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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A409 Bradley Harkrader M17 33:49
print A235 Curtis Larimer M17 34:34
print A461 Austin Thompson M17 34:52
print A393 Ryan Lawrence M17 35:17
print A431 Connor Wilson M17 35:21
print A271 Karch Hickman M17 35:58
print A346 Derek Ongalo M17 36:06
print A439 Demetri Limberis M17 36:21
print AA433 Dietrich James Wambach M17 36:39
print A194 John Richard Tallerday M17 36:44
print A187 Riley Joyce M17 36:59
print A219 Tucker James Huey M17 37:29
print A309 Ford Childs M17 37:41
print AA311 Jason Thomas Graham M17 38:23
print AB224 Nicholas Campbell M17 38:46
print A304 Mikkel Christensen M17 38:55
print A327 William Mitchell M17 39:01
print BA407 Christopher Swink M17 39:17
print GC441 Daniel Tjosvold M17 39:23
print AA270 Benjamin Greenberg M17 39:39
print AB599 Blake Angelo M17 39:52
print AB183 Vlad Kaufman M17 40:10
print AA429 oliver cunningham M17 40:18
print AA319 Shaun Higgins M17 40:59
print AB310 Joel Kindt M17 41:03
print AA216 Max Wilber M17 41:21
print BA506 Charles Moore M17 41:32
print BB437 Shawn Monk M17 41:51
print AA459 Jake Saulsbury M17 41:55
print A417 Robbie Hilton M17 42:03
print BB223 John Larson M17 42:12
print AA460 Justin Zahller M17 42:16
print AB380 JP Soper M17 42:20
print AB559 Alex Kelly M17 42:25
print C342 Matthew Johnson M17 42:28
print AA033 Cory Hungate M17 42:32
print DA510 Gary Bruce M17 42:39
print AA079 Adam Sivertson M17 43:14
print AB597 Christophe Dodson M17 43:30
print GF356 Michael Allen Trevey M17 43:48
print B454 Kyle E Persing M17 43:57
print B359 Bryce Cherpelis M17 44:03
print HC347 Lee Glaser M17 44:11
print DA184 Kim Fessenden M17 44:36
print D508 Steven Calley M17 44:41
print AA359 Mark Kelsic M17 44:49
print E063 Atul Menta M17 44:50
print GC421 Ryan Johnson M17 44:56
print F437 John Hegarty M17 44:59
print AB057 Danny Hames M17 45:00
print BB366 Kyle Senescu M17 45:06
print BB088 Cameron Turner M17 45:11
print DA412 Lance Clark M17 45:25
print E220 Vincent Michael Sturgell M17 45:40
print BA217 Daniel Knighton M17 45:42
print JJ387 Saul Evanoff M17 45:43
print F091 Luke Fitzgerald M17 45:50
print AB355 Jeffrey Plumer M17 46:07
print AB250 Alex R Haynes M17 46:08
print GB430 Eduardo Bueno M17 46:34
print NA659 Luke Wessler M17 46:40
print BA294 Ian Vieth M17 46:42
print CC240 John McHugh M17 47:27
print JG393 Seth Jacob Van Essen M17 47:53
print HG607 Jake Robert Howard M17 48:04
print GD531 Daryl Coburn M17 48:18
print GD445 Adrian Alvarez M17 48:22
print GB060 Steven Garrett M17 48:25
print HB468 Spencer Biddle M17 48:42
print JJ006 Jordan Donaldson M17 48:47
print GC154 Daniel Eakin M17 49:00
print GC156 Bryce Myles Bishop M17 49:01
print JM528 David Tugman M17 49:11
print GC155 dan young M17 49:14
print JC243 Piers Sebastian Blyth M17 49:15
print GC153 Joshua Taboga M17 49:35
print AB572 Walter Peeples COMMA IV M17 49:54
print FD507 Timothy Wiginton M17 49:57
print FA350 Steve Powers M17 50:14
print GA117 Theo Mooney M17 50:26
print GA342 Eric Johnson M17 50:30
print GD582 Stephen Goodwin M17 50:32
print E185 Michael Degan Hambacher M17 50:33
print HH603 Michael Taggart M17 50:35
print JG391 Seth Jacob Van Essen M17 50:37
print KA337 Eric Raschke M17 50:43
print HF385 Josh Kugizaki M17 51:06
print G085 Ben Hearty M17 51:10
print EB124 Lydon Walker M17 51:31
print H182 Brian Linton M17 51:43
print JC266 Tom Josephson M17 51:55
print ED320 Alex Nelson M17 51:59
print DD146 Patrick M Lewis M17 52:09
print GB528 Trent Gillaspie M17 52:15
print JC272 William B Bloomer M17 52:36
print JM168 Gregory Conway Ebbets M17 52:40
print JM686 Russell Payne M17 52:45
print EE242 Vincent A Fernandez M17 52:55
print K490 Jeff Wittreich M17 52:55
print GG573 Brian Curkendall M17 52:59
