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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print A551 Peter Fleming M39 32:24
print A591 Timothy Jones M39 34:37
print A050 Brian Bergt M39 35:29
print A105 Steve Cavalli M39 35:49
print A596 Jim Elwell M39 36:11
print A505 Kirk Udovich M39 36:25
print A042 Quintin Randle Walline M39 37:05
print A025 David Perry M39 37:18
print A041 Kurt H Coonrod M39 38:06
print A149 Mark Mehos M39 38:40
print AA880 Wesley Smith M39 39:18
print A246 Kurt Spears M39 39:22
print A010 Dan Kempf M39 39:39
print BB322 Luiz De Assis M39 39:45
print A581 Robert Hammond M39 39:57
print AA278 Dean Tucker M39 40:47
print AA326 Michael Shanahan M39 40:50
print A480 Rick Cone M39 40:52
print AA244 Craig Dayberry M39 41:11
print AA545 Sam Owen M39 41:16
print AA640 Paul Zetocha M39 41:26
print AA563 Don Hutcheson M39 42:10
print AA033 Michael Peak M39 42:14
print AA174 Brad Derthick M39 42:20
print AA662 Bill Myrick M39 42:39
print AA224 Michael Herdina M39 42:41
print B322 Robert Heiberger M39 42:56
print BB185 Dean Heerdt M39 43:15
print AA055 Don Mandel M39 43:18
print B134 Gary James M39 43:40
print B027 Kellly Steiner M39 43:44
print AA708 Dean Richard Parsons M39 43:49
print AA573 Dean Behrens M39 44:09
print II723 Randy Torres M39 44:40
print AA034 Tony Campbell M39 44:56
print B442 John Munsch M39 45:13
print B096 Thomas Hart M39 45:16
print C720 Roger Guzman M39 45:18
print HH147 Brian Jesse M39 45:26
print PP667 John Paliga M39 45:26
print B304 Kurt Bethke M39 45:31
print II787 Brad Pattison M39 45:33
print BB181 Craig O'Connor M39 45:41
print H727 Andrew Johanos M39 45:44
print B312 Alan Smith M39 46:12
print C700 Paul Konik M39 46:17
print C171 Robert Sauder M39 46:22
print AA695 Adam Newman M39 46:28
print BB180 Tom Murray M39 46:29
print C582 Andy Nettell M39 46:32
print BB593 Steve Kastrul M39 46:39
print D632 Gary Alan Hellenga M39 46:40
print A415 Doug Thurston M39 46:42
print M912 Paul Bolton M39 46:55
print C482 Patrick Ryan M39 46:58
print DD113 Jack McDonald M39 47:00
print CC291 Monte Magill M39 47:03
print B455 Kevin Chapman M39 47:10
print F655 Ray Cooper M39 47:24
print BB276 Chris Ruscher M39 47:25
print C473 Steve Rockhold M39 47:40
print BB514 Dave Kwas M39 47:42
print EE137 David Ray M39 47:43
print F563 Lew Stancer M39 48:09
print C279 Dave Lock M39 48:11
print DD212 Doug Huber M39 48:16
print B404 Chris Smith M39 48:17
print DD602 Rick A. Waneka M39 48:18
print BB546 Josh Adam Marks M39 48:22
print D359 David Uhlir M39 48:24
print D262 Shaun Ramirez M39 48:26
print C294 Scott Schultz M39 48:28
print C149 Michael Padgett M39 48:29
print C434 Robert Nelson M39 48:32
print G507 Edmond Ross III M39 48:36
print CC100 James A. Sabia M39 48:39
print T490 Geoff Gwynne M39 48:44
print CC229 John Wilson M39 48:49
print C107 Daniel Finelt M39 48:54
print J606 David Klamann M39 48:56
print H765 Tom O'Donovan M39 49:07
print BB602 Ron Petersen M39 49:07
print TT785 Mel Flores M39 49:10
print C144 Geoffrey Johnson M39 49:14
print II618 Alan Muramoto M39 49:23
print BB161 Robert Bush M39 49:24
print YY959 Kevin Mulshine M39 49:24
print CC611 John Brehmer M39 49:26
print C309 Dan Matsch M39 49:29
print D035 Ben Cudd M39 49:31
print C719 Mark Camacho M39 49:32
print C416 Perry Johnson M39 49:38
print DD462 Rod Pullmann M39 49:47
print F149 Gordon Smith M39 49:49
print DD393 Jeff Esses M39 49:49
print QQ366 David Fowler M39 49:53
print D324 Jon Allen M39 49:55
print H616 Michael Christensen M39 50:00
print CC713 Martin Hecker M39 50:02
print CC500 Gregg Olsen M39 50:02
