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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print BB271 Jan Hughes F49 44:16
print BB308 Dee Dee Beard F49 48:59
print CC080 Kathy Nold F49 49:55
print E348 Pamela Prescott F49 50:28
print PP464 Eileen Brown F49 51:04
print D548 Carol Selander F49 52:06
print BB208 Lynn Kleiman F49 53:12
print E033 Doreen Harber F49 53:13
print F148 Sherry Wohletz F49 53:22
print DD144 Peg Hanson F49 53:30
print FF454 Glennis Maurer F49 54:16
print HH568 Carolyn Magor F49 54:36
print EE246 Leslie Lum F49 54:55
print E103 Linda Mahoney F49 55:14
print HH929 Harriet Potts F49 55:47
print E249 Janet K. Epp F49 55:49
print FF480 Pam Haynes F49 55:51
print F202 Nancy Weiss F49 55:54
print F249 Irene Drabek F49 56:10
print K836 Ginna Newton F49 56:11
print L357 Gwenda Maughan F49 56:27
print S667 Carolyn Coolidge F49 56:40
print RR414 Becky Rippel F49 56:57
print II284 Candace Benjamin F49 57:12
print LL253 Ann Reid F49 57:31
print HH961 Rosemary Mossa F49 57:41
print GG078 Nancy A Meredith F49 57:52
print FF133 Judy Kwiatkowski F49 57:56
print LL196 Kris Linderholm F49 57:58
print MA180 Shizuko Green F49 58:09
print K601 Shari Marie Ross F49 58:16
print LL036 Gail Hibbard Nichols F49 58:28
print H130 Randy Ganter F49 58:30
print SS689 Janet Sandoval F49 58:42
print G064 Jan Horton F49 59:02
print G169 Teva Scheer F49 59:04
print F158 Carmen Barber F49 59:07
print G229 Suzanne Hetts F49 59:47
print G042 Beverly Young F49 59:50
print I036 Robyn McDaniel F49 1:00:15
print GG126 Carol Sears F49 1:00:27
print LL055 Stephanie Darling F49 1:00:52
print J176 Carmen West F49 1:01:00
print KK142 Kate Weinreich F49 1:01:22
print PP503 Patricia Grant F49 1:01:51
print HH694 Kathleen Spencer F49 1:01:55
print T766 Susan Jean Weeks F49 1:01:56
print R280 Sylvie Price F49 1:02:21
print HH336 Georgia Sutton F49 1:02:22
print HH342 Marty Slyter F49 1:02:38
print P363 Ruth Ann Hattori F49 1:03:35
print R628 Sally Lansing F49 1:03:36
print LA433 Barbara Hogoboom F49 1:03:56
print M411 Patty Martin F49 1:04:17
print LA407 Suzy Heavrin F49 1:04:18
print OO088 Sandra Irene Castro F49 1:04:35
print HH441 Katy Radovich F49 1:04:37
print HH100 Sue Edwards F49 1:04:38
print N913 Regina Celi F49 1:04:39
print KK758 Lorraine Skupsky F49 1:04:46
print I051 Sheryl Douglas F49 1:04:51
print J868 Karen Kooken F49 1:04:59
print II566 Mary Minor F49 1:05:16
print OK650 Hilda Borko F49 1:05:20
print RR520 Mary Ann Martinez F49 1:05:32
print JJ249 Greta Maloney F49 1:05:34
print RR207 Michael Reimann F49 1:05:38
print N461 Teresa Buckley F49 1:05:40
print MA232 Sandra Surbrugg F49 1:05:50
print TT020 Richard Lyon F49 1:05:58
print HH664 Christina Ortega F49 1:06:05
print NN803 Nam Sook Moon F49 1:06:27
print OO140 Christiane Grifin F49 1:06:58
print T193 Renee Baker F49 1:07:10
print J221 Lynne Taylor F49 1:07:22
print KK543 JoAnn Frances Zelasko F49 1:07:24
print QQ308 Meg Miller F49 1:07:30
print NN649 Jean Troy F49 1:07:38
print HH318 Joan Massa F49 1:07:41
print JJ373 Kathy Thrall F49 1:08:06
print N236 Betsy Cornelius F49 1:08:19
print RR411 Emily Walker F49 1:08:33
print LA120 Linda Darnell F49 1:08:34
print KK146 Kathy Eberhart F49 1:09:02
print II141 Marilyn Thelen F49 1:09:18
print K148 Ann Johnsen F49 1:09:22
print J386 Brenda Avery F49 1:09:42
print I790 Jacquelyn Southern F49 1:10:03
print WW633 Maria Delier F49 1:10:20
print O299 Pamela Gilbert F49 1:10:30
print RR817 Carol J Whitman F49 1:11:32
print LA352 Maxine S Moody F49 1:11:36
print XX110 Raymond Rodriguez F49 1:11:38
print O373 Jean LaDue F49 1:12:17
print LA104 Pamela Wynne Feingold F49 1:12:19
print MM066 Star Kincaid F49 1:12:20
print II225 Susan Dreisbach F49 1:12:31
print I833 Marci Lierly F49 1:12:34
print OO348 Ann Hamilton F49 1:12:47
print N435 Sandy Fuller F49 1:12:55
