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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A215 Lilly Guerra F29 35:23
print A455 Faith Byrum F28 35:24
print A369 Patty Murray F36 35:51
print A238 Diane Gentry F40 36:16
print A334 Kelly Ryan F33 36:31
print A424 Nikole Johns F27 36:47
print A474 Elizabeth Roodell F23 37:27
print AA029 Micky Reger F33 37:34
print A301 Anne Bersagel F19 37:36
print A163 Becky Sondag F32 37:55
print A043 Hannah Lawrence F24 38:16
print A418 Amanda Gillam F29 38:17
print AA269 Anita Ortiz F37 38:30
print AA334 Heather Hunt F27 38:33
print B447 Kerrie Wlad F30 38:36
print B595 Jennifer Larkin F23 38:42
print A437 Catriona Dowling F44 38:54
print A342 Cindy Rosenberg F27 38:56
print AA498 Tara Mendozza F24 39:02
print AA254 Jessica Dorough F25 39:06
print A122 Kelly Smith F20 39:08
print A030 Meredith Fogg F20 39:09
print AA582 Megan Hunter F24 39:09
print AA486 Dawn Fischer F35 39:12
print A127 Shelly Langemeier F17 39:21
print AA609 Colleen Stroud F28 39:21
print A256 Mary Powell F31 39:22
print AA425 Heather Stroud F25 39:25
print A373 Laura Bruess F41 39:26
print AA150 Kim McConnell F34 39:29
print AA561 Jessica Cirelli F26 39:30
print AA418 Sheri Wright F38 39:40
print B153 Ann Lantz F39 39:48
print AA521 Jena Pohle F22 39:57
print AA448 Missy Klem F35 39:58
print AA074 Erica Siemers F27 40:02
print AA240 Susan Nuzum F35 40:06
print AA392 Marjorie McFarland F34 40:09
print A246 Stella Heffron F35 40:10
print AA294 Val Sell F37 40:12
print A492 Michelle Ellingson F20 40:12
print AA107 Anthea Schmid F30 40:13
print AA206 Kim Grant F42 40:14
print AA203 Carol Rowe F30 40:22
print AA148 Bunki Bankaitis-Davis F44 40:26
print AA621 Noelle Stenger Green F37 40:27
print B293 Anne McKendry F40 40:28
print E064 Alyson Blomquist F24 40:31
print B479 Michelle Jamieson F29 40:38
print AA456 Danielle Korb F17 40:41
print AA145 Kelly Moon F28 40:42
print AA210 Kelli Frykholm F34 40:45
print A241 Kathaleen Recker F32 40:46
print A239 Jenny Hindmarsh F31 40:48
print AA171 Nancy Thonen F36 41:00
print AA363 Tracy Stewart F22 41:05
print B341 Laurie Edwards F32 41:05
print AA627 Valerie Hills F32 41:08
print AA071 Amber Rydholm F24 41:12
print MM246 Elizabeth Burke F21 41:21
print AA134 Tanya Ball F31 41:24
print AA615 Kara Salmela F29 41:26
print B657 Julia Bensen F21 41:27
print AA509 Deana Case F40 41:29
print AA455 Courtney Clinard F23 41:30
print AA454 Stephanie Randall F24 41:32
print B268 Alison Steele F22 41:33
print AA562 Bryanna King F18 41:34
print A361 Ana Cabrera F20 41:36
print AA588 Ann Hodel F37 41:38
print AA500 Elizabeth Brase F19 41:41
print AA096 Liza York F34 41:42
print AA631 Tomo Tsuchida F24 41:48
print AA270 Simonetta Piergentili F37 41:49
print BA414 Sarah Day F38 41:52
print AA031 Darcee O'Donnell F27 41:52
print B256 Sara Jaros-Otepka F25 41:53
print B295 Mary Cote F38 41:53
print BA649 Jennifer Thompson F18 41:54
print AA369 Genevieve Ramos F28 41:56
print AA691 Teresa Southard F33 41:58
print AA616 Christine Gould F34 41:59
print BA306 Rory Carothers F27 41:59
print B323 Michelle Young F28 42:03
print L616 Emily Peterson F24 42:04
print AA661 Hailey Garside F21 42:08
print B270 Emily Steele F22 42:10
print GA275 Julie Bolles F27 42:11
print B342 Edie Stevenson F52 42:13
print AA620 Andrea Viger F24 42:21
print EA600 Ellen Hart-Pena F44 42:24
print B556 Bridget Mackinnon F25 42:28
print AA122 Carolanne Turtle F28 42:31
print BB031 Julia Larson F25 42:34
print A088 Tracy Anderson F28 42:34
print AA558 Heidi Gabalski F29 42:37
print BB479 Sarah Pizzo F19 42:39
print AA050 Ronda DelaCerda F30 42:41
print B394 Tanya Gaurmer F17 42:43
