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BolderBOULDER 2000


May 29, 2000 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:40,546
Number of Females:21,586
Number of Males:18,953
Average Time:1:17:52
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Sammy Ngatia 31:46
2. Kurt Keiser 31:48
3. Elvis Terry 31:58
4. Pedro Alvarez 32:03
5. Hector Hermandez 32:16
Female Participants
1. Eliza Alexander 36:09
2. Patty Murray 36:18
3. Faith Byrum 36:31
4. Natalie Davey 36:32
5. Kelly Carlson 37:32
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print A296 Sammy Ngatia M40 31:46
print A141 Ted Benning M40 34:55
print A545 Don Janicki M40 35:47
print A173 Rick Bruess M40 35:55
print A089 Brendan Reilly M40 36:43
print A261 Brian Tomas M40 37:26
print A172 Dan King M40 37:44
print A146 Daniel Greer M40 37:49
print A262 Jamie Boese M40 38:32
print A244 Hal Hansen M40 38:32
print A083 Baron Herdelin-Doherty M40 38:49
print AA517 Jerry Dwyer M40 38:57
print A427 Charlie Hennessey M40 39:00
print A433 Raul Carrizalez M40 39:03
print AA772 T.C. Green M40 39:09
print A298 Ernesto Garcia M40 39:15
print A564 Marr Koch M40 39:20
print A182 Kevin Karst M40 39:32
print AA719 Neal McLaughlin M40 39:45
print AA616 John Martersteck M40 39:55
print AA110 Liam Biernet M40 39:57
print AA442 Stan Trier M40 39:57
print AA459 Manuel Barrientos M40 40:05
print AA455 Alan Youngblood M40 40:41
print AA548 Blake Wilson M40 40:48
print AA004 Mark Gouge M40 41:04
print AA194 Steven McDonald M40 41:08
print AA673 James Bezely M40 41:32
print C593 Mike Carroll M40 41:41
print AA152 Edward Garcia M40 41:47
print AA643 Ben Valdez M40 41:51
print AA353 Paul Crowder M40 42:07
print DD577 Mark Allen Jacobson M40 42:24
print D541 Henry Magdaleno M40 42:26
print AA243 Joseph Ontiveros M40 42:34
print A439 Bob Cottrell M40 42:57
print BB281 Nick Krull M40 42:59
print AA160 Eddie Metro M40 43:00
print BB084 David L. Reed M40 43:04
print B115 Brit Banks M40 43:15
print AA112 Terry Warsop M40 43:30
print AA702 Chuck Berghoefer M40 43:43
print B483 Mark Loeb M40 43:44
print AA465 Adalberto Rodriguct M40 43:47
print AA408 Kirk Kemp M40 43:50
print C046 Jerry Robert Jackson M40 43:50
print H726 Charles Myers M40 43:57
print BB256 Richard Hewitt M40 44:16
print C339 Scott Paull M40 44:27
print BB103 Richard Nicholson M40 44:29
print BB715 Mark Barbour M40 44:32
print C682 Hank Price M40 44:40
print B318 Carl Zimmer M40 44:41
print B315 Phil Delamere M40 44:42
print BB305 Jim Kruse M40 44:53
print BB323 Greg Gravenites M40 44:55
print B088 Mike Digan M40 45:12
print B301 Roger Cline M40 45:18
print B152 Duncan Baker M40 45:36
print BB040 Dan Shaw M40 45:51
print C464 Kevin Kester M40 45:57
print B410 Bob Davis M40 45:57
print DD204 Curtis Rose M40 45:58
print AA586 Bob VanderVliet M40 46:03
print BB414 Milton Saffry M40 46:19
print BB485 Floyd Trujillo M40 46:27
print C143 Kevin Coyne M40 46:29
print CC054 Bruno Harris-Quanquin M40 46:31
print BB149 Jon Bluhm M40 46:31
print BB404 Bill Johnson M40 46:37
print T225 Keith Campbell M40 46:39
print BB294 Matt Forbes M40 46:44
print B700 Mark D. Wietbrock M40 46:46
print BB088 Gerald K. Bruce M40 46:46
print BB114 Ron Kennedy M40 46:49
print B321 James Fung-A-Fat M40 46:51
print CC207 Jean Harano M40 46:54
print B065 Brad Fanestil M40 46:56
print C275 David Wroblewski M40 47:03
print B163 Leroy Howard M40 47:07
print BB641 Blake Fissel M40 47:07
print C117 Dan Dehaan M40 47:08
print C269 Reid Hislop M40 47:15
print C257 Jim Ginley M40 47:24
print I234 Rick Mansur M40 47:33
print P047 Ed Sherline M40 47:35
print G340 Ed Kuh M40 47:36
print CC402 Joseph Laurin M40 47:39
print AA749 Patrick Ferry M40 47:42
print E405 Dan Coxall M40 47:47
print C108 Jim Luethye M40 47:48
print CC178 John Dixon M40 48:01
print G130 Peter Boyer M40 48:05
