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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A362 Beth Ellickson F32 36:31
print B498 Dawn Fischer F32 39:41
print AA380 Karen Smidt F32 39:47
print AA657 Sara Pickering F32 40:42
print AA085 Rita Vigil F32 40:51
print B605 Gina Garcia-Shaw F32 41:35
print C224 Stacey Smith F32 42:34
print B229 Karla Price F32 42:59
print C179 Roberta Hauck F32 43:34
print B572 Cathy Maslowski-Yerga F32 43:42
print AA726 Delane Atencio F32 43:57
print B697 Sara Solin F32 43:58
print BB747 Erika Biggs F32 44:01
print BB814 Michelle Geier F32 44:40
print C500 Deann Geertsema F32 44:43
print B395 Michele Howard F32 44:59
print B651 Stella Heffron F32 45:16
print AA327 Jane Schillaci F32 45:29
print GG801 Sarah Brittain F32 45:33
print C658 Donna Laeyendecker F32 45:36
print C800 Kathi Gottman F32 45:50
print C140 Patricia Kuhl F32 45:52
print DD644 Sheri Gaskill F32 45:57
print EE805 Jackie Szablewski F32 46:14
print BB333 Susan Nuzum F32 46:28
print D508 Amy Horrell F32 46:49
print BB409 Tina Burghardt F32 46:55
print DD351 Samantha Owen F32 47:02
print D515 Elizabeth Sellyei F32 47:07
print CC439 Ingrid Millhauser F32 47:14
print BB441 Katy Stock F32 47:14
print QQ077 Tricia Oicans F32 47:25
print C862 Monica McKenzie F32 47:28
print CC460 Bobbi Hansen F32 47:38
print P724 Darren Sporing F32 47:51
print D620 Tamara Rogers F32 48:31
print CC118 Tammy Weckwerth F32 48:35
print G286 Denyce Vincent F32 48:36
print E578 Carla Davis F32 48:40
print MM824 Tamya Laurence F32 48:43
print CC543 Susan Engles F32 48:47
print H017 Leslee Hampel F32 48:59
print CC261 Cindy Lauman F32 49:35
print B276 Kat D'Angelo F32 49:42
print DD762 Regine Sediva F32 49:45
print EE628 Kim Congedo F32 50:04
print N039 Jane Schacher F32 50:59
print F825 Eilleen Herbst F32 51:00
print P661 Dawn Geerson F32 51:00
print HH187 Kristi Seibert F32 51:01
print M081 Mary Pappas F32 51:05
print QQ511 Susie Hayes F32 51:11
print SS304 Gina Castro F32 51:17
print EE362 Annie Desjardins F32 51:19
print GG376 Michelle Schnabel F32 51:26
print N038 Maria Grecky F32 51:29
print BB800 Jenni Milner F32 51:34
print G290 Julie Geng F32 51:37
print G642 Jill Lichon F32 51:40
print I342 Theresa Simonich-Russ F32 51:52
print II276 Amy Hulstrom F32 51:56
print F834 Sylvia Tilton F32 52:09
print GG191 Kris Roberts F32 52:22
print B756 Birgit Mueller F32 52:25
print I627 Tracy Woodward F32 52:35
print E603 Julie Seydel F32 52:39
print LL050 Allison Coe F32 52:46
print DD559 Joanne Alexander F32 52:51
print O260 Molly Nasky F32 52:59
print GG189 Meg Toom F32 53:02
print H189 Elizabeth Andora F32 53:06
print HH028 Mira Canion F32 53:09
print F635 Terri Ary F32 53:10
print HH064 Jenny Aust F32 53:21
print LL895 Laura Alexander F32 53:34
print DD347 Jennifer Christensen F32 53:35
print PP578 Jocelyn Leibow F32 53:38
print GG651 Laura Shove F32 53:40
print KK839 Elisabeth Bowman F32 53:56
print VV321 Melinda Talcott F32 53:58
print PP451 Pam Miller F32 54:09
print EE314 Kelly Kurtz F32 54:15
print GG262 Sarah Dugan F32 54:16
print H762 Holly Klaus F32 54:19
print G554 Andrea Richard F32 54:21
print EE462 Amy Wittenmeier F32 54:23
print Y094 Gill Sommerseth F32 54:33
print I274 Lynne Shults F32 54:33
print GG607 Coutenay Bumpas F32 54:40
print QQ111 Paige Noble F32 54:55
print HH095 Diane McCrae F32 55:08
print HH044 Angela Petr F32 55:11
print FF036 Jaye Lampe F32 55:12
print GG781 Insa Wood F32 55:13
print G066 Jennifer Oldham F32 55:25
print DD415 Julie Miller Davis F32 55:31
print EE534 Barbara Noziere F32 55:32
print KK624 Latane Hill F32 55:35
print F376 NANCY DONNER F32 55:35
print D187 Sheri Tennant F32 55:37
print II838 Angela Loewen F32 55:39
