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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A410 Andrew Biglow M31 32:35
print A026 Eric Schwartz M31 33:13
print A307 Brian McGee M31 34:21
print A333 Greg Welch M31 34:45
print A286 Joel Karls M31 35:22
print A066 Adam Hodges M31 35:28
print A339 Jason Stueve M31 36:19
print AA293 Alan Rozendaal M31 36:27
print A337 Andre Raveling M31 36:33
print A392 Oscar Contreras M31 36:44
print A411 James Bullington M31 37:21
print A353 Andy Ottele M31 38:06
print AA391 John Jordan M31 38:08
print EA377 Jonathan Wells M31 38:57
print A348 Christopher Morris M31 39:28
print AA251 Andrew van Amson M31 40:27
print AA335 Jaxon Repp M31 40:47
print AA532 Rich Gustafson M31 40:59
print AA541 Zachary Jones M31 41:04
print PA178 Brett Bruyere M31 41:10
print B591 Alexander Durst M31 41:15
print AA422 Jeremy Brekke M31 41:17
print CC633 Charlie Chacos M31 41:26
print B067 Erik Halverson M31 41:28
print B233 George Ferris M31 41:29
print B248 Alex Schatz M31 41:30
print BB319 STEPHEN JONES M31 41:43
print AA034 Todd Curtis M31 41:43
print AA190 Terry Campbell M31 41:46
print BA691 Micky Gilbert M31 41:47
print B367 Scott Stefl M31 41:48
print B364 Adam Weaver M31 41:59
print AA108 Larry Herr M31 42:01
print B497 Per Soderberg M31 42:23
print B186 Brendon Reineke M31 42:29
print B254 Scott Hoftiezer M31 42:45
print B588 Corey Salzer M31 42:47
print BA582 Robert Lewis M31 42:48
print BB357 Kevin Burns M31 42:57
print B340 Todd Kleinman M31 43:09
print B333 Ka Chun Yu M31 43:14
print B375 Rob Wand M31 43:16
print B409 Gregory Ferraro M31 43:22
print BA690 Rob Weeks M31 43:28
print BA594 Sean Sherrard M31 43:34
print PA591 Garrett Linton M31 43:37
print AA280 Aaron Howe-Cornelison M31 43:46
print B361 CARL DAUGHERTY M31 43:48
print BA218 Scott Mosier M31 44:09
print BA079 Andrew Brodsky M31 44:22
print BA252 Dave Reinhardt M31 44:25
print CA502 Mark Bockman M31 44:31
print BB043 Travis Arciniega M31 44:32
print BA613 Emil DiGuilio M31 44:36
print BA268 Gary Foshee M31 44:38
print B452 Joshua Visitacion M31 44:38
print CC423 Brian Zall M31 44:43
print BB286 Michael Bantz M31 44:43
print FF107 Michael Worden M31 44:49
print B204 Mark Vescio M31 44:53
print BB378 Michael Ames M31 44:58
print BB611 Mark Richards M31 45:01
print BB546 Geordie Carr M31 45:01
print D635 Daniel Dinicola M31 45:02
print MA657 Grant Waaler M31 45:02
print D488 Ed Brady M31 45:06
print BA092 Andreas Krammer M31 45:07
print BB440 Douglas Hurst M31 45:13
print BB242 Curt Prokuski M31 45:16
print BB560 Adam Bliss M31 45:29
print BA678 Scott Blackburn M31 45:30
print B064 Kevin Hrastar M31 45:30
print G755 Marc Mackert M31 45:41
print B096 Edward Christie M31 45:53
print K371 Brooks Hornstein M31 45:58
print C501 Joel Muscatello M31 46:02
print BB098 Arthur Kirkpatrick M31 46:03
print CA203 Michael Dow M31 46:06
print KK080 Bryan Breuer M31 46:08
print G712 Todd McDowell M31 46:11
print KK037 Michael Haggarty M31 46:12
print BA066 David Oliver M31 46:12
print D208 Ryan Root M31 46:18
print B337 Joseph O'Leary M31 46:25
print C108 William Tinley M31 46:31
print C635 Chris Settje M31 46:35
print C396 Brian Tomsovic M31 46:38
print BA154 Joseph Kilzer M31 46:38
print C188 dwayne hilsden M31 46:45
print C351 Jon Seymour M31 46:45
print AA039 Tim MacDonald M31 46:47
print C388 Rob Fulcomer M31 46:54
print FF437 Mark Warner M31 46:59
print C390 James Goddard M31 47:04
print C063 Kurt Gensert M31 47:06
print BB331 Blake Dodge M31 47:09
print PP733 Jeff Hollingsworth M31 47:10
print JA629 Matthew Stroot M31 47:10
print D339 Matt Walli M31 47:11
