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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
print B447 Kerrie Wlad F30 38:36
print AA107 Anthea Schmid F30 40:13
print AA203 Carol Rowe F30 40:22
print AA050 Ronda DelaCerda F30 42:41
print AA693 Kendra Killpatrick F30 43:37
print BA116 Susan Bellard F30 44:11
print B388 Christine Thompson F30 44:20
print C202 Jennifer Anderson F30 44:43
print G030 Tova Sido F30 44:57
print AA679 Alison Morrell F30 45:08
print BB430 Clarissa Roberts F30 45:22
print B303 Jennifer Schaffner F30 45:43
print CA635 Jacalyn Dashiell F30 46:02
print BA527 Monika Bunting F30 46:18
print BA248 Cherie Schlagel F30 46:22
print C423 Jen Czarnecki F30 46:38
print BB239 Alix Thorson F30 46:57
print DD080 Tara Sansom F30 47:22
print DD127 Tracy Clough F30 47:52
print DD161 Jennifer Gustafson F30 47:56
print BB459 Jill Jarecke-Paulsen F30 48:05
print C310 Gina Basile F30 48:14
print K075 Johanna Wintergerst F30 48:33
print C163 Stacey Currier F30 49:00
print CA146 Christina McGrath F30 49:09
print GA160 Kerry Lundstrom F30 49:11
print DD137 Jennifer Knipp F30 49:15
print CC344 Lori Naber F30 49:26
print CA687 Michelle Flynn F30 49:26
print CA630 Cindy Cox F30 49:30
print CA317 Heather McNeill F30 49:31
print FF343 Darlene Montoya F30 49:35
print DD205 Gina Brown F30 49:39
print CA406 Ilena Sica F30 49:47
print DA316 Jennifer Gilligan F30 49:49
print DA114 Karen Vizyak F30 50:19
print H575 Sonya Turner F30 50:22
print CA167 Jacqueline Heath F30 50:39
print D370 Marni Stein F30 50:45
print GG126 Jane Uzcategui F30 50:48
print KK035 Devin Spindler F30 50:56
print CC061 Tricia Haugeto F30 51:09
print MS682 Sharon Patak F30 51:12
print C174 Kelli Hersh F30 51:16
print NA519 Julie Runkel F30 51:17
print EA515 Debby Macek F30 51:26
print KA073 Darcie Olson F30 51:41
print NN673 Cherie Volastro F30 51:44
print DA420 Angela Mundt F30 51:56
print SA798 Masako Moreshito F30 52:02
print J724 Buffy Dorpinghaus F30 52:11
print DD125 Rilla Sanchez F30 52:15
print LA445 Mary Campbell F30 52:19
print CA321 Kimberly Davis F30 52:26
print L504 Rebecca Chang F30 52:29
print F577 Carol Goble F30 52:29
print GG626 Shannon Clarke F30 52:38
print PP463 Kristin Kray F30 52:49
print J247 Chantel Sloan F30 52:54
print LL609 Lisen Gusfafson F30 52:54
print MM245 Elizabeth Andrews F30 52:56
print GA661 Amy Smith F30 53:03
print DA153 Angelette Hicks F30 53:08
print HA346 Deborah Thompson F30 53:11
print F325 Yolanda Perez-Ruiz F30 53:11
print K720 GILLIAN NEVIN F30 53:14
print KK263 Denise Carroll F30 53:31
print EA243 Lisa Hilsden F30 53:32
print MS686 Elizabeth Gold F30 53:34
print R454 Alison Holloran F30 53:44
print NN748 Kendra Geddes F30 53:44
print GA617 Jessica Rosenberg F30 53:55
print L121 Sheryl Herner F30 54:06
print F525 Jennifer Johnson F30 54:06
print DD500 Barbara Petsche F30 54:09
print KK213 Moira Callahan F30 54:12
print LA724 Karinn O'Connell F30 54:15
print JA326 Janice Yoder F30 54:33
print KA472 Dena Garcia F30 54:35
print MS511 Holly Gossard F30 54:38
print LL138 Missy Morrow F30 54:38
print FA433 Jennifer Davidson F30 54:42
print GA382 Allison Heffner F30 54:43
print KA170 Heather Branan F30 54:49
print MS518 Nicole Barber F30 54:52
print MT723 Erin Carlson F30 54:52
print HA011 Anne Bell F30 54:53
print EE157 Margo Kent F30 54:58
print DD076 Susan English F30 55:09
print KK231 Kris Pescatore F30 55:15
print GG181 Jennifer Donovan F30 55:22
print F185 Cynthia Thompson F30 55:24
print DA308 Stephanie Walton F30 55:26
print FF159 Emily Sellergren F30 55:27
print GG255 Lori Drexler F30 55:31
print E216 Terri Guerra F30 55:34
print KK363 LISA MARRIOTT F30 55:36
print GA110 Jenny Lathrop F30 55:37
print KK587 Eve Donohoe F30 55:45
print MA640 Jennifer Adams F30 55:56
