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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print B299 Mary Lee Withers F53 43:29
print AA522 Rosanne K Pappas F53 48:35
print CC138 Barbara Rossi F53 49:38
print CC643 Judy Boresky F53 52:25
print DD382 Donna Sims F53 52:59
print HH711 Carol McKinley F53 55:35
print I452 Charlene Lantry F53 55:55
print I553 Susan Boyle F53 58:00
print H432 Nancy Breckel F53 58:16
print KK788 Joan Miller F53 58:40
print HH181 Mary Anna Cusick F53 59:27
print K628 Mary Beth Cline F53 59:42
print K597 Jeanne Koehler F53 59:43
print JJ255 Anne Quinn F53 59:52
print DD802 Carole Talbert F53 1:00:26
print N792 Brenda McDowell F53 1:00:41
print JJ818 Sharon Cole F53 1:02:08
print G876 Mary Anne Hill F53 1:02:46
print JJ136 Susan Akerman F53 1:02:53
print NN364 Kathleen Bernau F53 1:02:56
print M757 Michael Davenport F53 1:03:06
print E518 Nona Horsley F53 1:03:11
print MM546 Susan Carlson F53 1:03:17
print S307 Alison Jaggar F53 1:03:44
print LL769 Ceci Wells F53 1:03:48
print L846 Mickjey McVey F53 1:03:48
print JJ141 Cathy George F53 1:04:15
print N521 Kristi Bertolette F53 1:04:35
print JJ865 Bonnie Downing F53 1:04:38
print GG677 Louise Alderson F53 1:05:09
print HH205 Anne Hooker F53 1:05:13
print HH120 Judy Lambert F53 1:05:41
print SS899 Kathleen Morow F53 1:06:11
print N504 Jean Dummigan F53 1:07:05
print EE298 Karyn Maxey F53 1:08:01
print MM146 Susan D. Corcoran F53 1:08:04
print L150 Sandra Hurlbert F53 1:08:34
print LL639 Linda Swain F53 1:09:15
print K097 Liza Carlson F53 1:09:26
print FF092 Lonnie Fuerniss F53 1:09:47
print Q374 Carol Grey F53 1:10:33
print N373 Elaine Palmer F53 1:10:42
print KK617 Sheryl Dahm F53 1:10:49
print S577 Linda Geiling F53 1:11:43
print QQ497 Marsha Allen F53 1:12:11
print S372 Mary Tulper F53 1:12:55
print U691 Donna Gisle F53 1:14:46
print MM266 Kim Schreiber F53 1:15:07
print SS083 Irene Ahrens F53 1:15:33
print N050 Carol Heil F53 1:16:20
print XX631 Pat Cox F53 1:16:31
print U336 Zelda Fortner F53 1:16:47
print Q133 Paula Hale F53 1:17:59
print Q545 Julie Jones F53 1:18:38
print X036 Carolyn Leaf F53 1:19:21
print W286 Sally De Berry F53 1:19:51
print SS623 Judith Murray F53 1:20:10
print TT049 Denise Sever F53 1:20:46
print HH342 Betty Cathers F53 1:21:06
print S060 Judith Kirwan F53 1:21:07
print QQ468 Carol Jones F53 1:21:16
print S753 Cathy White F53 1:21:26
print S567 Brenda S Zimmer F53 1:21:36
print QQ605 Susan Morbach F53 1:23:33
print Y437 Faye Ensley F53 1:24:34
print V584 Cecily Clark-Watt F53 1:26:04
print U502 Sharon Beckle F53 1:27:03
print S565 Joyce Lemire F53 1:27:06
print WW016 Jean Atwood F53 1:28:18
print VV051 Judy Gunson F53 1:28:39
print VV511 Sylvia Frailey F53 1:28:42
print K282 Mary Hutson F53 1:29:20
print VV561 Mary Ellen Koehler F53 1:29:22
print W268 Donna Lilly F53 1:29:43
print YY465 Geil Browning F53 1:30:56
print WW480 Virginia Doty F53 1:31:20
print U443 Ann Hurt F53 1:31:25
print WW418 Lorraine Grissom F53 1:31:49
print U793 Vivian Wilson F53 1:31:54
print XX469 Mary Abbott F53 1:32:16
print W753 Joan Isenberg F53 1:32:43