print B033 Ken Booth M31 47:14
print BA254 Thomas Mohr M31 47:18
print D091 Joel Dekanich M31 47:20
print CA357 Paul Pazen M31 47:21
print BB177 Paulo Santos M31 47:24
print GG348 David Fuller M31 47:31
print C639 David Farmar M31 47:37
print D545 Dan Grieser M31 47:40
print LA377 Woody Salcido M31 47:59
print BB542 David Mornes M31 48:04
print GA186 Stanford Yan M31 48:11
print C549 Donald Lorr M31 48:11
print BB315 John Deal 4 M31 48:13
print CA372 Brian Porter M31 48:16
print BA246 Gary Trader M31 48:23
print BB251 Nathan Skillern M31 48:31
print D276 Michael Alto M31 48:35
print BA343 Michael Mattis M31 48:35
print Q378 Geff Sanders M31 48:38
print B188 Frank Silvester M31 48:42
print CA249 Steve Wisecup M31 48:46
print EE369 Glen Heller M31 48:49
print H303 Eric McLaughlin M31 48:56
print K551 Jeffrey St. Pierre M31 49:02
print D191 diego portillo M31 49:11
print BA029 Noel Fleming M31 49:12
print BB663 Bill White M31 49:17
print CA394 Marc Beck M31 49:18
print CA299 Thomas Castle M31 49:19
print CA472 Neil Littmann M31 49:21
print BB642 Christopher Friedman M31 49:22
print BB641 John Siris M31 49:23
print D364 Joseph Smith M31 49:29
print MM446 Chip Bingham M31 49:31
print D051 Hung Tang M31 49:31
print G306 Edward Locher M31 49:34
print D400 Cameron Walker M31 49:37
print D303 Jason Valant M31 49:45
print C253 Lee Sterrett M31 49:47
print BB510 Edmund Doering M31 49:48
print NA644 Joel Bond M31 49:49
print H388 Bo Corbitt M31 49:50
print GG178 David Tarkalson M31 49:53
print GG492 Barry Findley M31 49:55
print DD165 Greg Shewmaker M31 49:55
print DD561 Dandeep Sequeira M31 49:58
print EE051 John Heckman M31 49:59
print FF113 Hans Auer M31 50:00
print CC068 Jose Hard Jr M31 50:01
print GG184 Koji Ueda M31 50:03
print LA172 David Kasprzak M31 50:06
print LA784 Stephen Vincent M31 50:06
print CA082 Paul Winker M31 50:06
print K282 Corey Voggesser M31 50:11
print GA547 Ross Krutsinger M31 50:12
print MT043 Michael Greene M31 50:14
print E646 Heath Ward M31 50:15
print D295 Jonathan Flink M31 50:15
print D371 Dan Orlinski M31 50:41
print DA263 Chris Terrell M31 50:51
print E698 Chuck Moore M31 50:56
print P757 Anders Wollan M31 51:01
print HH489 Joseph Raney M31 51:12
print JA247 Peter Fischer M31 51:14
print C475 Troy Louviere M31 51:15
print C553 Scott Shaver M31 51:17
print F070 John Dietrich M31 51:21
print E066 Michael O'Hara M31 51:22
print CA152 Brian Hurley M31 51:31
print E395 Jeff Klipstein M31 51:32
print C480 Peter Morrison M31 51:32
print C622 Matthew Gray M31 51:39
print LL329 Eddy Koss M31 51:46
print GG729 Dan Yamagishi M31 51:47
print E114 Gordon West M31 51:49
print FF160 Pete Burhop M31 51:51
print CA594 Kevin Barger M31 51:52
print P695 Jeffrey Stadler M31 52:00
print KK459 John Shanahan M31 52:02
print DA066 Scott Letz M31 52:07
print P510 Michael Henderson M31 52:09
print EE227 Sean Morris M31 52:11
print CC406 Glenn Stelloh M31 52:16
print G172 Dave Lyons M31 52:21
print KA259 Mike Mougin M31 52:24
print GA469 Jon Cook M31 52:27
print CA484 Brent Mcelhaney M31 52:27
print LA343 Eric Dufour M31 52:29
print QA720 Casey Hall M31 52:30
print QA688 Galen Rhodes M31 52:37
print DD665 Troy Jiron M31 52:40
print PA086 Michael Traina M31 52:42
print HA687 Jason Abell M31 52:50
print EA532 Craig Neugeboren M31 52:51
print GG462 Christopher Whetten M31 52:56
print GA203 Nick Malakar M31 52:59
print FA226 Jason Coble M31 53:00
print LA535 Gary Freeman M31 53:01
print D330 Michael DeSordi M31 53:01
print E370 Joe McMullen M31 53:03
print GA660 Eric Smith M31 53:04

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