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BolderBOULDER 1999


May 31, 1999 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:39,099
Number of Females:20,366
Number of Males:18,706
Average Time:1:14:18
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Darren Wilson 30:42
2. Sam Ngatia 31:22
3. Simon Guiterrez 31:29
4. Makoto Shiraishi 31:36
5. Chris Fox 31:38
Female Participants
1. Albina Gallyamova 34:55
2. Junko Akagi 34:58
3. AI Sugihara 35:27
4. Chris McNamdra 35:43
5. Eliza Alexander 35:48
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print A300 Lance Denning M37 33:19
print AA022 John Riley M37 33:40
print A339 Gordon Duff M37 34:48
print A289 Thomas Kehoe M37 34:52
print A066 Tarcisio Cruz M37 35:18
print A432 Stephen Camp M37 36:00
print A182 Scott King M37 36:47
print A454 Tim Williams M37 37:21
print A335 Donald McGarey M37 37:32
print A282 Howard Johnson M37 37:41
print A217 Thomas Neupauer M37 37:43
print AA504 Bob VanLangehoven M37 38:35
print AA635 Stuart Siekmeier M37 38:38
print B722 Stephen Markey M37 38:47
print AA317 Colin Harris M37 38:50
print A037 Scott Binder M37 38:50
print AA038 Kevin Torres M37 38:51
print AA790 Javier Burciaga M37 38:52
print AA578 Mike Wasson M37 39:00
print AA672 Ivan Ovalle Escobar M37 39:09
print B758 David Shinneman M37 39:10
print AA689 Charles Hugo M37 39:16
print AA840 Tom Hahn M37 39:26
print AA278 Randy Evans M37 39:29
print A401 Tike Maez M37 39:29
print F377 PETER DONNER M37 39:54
print AA476 Mike Brower M37 40:01
print AA362 Monte Wells M37 40:03
print AA206 Rob Maher M37 40:04
print B730 Nicholas Sterner M37 40:06
print B854 Sven Tice M37 40:25
print AA833 Robert Willcox M37 40:26
print C197 Michael Conley M37 40:59
print B378 John Gardner M37 41:03
print B691 Bruce Noll M37 41:04
print HH715 David Watkins M37 41:09
print AA650 Lech Bolinski M37 41:19
print FF038 Richard Reading M37 41:22
print B155 Herb Brinkman M37 41:27
print AA088 Tom Seamans M37 41:30
print AA810 Reynaldo Martinez M37 41:38
print AA255 Bill Wright M37 41:46
print AA288 Detlev Helmig M37 42:08
print G400 Paul Wolf M37 42:11
print BB757 Ron Michaels M37 42:12
print AA301 David Wason M37 42:20
print BB821 Randy Rodman M37 42:22
print B642 Reed Wells M37 42:23
print I744 Michael Ververs M37 42:27
print B111 Steve McClung M37 42:29
print GG070 Anthony Kraft M37 42:33
print C102 Scott O'Connor M37 42:40
print B281 Skip Cowart M37 42:45
print BB315 Scott Ciemniecki M37 42:50
print K655 A.R. Jacobs M37 43:05
print B183 Jeff Tackman M37 43:29
print B696 Rob Newsom M37 43:39
print QQ247 Mark Thomas M37 43:59
print BB342 Michael Benson M37 44:07
print B176 Mike Gormley M37 44:11
print C298 Daniel Schaffer M37 44:13
print B476 Roger Powley M37 44:16
print BB344 Jorge Rufat-Latre M37 44:18
print C189 Peter Zimmermann M37 44:24
print BB314 Mitchell Menezes M37 44:25
print AA308 Joseph Zepeda M37 44:26
print G455 Robert Aagard M37 44:31
print C780 Darren Clifford M37 44:31
print C735 Joseph Stassi M37 44:32
print B407 Alex Torres M37 44:38
print H254 Keith Moon M37 44:39
print BB622 Todd Hudson M37 44:46
print B283 Todd Wilson M37 44:48
print CC112 Michael Wengrya M37 44:51
print CC257 Tom Bailey M37 44:54
print BB168 John Schierloh M37 44:54
print BB565 Gary Yates M37 45:00
print BB752 Steve Hureau M37 45:06
print I720 Elliot Reno M37 45:10
print F764 Marshall Parks M37 45:14
print C075 Roger Hughes M37 45:19
print B156 John Nothnagel M37 45:25
print AA835 Doug Kaplan M37 45:25
print F257 jim chikos M37 45:27
print C740 Joe Hoffman M37 45:32
print C389 Nick Ethen M37 45:33
print BB820 Robert Burns M37 45:43
print BB068 Ronald Tew M37 45:51
print AA734 Tim Hackelt M37 45:52
print BB242 Michael Early M37 45:58
print F432 Nicholas Hoskin M37 46:00
print D178 Jim Bunker M37 46:03
