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BolderBOULDER 2004


May 31, 2004 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:43,772
Number of Females:23,421
Number of Males:20,350
Average Time:1:16:20
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Josh Eberly 30:21
2. Bradley Harkrader 30:52
3. Greg Mitchell 31:24
4. Nelson Laux 32:00
5. Christopher England 32:09
Female Participants
1. Lidia Simon 34:00
2. Diane G. Gentry 36:21
3. Siri Lindley 36:57
4. Loretta Harrop 37:00
5. Patty Murray 37:03
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print A339 Nelson Laux M25 32:00
print A585 Gregory Winter M25 33:10
print A021 Adam Bergquist M25 33:31
print A069 Josiah Middaugh M25 33:42
print A387 Michael L. Brouillette M25 33:55
print A285 Mike Callor M25 34:07
print A370 Jonathan Peeters M25 35:31
print A151 Joshua Fisher M25 35:33
print A554 Jacob Carl Timm M25 35:54
print A098 Nathan Herschberger M25 36:09
print A020 Ryan Wess M25 37:40
print AA277 Jeremy Ballenger M25 38:13
print A155 Zachary Gergely M25 38:30
print AA123 Joel Dice M25 38:33
print A120 Ben Kramer M25 38:34
print AA060 Casey Douglas Hill M25 39:21
print AA356 Steve Walker M25 39:55
print HB156 Eric Monda M25 39:56
print A424 Joshua Horsager M25 39:58
print BA281 ALex Jan Garcia M25 40:32
print AB319 Matthew Miller M25 41:11
print AB255 matt bourquin M25 41:26
print BA078 Josh Peters M25 41:39
print B142 Jeremy Holt M25 41:42
print JE464 Guillermo Campillo M25 41:43
print B138 Paul M Hrad M25 41:52
print BB204 Will Wieder M25 41:52
print AB516 Jesse Modica M25 42:08
print BA073 Daniel John Hummel M25 42:10
print AB040 Lucas Tomsich M25 42:19
print AB193 Forrest Buckner M25 42:30
print J719 Justin Watson M25 42:39
print JE380 peter weissbrod M25 42:55
print AA246 Bradford Bouley M25 42:56
print AA556 Gary Ditsch M25 43:16
print BA179 John Linn M25 43:24
print JA104 Rob Rouse M25 43:31
print GD013 Tom Wagner M25 43:36
print DA541 Noah Summers M25 43:40
print BA530 Aaron Robert Reyes M25 43:45
print BA389 Jim Boyle Gagliardi M25 43:58
print AA436 John Millet M25 44:03
print BA501 Jim Albertz M25 44:11
print BA486 Matthew Martinez M25 44:12
print CC240 Jordi Betts M25 44:15
print BA101 Ryan Martin Koehler M25 44:20
print B098 Joshua Fay M25 44:25
print GA114 Brian Troccoli M25 44:27
print B097 Bradford John Williams M25 44:28
print B186 Derek Drummond M25 44:36
print FD307 Emile Buzaid M25 44:42
print BA459 Rocco Calandruccio M25 44:48
print DD136 Nathan D Ellingwood M25 44:48
print DA503 Jeffrey Recker M25 44:49
print BA220 Benjamin G. Hey M25 44:57
print C058 Thomas Henwood M25 44:58
print BB486 Nathan Schilling M25 45:06
print KD077 Brian James Connelly M25 45:08
print C457 Fred Peck M25 45:09
print C357 Jeff Ruzas M25 45:15
print FE523 Tanner Seth Adam Shultz M25 45:25
print BA113 Jason Arnold M25 45:27
print FC099 Amir Issac Erez M25 45:34
print C390 Brian Mathews M25 45:41
print M774 Matthew Peters M25 45:44
print EA268 Josiah Nicholas Engblom M25 45:45
print AB309 Nate Johnson M25 45:46
print DD043 Douglas John Ruhl M25 45:51
print CA173 Michael Cicotello M25 46:11
print HC550 Mike J Moelter M25 46:12
print AA030 Quayle Hodek M25 46:16
print BA487 Sean Andersen-vie M25 46:16
print EA490 Erich Woessner M25 46:16
print BA135 Linus Candelaria M25 46:18
print C554 Patrick G Eckstrom M25 46:21
print FF782 Brice Ebert M25 46:22
print FF783 Jonathan Kurche M25 46:23
print B127 Zachary Gault M25 46:26
print E226 Brian Schaffer M25 46:38
print JC553 Travis Merlin Anderson M25 46:43
print E246 Lei Ding M25 46:43
print BA449 Michael Koditek M25 46:53
print JC226 Joseph Ayany M25 47:03
print C411 Aaron Monteer M25 47:20
print GD459 David Gonzales M25 47:25
print C381 karl brown M25 47:33
print JD599 Kevin Wurth M25 47:52
print HB770 Joshua Riney M25 47:53
print CC036 Mike Alonzo M25 47:57
print BA158 Peter DeCarlo M25 48:04
print CC290 Jeremy Geer M25 48:04
print WB759 Dan Carnahan M25 48:05
print HA755 Rich Haase M25 48:07
