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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A359 Jens Borrmann M27 31:15
print A191 Stephen Getman M27 32:18
print A227 Andrew Hopkins M27 32:41
print AA596 Scott Tarpinian M27 32:57
print A018 Chris Broaddus M27 33:19
print A456 Erik Byrum M27 33:26
print A487 Robert Blas M27 34:17
print A270 Robert Wissolik M27 34:53
print A464 Derek Frodl M27 36:03
print A442 Daniel Wallace M27 36:11
print A486 Gerald Kubiak M27 37:08
print A165 Tim Hola M27 37:33
print AA398 Jeremy Monsma M27 38:06
print AA339 Michael Kallenberg M27 39:37
print AA508 Darrell Clark M27 40:05
print AA474 Marco Troni M27 40:10
print AA345 Kyle Manske M27 40:16
print B282 Christian Fuller M27 40:38
print BA688 Todd Abbott M27 41:06
print AA356 Caleb Melamed M27 41:07
print AA647 Stephen Meratla M27 41:14
print AA040 Jasow Schmidt M27 41:26
print AA076 Jesse Sarles M27 41:27
print B590 Michael O'Keefe M27 41:41
print FA423 Jason Slauson M27 41:44
print AA608 Mark Taylor M27 41:49
print AA301 Jon Homer M27 41:55
print BA564 Jeffrey Klapprodt M27 42:26
print BA204 Jay Johnson M27 42:27
print B549 Toma Bedolla M27 42:33
print B269 Bray Ader M27 42:49
print B222 Edward Rastatter M27 42:56
print B037 Sean Nesbitt M27 43:03
print AA331 Michael Voss M27 43:21
print B515 Gary Vanguilder M27 43:23
print AA557 Ryan Ruddell M27 43:27
print BA402 Andrew Hoffman M27 43:38
print AA640 Alex Eusebio M27 43:39
print B257 Michael Glass M27 43:46
print BA276 Michael Shambarger M27 44:05
print D011 Bryan Hermann M27 44:08
print C592 Scott Ludlow M27 44:35
print BB329 Eric Richards M27 44:37
print C641 Bret Eastman M27 44:38
print E693 Jason Balfe M27 44:40
print B063 Jamie Gaspari M27 44:44
print BA209 Ryan Yoksh M27 44:44
print MM431 Tim Bergman M27 44:49
print B307 Matt Siunta M27 45:10
print AA607 James Heuck M27 45:18
print BB426 Jeff Kraus M27 45:30
print BA405 Stephen Blanksby M27 45:30
print AA560 Brock Quimby M27 45:30
print AA350 Brian Welch M27 45:35
print B457 Karl Pfaffenbach M27 45:38
print QQ686 Matt Hockman M27 45:49
print PA600 Brent Spear M27 45:55
print BB365 Greg Neil M27 45:57
print CA610 Ben Warta M27 46:12
print G593 Justin Gutierrez M27 46:19
print BB155 Edward Omalley M27 46:42
print QA169 Marcos Cruz M27 46:44
print BA297 Erik Zoeller M27 46:49
print A202 Marc Friesen M27 46:54
print BB513 Olin Lewlin M27 47:04
print CA291 Matt Cramer M27 47:14
print G722 Philip Zahnd Jr. M27 47:19
print D556 Tallentyre S. Fletcher COMMA Jr. M27 47:28
print CA089 Andrew Pimental M27 47:29
print DD304 Andrew Barth M27 47:30
print C467 Jason Carolan M27 47:30
print G721 Nils Hoivik M27 47:35
print E408 Victor Valks M27 47:35
print BA452 Joel Matteson M27 47:50
print PA227 Timothy Piper M27 48:09
print P380 Daniel Calley M27 48:09
print BB661 Joshua Cashman M27 48:13
print GG040 Ari Stone M27 48:20
print E311 Dan Dillman M27 48:22
print BA522 Scott Demoss M27 48:30
print H251 Christopher Lutz M27 48:30
print D555 Phillip Griffith M27 48:37
print E107 Josh Finley M27 48:44
print KA142 Richard Leyva M27 48:48
print CA025 David Bourdon M27 48:51
print E212 Kevin Hale M27 49:01
print K363 Walt Haybert M27 49:06
print CA172 Matthew Strackbein M27 49:08
print NA785 Dave Colvin M27 49:11
print C031 Aaron Rivers M27 49:13
print FF455 Greg Norris M27 49:19
print C130 Matt Leach M27 49:25
print BB539 Lee Diamond M27 49:34
print MS503 David Sheldon M27 49:46
print NN592 Kevin Hansen M27 49:46
print C089 Kevin Silverman M27 49:50
print NN591 Peter Voight M27 49:54
print CA035 Jon Windness M27 49:57
print F253 Jeremy Vanderlan M27 50:00
