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BolderBOULDER 1997


May 26, 1997 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,504
Number of Females:17,656
Number of Males:16,846
Average Time:1:11:38
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
print A753 Neji Makhlouf M34 31:07
print A508 Andy Ames M34 31:59
print A271 Troy Pickett M34 34:20
print A762 Glen Mangum M34 34:30
print A783 John Des Rosiers M34 34:43
print A319 James Wooldridge M34 34:50
print A364 Joseph Kubek M34 35:20
print A472 Matt Smedley M34 35:32
print A032 Rob Runkel M34 35:50
print A797 Mark Langford M34 36:07
print A735 Carl Rose M34 36:18
print A153 Steve Krebs M34 36:48
print A421 Peter Hopkins M34 36:48
print A370 Scott Bainbridge M34 36:56
print A635 Charles Bolster M34 37:25
print A265 Mitch Schieffer M34 37:36
print AA107 George Frushour M34 38:21
print A806 Jeff Honert M34 38:23
print AA797 Dan Tomlin M34 38:45
print AA538 Ross Stelljes M34 38:49
print A040 Hendrik Moorlag M34 38:58
print A055 Dick Sumerfield M34 39:13
print G539 Jim Bogus M34 39:13
print A578 David Bain M34 39:21
print A608 Lech Bolinski M34 39:23
print A659 Malcolm Bradley M34 39:38
print AA838 Andy Rodriguez M34 40:03
print A814 Chris Jones M34 40:07
print A126 Joseph Piccoli M34 40:08
print AA067 Mark Larter M34 40:11
print AA127 Russel Stark M34 40:20
print AA545 Stuart Siekmeier M34 40:27
print AA285 Kirk Apt M34 40:43
print AA165 Greg Sekera M34 40:53
print A889 Andre Duren M34 40:57
print A145 Andy Hoen M34 41:20
print AA115 Bill Bertsch M34 41:38
print A447 Matt W. Rogers M34 41:39
print AA304 Wade Schoech M34 41:42
print AA136 Henry Galleher M34 41:42
print AA309 Brian Sheridan M34 41:42
print MM141 Karl Shubert M34 41:42
print AA186 Mike King M34 41:48
print AA185 Brian Kidnay M34 41:50
print B082 Peter Dombrowski M34 41:52
print AA091 Chris Davis M34 41:54
print AA664 Thomas Ritz M34 42:05
print AA489 Robin East M34 42:13
print C641 Jeff Sweetman M34 42:15
print B464 Michael Williamson M34 42:39
print BB258 Douglas Beltman M34 42:52
print AA281 Tom Hoffman M34 42:57
print BB077 Michael Birdsong M34 43:10
print B609 Hamid Zanjani M34 43:19
print B578 Eugene Mares M34 43:22
print K255 Mario Simpson M34 43:22
print B707 John Thompson M34 43:40
print AA732 Doug Weller M34 43:40
print GG338 Allan Parr M34 43:41
print LL633 Leonard Allen M34 43:50
print B275 Jim Camerlo M34 43:52
print AA172 Robert Kanick M34 44:00
print C620 Johnny Gaitan M34 44:01
print A254 Paul Borgmeier M34 44:03
print G682 John Reynolds M34 44:06
print BB554 Doug Himel M34 44:07
print GG621 Kevin Fitzpatrick M34 44:10
print G876 Brett Daugherty M34 44:14
print AA330 Charlie Crevling M34 44:17
print HH889 Holger Hennig M34 44:20
print AA451 Richard Einhellig M34 44:21
print BB842 David Jensen M34 44:26
print K749 Jake Coffin M34 44:30
print B279 David Sahnow M34 44:32
print BB634 Thomas Bradfield M34 44:34
print B139 Rob Bloomquist M34 44:40
print GG310 Michael Stano M34 44:41
print BB760 James Boehmler M34 44:47
print AA840 Eric Erickson M34 44:49
print B326 Andrew Yeomans M34 44:50
print B217 David Cannon M34 44:54
print BB516 John Boeckman M34 44:58
print BB633 Mike Mercy M34 45:02
print BB204 Joe Gance M34 45:02
print BB302 Michael G. Kokes M34 45:03
print BB067 Kenneth Foley M34 45:14
print J515 Shawn Cole M34 45:14
print A470 Kevin Rieden M34 45:21
print AA628 Larry Martin M34 45:31
print B591 Jerry Teague M34 45:33
print C339 Don Morris M34 45:34
print BB148 Gary Counts M34 45:37
print DD567 Karl Van Hook M34 45:38
print BB696 Dennis Shartz M34 45:48
print CC594 Abe Jr. Plummer M34 45:49
print B780 Francis Bergen M34 45:50
print BB578 Mark Kooser M34 45:55