print Y049 Anne Burkholder F53 1:32:54
print XX596 Katie Terrien F53 1:32:57
print U879 Martha Conant F53 1:32:58
print Y046 Sharon Underwood F53 1:33:00
print H436 Jackie Labbe' F53 1:33:00
print XX786 Kathy Raybin F53 1:33:06
print U485 Scarlet Taylor F53 1:33:12
print WW402 Virginia Calley F53 1:33:32
print WW429 Darwin Davidson F53 1:33:38
print UU703 Nancy Wanamaker F53 1:34:19
print UU504 Nancy Admire F53 1:34:24
print VV567 Jane Nelson F53 1:34:31
print QQ123 Jill Fischer F53 1:35:06
print VV563 Beverly Shetter F53 1:35:27
print U349 Angela Lewis F53 1:35:46
print XX820 Betty Weller F53 1:35:57
print Q344 Kay Green F53 1:36:39
print U126 Jean Stevenson F53 1:36:46
print U195 Joyce Bagwadia F53 1:37:10
print T464 Mary Peck F53 1:37:46
print U821 Nell Parnell F53 1:38:06
print JJ076 Judi Baca F53 1:38:14
print W077 Susan Sell F53 1:38:17
print W415 Maggie Mertens F53 1:38:26
print W846 Elaine Taylor F53 1:38:47
print VV152 Karen Berryman F53 1:39:27
print YY144 Merissa Lynn F53 1:39:29
print SS129 Rocky Abbott F53 1:39:48
print NN513 Dorothy Bustamante F53 1:40:05
print W273 Jane Morris F53 1:40:25
print U742 Patricia Miller F53 1:40:43
print QQ297 Lynn Unkefer F53 1:42:04
print WW135 Susan Bellows F53 1:43:22
print T549 Judith Holloway F53 1:43:32
print UU683 Barbara Seiwald F53 1:43:48
print U483 Nancy McGinnis F53 1:44:03
print VV591 Barbara Vise F53 1:44:36
print UU573 Rosalie Barron F53 1:45:20
print X064 Sylvia Henderson F53 1:45:25
print W445 Onda Cox F53 1:45:26
print VV802 Marcia Kahn F53 1:45:33
print XX502 Peggy McDonald F53 1:45:52
print YY240 Glenda Crepeau F53 1:45:55
print TT504 Patricia Walsh F53 1:46:12
print W127 Betty Bluhm F53 1:46:28
print S667 Louise Donovan F53 1:47:02
print Y718 Barbara McWhorter F53 1:47:04
print W134 Lucinda Westover F53 1:47:06
print V680 Shanley Klitz F53 1:47:25
print VV828 Cynthia Morris F53 1:47:37
print R338 Maureen H. Reis F53 1:47:43
print XX627 Carol Brooks F53 1:49:00
print UU672 Twila Pap F53 1:49:08
print X486 Sheri Prom F53 1:49:08
print VV099 Judith Minger F53 1:49:38
print VV875 Judith A. Owens F53 1:49:38
print Y712 Joan Vieweg F53 1:50:03
print Z210 Deena Raffe F53 1:50:19
print VV868 Kathleen Leyva F53 1:51:16
print VV456 Gail D. Kawamura F53 1:51:51
print V423 Martha Cory F53 1:51:54
print U544 Kathy Neutz F53 1:52:20
print UU871 Molly Goodenough F53 1:53:35
print UU873 Anne Goodenough F53 1:53:35
print WW318 Susan Wallen F53 1:54:21
print XX231 Bonnie Crissey F53 1:54:57
print VV195 Linda Fankboner F53 1:55:02
print X088 Betty Konecne F53 1:55:04
print R459 Judy Mattson F53 1:55:43
print F584 Fran Heid F53 1:56:33
print U597 Mickey Moore F53 1:56:44
print W432 Jean Sanger F53 1:57:21
print XX461 Aggie Bauer F53 1:57:39
print X797 Donna McNellis F53 1:58:05
print YY414 Anne Sneary F53 1:59:42
print Y637 Maida Deborah F53 2:00:06
print UU688 Genevieve Stones F53 2:02:16
print WW299 Sharon Brown F53 2:02:38
print S769 Norm Hermsmeyer F53 2:03:13
print XX889 Carol DeJong F53 2:07:46
print RR454 Barbara Porter F53 2:22:59
print VV131 Sally Shankman F53 2:27:47

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