print B351 Lila Seal F42 42:50
print BA250 Lisa Floyd F35 42:53
print BA269 Amy Jackson F31 42:54
print B569 Emily Plummer F21 42:58
print BA120 Lindsay Covington F28 43:00
print AA516 Steph Popelar F34 43:01
print AA006 Amberly Byington F24 43:03
print B468 Erika Harden F23 43:04
print AA165 Tina Atchley F33 43:05
print LL751 Taryn Jessen F25 43:05
print AA224 Meredith Macgregor F13 43:06
print BA465 Paula Bowman F40 43:07
print AA193 Mary Mathews F40 43:11
print B317 Sarah Callor F24 43:12
print PP470 Maria Hennessey F27 43:12
print B255 Juli Jones F27 43:14
print AA462 Lynn Pinyerd F43 43:14
print C459 Nell Rojas F14 43:15
print A469 Jennifer Jakobi-Jones F31 43:15
print KA275 Jackie Engel F15 43:15
print AA075 Danielle Cancul F25 43:16
print BA475 Annette Krueger F38 43:16
print B563 Jennifer Dickson F26 43:17
print GA277 Amy Bolles F27 43:17
print B391 Erin Hardin F19 43:18
print B035 Cathy Ruf F28 43:21
print BA159 Robyn Hicks F34 43:22
print B104 Sara Turtle F25 43:22
print BA326 Kelly Lear-Kaul F29 43:23
print BA134 Gretchen Lium F37 43:24
print B449 Diane Perun F34 43:24
print B107 Ellen Krebs F37 43:27
print AA127 Gina Garcia-Shaw F35 43:27
print BA652 Monica Ryan F41 43:28
print A136 Sara Ensrud F16 43:31
print B390 Holly Edmunds F34 43:31
print BA126 Pam Boudreau F46 43:31
print AA444 Jennifer Jageman F24 43:31
print B251 Rusha Pearson F24 43:32
print C517 Kristin Poteat F26 43:34
print B117 Karen Pugh F37 43:35
print BA198 Leslie Straayer F23 43:35
print AA693 Kendra Killpatrick F30 43:37
print B509 Brenda Maller F34 43:38
print B099 Lori Cooper F26 43:38
print AA091 Barbekka Hurtt F32 43:39
print BA611 Meredith Groves F16 43:40
print BA460 Fay Slattery F38 43:40
print BA032 Carol Scribner F45 43:40
print C257 Martha Buttner F46 43:41
print BA550 Deb Cunningham F40 43:44
print BB250 Kellie Faircloth F19 43:46
print AA170 Barbara Hartung F43 43:47
print B472 Sara Hanifin F43 43:47
print AA428 Aida Hailu F33 43:49
print B566 Casey Shea F16 43:52
print CC205 Darcy Franklin F29 43:52
print BA122 Lara Delka F32 43:53
print B208 Tonya Riggs F38 43:53
print B119 Sherrie Schell F41 43:54
print BA431 Randi Mitchem F38 43:55
print C167 Janae Paas F21 43:55
print AA547 Amy Gray F26 43:56
print B300 Annemarie Pimentel F22 43:56
print AA252 Claire Twark F16 43:57
print BA103 Amy Plummer F43 43:57
print BA626 Susan Neale F45 43:57
print B056 Care Enichen F45 43:57
print BA167 Meg Tilton F31 43:58
print BB607 Mackenzie Carignan F25 43:58
print B587 Missy Mandery F32 44:02
print AA059 Michelle Lahann F21 44:03
print B448 Sarah Stacy F15 44:04
print AA199 Michele Howard F35 44:04
print BA267 Mary Kay Meintzer F27 44:04
print BA485 Tara Biltoft F25 44:04
print GG338 Cynthia Enochs F43 44:05
print AA045 Lisa Murphy F36 44:06
print A491 Darcy Preston F21 44:08
print AA230 Colleen Burns F52 44:08
print BA116 Susan Bellard F30 44:11
print B669 Stephanie Lanker F37 44:12
print BA629 Lisa Clark F23 44:12
print B197 Lynn Arenson F38 44:16
print BB232 Heather Sappenfield F38 44:17
print BA142 Susan McGurkin F32 44:17
print BB205 Audra Kammerer F32 44:18
print AA570 Kristi Wasson F27 44:18
print B388 Christine Thompson F30 44:20
print B130 Barbara Peterson F33 44:20
print BA632 Elizabeth Conti F23 44:21
print B334 Patty Ferreira F37 44:22
print CA344 Rebecca Hediger F25 44:22
print GA036 Chelsea Vendegna F19 44:22
print B530 Lisa Starkey F22 44:23
print A383 Erin Manzanares F17 44:25
print B029 Debbie Kinz F42 44:25
print BA470 Julie Carpenter F35 44:26
print AA466 Elizabeth Goltz F21 44:26
print B483 Leslie Hoffmann F36 44:28
print C650 Julie Raffety F20 44:29

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