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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A012 Chris McNamdra F33 35:43
print A191 Patty Murray F33 36:04
print B293 Lesia Hlady F33 39:30
print B690 Jill Tanaka F33 40:27
print AA748 Tanya Poel F33 40:33
print AA863 Cynthia Wilkowske F33 40:55
print C130 Heidi Girstl F33 42:40
print B175 Karen C. Richards F33 42:41
print AA318 Kristine Leader F33 42:59
print BB569 Lisa McCone F33 43:09
print AA853 Maria Vlasak F33 43:28
print C327 CATHERINE SHERIDAN F33 43:47
print F086 Camille Grossi F33 44:35
print C686 Jeanette Heimbach F33 44:58
print C520 Gretchen Hinson F33 45:26
print BB764 Tamara Shafer F33 45:35
print BB727 Mary Tessmer F33 45:38
print CC272 Margaret Moore F33 45:43
print BB706 Laura McClellan F33 45:52
print FF732 Leslie Hoffmann F33 45:55
print BB144 Lynn St. Denis F33 45:58
print C547 Kim Kasic F33 46:21
print D251 Karen Kemerling F33 46:51
print D546 Laura Dattilo F33 47:00
print CC109 Laura Mangus F33 47:02
print DD874 Robyn Barker F33 47:10
print C574 Carol Nelson F33 47:22
print DD532 Nadine Greeff F33 47:51
print F296 Nancy Rowland F33 48:20
print I560 Judy Meduna F33 48:45
print D848 Sarah Erdmann F33 48:49
print ZZ409 Sue Contreras F33 48:50
print DD526 Cindy Miller F33 49:08
print E713 Beth Faragher F33 49:37
print HH053 Sally Meier F33 49:38
print G568 Moira Burns F33 49:45
print D168 Belle Morris F33 49:46
print DD596 Beth Folsom F33 50:14
print Q245 Kimberly Coseglia F33 50:17
print O692 Elaine Kummer F33 50:17
print D226 Eileen Joseph F33 50:24
print AA813 Lisa Murphy F33 50:25
print GG599 Sandra Boots F33 50:49
print S121 Amy Davis F33 50:51
print F062 Patricia Elwood F33 50:54
print D585 Beverly Roth F33 51:17
print D681 Jennifer Rocke F33 51:18
print E192 Kirsten Barnocky F33 51:25
print E195 Katie Link F33 51:30
print EE400 Ruth Weinberg F33 51:37
print FF790 Maureen McCloskey F33 51:37
print FF223 Wendy Swedick F33 51:39
print FF670 Laura Bakke F33 51:39
print E772 Johanna Becker F33 51:59
print SS529 Marilyn Turner F33 52:02
print OO351 Stacie Taravella F33 52:03
print E531 Laura Koleczek F33 52:12
print G635 Caron Notarmuzi F33 52:24
print EE652 Minna Win-Gildenmeister F33 52:29
print H125 Tanner Krantz F33 52:42
print OO136 Christine Coveney F33 52:49
print E454 Amy Siefert F33 52:56
print G743 Sandy Love F33 52:57
print EE550 - Smith COMMA Rhonda F33 52:59
print FF316 Nanette Elzinga F33 53:08
print E581 Andrea Smith F33 53:13
print H680 Melanie Simons-Dahlstrom F33 53:14
print M097 Lisa Nelson F33 53:19
print FF541 Anne Eckstein F33 53:20
print II086 Susan Poersch F33 53:23
print L561 Elizabeth Kinneary F33 53:29
print J250 Jennifer Barrett F33 53:41
print II509 Aimee Mangeot F33 53:42
print EE453 Melissa Johnson F33 53:49
print PP325 Ann Brey F33 53:58
print EE294 Michelle Orlandino F33 53:58
print F340 Amy Steele F33 54:10
print F557 Harriet Langer F33 54:20
print H249 Irma Serda F33 54:22
print NN318 Jackie Wenck F33 54:35
print NN034 Stacia Wilkins F33 54:44
print S467 Gayle Bereskin F33 54:46
print FF506 Brenda Lujan F33 54:48
print HH354 K. Norton F33 54:54
print QQ038 Ann Obenchain F33 54:55
print L317 Christina Bottoms F33 55:00
print GG684 Colley Mo F33 55:00
print HH526 Kari Sorenson F33 55:13
print PP254 Regan Lawson F33 55:25
print G799 Kay Matsumoto F33 55:32
print Q825 Wendy NeKritz F33 55:40
print Q604 Michele Thompson F33 55:41
print EE669 Anna Gallegos F33 55:44
print TT497 Kathryn Lynch F33 55:48
print OO207 Chatty Torres F33 56:12
print N148 Colleen Long F33 56:13
print MM366 Jacquelyn Conley F33 56:14
print G026 Laura Hedrington F33 56:18
print SS162 Janette Frigo F33 56:23
print F169 Robin Birkeland F33 56:24