print N364 Diane Ambrose F49 1:13:01
print SS291 Diane Long F49 1:13:19
print P091 Pam D. Franks F49 1:13:37
print QQ116 Pamm Monier F49 1:13:52
print I225 Jennifer Gardiner F49 1:13:57
print K503 Ann Talbott F49 1:14:09
print K533 Catherine Nicoletti F49 1:14:09
print O559 Mary Ellen Kladstrup F49 1:14:36
print RR212 Marnie Danielslci F49 1:14:46
print NN033 Margaret DiUbaldo F49 1:14:52
print WW300 Susan Price F49 1:14:59
print KK189 Marsha Bowen F49 1:15:00
print PP323 Marti Chamberlain F49 1:15:04
print JJ387 Mary Lee F49 1:15:18
print NN351 Cricket Counce F49 1:15:27
print II273 Tina Green F49 1:15:34
print N613 Jane Bowers Davis F49 1:15:38
print N805 Eileen Nugent F49 1:15:50
print O651 Joann Gulczynski F49 1:15:55
print KK132 Sally Downs F49 1:16:34
print OO800 Joanna Seilver F49 1:16:55
print HH777 Emilie Roberts F49 1:17:37
print PP472 Barbara Van Ryan F49 1:17:52
print T269 Barbara Goodman F49 1:17:54
print UU235 Cristina Aeuilera F49 1:18:11
print Z274 Janet Goodrich-Spear F49 1:18:18
print UU080 Kathy Manting F49 1:18:22
print OO824 Cassie Rocke F49 1:18:42
print P710 Sherry O'Hara F49 1:18:48
print U768 Myrna Holley F49 1:18:54
print UK106 Phoebe Balchunas F49 1:18:57
print N768 Susan Taylor F49 1:19:17
print UU408 Debbie Beytien F49 1:19:19
print KK335 Colleen Bunbury F49 1:19:37
print S787 Patricia Cooper F49 1:19:46
print UK109 Nancy Keehner F49 1:19:57
print RR921 Mary Griffin F49 1:20:45
print UK575 Beverly Cole F49 1:20:52
print XX838 Diane Riechert F49 1:20:55
print M253 Susan Zinn F49 1:20:56
print UU283 Joyce Reynolds F49 1:21:27
print K819 Pat Hunter F49 1:21:29
print SS205 Mary Ann Armstrong F49 1:21:37
print Q159 Marian Head F49 1:21:46
print SS740 Patricia Herman F49 1:22:01
print N045 Debbie Ford F49 1:22:28
print N930 Dana Simons F49 1:22:38
print PP370 Roma Michel F49 1:22:43
print K218 Terry McKerley F49 1:22:44
print T397 Janet Hauser F49 1:23:07
print UU396 Randy Ellis F49 1:23:10
print S085 Betty Boon F49 1:23:15
print VV226 Lynn Clark F49 1:23:34
print MM340 Ruth Croxon F49 1:23:41
print Q765 Archie Farin F49 1:24:01
print SS296 Nancy Metzler F49 1:24:52
print OO210 Carole Eshima F49 1:24:56
print SS288 Nancy Woodruff F49 1:25:22
print S220 Natalie Meisler F49 1:25:58
print UU281 Carol Hurst F49 1:27:03
print T561 Roseanne Tarter F49 1:27:42
print OO365 Trisha Hood F49 1:27:50
print N708 Georgie Campbell F49 1:27:53
print X079 Kay L Backes F49 1:28:07
print TT348 Brenda Brady F49 1:28:09
print NN433 Linda Brisnehan F49 1:28:20
print WW107 Judy Astor F49 1:29:20
print UU085 Loretta Wolf F49 1:29:38
print O449 Karen Lindsay F49 1:29:46
print MA220 Sandy Ross F49 1:29:58
print M103 Candy Bacalis F49 1:30:01
print N600 janice kay lewis F49 1:30:15
print UU426 Ann Roecker F49 1:30:20
print Y797 Jacquie Whitney F49 1:30:24
print QQ714 Irene Koster F49 1:30:48
print RR828 Ann Blonston F49 1:30:54
print NN786 Michele Kiel F49 1:31:22
print W563 Darolie Lerma F49 1:31:33
print WW529 Angie Wojdyla F49 1:31:37
print OO300 R. Mary Scott F49 1:31:41
print UK042 Kathleen Guretse F49 1:31:56
print QQ774 Kathy Freudenstein F49 1:31:59
print WW561 Barbara Russell F49 1:32:03
print P423 Heide Brace F49 1:32:20
print Q042 Roselle Mills F49 1:32:42
print OK960 Anita Filip F49 1:32:43
print UU481 Irene Turner F49 1:32:50
print Y664 Judy Klingelheber F49 1:32:58
print Y484 Linda Dunler F49 1:33:29
print UU650 Phillis VanThuyne F49 1:33:30
print Q270 Nancy Griffith F49 1:33:41
print LA221 Linda Sandoval F49 1:33:43
print UU177 Jolene Anderson F49 1:33:55
print Y199 Becky Young F49 1:34:11
print OK716 Margaret Lay F49 1:34:17
print X659 Shirley Kirkwood F49 1:34:33
print UU660 Carolyn Salyards F49 1:34:46
print X758 Bobbi Brown F49 1:34:59
print WW699 Virginia Callahan F49 1:35:16
print VV107 Donna Omata F49 1:35:45

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