print FF265 Lori Genkinger F30 56:03
print CA041 Elena Garfield F30 56:05
print EE176 Marne Davis F30 56:07
print J783 Heather Ramey F30 56:10
print JA736 Stacie Truitt F30 56:21
print EA110 Amy Tisdale F30 56:28
print GG092 Christine Hansen F30 56:30
print EA554 Kathy Shepherd F30 56:30
print N740 Diane Reberger F30 56:33
print L307 Chloe Pullen F30 56:34
print PA516 Lisa Arpante F30 57:01
print F314 Terri Reid F30 57:05
print F315 Tracy Haynie F30 57:06
print JJ373 Fatima Curley F30 57:16
print EA192 Melanie Mclaughlin F30 57:16
print LA524 Kira Zana F30 57:20
print PP354 Janna Allen F30 57:24
print NA684 Pam Mulzer F30 57:34
print DD098 Erika Marcum F30 57:36
print F409 Amy McKinley F30 57:49
print Q694 Jennifer Hurlbut-Poehlmann F30 57:50
print NN758 Elizabeth Lizotte-Brown F30 57:59
print FF408 Kristin Oliver F30 57:59
print J720 Tara Berglund F30 58:01
print GG409 Holly Hanesworth F30 58:02
print J289 Lori Wenger F30 58:05
print EA538 Kathleen Paquet F30 58:07
print DA087 Sandra Kanon F30 58:11
print JJ636 Margaret Coffey F30 58:20
print LA227 Sarah Steele F30 58:24
print QA517 Sarah Brown F30 58:31
print M332 Kristie Pacheco F30 58:33
print FA445 Julia Becker F30 58:38
print GA211 Alison Maasdorf F30 58:40
print GG089 Jenny Bertrand F30 58:44
print G109 Pam Scarano F30 58:48
print MT444 Jennifer Bolton F30 58:48
print LA258 Jenna Milot F30 58:56
print MT543 Kathy Huettl F30 59:01
print H777 Suzanne Classen F30 59:17
print HH226 Erin Winchester F30 59:18
print G295 Emilie Deibler F30 59:19
print G042 Joleen Henzie F30 59:23
print NN281 Christine Newton F30 59:24
print FA287 Sandi Burgar-Mease F30 59:27
print JA309 Greta Osse F30 59:30
print PA079 Hope Folk F30 59:40
print P799 Jennifer Norris F30 59:57
print GA673 Paola Vorrero F30 59:59
print DD092 Jennifer Delamere F30 1:00:05
print LA618 Lola Thompson F30 1:00:06
print LA778 Mary Beth Padilia F30 1:00:11
print PA771 Alisa Hall-Jerath F30 1:00:21
print EE125 Carolyn Vitale F30 1:00:26
print L170 Hillary Hamann F30 1:00:26
print HA453 Andi Felsher F30 1:00:45
print KA418 Kim Opel F30 1:00:47
print J725 Stephanie Donez F30 1:00:51
print HH022 Christine Avery F30 1:00:57
print NN683 Lynne Mohling F30 1:00:59
print K133 Ranjana Bevara F30 1:01:01
print NN684 Leah Mohling F30 1:01:05
print MS711 Mary DuBois F30 1:01:13
print JJ726 Kate Puchase F30 1:01:17
print JA340 Kitty Carpenter F30 1:01:21
print F305 Debbie Gacnik F30 1:01:32
print PA030 Michelle Borg F30 1:01:34
print HH649 Lori Phillips F30 1:01:36
print GA714 Jody McMullan F30 1:01:41
print NA096 Cheryl Bykowicz F30 1:01:54
print N612 Teri Kemler F30 1:01:54
print PA272 Michele Cushatt F30 1:02:07
print G387 Sonja Moore F30 1:02:08
print GG650 Jessica Lindsey F30 1:02:08
print J102 Amy Keleman F30 1:02:14
print MA781 Helena Shirai F30 1:02:21
print HH090 Michelle Lejeune F30 1:02:22
print G763 Alicia Daugherty F30 1:02:30
print MM735 Cathleen Stephens F30 1:02:30
print L316 Amy Buss F30 1:02:39
print JJ290 Michele Mandeville F30 1:02:40
print FF141 Siobhan Michelotti F30 1:02:41
print LL669 Allison Freedman F30 1:02:41
print L321 Brooke Davidsen F30 1:02:42
print JJ291 Diana McDonald F30 1:02:42
print K797 Susan Spengler F30 1:02:48
print E624 Carshon Rodgers F30 1:02:49
print K110 Aree Bly F30 1:02:50
print PP732 Lori Hollingsworth F30 1:02:51
print HH446 Ellen Hayes F30 1:02:51
print HH605 LeAnn Nowak F30 1:02:53
print EE379 LeJeane Maske F30 1:02:57
print K109 Sarah Stephenson F30 1:03:04
print JJ637 Rhonda Ledbetter F30 1:03:08
print JJ666 Heather Gardiner F30 1:03:08
print JJ665 Jennifer McManus F30 1:03:10
print J699 Paula Wilderman F30 1:03:12
print L417 Karen Habra F30 1:03:16
print MM304 Michol Bauer F30 1:03:22
print J665 Amy Bloom F30 1:03:26

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