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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print A032 Michael Aish M28 30:29
print A176 Jesus Solis M21 30:45
print A438 Nelson Laux M26 30:58
print A179 Kristian Agnew M32 31:10
print A439 Art Seimers M32 31:51
print A160 Joshua Glaab M22 31:56
print A403 Paul DiGrappa M24 32:14
print A288 Aaron Carrizales M27 32:23
print A437 Greg Augspurger M27 32:26
print A191 Colby Wissel M20 32:36
print A189 Luke Garringer M22 32:39
print A419 John McGuire M18 32:42
print A344 Kris Gemmell M27 32:44
print A326 Jason Robbie M28 32:47
print A164 Jordan Jones M23 32:51
print A255 Carl David Kinney M23 32:51
print A330 Scott Goff M28 32:55
print A258 Adam Bergquist M26 32:59
print A292 trent r morrell M35 33:02
print A475 Peter Vail M30 33:06
print A064 JOHN HONERKAMP M29 33:10
print A277 Bucky Schafer M23 33:12
print A474 Jason Hill M26 33:15
print A262 Avi Bershof Kramer M23 33:17
print A118 Seth James DeMoor M19 33:20
print A477 Tate Behning M23 33:22
print A190 Brandon Jessop M26 33:23
print A363 Gregory Winter M26 33:25
print A180 Chester G Kurtz M30 33:27
print A051 Aaron Clark M18 33:28
print A315 Kevin Gallagher M25 33:30
print A185 Dan Ferguson M23 33:34
print A410 James Johnson M36 33:38
print A186 Drew Tonniges M21 33:41
print A406 Peter Remien M25 33:45
print A338 Lance Denning M43 33:48
print A305 Matt Hill M24 33:51
print A195 Jason Holt M18 33:54
print A227 David Liebowitz M28 33:57
print A409 John Peeters M26 34:01
print A228 Humberto Zelaya M30 34:05
print A266 Craig A. Greenslit M35 34:08
print A501 Galen Burrell M25 34:09
print A011 Darren De Reuck M40 34:11
print A140 Grant Scott M22 34:12
print A472 Mike Callor M26 34:14
print A089 Ryan Price M27 34:15
print A506 Cameron Widoff M35 34:16
print A291 John Tribbia M23 34:18
print A087 Rob Gilbert M39 34:19
print A067 Matthew Douglas Kascak M24 34:21
print A319 J.D. Laubster M39 34:23
print A233 Joel Karls M34 34:26
print A411 Tim Geldean M36 34:28
print A502 Riley Scott M27 34:35
print A188 Vince Sickler M21 34:37
print A240 Noah Lawrence M25 34:38
print A162 Grant Duin M17 34:40
print A444 Mark Shin M23 34:41
print A129 Greg Griffith M17 34:43
print A372 Russell Dryer M39 34:44
print A325 Brice Young M20 34:46
print A283 Erling Christiansen M22 34:47
print A136 Matthew Michael Beamer M17 34:49
print A184 Andrew McFarlane M27 34:50
print A057 Jason Graham M19 34:52
print A294 Jeff Keil M33 34:53
print A142 Dan Mahle M20 34:54
print A088 Tony Banovich M42 34:56
print A265 Brendan Keenan Murphy M29 34:57
print AB109 Fish Brett Wilson M20 34:58
print A286 Ryan Weston M22 34:58
print A279 Dave Mackey M35 35:00
print A486 Raul Carrizalez M44 35:01
print A155 Kyle Bernhardy M31 35:03
print A085 Paul Brown M17 35:05
print A494 Joe Hughes M25 35:06
print A252 Jerry Rief M40 35:08
print A420 Jacob Timm M26 35:10
print A102 Chris Spitz M41 35:11
print A083 Doug Bell M54 35:13
print A095 Chase Kelly M23 35:14
print A112 Derek Hudson M24 35:15
print A314 Troy Herrera M35 35:16
print A101 Richard Dissly M39 35:17
print A123 Brock Allen Steinbrink M19 35:17
print A055 Christopher Borton M29 35:18
print A339 Sean Larkin M26 35:19
print A497 Eric Schwartz M34 35:20
print A216 Tim Gaskins M17 35:22
print A253 Nathan Herschberger M26 35:23
print AA329 Samuel Shusterman M43 35:25
print A075 Steve Krebs M42 35:25
print A331 Scott Dahlberg M20 35:27
print A117 Israel Ortiz M19 35:28
print A284 Brad Cooper M39 35:30
print A094 Travis Daniels M27 35:31
print A275 adolfo romero carrillo M33 35:33
print AA090 Samuel Shewan M20 35:33
print A156 Darin Hasley M16 35:34
