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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print AA017 Yvonne S. Joyce F40 40:24
print AA739 Judyann Cummings F40 41:39
print AA046 Lila Seal F40 43:38
print BB049 Kristin Burkey-Bailes F40 45:03
print BB068 Lori Horton F40 45:35
print AA373 Linda Nelson F40 46:10
print CC754 Karen Charles F40 46:12
print B138 Ann Rhodes F40 46:29
print CC780 Becky Ann DeLine F40 46:36
print AA173 Kim Grant F40 46:48
print BB073 Patty VanDevander F40 47:43
print BB732 Beth Grumbles F40 48:22
print C562 Marianne Walter F40 48:36
print BB499 Susan Hayes F40 48:51
print C341 Susie Stevens F40 49:07
print CC347 Mindy Logan F40 49:19
print NN913 Corby Ahner F40 49:25
print D518 Peggy Heilman F40 49:31
print E149 Diane Witters F40 49:31
print CC423 Vicky Jalbert F40 49:49
print O556 Dana Robinson F40 50:02
print CC076 Lori Winner F40 50:12
print CC211 Peggy Kelley-Cabral F40 50:37
print CC274 Kathleen Carroll F40 50:57
print F085 Lisa Schiel F40 51:11
print I428 Ronda A. Ford F40 51:12
print GG185 Carol Ann Collins F40 51:24
print D258 Charlene Horn F40 51:36
print D150 Stacy Moore F40 52:02
print HH679 Ann Hall F40 52:13
print E514 Trish Schubarth F40 52:21
print DD397 Jill Hart F40 52:26
print D367 Kate Ward F40 52:28
print D185 Helen Roy F40 52:47
print E340 Cynthia Lavin F40 53:30
print G267 Cindy Van Allen F40 53:43
print E371 Kathy Cocetti F40 53:52
print J599 Shawnda Cole F40 54:13
print G300 Cathy Sacco F40 54:47
print JJ739 Diane Halva F40 54:57
print F599 Linda R Veldman F40 55:00
print E316 Cynthia Arendt F40 55:16
print S961 Linda Parkhill F40 55:16
print I527 Jackie Nelson F40 55:21
print MM076 Karla Shaw F40 55:22
print E112 Kim Kanady F40 55:23
print F644 B.J. Jones F40 55:33
print C175 Kelly Feehan F40 55:49
print E331 Sue Nakaoka F40 55:55
print EE392 Susan Morea F40 55:57
print G257 Mary ladebush F40 56:16
print MM084 Margaret H Donnelly F40 56:18
print J266 Bonnie Pollak F40 56:27
print EE059 Debra Harano F40 56:32
print F007 Sonja A Walker F40 56:35
print J470 Martha Cercy F40 56:35
print L052 Elena King F40 56:42
print EE075 Julie Paris Littell F40 56:51
print JJ190 Debbie Meschke F40 56:56
print J663 Ann K Buchanan F40 56:58
print JJ774 Nora Radakovich F40 57:02
print GG484 Laurie Batchelder Adams F40 57:02
print J784 Linda Armour F40 57:29
print I810 Cathy Callan F40 57:52
print I917 Christine McCoach F40 57:56
print HH109 Barbara Huey F40 57:57
print I206 kitty reger F40 57:57
print LL123 Kristi Ormsbee F40 57:58
print NN318 Elizabeth Jessup F40 57:59
print MM187 Nancy Herbstreith F40 58:01
print E137 Leona Hudson F40 58:01
print F098 Elaine Patricia Holm F40 58:28
print KK661 Tamela Adams F40 58:29
print DD442 Lynn Prielipp F40 58:31
print II637 Wendy DeYoung F40 58:42
print S501 Susan Nedell F40 59:10
print SS292 Kimberly Smith F40 59:23
print I753 Cheryl Cumnock F40 59:28
print PP777 Julie Pfeifle F40 59:33
print II796 Maryann Bingham F40 59:46
print OO044 Sherry Skipper F40 59:59
print OK403 Yvette Podlogar F40 1:00:12
print LL138 Sandra Haynes F40 1:00:23
print HH157 Anne Doty F40 1:00:38
print H188 Lauri Cummings F40 1:00:53
print PP901 Dayna Roane F40 1:00:58
print L216 Cindi Brown F40 1:01:03
print I875 Laurie Mischke F40 1:01:14
print TT631 Linda Caporatelli F40 1:01:15
print HH703 Karen Drone F40 1:01:15
print R543 Terry Carney F40 1:01:16
print KK010 Laura Boetger F40 1:01:19
print JJ295 Carmen Ardalan F40 1:01:20
print SS382 Claudia Liedtke F40 1:01:22
print II788 Clare Dunsmoor F40 1:01:25
print SS104 Mary Ellen Sweeney F40 1:01:28
print TT067 Lauri Krysl F40 1:01:52
print J629 Jenny Teufel F40 1:01:53
print QQ319 Susan Brantley F40 1:01:55
print L969 Kelli Louise Rehder F40 1:01:56
print M217 Nanwei Su F40 1:02:20
print LL070 Laura Campbell F40 1:02:26
