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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print A369 Pedro Alvarez M31 32:03
print A001 Sean Mulheron M31 33:07
print A044 Eric C. Peters M31 34:31
print A123 Tim Geldean M31 35:08
print A506 Marc Bromberg M31 37:20
print A287 Genaro Pena M31 37:32
print A547 Brian Thelen M31 38:01
print A120 Lance Larivee M31 38:25
print AA531 Eric Kaltenberger M31 38:41
print A069 Steve Cox M31 38:42
print AA600 Steve Kandrach M31 38:44
print A057 Ludo Bruyere M31 39:16
print I918 Jonathan Corso M31 39:16
print A582 Brian Giauque M31 39:44
print AA528 Kent Bristol M31 39:48
print HH897 William Lee M31 40:12
print AA534 Greg Crosse M31 40:16
print A118 James Johnson M31 40:24
print AA629 Paul Grimm M31 40:52
print AA263 Daniel Price M31 40:54
print B334 Timothy Harrington M31 41:34
print AA466 Lane Lee M31 41:38
print AA882 Mic Mount M31 42:13
print B508 Brian Coffee M31 42:15
print AA543 Adolph Guerrero M31 42:18
print B067 Michael Herbert Redman M31 42:21
print AA186 Mark Tameler M31 42:24
print AA358 Mark Collen M31 42:25
print AA292 Mark Ruscin M31 42:27
print AA276 Brian Metzler M31 42:39
print A367 Peter Valentyik M31 42:42
print AA899 Paul Upsos M31 43:11
print D317 William Watts M31 43:11
print AA350 John Sleeper M31 43:27
print B707 glenn scott dooley M31 43:31
print BB554 Scott David Peterson M31 43:40
print B338 Eddie Farrell M31 43:40
print AA471 David Rothenburger M31 44:00
print BB429 Jose Salazar M31 44:05
print B033 Steve Albert Allison M31 44:34
print CC393 Brian Geraghty M31 44:42
print I128 Abel Pena M31 44:45
print B177 Mike O'Shea M31 44:56
print B132 Robert Claus M31 44:56
print B034 Manuel Steele M31 45:05
print AA863 Eric Windholz M31 45:06
print AA754 Paul Farnan M31 45:19
print B493 Salvadore Silvester M31 45:26
print B653 Robert Bergquist M31 45:28
print HH202 Michael Thurston M31 45:32
print BB117 Scott De Bruyne M31 45:32
print C300 Billy Wang M31 45:46
print D234 Jim Nora M31 45:46
print BB561 John Kitching M31 46:09
print H494 Kirby Wong-Moon M31 46:30
print OO853 Jeff Daniel Friedman M31 46:35
print BB307 Larry McKeogh M31 46:36
print PP835 Steve Croke M31 46:50
print B421 Mark White M31 46:53
print B357 Chris McDonald M31 47:00
print H755 Roger Serrette M31 47:18
print B497 Edward Altshuler M31 47:21
print JJ934 Brian Ladd M31 47:30
print C611 Doug Ellis M31 47:35
print BB071 Anthony Mandic M31 47:36
print F325 Travis Lund M31 47:36
print LA043 Stephen L. Dortch M31 47:45
print D170 Brian Maurer M31 47:48
print R388 Kurt Lageschulte M31 47:48
print C044 Kieth Alton Carlson M31 47:53
print H771 Pete Greenwald M31 47:54
print CC667 Rich Lawson M31 47:59
print B512 Rex Johnson M31 48:03
print O843 Craig Agnor M31 48:10
print O688 Scott Jay Emeson M31 48:26
print BB410 Steven Schott M31 48:31
print H471 Tim Monarski M31 48:44
print KK898 scoo micheal leary M31 48:45
print D740 Scott White M31 48:56
print HH656 Adam Jackaway M31 49:02
print D596 Ron S Webert M31 49:03
print RR561 Schuyler Van Zante M31 49:03
print BB738 Gordon Murphy M31 49:05
print CC135 Scott Jones M31 49:17
print KK825 David James Bervig M31 49:42
print FF196 Robert Bolinske M31 49:46
print CC668 Scott D Cook M31 49:47
print CC586 Tom Lowman M31 49:50
print M424 Chad Riden M31 49:53
print HH066 Mchael Gallagher M31 49:55
print DD247 James Joseph Kozlowski M31 49:56
print K753 Thomas Bowar M31 49:57
print O046 sean christopher page M31 50:01
print P235 Jeffrey Goeller M31 50:03
print D271 David Schafer M31 50:03
print D251 Seth Allen M31 50:07
print JJ727 Ryan N. Jones M31 50:15
print D273 Michael Dwyer M31 50:17
print O674 eric sheridan west M31 50:17
print TT557 Robert Allan Cromar M31 50:22
