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BolderBOULDER 1998


May 25, 1998 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:37,345
Number of Females:19,619
Number of Males:17,726
Average Time:1:12:44
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Casey O'Shea 30:31
2. Jon Hume 30:53
3. Shannon Butler 31:11
4. Kelly Mortenson 31:24
5. Craig Young 31:31
Female Participants
1. Hisako Inami 35:04
2. Diane Gentry 36:13
3. Patty Murray 36:30
4. Sarah Piccolo 36:40
5. Beth Ellickson 36:48
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print A361 Kelly Campbell F38 38:33
print AA790 Paquita Zuidema F38 39:57
print AA424 Yvonne Joyce F38 40:55
print B582 Caroline Smith F38 42:13
print AA301 Kim Grant F38 42:47
print AA818 Cindy Gagnon F38 43:23
print CC187 Ann Rhodes F38 44:10
print BB499 Suzanne Baily F38 44:14
print BB752 Lila Seal F38 45:08
print C726 Keri Kelly F38 45:49
print BB171 Susie Stevens F38 46:17
print D440 Marianne Walter F38 46:21
print Q022 Jill Dukelow F38 46:31
print P808 Karen Charles F38 46:32
print C447 Carol Murphy F38 46:41
print BB522 Donna Miller F38 46:46
print HH110 Angie Havranek F38 47:00
print BB850 Barbara Bailey F38 47:15
print H056 Jeanne Johnson F38 47:38
print CC597 Mary McClain F38 48:03
print BB652 Tammy Adams F38 48:06
print C130 Mindy Logan F38 48:10
print C623 Patricia VanDevander F38 48:20
print CC662 Jeananne James F38 48:26
print BB268 Patrice Leddy F38 48:38
print D636 Dessie Fafoutis F38 48:48
print D191 Lisa Perrin F38 48:50
print CC756 Kathy Damiani F38 48:56
print CC477 Stacy Moore F38 49:06
print FF052 Dana Robinson F38 49:08
print DD287 Pamela Lathers F38 49:13
print CC132 Kathy Carroll F38 49:29
print G096 Bonnie Pollak F38 49:35
print D700 Sue Nakaoka F38 50:01
print H451 Jill Hart F38 50:33
print K048 Leona Hudson F38 50:39
print EE413 Cynthia Arendt F38 50:52
print K733 Mary Huber F38 50:59
print F676 Karen Breen F38 51:16
print G094 Kate Ward F38 51:18
print GG711 Jean Yanchek F38 51:22
print DD692 Elizabeth Whittaker F38 51:25
print CC115 Barbara Reid F38 51:28
print OO566 Rhonda Schwartz F38 51:28
print NN841 Shirley Fitzgerald F38 51:28
print HH406 Linda Holthouse-Milne F38 51:42
print EE299 Ann Hall F38 52:04
print E605 Janet Hughes F38 52:14
print HH442 Deb Lavender F38 52:20
print OO862 Jane Vigil F38 52:35
print K788 Kathleen Reed F38 52:41
print EE440 Janet Braccio F38 52:54
print H021 Julie Littell F38 52:59
print HH010 Elizabeth Jessup F38 52:59
print D390 Suzy Pyle F38 53:00
print H452 Mindy Emrick F38 53:06
print HH863 Carol Ann Collins F38 53:06
print FF771 Peggy Beihoffer F38 53:07
print D310 Laura Waldron F38 53:08
print EE182 Jan Yates F38 53:14
print FF495 Suzi Ritter F38 53:17
print EE169 Lisa Schiel F38 53:21
print D619 Jo Ann Cermola F38 53:30
print G526 Rebecca Russell F38 53:36
print G550 Karla Shaw F38 53:39
print KK715 Debbie Suzuki F38 53:40
print I134 Charlene Horn F38 53:48
print MM175 Caroline Rassenfoss F38 53:50
print F526 Carolyn Coffey F38 53:54
print D638 Julie Luther F38 54:04
print F667 Jean Arp F38 54:04
print HH062 Cynthia Moes F38 54:16
print N662 Amy Taylor F38 54:24
print I116 Debra Harano F38 54:27
print HH091 Annette Shaver F38 54:36
print KK009 Madina Buhendwa F38 54:49
print E304 Sonja Walker F38 54:56
print L299 Cindy Dasso F38 54:57
print S647 Linda Armour F38 55:08
print J578 Donna Freisem F38 55:36
print QQ532 Liz Murphy F38 55:37
print KK838 Kristi Reed F38 55:38
print EE715 Charmaine Ross F38 55:49
print K070 Shirley Barr F38 56:08
print LL421 B.J. Jones F38 56:18
print J646 Cindi Brown F38 56:19
print I674 Jean Hudner F38 56:26
print FF130 Dee Lennox F38 56:26
print HH071 Tina Smith F38 56:28
print K563 Mari Lodebush F38 56:30
print E278 Cathy Nehf F38 56:32
print LL479 Michelle High F38 56:36
print I466 Becky Partridge F38 56:39
print FF179 Claire Bronstein F38 56:42
print GG106 Teri Cottingham F38 56:48