print S928 Daniel Ostrowski M40 48:06
print O827 Greg Vakoc M40 48:10
print K124 Rod Larson M40 48:13
print C776 Pete Wei M40 48:15
print HH054 Michael Neifert M40 48:22
print LL344 Brent Robbins M40 48:32
print C266 Jerry Jefferis M40 48:32
print C609 Timothy C. Hughes M40 48:32
print BB043 Mark F. Jaeger M40 48:33
print EE116 Holt Adams M40 48:35
print B242 Bill Skamarock M40 48:37
print NN742 bryan tway M40 48:38
print BB369 John Kolber M40 48:39
print O766 Claude Watson M40 48:43
print BB269 Chris Maulsby M40 48:44
print BB643 Michael Oritz M40 48:44
print J972 Victor Garrett M40 48:50
print DD229 Patrick Plampin M40 48:58
print R370 Alexander Filatov M40 48:58
print CC289 Joseph Mikoni M40 48:59
print CC753 Curtis Vernon M40 49:01
print C737 Gib Marchand M40 49:01
print DD115 Ed Wood M40 49:14
print CC177 Scot Miller M40 49:14
print C089 Grant Ritz M40 49:18
print C694 daniel rudolph M40 49:19
print JJ085 mark s becker M40 49:21
print TT202 Clyde Soles M40 49:27
print BB118 Granger Banks M40 49:31
print CC582 Scott Taylor M40 49:41
print C130 Jay Farnham M40 49:44
print CC102 Tyler Sutherland Moore M40 49:57
print L374 Mark Martin M40 49:58
print C577 James Bailey M40 50:02
print C586 Tony Cochrane M40 50:10
print D454 Neal Robbins M40 50:14
print J705 Eric Lord M40 50:18
print CC684 Steve Dugan M40 50:20
print BB521 Daniel Workman M40 50:20
print D058 Gordon Koury M40 50:25
print DD304 Tim Berthold M40 50:27
print J838 Phillip Alan Kriz M40 50:30
print KK287 Martin Bench M40 50:31
print CC618 Thomas Olmos M40 50:32
print DD524 William H Rader M40 50:38
print E445 Charles Emory M40 50:38
print D419 Wilfred Dean M40 50:41
print CC208 Eldon Larson M40 50:45
print D340 Robert Muckle M40 50:47
print II159 James Buehler M40 51:06
print TT710 Tom Mitchell Sr. M40 51:06
print KK157 Jeff Salter M40 51:06
print CC445 William Okubo M40 51:12
print U849 Eugene Carbajal M40 51:20
print BB112 Bruce Barker M40 51:27
print AA312 Randy Wojno M40 51:29
print CC389 Steve Wrzos M40 51:31
print DD052 Fred Munger M40 51:34
print CC128 David Bachrach M40 51:41
print D704 Joseph Snyder M40 51:57
print CC044 Michael Tagtow M40 51:59
print J856 Lucky Lamons M40 52:00
print AA124 David Seldon M40 52:02
print CC065 Michael Richards M40 52:02
print E482 Scott Jelsma M40 52:05
print D246 David Andrew Gale M40 52:14
print EE204 John Richey M40 52:15
print DD194 Carl Martinez M40 52:19
print MA493 Peter Gee M40 52:22
print EE083 Mark Steffes M40 52:23
print F139 Bill DeMauro M40 52:27
print NN975 David Randall-Bodman M40 52:32
print B026 Randy Acevedo M40 52:34
print D274 Dan Dwyer M40 52:37
print GG482 Gary Shea M40 52:38
print CC539 Greg Colmone M40 52:41
print NN703 Russ Gehling M40 52:44
print P491 Michael D. Thomas M40 52:49
print DD056 Gray Tillman M40 52:51
print GG642 Kent Kovack M40 52:52
print R746 Robert Prendergast M40 52:55
print SS921 Paul Bremser M40 52:57
print TT278 Robert Miller M40 53:03
print E031 Ken Strine M40 53:04
print D430 Bernard Condevaux M40 53:28
print SS226 David Lyles M40 53:30
print D091 Jeffrey George Olson M40 53:36
print FF070 Mark Sandoval M40 53:38
print LL354 Raymond Rocho M40 53:40
print F035 Dave MacMaster M40 53:40
print EE537 John Wennes M40 53:47
print SS525 John Prather M40 53:51
print FF064 Michael Atkins M40 53:56
print P868 Toby Leonard M40 53:58
print D523 Dennis Kragh M40 54:01
print D295 John Finnegan M40 54:02
print I672 Kurt Wiesen M40 54:06
print V692 Egil Wigert M40 54:08
print E322 Don Anderson M40 54:12
print E360 Gary Hawley M40 54:14
print SS201 Brad Armstrong M40 54:16
print O969 Bill Ray M40 54:22
print EE202 John O'Brien M40 54:27
print F225 Mark Piaia M40 54:30
print FF049 Mike Colucci M40 54:31
print EE548 Jim C Managlia M40 54:33
print JJ437 Dave Depagnier M40 54:33

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