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BolderBOULDER 2003


May 26, 2003 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:44,613
Number of Females:23,893
Number of Males:20,700
Average Time:1:16:08
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Michael Alsh 30:37
2. Aaron Carrizales 30:59
3. Art Siemers 31:12
4. Nelson Laux 31:18
5. Holbrook Call 31:23
Female Participants
1. Liliam Guerra 35:55
2. Leanne Whitesides 36:39
3. Katie Blackett 36:46
4. Michelle Leigh Hopkins 37:52
5. Mercedes Gil 37:53
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print A124 Mark Werner M31 32:21
print A276 Adolfo Carrillo M31 33:22
print A474 Mike Lynes M31 34:27
print A498 Tim Luchinske M31 34:28
print A017 Gerald Romero M31 35:04
print A458 Chris Piazzola M31 35:05
print A217 Lance Y. Shimomura M31 36:25
print A078 Travis Haines M31 36:40
print A127 Matt Ringer M31 37:05
print A441 Brian Kates M31 37:24
print A197 Timothy Martersteck M31 38:10
print A268 Greg Friedman M31 38:40
print AA031 Pemba Sherpa M31 38:45
print AA402 Steven Bailey M31 38:53
print A270 David Zybowski M31 38:57
print A090 Brian A Koch M31 38:58
print A496 Chip Tabor M31 39:07
print AA413 Humphrey Otita M31 39:19
print C075 Eric Small M31 39:34
print A472 Rogelio Becerra M31 39:40
print B282 Adam Mackstaller M31 39:53
print A150 Dagoberto Jimenez M31 40:28
print AA599 Heath Bowser M31 40:28
print AB244 Matt Artley M31 40:49
print AB511 Todd Kenyon M31 40:57
print AA176 John Winston Hayden M31 40:58
print AA240 Gary R Provost M31 41:02
print AB364 Simon Springett M31 41:12
print AA580 Peter Archer M31 41:16
print DD212 Andrew Knapp M31 41:17
print B135 Pete Roos M31 41:25
print AA552 Josh Friedman M31 41:44
print AA245 Steve Balliet M31 41:45
print AB451 Mike Weir M31 41:46
print B352 Bobby Lehman M31 41:57
print AA382 Kirk Walker M31 42:00
print AB326 Jim Carpenter M31 42:02
print AA590 Mark McDonald M31 42:04
print AA206 Bo Richardson M31 42:18
print JJ527 Brian Freiburger M31 42:23
print BA194 John Porter M31 42:34
print J570 Joseph Klein M31 42:40
print AB346 Jason Kent Babcock M31 42:49
print BA532 Rodolfo Arellano M31 42:54
print C281 Matt Kolb M31 43:07
print AB361 Julius Pasion M31 43:11
print B285 Christian Schmidt M31 43:15
print GC495 Eric Charles Duane Bauer M31 43:23
print BA378 Eric Gooley M31 43:35
print BA156 Scott Nelson M31 43:45
print KG022 Rudy Mesicek M31 43:48
print H357 Peter Sehl M31 43:56
print B311 Todd Ziebarth M31 43:57
print AA196 Dana Merrihew M31 43:57
print JJ553 Jason Walters M31 44:00
print B457 Luke Aaron Spencer M31 44:12
print BB492 Gregory Murray M31 44:18
print B320 Carl Schmidtlein M31 44:19
print BB444 Kimo Burleigh M31 44:20
print AB155 Troy Fitzgerald M31 44:25
print FB285 Steve Harford M31 44:30
print B322 Kevin Hartley M31 44:31
print BB305 Mark Buzek M31 44:40
print AB051 Mark James M31 44:42
print BA254 willie dann dann M31 44:45
print B371 Scott Hooten M31 44:46
print B277 chris burr M31 44:47
print BB197 Daniel B Taylor M31 44:49
print D275 David Webster M31 44:49
print BB232 John L Bradley M31 44:53
print CA215 Christopher J Lowman M31 45:00
print BB364 John Paul Walker M31 45:13
print BA410 Matt Walli M31 45:18
print CC400 Steve Hetzel M31 45:20
print BB209 Eric Pederson M31 45:26
print AA383 Teey Benzon M31 45:30
print F167 Michael Louis Albert Loperfido M31 45:37
print JG191 John L Yungclas M31 45:44
print DA145 Luke Ward M31 45:45
print GA376 James Bradley Bohrer M31 45:49
print CC340 Troy Garcia M31 46:02
print C379 Wayne Gaffney M31 46:03
print BB211 Erik McDanal M31 46:11
print B337 Scott Jackson M31 46:11
print C216 Jeff Powell M31 46:27
print C476 Mike Sajdak M31 46:28
print CA182 David M Porter M31 46:28
print B237 Galen J Meysenburg M31 46:32
print ED349 Keith Reis M31 46:34
print D410 Stephen G. Butler M31 46:41
print CA381 David Snodgrass M31 46:42
print C171 Ken Booth M31 46:42
print DA177 Arno Shermock M31 46:53
