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BolderBOULDER 2002


May 27, 2002 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:42,240
Number of Females:22,615
Number of Males:19,619
Average Time:1:15:49
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Dylan Olchin 30:49
2. Jens Borrmann 31:15
3. Nelson Laux 31:32
4. Art Gunther 31:35
5. Shannon Butler 31:40
Female Participants
1. Lilly Guerra 35:23
2. Faith Byrum 35:24
3. Patty Murray 35:51
4. Diane Gentry 36:16
5. Kelly Ryan 36:31
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print A336 John Raveling M35 34:17
print A291 Neal Gassmann M35 35:43
print A296 Todd Straka M35 35:55
print A463 Patrick Kolarik M35 36:23
print A287 Jim Kasic M35 36:46
print A160 Brad Dickerson M35 37:23
print A079 Lane Hornung M35 38:29
print A420 Steve Leland M35 38:46
print A162 Shawn Parsons M35 38:50
print AA090 Jeffrey Roy M35 39:18
print A236 Lanny Grosse M35 39:27
print AA262 Merlyn Ballou M35 39:28
print AA367 Steven Read M35 39:39
print A237 Durwin Sauer M35 39:51
print AA014 Rich Ruhser M35 40:05
print AA683 Jeffrey Thompson M35 40:06
print AA184 Dan Dolan M35 40:26
print AA592 Wayne Roth M35 40:27
print AA429 Michael Copeland M35 40:35
print BB320 John Megan M35 40:35
print AA053 Stephen Cann M35 40:44
print B502 Stan Spilman COMMA II M35 41:15
print A440 Marc Goulet M35 41:23
print HH786 Timothy Bowers M35 41:31
print AA375 Robert Jotte M35 41:32
print AA568 Eric Muniz M35 41:58
print C201 Chris Anderson M35 42:07
print AA579 Andrew Halperin M35 42:16
print B182 Todd Baxter M35 42:18
print BA065 William Johnson M35 42:19
print CC434 Joe Landry M35 42:27
print C359 Matthew Johnson M35 42:33
print KA105 Tom Menzer M35 42:45
print B500 Steven Malecha M35 42:46
print B463 Andrew Harvey M35 43:16
print AA238 Dennis Martinez M35 43:23
print AA176 David Carner M35 43:24
print B516 Jonathan Warshaw M35 43:49
print B054 Daniel Valdez M35 44:03
print B476 Steve Piper M35 44:03
print B514 Todd Suko M35 44:23
print B298 Stephen Love M35 44:26
print BA581 Tim Callahan M35 44:34
print KA543 Chris Hedman M35 44:35
print AA490 Nick Gordon M35 44:45
print KK767 John McCray M35 44:49
print BA358 Edward Hubbard M35 44:52
print NN061 Chris Toriggino M35 44:54
print B071 John Lilly M35 44:57
print AA095 Joe Huey M35 45:02
print L630 Mike Burelson M35 45:06
print B365 Cliff Fitch M35 45:07
print B163 Jay Irwin M35 45:16
print CA305 Larry Steller M35 45:24
print PA261 Dale Papineau M35 45:33
print BB187 Anthony Gonzales M35 45:38
print C302 STEVEN BURNITE M35 45:38
print C182 Kent Dickson M35 45:39
print G208 Bruno Theisen M35 45:39
print C278 Tony Hogie M35 45:41
print B353 Shawn Croissant M35 45:43
print GA336 Chris Sanning M35 45:47
print KK109 Guillermo Matinez M35 45:56
print BA586 Burton Stoner M35 45:58
print BB056 Charles Pudak M35 45:58
print BA528 Schilacci Elhaouari M35 46:09
print C474 Jeff Schreiber M35 46:14
print BA054 John Brackney M35 46:20
print C135 Matthew Paulsen M35 46:28
print D246 Eric Gomez M35 46:32
print CA238 Kent Nuzum M35 46:43
print C323 Alexander Kallen M35 46:49
print BA371 Kevin Reinsch M35 46:52
print BB324 Kevin Anthony M35 46:52
print BA562 Pongsak Noophan M35 46:56
print H380 Chris Gdowski M35 46:57
print D554 Chris Pilgrim M35 46:57
print BB464 Douglas Kelly M35 47:04
print DD400 Ian Barringer M35 47:08
print C327 Perry Quinn M35 47:10
print C340 Jeff Reeser M35 47:11
print BB061 Michael Stephens M35 47:13
print B508 Brian Holcombe M35 47:17
print BB065 Gustavo Garcia M35 47:24
print C399 Bruce Kruger M35 47:24
print CA285 Steve Scanlon M35 47:38
print AA551 Mike Keffeler M35 47:39
print C565 John Elfering M35 47:43
print BB665 Jonathan Eastwood M35 47:45
print FA212 Larry Rayment III M35 47:58
print CA004 Bayard Yang M35 47:59
print CA185 Brian Anderson M35 48:00
print D090 Robert Buttram M35 48:01