print D761 Robert Ross M31 50:23
print CC784 Matthew Edward Sopcich M31 50:27
print B354 Dan Mathes M31 50:31
print E524 Bradley Allan Stampa M31 50:31
print E646 todd norman torrey M31 50:32
print CC453 Bevin Merkowitz M31 50:35
print K768 Greg Castell M31 50:44
print T818 Bart Crawford M31 50:45
print J058 Tracy Antony M31 50:47
print CC645 Bob Basile M31 50:49
print JJ820 Kenneth L McRostie M31 51:04
print T548 Derek Brown M31 51:06
print U755 Aaron Rogers M31 51:07
print OO898 Federico Giler M31 51:13
print EE122 Jeff Truell M31 51:17
print II684 Brian Walter M31 51:26
print NN532 Brandon Mizokami M31 51:29
print E221 Jeff White M31 51:30
print II696 John K Reynolds M31 51:37
print CC083 Edward Doherty M31 51:38
print QQ814 Kevin Glen Van Conett M31 51:47
print CC673 Jerome P Anaya M31 51:48
print BB197 Doughlas Reynolds M31 51:49
print EE365 Ricardo Gurmendi M31 51:54
print N617 Jeffrey S Emmeluth M31 51:56
print HH487 Wayne Prach M31 52:10
print T709 tyler derr M31 52:14
print JJ305 Peter O'Neill M31 52:15
print I466 Jeff Charles Hartman M31 52:20
print T824 scott koval M31 52:22
print KK962 Brad Fisher M31 52:25
print DD042 Thomas MacKenzie M31 52:26
print NN889 Tom Gillette M31 52:26
print I882 Timothy Dobbs M31 52:29
print C766 Thomas Nun M31 52:34
print CC238 Dennis Duff M31 52:39
print R318 Scott Campbell M31 52:39
print K116 Arnaud Dumont M31 52:49
print G399 Ben Volpe M31 52:49
print RR564 Ben Curran Turner M31 52:52
print G396 Tim Cameron M31 52:52
print L470 Peter Oxman Weinberg M31 52:54
print II858 Lance Fuegen M31 53:03
print HH714 Trent Gustafson M31 53:04
print J073 Michael Stephen Brendzel M31 53:06
print JJ656 Cesar Gellido M31 53:07
print JJ124 Jim Hendricks M31 53:08
print KK270 Deron Hickman M31 53:08
print EE565 TIM QUINE M31 53:09
print LA344 John Blicharz M31 53:11
print J961 David Evans M31 53:16
print HH125 Brian Okesson M31 53:20
print HH460 Bruce Dahm M31 53:21
print T734 Brian Carlsen Childress M31 53:21
print GG132 David Schmitz M31 53:24
print RR630 Frank McPhillips M31 53:25
print WW664 Scott Koehler M31 53:37
print CC255 Scott Allan Darragh M31 53:38
print QQ489 Richardo Pena M31 53:41
print D547 Andy Schulz M31 53:42
print JJ128 Jon Mottram M31 53:43
print GG037 Scott Olsen M31 53:48
print K524 Philip Olsthoorn M31 53:51
print TT781 Scott Mackison M31 53:59
print N975 Brian McCarrie M31 54:01
print J411 Jon VanSpriell M31 54:01
print FF521 Michael Link M31 54:12
print D589 Benjamin U. Ko M31 54:17
print D164 Timothy Mills M31 54:20
print H770 Chris Miksovsky M31 54:21
print LL470 Taylor Still M31 54:25
print FF248 Kevin Darrah M31 54:29
print CC774 Dean Teuber M31 54:30
print F659 Kurt Rappel M31 54:32
print J896 Eric Elges M31 54:35
print GG217 Matthew Cutter M31 54:39
print G511 David Patrick Reeve M31 54:41
print RR754 Christian Reitter M31 54:42
print D370 David Schneider M31 54:50
print RR035 Paul Matthew Boots M31 54:52
print DD233 David Grey McClendon M31 54:58
print EE082 Bratton DuBose M31 55:07
print II186 Jeff Chamberlain M31 55:16
print FF400 Todd Stanage M31 55:20
print J679 Daniel P. Jenkins M31 55:25
print SS699 Henry Jeanes M31 55:31
print P836 Scott E Perkins M31 55:32
print H749 Steve Savage M31 55:35
print B036 Dirk Walker M31 55:36
print N272 Quentin Turchette M31 55:44
print FF268 Mark Donald Eastman M31 55:47
print R360 David Coletta M31 55:58
print I568 Alexander Campbell M31 56:10
print NN854 Michael Parker M31 56:13
print O629 Bryan J Pieper M31 56:17
print NN522 Dan Rogers M31 56:17
print K670 Greg Hags M31 56:22
print TT182 Michael McCray M31 56:26
print DD443 Tim Kellogg M31 56:31
print J593 Scott Rodwin M31 56:31

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