51:26
print DA259 Darin Hittle M32 51:29

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