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BolderBOULDER 2004


May 31, 2004 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:43,772
Number of Females:23,421
Number of Males:20,350
Average Time:1:16:20
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Josh Eberly 30:21
2. Bradley Harkrader 30:52
3. Greg Mitchell 31:24
4. Nelson Laux 32:00
5. Christopher England 32:09
Female Participants
1. Lidia Simon 34:00
2. Diane G. Gentry 36:21
3. Siri Lindley 36:57
4. Loretta Harrop 37:00
5. Patty Murray 37:03
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print A345 Greg Mitchell M30 31:24
print A272 Christopher England M30 32:09
print A332 Jose Arreola M30 36:05
print A082 jeffry buechler M30 36:54
print AA354 Patrick Henin M30 37:01
print A065 Cortino R Garcia M30 37:37
print A284 Chad Halsten M30 37:42
print A524 Bryan Cox M30 37:46
print A354 Jeremy Ramsey M30 37:57
print A019 Andy Schakel M30 38:12
print A242 Scott Kukel M30 38:13
print A139 Matt Connors M30 38:15
print AA258 Kreighton Bieger M30 39:13
print A184 Matt Schneider M30 39:28
print D645 Ivy Koger M30 39:49
print AA263 Luke Middleton M30 39:54
print AA474 Patrick Gelinas M30 40:43
print AB063 Matthew Erichsen M30 41:18
print AA253 Travis Silvers M30 41:22
print BB470 Christian Bottcher M30 41:51
print B200 Ben Frey M30 41:52
print CA250 Eric Swope M30 42:04
print ED355 john b becker M30 42:18
print AB168 Duane Smith M30 42:21
print HA697 Paul A Schoeny M30 42:40
print B298 David Coleman M30 42:45
print CC272 Kevin James Soviak M30 42:55
print AB057 Stuart Currie M30 43:04
print BB176 Brent Hatch M30 43:19
print BB461 Mark Bilby M30 43:24
print AB220 Christopher Woolley M30 43:37
print AB247 Whitney Lloyd Hite M30 44:00
print BA246 Jeremy Broestl M30 44:15
print BA503 Keith Montoya M30 44:21
print BA394 Brad Labarry M30 44:24
print D581 Anthony Perret M30 44:24
print BA254 Kenneth Bean M30 44:29
print B440 Evan Trudeau M30 44:33
print BB520 Todd Robinson M30 44:35
print C104 Kevin Kiley Hale M30 44:46
print FD242 brandon weaver M30 44:53
print BB128 Scott Gall M30 44:54
print BA408 Patrick Foster M30 45:09
print BB495 Claude Rossignol M30 45:11
print C365 Brian Smit M30 45:33
print C258 Zoltan Sternovsky M30 45:34
print BB458 John H Woody M30 45:41
print BB265 Joshua Knight M30 45:44
print FF718 John M Seiler M30 45:49
print CA128 Russell Forester M30 45:50
print D240 Tom Shook M30 45:50
print BA541 Hank Pool M30 45:53
print C132 Adam Cygan M30 45:54
print BA243 Doug Jones M30 45:59
print FA381 Troy Hauxwell M30 46:21
print FF625 Doug Robert Hermanson M30 46:34
print AB190 Steve Gosselin M30 46:48
print BB317 Eric Stonebraker M30 46:49
print ND137 Zackary Cade Collier M30 46:51
print GE653 Bert Bair M30 46:55
print HE117 Jeremy Graston M30 46:59
print ED095 Geoffrey Lake M30 47:03
print FF315 Chris Jenkins M30 47:10
print CA205 Tyler Perry M30 47:11
print HE672 Kevin R Ryan M30 47:15
print FE585 Jeremy Held M30 47:23
print C275 Drek Huisjen M30 47:27
print CA203 Brad Harrington M30 47:27
print CA079 William Madry M30 47:45
print J016 Keith Sanders M30 47:45
print BA410 Henry Schloss M30 47:53
print CA520 Darren Jacoby M30 48:00
print D080 David Hulslander M30 48:01
print DA217 Donald Halloran M30 48:10
print EC300 Jeff DeNeui M30 48:30
print JA634 Nathan Grover M30 48:31
print BB201 William Graziano M30 48:36
print DD171 Andy Niquette M30 48:38
print CA070 Travis J Boone M30 48:39
print CA234 Mark Roberts M30 48:49
print E073 Rob Campolieto M30 48:50
print HE072 Clint P Carney M30 48:51
print CA481 Matthew E Fry M30 48:59
print CC377 Roger Greene M30 49:01
print BB330 Jason Willis M30 49:03
print JA679 Michael See M30 49:05
print FD795 George Thompson M30 49:06
print EC528 jeff Wicks M30 49:08
print ED533 Jonathan Moore M30 49:18
print CA095 Andy Avedisian M30 49:23
print FD687 Joel Wright M30 49:28
print E108 John Morehead M30 49:28
print FE243 Steve Freiburger M30 49:29