print PP036 Laureen Eck F32 55:41
print J884 Dana Ford F32 55:42
print JJ738 Diane Nagel F32 55:45
print FF552 Debra Bell F32 55:45
print NN609 Stacey Muniz F32 55:53
print FF469 Elke Adler F32 56:02
print II117 Kim Montoya F32 56:07
print W104 Michelle Droe F32 56:10
print G459 Sharron Hopson F32 56:20
print R627 Betsy Powderly F32 56:41
print I422 Nathalie Flannery F32 56:42
print L757 Michelle Evans F32 56:43
print FF756 Joy Burris F32 56:55
print OO117 Ginger Phillips F32 56:58
print I879 Linda Broers F32 56:59
print HH516 Margaret Preedy F32 57:02
print I876 Gigi Zimmerman F32 57:10
print L635 Laura Wilson F32 57:14
print P810 Sandi Garcia F32 57:16
print OO421 Pam Rogers F32 57:38
print K435 Katie Agnew F32 57:39
print I224 Mary Tallman F32 57:42
print II883 Jeanne Plendl F32 57:47
print LL847 Ann Togasaki F32 57:47
print I415 Nifer Weller F32 57:49
print JJ534 Tara Chace F32 57:54
print L800 Julie McCloskey F32 57:55
print L412 Ashley Hurtgen F32 57:57
print G298 Kristine Smith F32 57:59
print G372 Cecelia Kern F32 58:04
print NN524 Kim Stielow F32 58:05
print U671 Gleneen Overholt F32 58:06
print JJ392 Becky Kierein F32 58:06
print II523 Ursula Lauper F32 58:07
print LL708 LEIGH LEVESQUE F32 58:07
print K333 Nancy Kinney F32 58:16
print I613 Jill Anders F32 58:26
print II889 Jessica Wentworth F32 58:32
print LL290 LAUREN EDELSTEIN F32 58:33
print LL620 Elizabeth Anderman F32 58:34
print G838 Marianne Martens F32 58:36
print NN719 Karin Gullberg F32 58:37
print J119 Robin Ross F32 58:40
print NN486 Missy Suter F32 58:44
print GG026 Brenda Burnell F32 58:46
print GG860 Amber Fehr F32 58:47
print JJ777 Stephanie Pitcher F32 58:48
print LL636 Joy Geltmacher F32 58:53
print H498 Irene Jones F32 59:00
print I085 Linda Tschumi F32 59:02
print NN062 PAMELA FLETCHER F32 59:03
print E711 Shelly Fernigan F32 59:05
print FF244 Candace Martin-O'Connor F32 59:16
print O712 Wendy Meyn F32 59:26
print H101 Matilde Villarreal F32 59:32
print G831 Stephanie Campbell F32 59:42
print K895 Jennifer Golden F32 59:44
print QQ161 Susanne Costello F32 59:47
print NN379 Kristin KenneyWilliams F32 59:47
print I044 Janet Emke F32 59:49
print KK488 Karen DiMarcello F32 59:53
print H236 Michelle Clopton F32 1:00:09
print DD694 Lisa Smith F32 1:00:09
print JJ115 Barbara Mica F32 1:00:13
print OO314 Nancy Brandon F32 1:00:16
print HH205 Christine Fondren F32 1:00:17
print SS845 Susan Finnefrock F32 1:00:19
print F161 Sue Akers F32 1:00:22
print O698 Thada Pourier F32 1:00:26
print PP063 Sarah Lee F32 1:00:34
print PP601 Leigh Waller F32 1:00:35
print M507 Barbara Koplan F32 1:00:36
print PP678 Dana Hughes F32 1:00:38
print NN057 Michelle Schwerin F32 1:00:40
print KK460 Susie McMahon F32 1:00:41
print G335 Denise Cook F32 1:00:43
print RR821 Leslie Weaver F32 1:00:48
print P651 Maura Stetson F32 1:00:50
print CC593 Jennie Burgoz F32 1:00:52
print OO841 Renae Grout F32 1:00:53
print OO374 Gwen Schiller F32 1:00:54
print J490 Roseann Putz F32 1:00:55
print R671 Shigenni Adachi F32 1:00:56
print JJ287 Jennifer Pitt F32 1:01:10
print P086 Mia DeLong F32 1:01:13
print NN537 Monica Thompson F32 1:01:20
print LL373 Susan Amarino F32 1:01:28
print NN778 Marcia McGwin F32 1:01:35
print GG879 Kate Fuentes F32 1:01:36
print L724 Michelle Roemig F32 1:01:42
print J248 Denise Contreras F32 1:01:44
print PP856 Carol Conzelman F32 1:01:45
print L790 Sangeeta Relan F32 1:01:48
print NN543 Jennifer McClellan F32 1:01:49
print JJ186 Trish Wood F32 1:01:51
print L214 Kendra Jorgensen F32 1:01:56
print S806 Madeline Davis F32 1:01:58
print MM648 Patricia Graner F32 1:01:58
print I530 Denise Ellis F32 1:02:06

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