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BolderBOULDER 2005


May 30, 2005 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,158
Number of Females:22,558
Number of Males:19,600
Average Time:1:15:21
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Aish 30:29
2. Jesus Solis 30:45
3. Nelson Laux 30:58
4. Kristian Agnew 31:10
5. Art Seimers 31:51
Female Participants
1. Anna Pichrtova 34:30
2. Diane Gentry 35:51
3. Patty Murray 36:12
4. Jeanne Hennessy 36:59
5. Lesley Anne Higgins 37:28
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print AA468 Tanya Ball F34 39:02
print AA109 Karen Lynn Franklin F34 39:51
print AA294 Karen Aeberli F34 41:02
print AB276 Meg Tilton F34 42:22
print B138 Kelly Walsh F34 44:56
print BB238 Julie Thebeau F34 45:02
print B128 Mary Ann Frielingsdorf F34 45:04
print AA102 Andrea Gregory F34 45:31
print E576 Rebecca A Holmes F34 46:35
print C275 Tanya Tisher F34 46:43
print C461 Christine Van Diest F34 46:45
print FC767 Jacqueline Marie Garcia F34 46:55
print FC779 CHRIS A DONOHUE F34 47:00
print BA412 Laurie Fritts F34 47:02
print HE136 Lora Moody F34 47:15
print DA350 Lisa Spitz F34 47:18
print CA434 Laura Rogers F34 47:36
print BA318 Suzanne Bowser F34 47:42
print D310 Shannon Renee Fendler F34 47:46
print DD317 Michelle Cleminson F34 47:46
print DA201 Melissa Liane Mong F34 47:56
print FD209 Ami Sue Chamberlain F34 48:05
print D058 Katharine Alice Barwick F34 48:13
print FD462 Kristin Woodward F34 48:18
print EA389 Margi Resch F34 48:42
print CC396 Sharyl Maves F34 48:53
print CA341 Brandy Sylvester F34 49:10
print EB170 Kira Johnson F34 49:11
print D409 Amy Artzer F34 49:16
print BB537 Amelia Dickmann F34 49:33
print EA162 Tracy Lehman F34 49:40
print BA044 Ann Wendland F34 49:40
print DD150 Jen Warden F34 50:06
print FD260 Michelle Fury F34 50:13
print D410 Angie Devlin F34 50:48
print GD493 Julie Mihevc F34 50:54
print HD632 Dawn Watt F34 50:55
print CC111 Asha Conroy F34 50:58
print EB341 Molly Kroeker F34 51:04
print NA028 Nathalie Moyen F34 51:17
print EB210 MIA S HAMEL F34 51:28
print EB512 Carmen Sagrati F34 51:29
print EC048 Kelly Kinnebrew F34 51:42
print DA245 Kim K Medwetz F34 51:45
print EA009 Michelle Wilson F34 52:03
print E412 Jamie Giese F34 52:20
print FD344 Karen M Welch F34 52:34
print DA066 Lisen Anne Gustafson F34 52:36
print ED077 Karin Gallup F34 52:37
print EB038 Jaymee Pearson F34 52:39
print FF500 Amy Sauers Hubbard F34 52:40
print EA376 Rebecca Lasica F34 52:42
print HB080 Kimi Spielman F34 52:45
print FB229 Wendy Helzer F34 52:52
print GA405 Tawnya Chupik F34 52:53
print FE787 Tamara J Kriese F34 52:57
print ED155 Renee Barker F34 53:05
print D189 Megan Tobler F34 53:08
print EB122 Sonya Estes F34 53:12
print EA089 Natalie McDowell F34 53:25
print FB155 karla kalahar F34 53:25
print DD194 Donna Shorrock F34 53:28
print EE060 Jennifer Haberkorn F34 53:28
print PA504 Tracie Zakavec F34 53:41
print EC543 Daidre Johnson F34 53:41
print FC676 Jennifer Burnside F34 53:44
print F223 Jean Marie Whitt F34 53:49
print ED031 Grace Mills F34 54:09
print FD354 Melynda Lee Weiss F34 54:11
print E130 Jennifer Anne Barbour F34 54:23
print FC198 Kathy S Hagen F34 54:28
print D378 Charity Sevian F34 54:30
print EB375 Gina Gentili F34 54:30
print MD037 Jennifer Nuhfer F34 54:36
print DA253 Mary Kestler F34 54:48
print EB345 Lesli Miller F34 54:52
print FF267 Allison Sharp F34 54:56
print ED311 Mackenzie Churchill F34 54:57
print EC075 Laura K Farrelly F34 55:04
print FC583 Traci Moore F34 55:06
print GD754 Kathy Schlepp F34 55:19
print NE497 Patti Miller F34 55:20
print ED312 Michelle Finley F34 55:20
print ED327 Tracee Vickery F34 55:35
print JC334 Tara E Lamb F34 55:37
print FF334 Mindi Seaman F34 55:40
print HD787 Sarah Magness F34 55:40
print FC197 Dana Leslie Fleming F34 55:49
print HB635 Jill Sanchez F34 56:07
print F281 Indira B Graham F34 56:19
print FC093 Marcy Jean Eastman F34 56:24
print MD645 Emily Schnackenberg F34 56:26
print GA468 Andrea Earls F34 56:26
print D527 Kristi Barbari F34 56:31
