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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A107 Nelson Laux M23 31:32
print A378 Tom Zirbel M23 32:09
print A168 Adam Loomis M23 32:21
print A315 Todd Howard M23 32:53
print A020 Josiah Middaugh M23 33:46
print A495 Joe Packard M23 34:09
print A335 Mike Callor M23 35:37
print A090 Joshua Mietz M23 35:38
print A019 Martin Wennblom M23 35:39
print A427 Ben Johnson M23 36:24
print A451 Josuua Uorsager M23 37:01
print A445 Jonathan Peeters M23 37:51
print A387 Ryan Van Duzer M23 38:01
print L183 Darren Bates M23 38:28
print R295 Judson Hall COMMA II M23 39:08
print A428 Tracy Jex M23 39:39
print AA181 Bradford Bouley M23 40:37
print AA567 Daniel Clark M23 40:47
print B401 Jeff Kramer M23 40:54
print AA365 Peter Zawadski M23 40:59
print A488 Gary Ditsch M23 41:00
print B326 Todd Dumas M23 41:09
print DA415 Gabriel Gomez M23 41:40
print BA109 Nathan Ellingwood M23 41:55
print BB363 Edwin Ayala M23 42:13
print CA485 Daniel Lopez M23 42:17
print BA677 Nicasio Luna M23 42:26
print BA247 Aaron MonTeer M23 42:29
print B228 Colby Hansen M23 42:40
print B217 Linus Candelaria M23 42:48
print MM126 Ryan Evans M23 43:02
print AA080 Jonathan Mullen M23 43:09
print L151 Erik Sandstrom M23 43:24
print AA061 Rick Naerebout M23 43:32
print C671 Casey Hill M23 43:37
print A073 Daniel Fleischmann M23 44:09
print GG547 William Wisnowski M23 44:11
print G009 Jose Amaya M23 44:20
print BA599 Joel Dice M23 44:27
print B696 Brian Henneuse M23 44:47
print B225 Gregory Bianchi M23 44:57
print B411 Christopher Benedict M23 44:58
print B165 Eric Vance M23 44:59
print CA501 Jason Arnold M23 45:22
print CA631 Andy Weidmann M23 45:29
print BB617 Zachary Gault M23 45:31
print B322 Sean Andersen-Vie M23 45:36
print PP333 Tyler Smith M23 45:46
print A221 Robert Cunningham M23 45:53
print EE590 Matthew Peters M23 45:54
print GA613 Joseph Loughlin M23 45:54
print C619 Aaron Horiuchi M23 45:59
print CA193 Ryan Downey M23 46:25
print G399 John Linn M23 46:37
print K219 David Mather M23 46:38
print BA107 Ben Leach M23 46:49
print KA005 Christopher Maurer M23 46:49
print BA606 Justin Rauzon M23 46:51
print G714 Aaron Kipp M23 46:52
print MT308 Chris Wojtko M23 46:55
print C559 Chad Nix M23 47:10
print BB597 Jeremy Geer M23 47:22
print N253 Brian Heit M23 47:24
print MS605 Patrick Reedy M23 47:29
print GA658 David Buckles M23 47:34
print PP791 Daniel Kugel M23 47:39
print LA242 Phillip Chamberlin M23 47:48
print PA783 Brandon Clarke M23 47:50
print BA682 Curt Olinger M23 47:54
print G685 Mike Tenhulzen M23 47:57
print CA164 Michael Smeenk M23 48:02
print PA217 Chris Goyden M23 48:04
print C686 Nathan Jansch M23 48:05
print C525 Brian Pavlak M23 48:06
print HH423 Read Pierce M23 48:10
print KK006 Joseph Porter M23 48:18
print LA146 Dave Moerlein M23 48:29
print QA293 Peter Bridgman M23 48:29
print FF174 Jacob List M23 48:39
print PA649 Kristopher Burtoft M23 48:41
print PA540 Stephen Williams M23 48:44
print P654 Benjamin Hey M23 48:45
print J560 John Jay Garcia M23 48:46
print E516 Mason Wiebe M23 48:49
print JA785 Chris Willet M23 48:51
print DA118 Hans Adams M23 48:51
print CC437 Brady Reeves M23 48:54
print GG119 Tobin Davilla M23 49:01
print BA384 Bryan Slekes M23 49:05
print GG711 Jamie Sampey M23 49:08
print FA411 Josh Engelbert M23 49:13
print GA612 Eric Anderson M23 49:13
print K653 Brian Jones M23 49:15
print PA555 Craig Schlawin M23 49:25
print R254 Charles Mallo M23 49:34
print K560 Nicholas Cain M23 49:37
print BA540 Erich Woessner M23 49:41
print DD244 Zach McGregor M23 49:44
print GG356 Noah Summers M23 49:50
