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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A190 Art Gunther M30 31:35
print A173 Adolfo Carrillo M30 33:12
print A444 Mark Werner M30 33:26
print A275 Andy Bupp M30 33:36
print A108 Gerald Romero M30 34:54
print A441 Ryan Hagan M30 35:41
print A193 Cam Dauler M30 35:45
print A133 Brian Kates M30 36:17
print A366 Chris Piazzola M30 36:28
print A214 Edenilson De Paiva M30 36:45
print A313 Travis Haines M30 37:11
print A399 Jose Garcia M30 37:51
print A331 Daniel Gabalski M30 37:52
print A085 Timothy Martersteck M30 37:54
print A128 Jeff Fichtner M30 38:29
print AA477 Phillip Devault M30 39:10
print AA037 Thomas Rose M30 39:15
print B413 Stephen Yeager M30 39:18
print A277 Josh Friedman M30 39:37
print B456 Matt Ringer M30 39:46
print AA008 Heath Bowser M30 40:34
print AA083 Steve Torrente M30 40:42
print A482 Seanan Alyasiri M30 40:51
print B446 Glenn Mengering M30 40:56
print B013 John Hayden M30 41:04
print AA027 Hilario Benzon M30 41:16
print A391 Rogelio Becerra-Hernandez M30 41:20
print AA330 Jim Carpenter M30 41:28
print A257 Brian Motylenski M30 41:35
print MS623 Stephen O'Halek M30 41:39
print AA442 Troy Fitzgerald M30 41:48
print B218 David Porter M30 42:10
print B075 Michael McNair M30 42:10
print B380 Daniel Penrose M30 42:13
print AA052 Greg Gallegos M30 42:18
print A292 Matthew Artley M30 42:25
print B263 Todd Kenyon M30 42:26
print B403 Harold Hernandez M30 42:27
print BA335 Lance Steffen M30 42:42
print AA377 Gary Provost M30 42:48
print BA068 Jerry Lucero M30 42:49
print CC246 Andrew Knapp M30 43:03
print BA524 Mike Weir M30 43:03
print B493 Bobby Lehman M30 43:06
print BA698 Gary Triano M30 43:09
print BB388 Adam Mackstaller M30 43:11
print AA671 Dana Merrihew M30 43:16
print C478 Mark Walter M30 43:28
print BA675 Scott Jackson M30 43:28
print MA368 Chris Burr M30 43:33
print BA340 David Schneider M30 43:41
print BA314 Todd Ziebarth M30 44:00
print AA273 Kevin Hartley M30 44:05
print BB230 Timothy Holsten M30 44:06
print BA573 John Porter M30 44:23
print B253 Mark McDonald M30 44:26
print P274 Patrick Worden M30 44:34
print GG146 John Birchler M30 44:36
print B201 Scott Nelson M30 44:38
print EA516 Craig Macek M30 44:44
print BA151 John Bradley M30 44:52
print AA141 Curby Alexander M30 44:58
print C594 Victor Becerra M30 45:04
print EA417 Victor Sainz M30 45:09
print B264 Stephen Altmin M30 45:10
print BA549 John McGoldrick M30 45:14
print BA421 Mark Buzek M30 45:16
print BB379 Adam Lueck M30 45:24
print GG795 Daniel Nichols M30 45:31
print C228 Douglas Kempel M30 45:37
print BA604 RYAN FARR M30 45:42
print KA419 Michael Opel M30 45:44
print BA331 Chris Lowman M30 45:46
print CA365 Cimo Burleigh M30 45:46
print GG752 Eric Gooley M30 45:47
print BA556 Belem Martinez M30 45:48
print BA241 Erik McDanal M30 45:48
print BA366 Keith Fern M30 45:51
print C266 James Piar Adams M30 45:52
print BA407 Mike Gaffney M30 45:54
print BB115 Jim Kleveter M30 46:04
print BB337 Jeffrey White M30 46:08
print BB653 Julius Pasion M30 46:12
print D099 John Paul Walker M30 46:13
print C598 James Devere M30 46:14
print PA179 William Jackson M30 46:24
print B552 Erik Zimmer M30 46:31
print BB345 Brad Spear M30 46:33
print CC117 Michael Sajdak M30 46:39
print G017 Jason Dodson M30 46:40
print CC420 Todd Sullivan M30 46:44
print AA077 Derek Kuykendall M30 46:49
print C341 Clint Mills M30 46:52
print KA769 Tal Diamant M30 47:02
print BA364 Michael Hayes M30 47:07
print N495 Mark Goodman M30 47:16
print GA188 Cullen Hughes M30 47:16
print BB276 Daniel Stoppenhagen M30 47:21