print GB544 Monica Gwyn Lohmar F34 56:34
print ED384 Jennifer Prestwich F34 56:41
print HB557 Kristin Dickinson F34 56:43
print F127 Renee Paul F34 56:44
print MB147 Tricia Reb F34 56:50
print HC457 Jeanette Keown F34 56:50
print HB488 Ronda Courtney F34 56:53
print F175 Kim Horsley F34 56:54
print FA041 Michele Durkin F34 56:58
print F218 Madeline S Cohen F34 57:05
print JE358 Sharley Benham F34 57:08
print FA311 Elizabeth Weiler F34 57:09
print HD099 Donna Chryniwsky F34 57:09
print GB218 Brittany Strobel F34 57:16
print FB074 Tammy Hoffman F34 57:21
print HB569 Stephanie Carpenter F34 57:26
print FB225 Tiffany J Bowling F34 57:31
print GE358 Becky Hamilton F34 57:34
print EB103 Hollie Seeley F34 57:35
print FC690 Tammi Bonbrake F34 57:38
print GC271 Krystanne Borgen F34 57:38
print FA035 Brooke K Smith F34 57:40
print HE647 Meredith Lee Lawton F34 57:42
print FD496 Lissie Stagg F34 57:44
print KA191 claudia patricia young F34 57:45
print HA355 Jane Sovndal F34 57:48
print FD693 Rachel Steinberg F34 57:49
print ED210 Tanya Gifford F34 57:49
print GB703 Lisa Gallert F34 57:52
print FA228 Carolyn Beth Hartl F34 57:53
print MF520 Christine Bottagaro F34 58:09
print GC319 Anita Adams F34 58:12
print GD792 Kathi Schlieman F34 58:15
print F157 Tara Buckner F34 58:20
print M403 Joy Mandeville F34 58:21
print FA509 Yanick Camp F34 58:27
print JE235 Amy Michelle Greenhouse F34 58:52
print MA706 Kathleen Orth F34 58:53
print F343 Linda Shapiro F34 58:55
print EE541 Deanna McCarthy F34 59:01
print F347 Shani Lambke F34 59:01
print FA457 Julie Orlandi F34 59:02
print HC537 Sharon Jourgensen F34 59:02
print HB291 Marie Martinez F34 59:04
print GB594 Christine Perea F34 59:05
print HA503 Cathy Howland F34 59:06
print GE741 Andrea O'Connell F34 59:06
print EE279 Dana Donley F34 59:11
print MC581 cammy archuleta F34 59:12
print GA291 elyn robinson F34 59:15
print DA148 Rachel LeValley F34 59:15
print GA773 Ashley A Flynn F34 59:15
print HD369 Heather Jeanette Boor F34 59:19
print G629 Lisa Preston F34 59:21
print EE223 Wendy K Lee F34 59:22
print GE761 Laurie A. Dauman F34 59:32
print M359 Bridget Julian F34 59:32
print M153 Kristin Penn F34 59:36
print MB662 Joy Shults F34 59:46
print GE319 Katie Hubbard F34 59:53
print MD696 Lori Ann Bruegman F34 59:55
print GE232 Angela Martin F34 59:58
print FA067 Regina Regazzi F34 1:00:00
print M061 Kristine Glasgow F34 1:00:00
print F552 Stacie Gignac F34 1:00:00
print FB448 Lori Ciccone F34 1:00:10
print JC287 Krista Olson F34 1:00:11
print EE474 Carrie Packard F34 1:00:19
print FF445 Lacey Marie Hicks F34 1:00:23
print ED366 Jennifer Lieber F34 1:00:40
print GE129 Carrie Redmond F34 1:00:41
print PB612 Kelly Wilsey F34 1:00:46
print EC350 Yoriko Morita F34 1:00:50
print GC399 Becky Combs F34 1:00:53
print FB248 Angie Treinen F34 1:01:01
print GE021 Wendy Johnson F34 1:01:03
print JE391 Paola Horning F34 1:01:05
print FA154 Julie Graves F34 1:01:05
print FB374 Molly Kitsmiller F34 1:01:12
print GB726 Jessica Rogalski F34 1:01:13
print FD173 Purna Nemani F34 1:01:13
print H018 Angela Hutchison F34 1:01:15
print J501 Melinda Story F34 1:01:17
print GC622 Shelly Nixon F34 1:01:31
print GC634 Katie Daigle F34 1:01:35
print HB264 Marna Steuart F34 1:01:39
print N096 Karen Kenyon F34 1:01:39
print GA706 veronica lynnae brandl F34 1:01:41
print MB012 Shelby Hill F34 1:01:45
print H767 Jennifer Lieb F34 1:01:47
print FD240 kathleen elisabeth i wood F34 1:01:56
print MC135 Tammy Adams F34 1:01:56
print H524 Kelly Mueldener F34 1:02:02
print GC640 Amy Winter F34 1:02:04
print HB644 nicole edelmann hennig F34 1:02:07
print HC535 Mary Hagen F34 1:02:07
print FF369 Robin Brody F34 1:02:12
print FE416 Liane McIlwaine F34 1:02:15
print ME704 Laurel Christine Plumb F34 1:02:16
print G041 Anne Lawrie F34 1:02:17
print MG597 Melinda Hodges F34 1:02:17
print MC229 Amy Bulander F34 1:02:23
print GE098 Kelley Lewis F34 1:02:23
print JB009 Celest Rice F34 1:02:34
print HB163 Julia Williams F34 1:02:42
print FC172 Jackie Roberts F34 1:02:46

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