print C090 Peter Johnson M23 49:52
print CC424 Tyler Stempek M23 50:11
print CC133 Brian Troccoli M23 50:16
print FF690 Mark Nuti M23 50:33
print LL401 George Collier M23 50:40
print E406 Brian Langdon M23 50:45
print MM372 Nick Price M23 50:54
print BB391 Steven Turek M23 51:00
print KK731 Ryan Keim M23 51:01
print MT574 Joshua Schmidt M23 51:08
print QQ412 Victor Chieduko M23 51:16
print BB492 Ryan Parle M23 51:22
print J638 Arthur Snowden M23 51:25
print MS157 Michael Baumrind M23 51:30
print QA587 Brian Schaffer M23 51:30
print GG059 Justin Wood M23 51:31
print KK454 Matthew Turner M23 51:43
print M072 Matt Hayen M23 51:49
print BB526 Jeff Ruzas M23 51:55
print G566 Derek Stratford M23 52:01
print CA313 Jeremy Moore M23 52:10
print LA534 Jerome McKay M23 52:19
print EA394 Matt Mahlberg M23 52:21
print PA256 John Hatcher M23 52:21
print QA780 Jon Henrichsen M23 52:24
print MT032 Brett Coates M23 52:37
print TA671 Todd Poulsen M23 52:42
print DD443 Stephen Walker M23 52:44
print N349 Jay Stoner M23 53:13
print P498 Zane Holscher M23 53:14
print QQ413 Patrick Hill M23 53:17
print GG272 Steven Maxfield M23 53:21
print LL601 Conan Heelan M23 53:24
print NN451 Eloy Lopez M23 53:26
print K620 Robert Allen M23 53:26
print N133 Chris Stiphout M23 53:34
print LL225 Chris Berg M23 53:38
print PP496 Barrie Roesler M23 53:40
print FF202 Mike Finnerty M23 53:49
print QQ479 Michael Pancoast M23 53:51
print NA387 Kyle Burns M23 53:54
print JA408 Ryan Kalamaya M23 53:57
print FF164 David Neisen M23 53:59
print L699 Christian Hahn M23 54:09
print PA605 Steven Williams M23 54:23
print QA769 Robert Brevetta M23 54:35
print FF472 Toby Clark M23 54:39
print KA004 Brent Snider M23 54:40
print Q457 Wayne Jin M23 54:42
print KA174 Matthew Hewitt M23 54:48
print LL142 Chris Haugen M23 54:54
print B668 Quayle Hodek M23 54:56
print GG560 Scott Burns M23 54:59
print HA258 Cody Henderson M23 55:02
print PP735 Jason Bateman M23 55:13
print HH538 Andy Young M23 55:20
print L603 Gabriel Glinsky M23 55:21
print H128 Michael Koditek M23 55:25
print HA373 Phillip Dao M23 55:30
print SS464 Trevor Wicken M23 55:31
print Q354 Matthew Bourke M23 55:32
print P248 William Alcorn M23 55:37
print PA255 Shaun Martin M23 55:45
print KK255 James Eckenrode M23 55:51
print KA793 Aaron Richardson M23 55:59
print J467 Bryce Winzenried M23 56:02
print GA798 Todd Cruise M23 56:03
print QA149 Brian Farnell M23 56:23
print D070 Mark Wilbur M23 56:25
print J362 Jack Hassenbusch M23 56:39
print EE076 Adam McKenzie M23 56:50
print KA364 Kyle Littman M23 56:50
print P583 David Brantz M23 56:54
print L619 Jake Geiger M23 57:11
print WJ211 Thomas Giomi M23 57:18
print GG104 Matt Wharton M23 57:23
print GG797 Bryan Mack M23 57:23
print LA319 Randy Deck M23 57:24
print GG219 Patrick McWhinnie M23 57:25
print MA400 TYLER RANDOLPH M23 57:36
print NA558 Ashish Jain M23 57:51
print JJ061 Richard Barrett M23 57:52
print K557 John Sawyer M23 57:58
print R126 Noah Abrams M23 58:11
print JA055 Jay Adams M23 58:14
print MA009 Erick Gomez M23 58:16
print KK216 Todd Swift M23 58:23
print PP408 Mark Lubbers M23 58:23
print PP350 Andrew Darr M23 58:24
print J367 Ryan Bray M23 58:25
print KA110 Lyrik Pitzman M23 58:25
print PP222 Scott Matthias M23 58:25
print LA011 Ryan Wess M23 58:36
print Q401 Richard Albright III M23 58:44
print HA554 John Oneil M23 58:51
print M191 Zach Kauffman M23 58:52
print LL476 Phil Schabron M23 58:57
print KA617 Jason Lustbader M23 58:57
print HA262 Jonathan Hentzen M23 59:02
print NA411 Dominic Robinson M23 59:04
print QQ163 Nathan Romero M23 1:00:01

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