print C141 Todd Robertson M35 48:05
print C609 Sean Rowen M35 48:07
print CA040 Gerald Sochor M35 48:10
print C362 BRADLEY JURACEK M35 48:12
print K399 Steve Lazarus M35 48:14
print BA534 Jeff Hooblez M35 48:17
print GG473 Tomas Ryan M35 48:18
print CA596 Tim Gensler M35 48:22
print G694 Scot Colburn M35 48:23
print GA065 Scott Geffre M35 48:28
print BB437 Aaron Dailey M35 48:30
print CC467 Robert Ladd M35 48:32
print BB300 Jeff Barela M35 48:32
print CA350 Paul Yang M35 48:33
print DA499 Jeffrey Weltzin M35 48:34
print PA607 John Williamson M35 48:35
print C404 Thomas Celano M35 48:51
print GG701 A. Brooks Thoroughgood III M35 48:53
print DA455 Michael Foster M35 48:54
print PP794 Dave Gentry M35 48:58
print CC243 Gregory Seals M35 49:07
print CC445 Francisco Manzo M35 49:14
print DD081 Victor Raposo M35 49:15
print CA433 Gregory Delester Hunt M35 49:25
print L541 Patrick Heflin M35 49:27
print DD069 Greg Hall M35 49:27
print BB072 Leonard Levine M35 49:30
print CC253 Noel Sagullo M35 49:33
print C503 James Coggswell M35 49:35
print DD212 Bryan Dickinson M35 49:37
print NA665 James Lein M35 49:46
print DA333 Randall Yuen M35 49:54
print CC156 Lindsay Whetton M35 49:58
print PA084 Ned Nixon M35 50:03
print CC260 Michael Shaw M35 50:04
print CA166 David Stoltz M35 50:07
print C624 David Hass M35 50:11
print E656 Thomas Scott M35 50:13
print DA518 Alan Robinson M35 50:14
print CC532 Matthew Connell M35 50:14
print HH674 Brad Ott M35 50:16
print C692 Stuart Corbridge M35 50:28
print NN254 Mark Johnson M35 50:45
print B332 Robert Brooks M35 50:49
print LA194 Michael Crook M35 50:52
print CA180 Tom Satter M35 50:53
print MA165 Dan Batten M35 50:55
print CA599 Michael Johnston M35 50:57
print CA338 Benet Stricca M35 51:02
print DD598 Sean Aspedon M35 51:04
print C656 Timothy Felton M35 51:17
print PA670 Joseph Kreikemeier M35 51:19
print DA328 Steven Weigler M35 51:25
print CA217 Keenan Haga M35 51:28
print C072 Benjamin Boyer M35 51:29
print DD401 Sean Ugrin M35 51:30
print GA321 Ron Olsen M35 51:33
print K006 Jim Peters M35 51:44
print LA758 Kenneth Stewart M35 52:02
print PA648 Barry Simpson M35 52:08
print G174 Paul Sakiewicz M35 52:16
print QQ197 Martin Smort M35 52:17
print EE070 Jim Boberschmidt M35 52:18
print G094 Ken Paxton M35 52:22
print E101 Scott Duke M35 52:23
print DD059 Randall Blondeau M35 52:39
print DA299 Phil Weidner M35 52:41
print H798 Valmore Celis M35 52:45
print DD290 Karl Sorton M35 52:50
print GA475 Joe Hourigan M35 52:56
print DD283 Todd Sanders M35 53:00
print KK416 Scott Dawson M35 53:03
print D389 Thomas O'Keefe M35 53:04
print G623 Patrick Haines M35 53:07
print DA441 Todd Siegler M35 53:14
print EA528 Monty Moran M35 53:14
print LA772 John Schultz M35 53:17
print CA322 Matthew Martinez M35 53:19
print QA730 John Weiler M35 53:27
print QQ670 Fred Vosloh M35 53:28
print HA370 David Mathias M35 53:30
print FF205 David Dran M35 53:35
print LA623 Robert Koch M35 53:35
print PA643 Barry Lefer M35 53:36
print GA409 Jeffrey Cantrell M35 53:37
print G316 Peter Michel M35 53:41
print GA047 Henry Sanin M35 53:45
print KA179 Sean Von Feldt M35 53:46
print G727 Heath Seaman M35 53:51
print NN759 John Tinkler M35 53:53
print GG546 Michael Koertje M35 53:58
print LL026 Hai Tran M35 54:00
print H223 John Mowery M35 54:01
print EA114 Jeff Norman M35 54:03
print LA091 Drew Jeffrey M35 54:06
print K526 Mark Herhold M35 54:07
print GG156 Richard Russell M35 54:13
print H091 Keith Ambuhl M35 54:16
print MM660 John Ehrhart M35 54:24
print HH611 Rob Hogg M35 54:24
print R508 Ron Martinez M35 54:35
print CC166 Christopher Patella M35 54:36
print PA638 DANIEL ELLIS M35 54:42
print KA655 Bruce Charles M35 54:42
print KK689 Robert Goldrick M35 54:43
print L557 Lynn Voss M35 54:45
print LA449 Derek Stanley M35 54:48

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