print J672 Kerry Monroe M34 45:55
print BB421 Michael Wrzos M34 46:01
print BB759 David Scheele M34 46:08
print GG311 Tim Marquez M34 46:08
print CC417 Steven Clough M34 46:11
print BB392 Lynden Peters M34 46:13
print BB136 Steve Wolfe M34 46:15
print AA139 Matt Voss M34 46:15
print BB323 Jim Nelson M34 46:17
print C007 Jimi Lane M34 46:32
print B391 Chris Mueser M34 46:33
print E268 Mike Dotts M34 46:35
print C652 Derek Passarelli M34 46:37
print BB256 Ken Fischer M34 46:47
print G246 Dean Heizer M34 46:48
print C608 Pete Dauphinais M34 46:49
print BB552 Daniel Davies M34 46:50
print CC322 Russell Branum M34 46:51
print FF146 Jeff Gunderson M34 46:54
print C700 John Jaworski M34 46:56
print D093 Craig White M34 47:02
print BB264 Charles Garcia M34 47:08
print FF178 Paul Stephenson M34 47:12
print FF444 Duane Kerr M34 47:13
print CC716 Mitchell Silver M34 47:17
print R505 Ian Vail M34 47:26
print BB539 Robert Ronzio M34 47:29
print B608 Thomas Mackenzie M34 47:37
print BB376 Andrew Pierce M34 47:37
print BB589 Jim Faris M34 47:37
print G640 Dan Matiatos M34 47:41
print FF264 Shawn Smith M34 47:41
print CC596 Roy Smith M34 47:44
print BB350 Michael Marcotte M34 47:44
print C748 Frank Shafer M34 47:48
print CC136 James Matuszewski M34 47:50
print DD738 Merritt Deeter M34 47:54
print D615 Phil Bolstad M34 48:01
print N760 Bernard Masterson M34 48:04
print N193 Federico Grayeb M34 48:08
print FF288 Brent Dix M34 48:15
print F880 Rod Lucero M34 48:17
print M239 Michael Warner M34 48:34
print DD213 Bruce Schaff M34 48:37
print BB314 Bradley Chewakin M34 48:37
print CC546 Mark Dinkel M34 48:39
print CC585 Frank Chrisbens M34 48:40
print J681 Ed Arenas M34 48:42
print D079 Ty Carroll M34 48:43
print BB831 Greg Pestka M34 48:46
print BB792 James Lewis M34 48:47
print K554 Ken-ichi Izutsu M34 48:48
print BB167 Robert Wardlaw M34 48:49
print D059 Kevin Curran M34 48:49
print C349 Steve Ness M34 48:49
print G442 Roger Powell M34 49:01
print CC673 Todd Krieschul M34 49:06
print E111 Jake Leslie M34 49:07
print CC412 Randal Brossart M34 49:08
print DD132 Michael P. Harris M34 49:09
print CC821 John Thelen M34 49:15
print BB687 Mark Corrigan M34 49:17
print E616 Matthew Perkins M34 49:19
print GG787 Robert Brown M34 49:24
print H262 Louis Vergeer M34 49:24
print E186 Craig Hayes M34 49:24
print E580 Leonard Wills M34 49:29
print E397 Diana Martin M34 49:34
print G712 Scott Walker M34 49:38
print CC264 Roger Brooks M34 49:39
print G176 Scott Griffith M34 49:43
print EE287 Mark Hemmeler M34 49:49
print B657 Ben Jaramillo M34 49:57
print DD681 Paul Gardy M34 49:58
print GG689 Ramon Roth M34 49:58
print F454 Wentzell Hamner M34 50:01
print J568 Larry Young M34 50:05
print DD559 Gerry Callejo M34 50:06
print M334 Curtis Landry M34 50:08
print B332 Andrew Muller M34 50:25
print DD389 Robert Ramirez M34 50:32
print J327 Brent Nelson M34 50:33
print D314 John Rigg M34 50:39
print EE118 William Boyer M34 50:39
print H813 Tom Plant M34 50:41
print JJ740 Drew Pelton M34 50:41
print F451 Donald Hayden M34 50:45
print FF056 Michael Schaff M34 50:47
print C759 James Bradford M34 50:49
print CC822 Dave Gelderloos M34 50:50
print J897 Don Redleaf M34 50:52
print G378 Michael Sattler M34 50:52
print F591 Scott Perry M34 51:00
print F309 Barry Remington M34 51:01
print F823 Robert Baum M34 51:12
print L510 Charles Auten M34 51:18
print D270 Drew Goodman M34 51:22
print J415 Paul Sorenson M34 51:26
print RR629 William Mutschler M34 51:26
print EE443 Bobby Dahlstrom M34 51:30
print H818 Doug Gail M34 51:30
print FF291 Mark Lewis M34 51:38
print DD355 David McKenney M34 51:40

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