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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print G756 Amy Herring F36 36:27
print A828 Rochelle Schleicher F36 39:08
print A406 Kelly Campbell F36 39:30
print AA136 Kim Grant F36 40:50
print AA682 Ann Creighton F36 41:25
print B773 Paquita Zuidema F36 41:48
print AA394 Catherine Carson F36 42:29
print B630 Lori Horton F36 42:43
print C113 Cindy Gagnon F36 43:53
print AA443 Sharon Levy F36 44:01
print B123 Candy Lavicky F36 44:01
print B035 Debbie Kinz F36 44:22
print B247 Kristin Burkey F36 44:23
print B722 Suzanne Baily F36 44:27
print AA061 Barbara Bailey F36 44:54
print B091 Susie Stevens F36 45:21
print AA143 Jill Livingston F36 45:22
print CC474 Millie Torrez F36 46:10
print CC179 Tammy Adams F36 46:11
print B334 Brenda Wilson F36 46:14
print BB612 Sally Leibbrandt F36 46:35
print B280 Kelly Lant F36 46:40
print B083 Jody Fahey F36 46:47
print C557 Janet Hughes F36 46:53
print BB537 Patty Vandevander F36 46:57
print D111 Kathy Damiani F36 47:06
print B674 Peggy Kelley-Perez F36 47:10
print CC836 Linda Parkhill F36 47:34
print CC202 Lynne Eley F36 47:40
print D343 Deneen Santaguida F36 48:08
print BB362 Pam Bartee F36 48:37
print F665 Michelle Albert F36 48:38
print B712 Carol Murphy F36 48:56
print D035 Jill Cook F36 49:03
print BB475 Leona Diesing F36 49:08
print CC060 Ann Rhodes F36 49:14
print FF138 Gerri Walsh F36 49:16
print J309 Michelle Coffman F36 49:27
print P510 Darcy Madison F36 49:36
print CC219 Cynthia Firnhaber F36 49:41
print D714 Karen Crass F36 49:41
print CC498 Barbara Rose F36 49:44
print G746 Kat Jonsson F36 49:50
print JJ556 Liz Plummer F36 49:50
print G532 Stephanie Dodge F36 49:52
print DD776 Jeananne James F36 49:52
print CC384 Christi Foster F36 49:54
print DD309 Elizabeth Duffield F36 49:59
print EE654 Molly Orkild-Larson F36 50:09
print HH855 Karen Breen F36 50:27
print CC827 Kathleen Allard F36 50:28
print FF658 Claudia Hale F36 50:36
print CC809 Kim Riley F36 50:37
print D567 Dessie Fafoutis F36 50:43
print L531 Lisa Perrin F36 50:52
print EE494 Julie Ground F36 50:56
print CC835 Ellen Faverty F36 51:10
print EE155 Janet Braccio F36 51:18
print CC600 Barbara Reid F36 51:41
print B508 Susan Hayes F36 51:50
print G143 Lauren Murphy F36 51:54
print E299 Cindy Garnich F36 51:58
print J730 Dee Lloyd-Taylor F36 52:08
print D504 Jo Ann Cermola F36 52:09
print LL540 Ann Hall F36 52:19
print EE573 Lisa Schiel F36 52:33
print HH694 Sonja Walker F36 52:36
print E250 Val Walker F36 52:40
print DD391 Cathy Sacco F36 52:40
print G794 Laura Duin F36 52:49
print E484 Jean Yanchek F36 53:02
print F281 Barbara Jaksa F36 53:08
print QQ729 Cathy Emery F36 53:09
print I143 Kim Cobbs F36 53:24
print I426 Julie Woodruff F36 53:40
print H801 Cindy Peterson F36 53:44
print I269 Jean Bormann F36 53:48
print DD407 Julie Arenson F36 53:54
print CC305 Susan Linde F36 54:12
print GG321 Rona Hageman F36 54:20
print GG281 Cynthia Moes F36 54:52
print J802 Maureen Balzer F36 55:11
print D539 Annette Shaver F36 55:18
print M344 Jane Connell F36 55:38
print Q423 Cathy Shaver F36 55:41
print H713 Carol Clark F36 55:41
print FF760 Anne Doty F36 55:42
print EE577 Michelle Willems F36 55:43
print BB423 Karen Sitney F36 55:57
print JJ521 Rebecca Russell F36 56:05
print DD210 Linda Holthouse-Milne F36 56:13
print L327 Robyn Donahue F36 56:22
print E759 Julie Littell F36 56:26
print G083 Peggy Beihoffer F36 56:31
print G445 June Lantz F36 56:33
print MM247 Cathleen Scholl F36 56:34
print K726 Debbie Suzuki F36 56:36
print M361 Kim White F36 56:36
print JJ831 Joy Evans F36 56:39
print LL284 Anita Henning F36 56:43
print FF464 Kristin Rudin F36 56:48