print GC735 Derek Hamby M30 49:33
print HC581 Jason Mullaney M30 49:36
print CA104 john bradley igers M30 49:37
print CC443 Graham Johnson M30 49:38
print D068 keith j richardson M30 49:52
print EA393 Ryan Frazer M30 49:53
print JE019 Dan Becicka M30 49:55
print DA496 Andy Haher M30 49:56
print JD096 Eric Hodek M30 50:04
print EA572 Christopher Henderson M30 50:07
print HC445 Steve Bliss M30 50:09
print AA146 Kim Nickel M30 50:12
print DA205 Kevin Priola M30 50:17
print E251 Rudy Verner M30 50:23
print FC728 Ryan P. Toftoy M30 50:28
print C217 Jason Elliot M30 50:37
print H219 Brannon Hertel M30 50:43
print DA504 Mark Hills M30 50:44
print HD392 arturo almeida M30 50:47
print HD762 Tucker Phillips M30 50:54
print HE492 Patrick Johnson M30 50:59
print E453 Philippe Marquis M30 51:02
print FD130 eric joseph domis M30 51:03
print FE174 Geoff Golden M30 51:12
print HC083 Steve Brunet M30 51:15
print GB148 Stuart Spencer M30 51:19
print HD393 John Oakey M30 51:27
print GE670 Eric Ladd M30 51:28
print JA767 Brian Smith M30 51:28
print DA146 Jay Hartwell M30 51:39
print JA707 Shawn Betz M30 51:42
print H214 Michael Edwin Halloran M30 51:42
print EA459 Matt Mann M30 51:45
print FF219 Chris Gerber M30 51:46
print HC239 Dan G Wolken M30 51:47
print JC564 Kevin Johnson M30 51:48
print E128 Glenn Hattem M30 51:52
print EA012 Matt Coyle M30 51:55
print EE571 Mike Rudolph M30 51:56
print GA796 Matthew B Rianda M30 51:56
print CC155 Brian Nuel M30 51:58
print EC404 Ian M Connor M30 52:00
print J304 Eduardo Gutierrez M30 52:09
print HB236 Keith Demmon M30 52:14
print FC288 Kevin Keilback M30 52:32
print EA308 Chris Lennon M30 52:34
print PF527 Shawn Beeson M30 52:40
print ED448 Derek Reid Harman M30 52:42
print EF644 Eric Vera M30 52:46
print H656 Brian King M30 52:47
print EC104 Jeffrey Raposa M30 52:52
print EC217 Mark Cameron Willis M30 52:57
print JB372 Gifford Crosby M30 52:59
print ED451 Mike Gregory Morris M30 53:02
print HB577 Ted Tebockhorst M30 53:06
print EA087 Antonio Ruiz M30 53:07
print DD259 Frederick Katona M30 53:07
print FE267 Steven Winder M30 53:08
print JD031 Matthew Christoph M30 53:08
print EC212 Mike Searle M30 53:16
print EC423 Craig Kane M30 53:20
print HC058 Kevin Sanchez M30 53:23
print ED085 Glenn Graham M30 53:27
print EF277 Daniel Langer M30 53:28
print FE113 Chris Wilkens M30 53:31
print GE154 Brent Dexter M30 53:34
print HE100 Mike W Hyten M30 53:39
print KB580 John Caprio M30 53:42
print DA338 Chris Cahill M30 53:49
print EB408 Brian Hunt M30 53:51
print HE101 Bart Pfieffer M30 53:52
print G167 BRIAN HUEY M30 53:52
print DD486 Chad Groce M30 53:54
print GD468 John Andrew McMahon M30 53:56
print JC419 Steve Garvert M30 53:57
print E178 Jason Wyman M30 53:57
print HD639 Mark Stukowski M30 54:00
print H388 Micah Fannin M30 54:01
print JD560 Austin Hacker M30 54:02
print EC245 Scott Brenner M30 54:03
print GA673 Gerald henry Mangus M30 54:03
print FB206 Daniel Hay M30 54:05
print G599 Brandon Ropp M30 54:10
print E218 Anthony Long M30 54:15
print EA185 Mark Thylin M30 54:18
print F256 David Kahn M30 54:20
print H361 Todd Osborne M30 54:21
print FC062 Morgan DeVan M30 54:22
print EA569 Matthew Fulton M30 54:24
print HB754 Tim Andrew Stratton M30 54:27
print FD267 Yama Ahmadullah M30 54:27
print JA037 Brett Graham M30 54:33
print GE724 Bret Felton M30 54:37
print ED160 Jason Lee Christie M30 54:49
print FF451 Brian Kaus M30 55:00
print DD133 Sven Junkergard M30 55:03
print DA402 Ryan Baca M30 55:10
print FD115 Matthew Freezer M30 55:11
print JB729 Josh Anderson M30 55:11
print ED417 Joel Stewart M30 55:16
print ED218 Chandler Huselton M30 55:18
print MB540 Aaron Funk M30 55:31
print GE288 Chad Alvarado M30 55:40
print HC757 Matt E Jones M30 55:47
print EA489 Jason W Heldt M30 55:49
print HE727 David Howell M30 55:50
print DD443 James Leroy Nicholson M30 55:55

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