print L156 Carol Carpenter F40 1:02:26
print KK632 Jan Sorency F40 1:02:45
print O586 Newnew Wallace F40 1:02:53
print HH811 Marcy Welk F40 1:02:55
print PP233 Terry Farrah F40 1:03:00
print KK770 Jill Nagel F40 1:03:19
print NN611 Christina Martinez F40 1:03:26
print HH241 Debbie Swanson F40 1:03:27
print HH800 Julie Arenson F40 1:03:37
print O680 Mary Beth Spinos F40 1:03:44
print I368 Nancy Spahr F40 1:03:51
print JJ395 Daina Mead F40 1:03:55
print O573 Ellen Ruble F40 1:03:57
print LL197 Louise Abbott F40 1:04:01
print M316 Cathy Rios F40 1:04:06
print NN315 Angela Gilbert F40 1:04:22
print K073 Heidi Beasecker F40 1:04:30
print SS533 Carol Miller F40 1:04:32
print SS611 Karla L. Edwards F40 1:04:52
print K857 Erin Donahue F40 1:04:54
print K265 Mary Dunmire F40 1:04:56
print G353 Kimberly Mander F40 1:04:57
print RR165 Sherry Grams F40 1:04:59
print PP612 Celeste Donovan F40 1:05:03
print J509 Twyla Moodie F40 1:05:05
print SS732 Pamela Schock F40 1:05:11
print HH345 Diane Casciano F40 1:05:27
print LA155 Teri Sheldahl F40 1:05:38
print SS289 Julie Luther F40 1:05:42
print I136 Laura That F40 1:05:43
print L145 Peggy Beihoffer F40 1:05:53
print S499 Mary Scharoff F40 1:05:54
print RR699 Dawn Coury F40 1:06:00
print K031 Emily G. Sherwood F40 1:06:03
print HH757 Holly Romero F40 1:06:06
print T558 Arlene Cress F40 1:06:21
print H571 Sandra Brown F40 1:06:25
print F547 Shelly Sturm F40 1:06:32
print RR986 Vicky Strothman F40 1:06:44
print RR392 Maureen Laurin F40 1:06:47
print J776 Bridget Paich F40 1:06:49
print JJ069 Kathleen Nelson F40 1:06:56
print JJ310 Laura Merritt F40 1:07:00
print KK666 Tammy Nonko F40 1:07:24
print U754 Shari Danielson F40 1:07:25
print PP751 Kathryn Bowie F40 1:07:31
print L208 Gail Hook F40 1:07:33
print NN855 Cyndi Hause F40 1:07:36
print KK668 Mary Ellen Hesla F40 1:07:37
print L114 Michelle Myers F40 1:07:52
print L481 Jennifer Steffes F40 1:07:53
print K923 Laurie Danahey F40 1:07:53
print L055 Barb Van Winkle F40 1:08:14
print II086 Ann Marie Rakovic F40 1:08:18
print OO714 Carol Foster F40 1:08:27
print LL926 Jeninfer McCoy F40 1:08:33
print MA039 Joanne Needs F40 1:08:54
print TT477 cheryl a howell F40 1:08:58
print TT927 Lynn McAuliffe F40 1:09:14
print T104 Joyce Cope F40 1:09:15
print LL141 Kris Warner F40 1:09:19
print L212 Valerie Mahoney F40 1:09:20
print II439 Eileen M. Sullivan F40 1:09:22
print OO844 Sue E Hayman F40 1:09:39
print L337 Rebecca Dickson F40 1:09:42
print J557 Mary Miller F40 1:09:49
print R323 Teri Atkins F40 1:09:49
print NN823 Staci Collins F40 1:10:10
print PP898 Tracey English F40 1:10:14
print L268 Karen Klick F40 1:10:14
print T704 Joan Karen Frydenlund F40 1:10:15
print SS798 Sandi Carstensen F40 1:10:18
print KK266 Lynn Baxter F40 1:10:29
print II364 Chris Widlar F40 1:10:30
print S879 Nicolette Munson F40 1:10:39
print O199 Pia Pierson F40 1:10:50
print TT610 Andrea Kaufman Robbins F40 1:11:05
print I201 Heidi ray Silva F40 1:11:13
print NN904 Loretta Burman F40 1:11:18
print NN006 Vicki Anderson F40 1:11:24
print OO131 Jie Zheng F40 1:11:25
print P953 Sherry Purdy F40 1:11:25
print O456 Maria Sada F40 1:11:43
print N950 Patricia Broxton F40 1:11:45
print P666 Donna Clark F40 1:11:50
print P958 Jan Battiste F40 1:11:50
print K910 Anita Peiper F40 1:11:56
print S582 Chris Bateman F40 1:12:01
print NN812 Debbie Stahl F40 1:12:11
print NN184 Tanya Quartarone F40 1:12:15
print Q508 Connie Engel F40 1:12:27
print NN963 Cecily Wilson F40 1:12:47
print OO476 Karen Kirby F40 1:13:03
print O845 Tracy Enriquez F40 1:13:08
print N154 Diane Wyatt F40 1:13:10
print F081 Jo Ann Marie Cermola F40 1:13:16
print LL437 Judy Santistevan F40 1:13:33
print JJ409 Kelly Campbell F40 1:13:36

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