print KA340 Matthew Helton M27 50:00
print L736 Aaron Szalaj M27 50:02
print J239 Christopher Cook M27 50:04
print NA690 Christopher Jansma M27 50:05
print EA555 John Wells M27 50:05
print PP063 Brooks Hagen M27 50:07
print PP064 Aaron Lapoint M27 50:08
print D093 Stuart Lamp M27 50:09
print PA308 Christopher Vonde M27 50:15
print F487 Costen Aytes M27 50:18
print KA076 Jon Schlegel M27 50:22
print KK098 Andrew Perez M27 50:29
print QQ672 Bentley Folse M27 50:33
print DA409 Mike Kim M27 50:38
print PP344 Paul Thiet M27 50:40
print CA521 Stephen Bailey M27 50:43
print NN052 Ashley Otte M27 50:49
print MT764 Brandon Geer M27 50:49
print PA096 Mark Senkowski M27 50:56
print PA095 Brian Powers M27 50:58
print L674 Peter Moran M27 51:03
print PP293 Kris McDowell M27 51:03
print MT666 Ryan I Stabnow M27 51:12
print WA092 J. Scott Helmerick M27 51:13
print DA305 Bill Leineke M27 51:14
print DA521 John Yeung M27 51:17
print KA115 Ryan Riel M27 51:23
print KK259 Michael Allen M27 51:26
print E637 Peter Lapidus M27 51:27
print BB045 Gordon Lang M27 51:39
print DA535 Shayne Dombrowski M27 51:46
print DD251 Abel Amara M27 51:47
print HA336 William Penrose M27 51:48
print GG592 Tadd Vancil M27 51:49
print H510 Aaron Murray M27 51:51
print JA691 Emmanuel Puentes M27 51:52
print LL354 Ned Morgan M27 51:54
print E661 Carl Patty M27 51:58
print JJ225 Brad Harrington M27 52:00
print KA386 Justin Brown M27 52:03
print KA385 Randy Muntz M27 52:05
print FF306 Rick Bowles M27 52:07
print PA310 Scott Hampel M27 52:08
print L653 Bryan Cook M27 52:12
print KK256 Cody Wertz M27 52:14
print BA101 David Beach M27 52:14
print G554 Rex Shang M27 52:18
print J387 Jeffrey Barnes M27 52:21
print PA458 Bradley Cook M27 52:28
print L084 Kyle Schildt M27 52:30
print KA007 Andy Blomquist M27 52:31
print DA524 Ernest Shirosky M27 52:31
print DD301 Gregory Jablonski M27 52:43
print PP443 Matt Archer M27 52:50
print MA594 Mike Rocklitz M27 52:57
print P120 Justin Cathers M27 53:04
print DA479 Keith Paull M27 53:05
print LA241 Brian Gay M27 53:08
print QQ469 Paul Haljam M27 53:09
print GG196 Aaron Cotter M27 53:11
print QA773 Mark Urban M27 53:12
print Q458 John Cook M27 53:23
print SA212 John Bornhofen M27 53:27
print GG135 Steven Woodruff M27 53:32
print P121 Shawn Cathers M27 53:34
print JA279 Ryan Hoel M27 53:35
print EE438 Ken Ordes M27 53:40
print GG457 Chris Votoupal M27 53:44
print L398 Nick Ortiz M27 53:47
print GG456 Andrew Jenkins M27 53:47
print E618 Chris Schlegel M27 53:47
print JJ381 Greg Frederick M27 54:02
print EE237 Michael Turpin M27 54:27
print NN002 John Young M27 54:34
print QA764 Bradley Freiwald M27 54:35
print MA509 Monish Rajpal M27 54:38
print LA561 Jason Pettigrew M27 54:39
print KA601 Joshua Bornhorst M27 54:46
print D498 Chris Jerard M27 54:46
print D466 Tyson Webster M27 54:49
print GG038 Brian Nutter M27 54:53
print CA037 Kevin Magee M27 54:59
print PA139 Ryan Bresnahan M27 55:07
print KK320 Jared Seeman M27 55:09
print PA733 David Kennedy M27 55:11
print PA297 Matthew Colella M27 55:11
print Q526 Andrew Day M27 55:13
print NN455 Peter Rice M27 55:29
print H475 Matt Hartman M27 55:30
print FA136 Bryan Soukup M27 55:33
print P001 Jed Glass M27 55:35
print K144 Jeremy Black M27 55:41
print GA258 Don Codding M27 55:41
print LL499 Troy Buer M27 55:42
print GA748 Mercedes Cooper M27 55:43
print QA325 Steve Clouthier M27 55:48
print N579 Radin Mirshahi M27 55:56
print P649 Chris Holley M27 55:59
print DD579 Scott Carman M27 56:01
print KA096 Christopher Johnson M27 56:02
print FF419 Joe Osborn M27 56:06

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