print DD144 Tate Santee M25 48:09
print HC470 Mark Thomas Gregory M25 48:14
print HB596 Jonathan Mischke M25 48:24
print FE458 James Booth M25 48:24
print BB083 Colby Hansen M25 48:25
print JD575 Patrick Hill M25 48:27
print A229 Mathew Martinez M25 48:30
print EA196 Greg Bianchi M25 48:34
print JC200 Guot Anyak M25 48:37
print HB147 Joe Chrisman M25 48:44
print JE530 Benjamin Carryer M25 48:51
print BB186 Matthew Holter M25 49:06
print HC144 Matthew Martinson M25 49:14
print DA274 Arthur Messal M25 49:14
print J162 Ethan Schonbrun M25 49:17
print FC041 Matthew Kent Cobb M25 49:28
print JC224 Alfred Acheri M25 49:30
print GD012 Joel Hickerson M25 49:43
print FF094 Erik Anderson M25 49:45
print EB407 Wayne Ragsdale M25 49:46
print FF465 Keith O'Neal M25 49:53
print E046 Brett Wolk M25 49:58
print HA142 Michael E Nietch M25 50:00
print JE467 Jaime Castaneda M25 50:06
print HB540 Arthur Snowden M25 50:09
print FC316 Brett Eslinger M25 50:10
print JB381 Daniel Ferry M25 50:12
print HC257 Jason Polk M25 50:13
print FE756 Nate Agnimi M25 50:17
print E100 Bryan Scott Carlin M25 50:17
print D640 Michael Krasche M25 50:20
print BB301 Jonathan Faulkner M25 50:28
print DA534 Kevin Flannery M25 50:30
print HA678 Matthew Earl Gompert M25 50:46
print C354 Bryan Mack M25 50:51
print JD700 Mitchell Cooper M25 51:00
print NB042 Barrett Koczkur M25 51:05
print EA273 Mike Zugelder M25 51:09
print JE554 Benjamin Salem M25 51:17
print D095 Joseph Buckwalter M25 51:18
print N675 chad matthew vitalis M25 51:19
print JB304 Torrin Hultgren M25 51:22
print G447 Nicholas Pocock M25 51:25
print EC358 William D Alcorn M25 51:40
print JA629 William Eric Bodenstab M25 51:43
print FF466 Shane Alan Therrien M25 51:43
print JC567 chris haugen M25 51:47
print PE081 David McGuire M25 51:49
print EA164 Mark Snook M25 51:50
print CC345 Joshua Carroll M25 51:54
print FC061 Alex Gury M25 51:59
print FC695 Teddy Berglund M25 52:01
print FD791 Mark Nuti M25 52:07
print D091 Brandon Prince M25 52:12
print FD122 Andrew Speelhoffer M25 52:21
print JD741 Josh Schaeffer M25 52:43
print F584 Joshua Wells M25 53:01
print J715 Min Bae Yu M25 53:03
print FD439 Paul Lemmon M25 53:04
print GC746 Casey Daker M25 53:06
print KB756 John Oneil M25 53:09
print EA156 Matthew Conner M25 53:13
print JA513 Scott Nelson Hawley M25 53:18
print EC209 Joshua H Kail M25 53:25
print GB006 Christopher Pereira M25 53:27
print J286 Quincy Douglass M25 53:33
print G181 Todd Jacobson M25 53:36
print FD788 Jared Brody M25 53:37
print E593 Jeremy Cernanec M25 53:42
print ED492 Nathanial Palmer M25 53:44
print EB271 Josh Schmidt M25 53:48
print FF721 Peter A Brookens M25 53:51
print FE696 James Brannon IV M25 53:51
print EC369 Dylan Hoffman M25 53:53
print N392 Dewey Garwood M25 53:54
print M054 Adam Helmbrecht M25 54:01
print GC043 Kristofor R. Swanson M25 54:08
print HB380 Craig Jobman M25 54:26
print EB235 Joseph Vrablik M25 54:38
print FA321 Mark Lubbers M25 54:39
print FA058 Scott Matthias M25 54:41
print FF772 Charles Nilan M25 54:41
print JA771 Chris Laboon M25 54:47
print HB690 Zachary Borger M25 54:54
print JA757 Reed Beall M25 55:00
print HA669 Steven John Tighe M25 55:05
print EB613 Robb Steven M25 55:06
print GE360 Trever Jack Ackerman M25 55:07
print JE018 Nathaniel Barker M25 55:12
print WA767 Zachary Smith M25 55:12
print EC425 Clayton Sampson M25 55:12
print JC185 Lado Jurkin M25 55:18
print D336 Nicolas Meier M25 55:19
print FF771 Jason Churchill M25 55:22
print FF439 Chad C Markgraf M25 55:36
print FB642 David Neisen M25 55:37
print GD247 Mike Redman M25 55:47
print GC689 Patrick Queisner M25 55:47
print GA538 Robert Leslie Garner M25 55:49
print EF301 jason david willems M25 55:51
print FD473 Matthew Kevan M25 55:59
print G710 Clay Sullwold M25 56:01
print JA246 Steven Andrew Maxfield M25 56:28
print HD743 Kevin Shaffer M25 56:33
print EE051 Mark Babula M25 56:35
print HD742 Jonathan Saine M25 56:36
print PF729 Kyle Burns M25 56:47

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