print B488 Chris Garner M37 46:04
print AA238 Dan Shearer M37 46:04
print DD122 Robert Vacek M37 46:08
print C204 Randy Culver M37 46:08
print CC260 Eric Elliff M37 46:11
print F707 Derek Voake M37 46:13
print DD450 Dave Stewart M37 46:14
print DD867 Tom Hyland M37 46:16
print FF425 Mark McCullough M37 46:19
print CC649 Michael Mastalski M37 46:25
print C225 Frank Larosa M37 46:28
print D574 Gary Bennett M37 46:29
print C524 John Froyd M37 46:30
print PP482 Dave Elmblad M37 46:44
print K335 Enrico Spacone M37 46:45
print D612 Steven Contreras M37 46:45
print F208 Randall Bovaird M37 46:48
print BB642 Mike Crader M37 46:53
print DD277 Ian Gerber M37 46:54
print C604 Neil Gardner M37 47:00
print JJ004 Verne Carson M37 47:01
print BB131 David Dickson M37 47:04
print L310 Steve Wyant M37 47:07
print BB323 Scott Seawell M37 47:11
print BB392 Scott Schultz M37 47:12
print BB578 Brian Hickey M37 47:17
print F857 Dan Dyer M37 47:27
print FF285 Kevin Lepine M37 47:32
print C439 John Noto M37 47:32
print EE133 Rudi Eschment M37 47:40
print BB064 Paul Dohrmann M37 47:40
print C494 Dale Janisse M37 47:42
print FF306 Bill Clifford M37 47:45
print F629 William Stafford M37 47:56
print DD238 Robert Morgan M37 47:58
print CC541 Kayvan Khatami M37 48:05
print II125 Marian Klein M37 48:06
print E599 Eric Hogan M37 48:09
print FF358 David Barnes M37 48:11
print BB683 Jack Eberhardt M37 48:13
print DD547 Jock Waldo M37 48:16
print CC513 Terence Kelly M37 48:16
print E513 Gary Salter M37 48:17
print BB593 Barry Beck M37 48:17
print CC784 Jim Davis M37 48:18
print C445 ANTHONY JIVOIN M37 48:18
print BB122 David Dow M37 48:26
print D628 Ron Martin M37 48:40
print BB001 Roger Kampman M37 48:49
print BB304 Robert Kantor M37 49:08
print DD869 Larry Rutz M37 49:10
print DD111 David Moon M37 49:11
print F017 Barry Keogh M37 49:13
print FF310 Gordon Y33 M37 49:14
print FF214 Peter Knott M37 49:19
print FF330 Kenneth Lancaster M37 49:22
print PP498 Tom Doland M37 49:22
print EE372 Amos Gibson M37 49:29
print E820 Philip Anciaux M37 49:33
print GG388 Doug Gruba M37 49:34
print TT528 Robert Santoyo M37 49:36
print QQ591 Joe Wathen M37 49:38
print D138 Bill Marcum M37 49:38
print K766 Philip Peralta-Ramos M37 49:42
print HH005 Curt Larson M37 49:43
print SS524 Thomas Woods M37 49:44
print GG272 Christopher Johnson M37 49:44
print DD538 Alan Taylor M37 49:49
print GG785 Truman Johnson M37 49:50
print DD323 Tracy Prestien M37 49:54
print F656 William Rogers M37 50:01
print BB768 Doug Hammell M37 50:04
print LL323 Gary Walls M37 50:05
print N868 John Bazzanella M37 50:05
print GG273 Craig Davis M37 50:09
print L272 Ray Keller M37 50:12
print HH229 Todd Gross M37 50:17
print HH831 Dan Turk M37 50:22
print N041 Gary Field M37 50:24
print DD144 Shawn Schneider M37 50:33
print RR171 Ramon Pizarro M37 50:35
print OO061 David Lovato M37 50:38
print DD695 Gil Garcia M37 50:39
print FF783 Eric Olsen M37 50:44
print EE392 Dwaine Kenney M37 50:44
print J712 Paul Soister M37 50:53
print DD308 Chris Cerveny M37 51:06
print FF468 Don Patterson M37 51:07
print EE241 Tony Toledo M37 51:10
print EE470 Dane Courville M37 51:13
print F421 ANDREAS BRUEGGLER M37 51:15
print EE427 Chris Ilg M37 51:15
print Q070 Scott Tuke M37 51:23
print E213 Mike Blaha M37 51:29
print EE512 Steve TeSelle M37 51:35
print EE334 Jeff Ingoglia M37 51:38
print E660 Marty Clark M37 51:39
print F787 Sean Connor M37 51:40
print N530 Nick Grona M37 51:48
print D526 Michael Williams M37 51:51
print FF197 Mike Perkins M37 51:52
print EE701 Todd Evans M37 51:57
print F251 Jeffrey Bowman M37 52:04
print H327 George Beneck M37 52:05
print H721 Mike Register M37 52:05
print I010 Guille Grossi M37 52:09
print S897 Halbert Katzen M37 52:13
print B152 Joseph Kosenski M37 52:14

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