print CC531 Mike Cone M39 50:04
print DD448 David Knoshaug M39 50:07
print SS799 Rod Cartensen M39 50:18
print D100 Glen Daniel Wilcox M39 50:23
print JJ396 Mike Perkins M39 50:26
print E497 Charles Fish M39 50:30
print CC558 John J Hejl M39 50:42
print JJ211 Ryan Reiber M39 50:45
print EE588 Ken Carbaugh M39 50:46
print E061 Romorno Coney M39 50:50
print H113 David Kocourek M39 50:50
print DD278 Murray Herman M39 50:54
print E547 Brad Van Buskirk M39 50:57
print DD066 Robert Smith M39 50:57
print DD250 Jan Thomas Kania M39 50:58
print EE590 Keith B Franklin M39 51:07
print D328 Paul Nigro M39 51:09
print CC422 James Johnsten M39 51:15
print CC057 Don Meeks M39 51:17
print LA440 Philip Olsen M39 51:25
print P815 Rich MacDonald M39 51:26
print B190 Ray Dow M39 51:28
print CC162 Craig Moellenberg M39 51:33
print CC795 John Robert Troeltzsch M39 51:38
print HH576 Mark Nord M39 51:42
print Y929 Rich Howarth M39 51:44
print DD447 Daniel Glatter M39 51:46
print HH520 Tom Albert Baird M39 51:52
print I786 John Tryba M39 51:54
print CC430 Ed Lowery M39 51:54
print KK261 David Trefz M39 52:07
print II838 Michael Carpenter M39 52:16
print P814 Jim Scott COMMA Jr. M39 52:19
print H360 Jeff VanLanen M39 52:20
print SS199 Lander Phillip M39 52:31
print H322 Peter MacMillan M39 52:32
print GG223 Chip Bennett M39 52:34
print CC119 Paul Knighton M39 52:43
print D712 Jeff Hahnke M39 52:46
print D130 David Walden M39 52:46
print DD240 James Falloon M39 52:49
print H763 Steve Sokolik M39 52:53
print LL298 Richard Contraras M39 53:04
print DD289 Daniel Sorrells M39 53:08
print CC557 Davol Tedder M39 53:10
print E260 Philip F. Roan M39 53:14
print KK413 Luis Vargus M39 53:22
print KK606 Tyrell Elcock M39 53:24
print FF321 Bill Fischer M39 53:25
print P316 Alvin Thomas M39 53:29
print NN154 Louie McKee M39 53:30
print T961 Kevin Kruse M39 53:32
print E361 Chris Mihalik M39 53:34
print EE591 David L. Helms M39 53:36
print C367 Jon Dodson M39 53:36
print DD290 Julian Valdez M39 53:37
print H262 Wayne Webster M39 53:37
print FF093 Bill Kinnard M39 53:37
print J792 Bill Shramek M39 53:41
print E060 Wayne Lesser M39 53:43
print NN653 David Harms M39 53:48
print JJ125 Jim Roecker M39 53:50
print II839 Steve Luciano M39 53:52
print JJ011 Kevin Jones M39 53:55
print D433 Thomas Meyer M39 53:57
print F075 Scott Gurst M39 53:58
print FF071 Rich Krumholz M39 54:13
print PP430 John Degnan M39 54:19
print F090 Andrew L. Bourne M39 54:20
print DD065 Marty Wedel M39 54:21
print DD492 Glen Graf M39 54:22
print D045 Milton Young M39 54:24
print F326 Stuart Crespi M39 54:26
print DD080 Robert Dillon Taplin M39 54:26
print EE068 Howard Thomas M39 54:26
print RR716 steven w. hammond M39 54:28
print FF237 John Humphrey M39 54:30
print E297 Dan Doran M39 54:31
print H781 W. Larry Olivas M39 54:31
print BB167 Dennis Rears M39 54:36
print JJ998 Kevin Wilson M39 54:37
print KK673 Tim Bosco M39 54:37
print EE042 Ray Mueller M39 54:44
print EE403 Rob Bauer M39 54:46
print EE598 Mark Jarman M39 54:49
print G108 Ross LeCavalier M39 54:50
print NN748 Jeffery John Graham M39 54:55
print H647 Robert Wehner M39 55:01
print HH960 Kevin Murray M39 55:03
print O942 Peter Levine M39 55:05
print S002 Michael D. Sanchez M39 55:13
print P612 William Wren M39 55:25
print GG147 Dale Roberts M39 55:25
print JJ803 Jeff A Sauter M39 55:27
print Q937 Alan Cramer M39 55:32
print L056 Sam Van Winkle M39 55:34
print JJ810 Pieter Ringersma M39 55:34
print HH984 Douglas Cameron M39 55:37
print L376 Craig Nelson M39 55:42
print QQ640 Eric Murphy M39 55:44

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