print DD513 Mary Ladebush F36 56:55
print DD027 Cheryl Anderson F36 56:57
print I405 Mary Gillach F36 57:04
print F863 Terry Heaton F36 57:06
print EE308 Alicia Gambrell F36 57:09
print LL302 Valaree Sutton F36 57:13
print E337 Sue Ulrich F36 57:13
print RR608 Carolyn Coffey F36 57:22
print K700 Kristi Ormsbee F36 57:22
print HH282 Mary Lynn Richardson F36 57:29
print M437 Mary McClain F36 57:29
print FF610 Darin Hayden F36 57:30
print J180 Laura Waldron F36 57:31
print I737 Christie Lawrence F36 57:33
print HH715 Jan Sorency F36 57:33
print I211 Kathy Dinmore F36 57:34
print H738 Gail Renteria F36 57:38
print J302 Larisa Thurston F36 57:42
print M540 Nora Radakovich F36 57:47
print K850 Janelle Harrison F36 57:50
print Q578 Cindy Fassler F36 57:54
print I635 Dyan Piscopo F36 57:55
print MM596 Cindi Brown F36 58:01
print F571 Cynthia Duncan F36 58:01
print G250 Linda Weskamp F36 58:05
print JJ642 Peggy Manis F36 58:12
print DD853 Rebecca Brich F36 58:18
print HH882 Linda Sorensen F36 58:18
print T704 Peggy DeWaele F36 58:29
print H406 Shirley Barr F36 58:35
print OO468 Catherine Thach F36 58:39
print JJ362 Clare Dunsmoor F36 58:42
print FF177 Anne Chasen F36 58:49
print H049 Cecilia Haag F36 58:51
print J660 Mary Ellen Caiati F36 58:53
print MM396 Lari Mowrer F36 58:57
print H846 Diane Casciano F36 59:20
print H369 Teri Egan F36 59:31
print LL324 Tina Gibson F36 59:44
print JJ872 Beth Hudson F36 59:44
print GG125 Cathy Rios F36 59:47
print H167 Dr. Betsy Jones F36 59:49
print KK675 Stacy Mangold F36 59:56
print GG416 Jeane Woods F36 59:59
print I713 Jill Hahn F36 59:59
print JJ757 Cyndi Brooks F36 1:00:01
print GG616 Donna Montano F36 1:00:01
print RR430 Jane Morray F36 1:00:13
print KK129 Maureen Cleary F36 1:00:39
print LL625 Holly Romero F36 1:00:48
print OO809 Suz Promes F36 1:00:59
print N195 Joy Rutar F36 1:01:15
print FF043 Jennifer Painter F36 1:01:17
print MM810 Carmen Burgos F36 1:01:19
print KK032 Jenny Teufel F36 1:01:24
print K387 Laura Taht F36 1:01:26
print MM602 Joan Scheuerman F36 1:01:27
print Q574 Jenny Weimer F36 1:01:29
print F167 Joyce Daldos F36 1:01:38
print J788 Nancy Actis F36 1:01:39
print QQ408 Nancy Perovich F36 1:01:41
print WW263 Diane Harmon F36 1:01:43
print L740 Susan Brantley F36 1:01:45
print JJ631 Carrie Redus F36 1:01:47
print L009 Brenda Biery F36 1:01:51
print N493 Grace Carr F36 1:01:55
print MM507 Kathy Gruenwald F36 1:02:06
print L310 Jewel Lindstrom F36 1:02:07
print QQ010 Julie Arndt F36 1:02:23
print JJ771 Sherry Powers F36 1:02:37
print JJ567 Kathy Thyfault F36 1:02:42
print HH725 Sylvia Palomino F36 1:02:55
print Q405 Jennifer Steffes F36 1:03:05
print S610 Janine Lynn F36 1:03:07
print DD082 Laura Merritt F36 1:03:08
print JJ888 Susan Athey F36 1:03:19
print S408 Mary Haskins F36 1:03:20
print N524 Tami Strauss F36 1:03:23
print DD651 Kristin Norris F36 1:03:33
print MM411 Karen Mitchell F36 1:03:36
print J596 Valerie Mahoney F36 1:03:37
print L783 Tracey Vallad F36 1:03:42
print N469 Sandra Freed F36 1:03:48
print K809 Patricia Wittrock F36 1:04:11
print L608 Pegi Simmerman F36 1:04:19
print Q621 Marie Labedz F36 1:04:41
print EE127 Chris Widlar F36 1:04:42
print F172 Soroor Hafezzadeh F36 1:04:45
print T555 Marcy Welk F36 1:04:50
print LL140 Suzanne Johnson F36 1:04:50
print JJ739 Rebecca Dickson F36 1:04:50
print F653 Lorri Forsythe F36 1:04:51
print K210 Teri Atkins F36 1:04:56
print NN598 Tracy Nelson F36 1:04:59
print N194 Dana Stewart F36 1:05:05
print EE809 Sharleen Callis F36 1:05:07
print Q844 Joyce Benson F36 1:05:17
print RR041 Georgianna Dirga F36 1:05:27
print K235 Geri Gurule F36 1:05:33

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