print JA062 Darin Padilla M30 47:30
print BB297 HENRY KINGHAM M30 47:37
print MM742 Edward Stephenson M30 47:41
print BB491 Steve Muller M30 47:42
print DA210 John Frey M30 47:43
print BB544 David Kalisher M30 47:55
print CA162 Daniel Cooley M30 48:00
print G071 Kurt Kaczor M30 48:00
print QA765 Eric Myers M30 48:02
print LL576 Jay Davis M30 48:05
print CC296 Joshua Zapin M30 48:09
print Q379 Chris Hendricksen M30 48:11
print C484 Sanjiv Gupta M30 48:13
print CC446 Ken Lodoyico M30 48:15
print C522 Kevin Gough M30 48:17
print C618 Gordon Baker M30 48:18
print BB623 Chris Ruszkowski M30 48:20
print BB669 Steve Hetzel M30 48:23
print F098 Troy Garcia M30 48:23
print AA167 Kevin Gross M30 48:34
print NA702 Brandon Weaver M30 48:35
print H577 Jason Turner M30 48:42
print EA270 John Repjar M30 48:42
print GA007 Jonathan Cooney M30 48:56
print DA351 Michael Ennis M30 48:59
print BA169 Quentin Smith M30 49:01
print HA364 Mike Nekuda M30 49:04
print JJ214 Ryan Sedlacek M30 49:06
print PA738 Stephen Butler M30 49:09
print MA447 Joseph Klug M30 49:10
print D021 Matthew Rowan M30 49:12
print PP594 Shawn Macklin M30 49:13
print EE281 Aaron Linkow M30 49:17
print MT526 David Webster M30 49:17
print D118 Craig Foard M30 49:33
print FF521 Pioneer Joel M30 49:33
print KK381 Kevin Boyd M30 49:38
print GA161 Ryan Gill M30 49:42
print CA408 Willy White M30 49:42
print D465 Brett Lynch M30 49:45
print GA737 Brook Gebre-Mariam M30 49:46
print DA253 Arno Shermock M30 49:49
print C489 Luke Ward M30 49:51
print GA328 Jason Gloor M30 50:00
print PP393 Jeff Starlin M30 50:06
print CA619 Joe Giordano M30 50:08
print N506 Robe Painter M30 50:17
print PP719 John Hernandez M30 50:23
print PA189 Jason Sprong M30 50:30
print CA601 Bill Sponheimer M30 50:30
print D100 Scott Zuchowski M30 50:34
print CC476 Kevin Weed M30 50:35
print BB044 Kiley Peterson M30 50:38
print C422 Tyler Hutchens M30 50:41
print P353 Chris Pollmiller M30 50:42
print G038 Gordon Karl M30 50:43
print HH285 Brett Conners M30 50:43
print GA199 Cliff Young M30 50:45
print BB471 Jasper Fai M30 50:46
print DD068 Jon Hatch M30 50:47
print C364 Steven Jones M30 50:49
print BA439 Don Gau M30 50:52
print C424 Adrian Weatherby M30 50:57
print DA373 Mark Nelson M30 50:58
print D544 BRIAN BALDRATE M30 51:00
print CC310 Steve Durian M30 51:01
print CC504 Utah Gannon M30 51:02
print MT797 Scott Lowrey M30 51:06
print CA460 Ryan Unrein M30 51:07
print CA222 David Dye M30 51:08
print GA645 Kevin Berry M30 51:11
print FF118 Fred Renken M30 51:16
print GG435 Bryan Thomas M30 51:22
print QQ391 Andrew Wilson M30 51:23
print HA611 Jeremy Jameson M30 51:30
print CA363 Hunter Wagner M30 51:32
print LA184 Jason Young M30 51:44
print DA089 Kelly Wilhelm M30 51:45
print DD667 Kirk Crookham M30 51:49
print B327 Caj Flynn M30 51:54
print CC334 Curt Ranweiler M30 51:56
print BB154 Peter Colarco M30 52:03
print KK424 Shaun White M30 52:17
print QA097 Todd Shafer M30 52:18
print J733 Matthew English M30 52:21
print SS086 Kerby Link M30 52:21
print M397 Jon Driggers M30 52:24
print DD070 David Waller M30 52:31
print DA100 Joseph J. Lowan M30 52:35
print EE348 Winston Rast M30 52:41
print CC544 Paul Albert M30 53:01
print L511 William Lockner M30 53:02
print E110 Peter Archer M30 53:06
print KA706 Keith Remington M30 53:06
print JJ311 Brian Slobe M30 53:09
print Q672 Jason Ucker M30 53:11
print H343 Jeff Mullikin M30 53:15
print MM583 Michael Lane M30 53:16
print J470 Frank Mendell M30 53:19
print L691 Brent Matson M30 53:20
print F633 Greg Macchia M30 53:23
print L703 David Vellos M30 53:27

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