print D123 Mitch Denker M17 53:16
print D122 Nick Thixton M17 53:18
print GA149 David John Russon M17 53:23
print JC339 Matt Mahowald M17 53:28
print KC496 John Downs M17 53:42
print JF073 Brian Scherer M17 53:52
print HA140 Nathan Herder M17 54:09
print HB364 Rene Thomsen M17 54:13
print G655 Stephen Zaharris M17 54:13
print KG157 Greg Wilson M17 54:15
print KG156 Ross Burke M17 54:15
print CA164 James May M17 54:19
print FA364 Matt Olin M17 54:27
print JG392 Seth Jacob Van Essen M17 54:31
print JE422 Jeff Russ M17 55:19
print JE214 John Bidwell M17 55:24
print FB239 Bryan David Morrow M17 55:29
print KF570 Colin Heffern M17 55:45
print K243 Adam Neuman M17 55:45
print HF533 Cody Debus M17 55:46
print KF569 Mattia Taboga M17 55:46
print JC193 Andrew Comer M17 55:48
print GF404 Andy Wolaver M17 56:25
print KA111 Greg Arpin M17 57:05
print CC445 Michael Gulsuig M17 57:22
print DA215 Andrew Trainor M17 57:42
print ED506 Matthew Zavala M17 57:45
print JE574 Ricky Yaher M17 57:46
print FC433 Justin Forristall M17 58:11
print MD014 Levi Stechuan M17 58:22
print GG156 Kyle W. Zvejnieks M17 58:23
print NE195 steven scott goodell M17 58:27
print HH047 Jeremy Ring M17 58:33
print JG580 Joel Sturdevant M17 58:36
print KH314 Trevor Hefferman M17 59:02
print EC286 Erich Dorn M17 59:31
print KH355 Bryson Hill M17 59:40
print FF045 Christopher L. Wilson M17 1:00:26
print FA311 Patrick Comly M17 1:00:36
print JA407 Philip Tucker M17 1:01:14
print KB340 Jack Davenport M17 1:01:27
print FC400 Tony Pickrel M17 1:01:35
print KJ558 Ian Jones M17 1:01:40
print GC479 Susannah Lee Young M17 1:01:48
print JE589 Aaron Malcolm M17 1:01:56
print HD281 Steve Vi M17 1:02:07
print JE590 Kai Johnson M17 1:02:10
print GA346 Abel Gamez M17 1:03:18
print JD224 Kevin M Kaufman M17 1:03:19
print HA544 Kevin Moulton M17 1:03:24
print K186 Clinton Taggart M17 1:03:29
print JC463 Adam Roosa M17 1:03:43
print JC281 Nathan Weathers M17 1:04:02
print HB517 Erik Hofvander M17 1:04:27
print JJ334 Andrew Demars M17 1:04:37
print HD277 Kyle Joseph Osborne M17 1:04:49
print HB474 Raul Chavez M17 1:06:05
print JE326 Daniel McKinnon M17 1:06:09
print WG080 Ryan Yeash M17 1:06:15
print MS515 Aaron Bothner M17 1:07:26
print KA482 Chris Ballard M17 1:07:31
print JF139 Jonathon Fallik M17 1:07:34
print GC564 Sam Scott McCulloch M17 1:08:14
print HC052 Tyler Doute M17 1:09:38
print GG123 Sean Kienle M17 1:09:40
print GE250 Dane Dellarossa M17 1:09:57
print MB120 Nick Engleman M17 1:10:02
print JE069 Steven Bennett M17 1:10:23
print HH108 Alex Entin M17 1:11:07
print FD197 Trevor Mansfield M17 1:11:58
print KA545 Gabriel Green M17 1:12:11
print JC064 Judd Shader M17 1:12:27
print MM123 William McNitt M17 1:12:28
print KJ438 Patrick Warden M17 1:12:30
print JG238 Adam Hafnor M17 1:12:37
print HC377 John Laurence Maslanik M17 1:13:27
print MM246 Jonathan Phillips M17 1:14:17
print MC505 Andrew Tonge M17 1:15:25
print JA410 Jeremy Groves M17 1:15:39
print KC038 Ryan Margoles M17 1:17:32
print KC114 Zachary Ross M17 1:19:14
print JE372 Jeff Price M17 1:19:17
print NA572 VIRGIL BUZZ ARCHER III M17 1:21:06
print EE362 Matthew Voorhees M17 1:22:19
print EE364 David Allegrezza M17 1:22:28
print KJ121 Ross Hattel M17 1:22:36
print MH497 Justin Senterfit M17 1:24:13
print KC662 Eric Patterson M17 1:24:29
print NC594 Andrew Byrne M17 1:24:33
print HF267 Tonatiuh Dansie M17 1:26:08
print MJ054 Johnathan Wright M17 1:29:30
print H466 Daniel Hartman M17 1:29:31
print NE497 Jeff Ipson M17 1:33:19
print JM359 Alex Vere Nicoll M17 1:34:48
print KE585 William L Soderborg III M17 1:35:43
print MA568 Tyler Bowers M17 1:35:55
print D532 Bryce Anderson M17 1:36:19
print WG105 Aaron Hupp M17 1:42:02
print MB222 Peter Blosten M17 1:42:03

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