print EE194 Bill Young M31 46:53
print CC086 Kurt Kaczor M31 47:01
print FA291 Kenneth Stevens M31 47:01
print CC113 Gordon Baker M31 47:04
print J561 Grant Irland M31 47:07
print GD632 Dave Gall M31 47:08
print BB333 David K. Whitelock M31 47:11
print BB132 Dean Thompson M31 47:13
print JD315 Michael Saul M31 47:24
print GC104 Brook Gebre-Mariam M31 47:27
print BB503 Belem Martinez Maceno M31 47:28
print EA237 John Hernandez M31 47:29
print JH051 Ian Buchanan M31 47:32
print HG504 Mark Goodman M31 47:39
print DD369 Jasper Fai M31 47:41
print HE539 Jason Young M31 47:43
print EA385 David Taylor M31 47:47
print CC170 Cullen Hughes M31 47:49
print HG215 Steven Beecham M31 47:51
print EB392 Tal Diamant M31 47:53
print HG229 chris wilderman M31 47:59
print GG001 Ryan Wilson M31 48:02
print CA472 henry Kingham M31 48:03
print CC287 KEVIN JOHN GOUGH M31 48:05
print D260 Jeff Martin M31 48:06
print D100 Mike Nekuda M31 48:09
print CC391 Tom Bartel M31 48:14
print BA504 Stephen Altmin M31 48:24
print D191 Saul Dave M31 48:27
print EB195 Brian Scott Slobe M31 48:32
print CA337 Matthew Weiss M31 48:43
print EB364 Jonathan Tofel M31 48:49
print DA405 Winston Rast M31 48:59
print DD344 Kevin Weed M31 49:01
print GC480 Jonathan Pflager Wischmeyer M31 49:02
print HF316 Greg Williams M31 49:06
print D515 Phillip Trent Jacobs M31 49:07
print CA253 John Frey M31 49:13
print CA270 Adam Lee M31 49:29
print DA518 James Vardas M31 49:35
print DD497 Jonathan Williams M31 49:42
print CC149 Patrick Joseph Foote M31 49:45
print DD246 Carlos Jallo M31 49:48
print EB156 Shaun White M31 49:55
print CA411 Eric Helton M31 49:56
print DD134 Gordon Gary Karl M31 49:56
print DD165 Steven Troy Jones M31 49:58
print G394 Rob Harter M31 49:59
print CC237 Neil Mallinson M31 50:00
print E213 Hunter Andrew Wagner M31 50:00
print ED351 Mario Gutierrez M31 50:12
print EB333 Jeff Mullikin M31 50:20
print JJ024 Joseph Giglio M31 50:24
print GF130 Michael Boutain M31 50:27
print ED158 Patrick D Smith M31 50:33
print EA159 David Waller M31 50:33
print EC001 Stephen Ball M31 50:46
print D267 Michael Ennis M31 50:50
print JD137 Donald A Taylor M31 50:54
print E414 Gary W Clayburg M31 50:54
print D318 Samuel Douglass M31 51:03
print DD459 Tyler Hutchens M31 51:10
print DD500 John Scott M31 51:13
print EE296 Adam Wolinski M31 51:23
print GA659 Charles D Bookhamer M31 51:23
print EC142 Brent Matson M31 51:26
print BA031 Sean Thomas M31 51:30
print GF657 Chad William Hoyt M31 51:31
print KJ214 Sam Hitz M31 51:33
print FE387 Michael Fowler M31 51:38
print JB159 Mike Murray M31 51:39
print F258 Greg Neale M31 51:40
print DA248 Craig Foard M31 51:41
print JE232 Andrew Wilson M31 51:43
print F205 David Karl Kalosis M31 51:45
print FD262 Brian Shoemaker M31 51:45
print FA301 Andrew Kelsey M31 52:13
print EC560 Douglas S Loui M31 52:16
print BB219 Mark Edlin M31 52:28
print E133 Steve Durian M31 52:29
print ME506 Roger Patino M31 52:36
print GC103 Jason Gloor M31 52:43
print JE471 Stu Kerst M31 52:44
print JE516 Justin Bowman M31 52:55
print JG222 Shaun Cartwright M31 53:00
print JE021 Eric Baltz M31 53:01
print DA296 Gary Grundei M31 53:04
print K363 J.H Sava M31 53:08
print KD545 Brad Alley M31 53:09
print ED265 Stephen Eckert M31 53:13
print JB471 Steve Shenk M31 53:14
print C438 Victor Moreno M31 53:16
print EE325 Allen Turner M31 53:17
print JB400 Jeff King M31 53:24
print JE600 Wayde Jester M31 53:25
print E470 Fred Renken M31 53:29
print KB002 Rob Sigmon M31 53:37
print ED550 Tod Keiffer M31 53:37
print JJ442 Lance Marr M31 53:39
print C223 Derek Lynn Kuykendall M31 53:46
print ME247 Aaron Strand M31 53:49
print HG330 Michael James Convery M31 53:51
print E248 Bryan Scott Thomas M31 53:54
print GD148 Jason Weller M31 53:54
print F240 Steven Kurutz M31 53:55
print HA487 Andrew Adams M31 53:55
print KA556 Dan Prather M31 53:56

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