print QQ062 Kali Barranova F38 56:49
print L220 Kristie Omsgard F38 56:57
print H048 Lynn McAuliffe F38 57:05
print G783 Merle Miller F38 57:05
print I141 Karen Nevins F38 57:10
print H460 Christine Einerson F38 57:33
print S559 Sue Koral F38 57:39
print LL621 Cathy Munoz F38 57:39
print EE118 Kim Riley F38 57:41
print GG393 Cathy Sacco F38 58:02
print GG320 Maureen Walker F38 58:04
print SS828 Loree Thorderson F38 58:18
print EE141 Jane Lopez F38 58:22
print J871 Susan Cornick F38 58:28
print OO482 Joy Buffo F38 58:29
print K279 Laura That F38 58:32
print F189 Anne Doty F38 58:42
print S670 Pat Nohe F38 58:43
print F341 Cathy Higgins F38 58:48
print JJ411 Mary Miller F38 58:51
print I139 Cathy Rios F38 58:54
print GG898 Karen Godfrey F38 58:58
print G255 Clare Dunsmoor F38 59:08
print JJ796 Jenny Teufel F38 59:13
print R053 Anne Razon Wallace F38 59:20
print K618 Teresa Parish F38 59:27
print KK197 Diane Halva F38 59:28
print J850 Patty McCollum F38 59:28
print Q292 Mary Ellen Caiati F38 59:34
print K784 Julia West F38 59:34
print JJ655 Camela Brinegar F38 59:39
print GG216 Bonnie Lucara F38 59:41
print FF841 Cindy Teiffel F38 59:42
print K654 Kris Rudin F38 59:44
print OO420 Leigh Mitchell F38 59:45
print LL707 Jane Morvay F38 59:46
print OO014 Joan Minick F38 59:48
print S886 Cheryl Alongi F38 59:49
print LL384 Marcy Welk F38 59:49
print N266 Sylvia Palomino F38 1:00:06
print NN515 Kathy Cocetti F38 1:00:06
print SS885 Kristina Kronholm F38 1:00:10
print MM487 Carol Carpenter F38 1:00:17
print I026 Maria Lopez F38 1:00:19
print M740 Constance Brown F38 1:00:22
print PP589 Pam Shields F38 1:00:27
print GG660 Teresa Eastburn F38 1:00:38
print JJ143 Lillian Herger F38 1:00:42
print F652 Robyn Donahue F38 1:00:42
print JJ566 Holly Romero F38 1:00:45
print G127 Laura Merritt F38 1:00:48
print QQ897 Jan Sorency F38 1:00:58
print Q672 Galene Jones F38 1:01:01
print JJ217 Annette Nading F38 1:01:07
print LL280 Cecilia Haag F38 1:01:13
print N290 Susy Maroney F38 1:01:15
print L434 Kathryn Besemer F38 1:01:19
print NN488 Mary Krashefski F38 1:01:25
print OO319 Cheryl Howell F38 1:01:28
print JJ480 Daren Magno F38 1:01:34
print HH409 Colleen Swendson F38 1:01:42
print LL306 Mary Rowan F38 1:01:43
print M611 Jean Robertson F38 1:01:48
print Q350 Alyssa Garske F38 1:01:57
print SS246 Susan Piehl F38 1:01:58
print H713 Joyce Daldos F38 1:02:06
print NN019 Kitty Reger F38 1:02:08
print KK372 Elizabeth Zimola F38 1:02:13
print G311 Kathy Gruenwald F38 1:02:19
print J035 Karen Hiraki F38 1:02:20
print KK873 Angela Gilbert F38 1:02:28
print S531 Susan Gonzales F38 1:02:30
print NN240 Suzette Fulton F38 1:02:37
print KK712 Elizabeth Bissonnette F38 1:02:41
print TT720 Susan Cherry F38 1:03:04
print JJ386 Deborah Stahl F38 1:03:07
print N462 Ann Levine F38 1:03:18
print OO485 Kris Warner F38 1:03:20
print I223 Christina Martinez F38 1:03:29
print R842 Terry Heaton F38 1:03:34
print U053 Shelley Grieser F38 1:03:34
print H894 Sue Hawkes F38 1:03:43
print M367 Julie Arndt-Hollander F38 1:04:02
print QQ646 Ellen Ruble F38 1:04:10
print PP624 Annie Groth F38 1:04:15
print Q856 Anne Wells F38 1:04:22
print LL569 Kelly Johnson F38 1:04:24
print KK129 Sue Hafezzadeh F38 1:04:24
print NN619 Silvi Steigerwald F38 1:04:25
print L614 Kelly Hall F38 1:04:25
print K507 Robin Quigley F38 1:04:29
print FF682 Kris Norris F38 1:04:31
print R066 Linda Veldman F38 1:04:44
print I692 Vicki Howland F38 1:04:58
print K147 Marcia Tillett F38 1:04:59
print P575 Courtney Godbolt F38 1:05:06
print P574 Sarah Tracy F38 1:05:08
print SS470 Sandra Haynes F38 1:05:19
print MM654 Tracy Enriquez F38 1:05:37
print OO470 Madelyn Clair F38 1:05:41
print U581 Corrine Glock F38 1:06:02
print GG647 Pati Blauer F38 1:06:10
print MM623 Nancy Spakr F38 1:06:15
print M311 Athena Levy F38 1:06:25
print KK377 Michele Gilman F38 1:06:41

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