print A389 Isaiah Rubio M18 35:35
print A480 Juan Herrera M37 35:35
print A499 Ryan Rose M24 35:36
print A324 Gabriel Small M19 35:36
print A349 Miguel Angel Cazares M18 35:37
print A300 Hector A Martinez M21 35:37
print A436 Cody Hill M32 35:38
print A154 Steve Cathcart M40 35:38
print A401 Joshua Melver M29 35:44
print AA316 Tarik Moulabbi M26 35:44
print AA114 Justin Paul Zahller M19 35:45
print A107 Chad McKonly M29 35:47
print AA153 Erick A. Jordan M34 35:48
print A196 John Richard Tallerday M19 35:50
print AA058 Matthew Norton M30 35:51
print A273 Cheyne Christopher Heiny M17 35:52
print A130 Travis Haines M33 35:53
print A293 Stephen K Koch M17 35:54
print A400 George Kaufhaus M33 35:55
print A153 Patrick Cole M24 35:56
print A289 Matt Maske M35 35:59
print A091 Jose Arreola M31 36:00
print A161 Daniel Standke M18 36:02
print A500 John Hancock M22 36:03
print A243 Dustin Gibson M16 36:05
print A303 Scott King M43 36:06
print A260 Garrett Jamie Cope M24 36:07
print A271 Peter James Armstrong M18 36:08
print A435 Marty Wacker M34 36:10
print A361 Nathan Hatleback M17 36:11
print AA397 Christopher Sweeney M17 36:13
print A488 Timothy Jones M44 36:13
print A402 Ryan Lawrence M19 36:16
print A113 Nicholas Betts M24 36:18
print A368 Collin Eckelman M16 36:20
print A029 Tim Gerke M25 36:20
print A327 Steve Roch M41 36:22
print A322 Todd Beetcher M37 36:23
print A498 Alexandro Sanders M32 36:23
print AA392 Henry Reed M33 36:25
print AA449 Sean Christopher Adams M16 36:25
print A093 John Coleman M17 36:26
print A317 Christian Kaempfen M40 36:26
print A226 Christopher Thibert M32 36:26
print A099 Rob Runkel M42 36:27
print A084 Karch Hickman M19 36:28
print E433 Patrick Henin M31 36:29
print A127 Jeremy Pennington M29 36:29
print A071 Matthew Provencio M18 36:29
print A301 Andrew Roberts M14 36:30
print A308 Scott Inlow M33 36:30
print A178 Bruce Rahmig M34 36:33
print A098 Antonio Molina M24 36:35
print A105 Kyle Lohman M18 36:37
print A234 Chris Schabron M21 36:37
print A473 Greg Tyndall M30 36:37
print A126 Jordan Turner M19 36:39
print A285 ANTHONY FLEG M27 36:40
print A458 Matt Von Thun M39 36:41
print A148 Dan Skarda M46 36:41
print AA399 Tommy Jager M25 36:42
print A081 Brian Kates M33 36:42
print A220 Brian Scott M31 36:42
print A441 Steven Sellars M44 36:42
print A446 Benji Durden M53 36:46
print A177 Andrew Todd Holton M37 36:49
print A079 Patrick Kolarik M38 36:50
print AA240 Mark Christensen M32 36:51
print A442 Gerald Kubiak M30 36:53
print A329 Brian Glotzbach M30 36:53
print A489 Pablo Vigil M53 36:54
print A247 FRITZ V ROGERS M34 36:55
print A274 Aaron Berthold M28 36:56
print A219 Eric Zolner M31 36:57
print A304 Rick Bruess M46 37:00
print A440 Dean Maruna M45 37:01
print A365 Jeffrey Stuart Zickus M31 37:03
print A302 Dan King M45 37:03
print A270 John-Paul Henry M22 37:03
print A405 Scott Fliegelman M37 37:05
print A417 Vince Calvo M38 37:06
print A407 Andrew Schmidt M25 37:07
print A485 Richard Bishop M47 37:08
print A511 Chris Parks M23 37:09
print A236 Daniel Greer M45 37:09
print A451 Sean Wilde M16 37:10
print AB238 Paul Ahammi M20 37:11
print A182 Kevin F Jafari M49 37:11
print A482 Luis Miaja M24 37:12
print A423 Robert Cranny M41 37:12
print A504 Reza Baluchi M33 37:12
print AA080 Luke Crespin M20 37:13
print A241 Edward Allen McWhirter M23 37:13
print A355 Nick Caprario M16 37:14
print A491 Yeong-Shang Loh M31 37:14
print A143 Eric Meyer M27 37:15
print A316 Matt Ringer M33 37:15
print A445 Brendan Reilly M45 37:16
print A487 Jim Elwell M44 37:16
print A269 Andy S Ottele M34 37:17

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