print H301 Michelle Nigh F33 56:26
print PP228 LeeAnne Tomasko F33 56:36
print KK510 Mary Casey F33 56:45
print HH876 Becky Green F33 56:48
print K817 Mary Stevens F33 56:48
print T578 Nancy DeAngelo F33 56:50
print PP050 Kathy Gilday F33 56:50
print EE117 Rosanne Paschall F33 56:54
print MM719 Noelle Smith F33 57:07
print N012 Leanne-rae Lyon F33 57:08
print II779 Jamie Shaak F33 57:14
print LL501 Lori Schneider F33 57:15
print FF551 Karen Ullman F33 57:15
print J717 Lauri Pointer F33 57:19
print NN720 Julie Quihuiz F33 57:23
print J060 Karie Cooper F33 57:24
print NN623 Michele Fischer F33 57:24
print H334 Monica Rempel F33 57:28
print II476 Marilyn Quinn F33 57:34
print J640 Dana Anderson F33 57:35
print FF892 Carolyn Braithwaite F33 57:38
print J813 Angela Erickson F33 57:38
print JJ057 Amy Archibald F33 57:45
print HH646 Julie Buck F33 57:46
print H346 Susan Rex F33 57:49
print FF577 Elizabeth Williams F33 57:54
print GG692 Kylee Schroeder F33 58:04
print K494 Terri Dunn F33 58:04
print C381 Diane Duran F33 58:11
print J681 Eileen Campbell F33 58:11
print NN324 Veronica Oswald F33 58:14
print HH075 Allison Lotspeich F33 58:17
print E799 Michele Martin F33 58:31
print GG460 Lisa Hughes F33 58:34
print J249 Karen Whitaker F33 58:39
print QQ807 Laura Nachazel F33 58:42
print KK020 Barbara Giedraitis F33 58:51
print GG452 Trudy Rowe F33 58:56
print H592 Becky Weber F33 59:16
print I132 Christine Maulsby F33 59:23
print II496 Tammy White F33 59:25
print JJ354 Dawn Bement F33 59:25
print JJ231 Beth MacDonald F33 59:33
print H476 Sherri Singleton F33 59:37
print II072 Kristen Douthitt F33 59:39
print M180 Tiffany Boyd F33 59:41
print HH894 Teresa Renken F33 59:43
print MM801 Marjorie Otto F33 59:47
print OO530 Theresa Capaci F33 59:50
print I801 Carol Dinner F33 59:50
print G439 Dianne Charles F33 59:51
print PP354 Michele Schiftar F33 59:55
print OO642 CONNIE VICKERS F33 59:58
print O568 Jacci Geiger F33 59:58
print PP464 Carrie Nichols F33 1:00:03
print H576 Lori Diue F33 1:00:04
print TT811 Leigh Ann Kingman F33 1:00:06
print I043 Tami Chapman F33 1:00:06
print HH581 Robin Cowell F33 1:00:10
print O326 June Dapuzzo F33 1:00:14
print Q473 Marni Sandow F33 1:00:19
print JJ671 Rebecca Barck F33 1:00:25
print I555 Amy Scott F33 1:00:26
print OO721 Alisa Rollins F33 1:00:35
print L448 mary Darlen F33 1:00:39
print LL121 Michelle Murray F33 1:00:40
print J412 Kim Raupp F33 1:00:44
print LL498 Jill Boyle F33 1:00:46
print JJ206 Irene Reiners F33 1:00:46
print FF384 Debby Perlinger F33 1:00:46
print HH816 Robin Seidner F33 1:00:47
print JJ040 Wendy Levin F33 1:00:47
print FF313 Susan Hastings F33 1:00:56
print J273 Tiffany VanDeren F33 1:00:58
print N036 Bev Courtnage F33 1:01:01
print H262 Lisa Hartert F33 1:01:12
print M794 HUIQIONG ZHENGK F33 1:01:14
print MM772 Gayle Lujan F33 1:01:22
print O432 Amy Carson F33 1:01:24
print O837 Whitney Delohery F33 1:01:25
print Q742 Sheri Gipson F33 1:01:28
print GG122 Nathalie Maillard F33 1:01:36
print I325 Diane Hall F33 1:01:44
print PP404 Shawn Johnson F33 1:01:48
print MM247 Brigitte Scheck F33 1:01:53
print JJ790 Melissa Atkins F33 1:01:55
print P459 Teresa Bailey F33 1:02:03
print L075 Lora Noesen F33 1:02:04
print PP244 Susan Jones F33 1:02:07
print L225 Marilyn Pengra F33 1:02:09
print LL536 Mary Jane Perko F33 1:02:10
print LL230 Laura Moore F33 1:02:11
print F129 Kelly Collard F33 1:02:48
print I015 Caroline Bronchick F33 1:02:55
print JJ297 Kristine Haller F33 1:02:59
print HH558 Stephanie Carter F33 1:03:03
print II764 Katharine Moore F33 1:03:07
print L690 Laura Stevens F33 1:03:17
print J768 Kathleen Georden F33 1:03:21
print II844 Angelika Bush F33 1:03:23

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