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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print A549 Chris Nelson M26 31:50
print A418 James Giveans M26 31:59
print A419 Matt Schubert M26 32:22
print A831 Gregory Walters M26 33:28
print A864 Stan Emery M26 33:30
print A896 Vidar Lofshus M26 34:12
print B823 Joe Hatton M26 34:48
print A797 Matt Maske M26 34:52
print A767 Rob Kania M26 35:14
print A117 John Clark M26 36:19
print A317 Scott Glenn M26 36:31
print A581 Kris Martinez M26 36:40
print A416 Frederick Boliz M26 36:50
print AA451 Philip Gruber M26 36:51
print A292 Mike Dixon M26 36:54
print A487 Anthony Prenni M26 37:08
print A712 Peter Arendsen M26 37:14
print AA606 Doug Agne M26 37:19
print A011 Kurt Nickels M26 37:44
print A044 James Faeder M26 37:48
print A633 Carlos Bonilla M26 37:50
print A709 Curt Nuncio M26 38:03
print A730 Paul Rapinz M26 38:05
print A400 Paul Frazey M26 38:14
print A631 Brian Taladay M26 38:16
print A234 Geoffrey Douglas M26 38:26
print A352 Michael Goodman M26 38:47
print EE273 Scott Kempers M26 39:16
print B821 Daisuke Sashikata M26 39:43
print C383 Bruce Allen M26 39:59
print AA736 Rob Fagan M26 40:02
print B435 Mark Ruth M26 40:05
print B182 John Stevens M26 40:06
print G296 Paul Mackin M26 40:08
print A650 Nathan Getrich M26 40:12
print AA329 Brian Holburn M26 40:58
print C329 Terry Golden M26 41:05
print B749 Dean Prok M26 41:27
print AA548 John Watkins M26 41:27
print A466 Robert Wood M26 41:29
print NN348 Tom Robinson M26 41:35
print FF364 Doug Myles M26 42:05
print P499 Jeff Lindstrom M26 42:51
print AA109 Aaron Foltz M26 42:52
print G804 Sverre Nyquist M26 43:07
print E623 Zack Spencer M26 43:20
print C657 Jeff Bery M26 43:20
print N288 Robert DeYoung M26 43:21
print A637 Melchor Moran M26 43:34
print F803 Duane Bird Bear M26 43:37
print B103 George Jr. Merriman M26 43:41
print BB810 Eric Brown M26 43:45
print B541 Eric Fox M26 43:48
print LL891 Eric Burton M26 43:49
print D673 Bryan Idleman M26 43:57
print C707 Rob Beauvalis M26 43:57
print AA300 Joshua Robinson M26 43:58
print KK379 Eric White M26 44:00
print AA745 Kevin Heinicke M26 44:11
print M622 Whit Faulloner M26 44:13
print G437 Michael Collins M26 44:20
print OO608 Geoffrey Wang M26 44:28
print DD021 Andrew Kassoy M26 44:29
print E519 Scott Smid M26 44:32
print HH610 Michael Padilla M26 44:39
print B394 Joel Spencer M26 44:49
print B099 Greg Freeman M26 44:53
print B413 Brett Ford M26 44:56
print AA585 Jason Kingham M26 45:02
print EE338 Kline Kelly M26 45:07
print H500 Jeff Teplitz M26 45:08
print AA796 George Lowery M26 45:10
print H265 John Schumacher M26 45:19
print FF407 Tom Stewart M26 45:22
print CC101 Chris LaSala M26 45:22
print B311 Lance Scott M26 45:41
print B709 Matthew Hibbard M26 45:41
print BB620 Ryan Minson M26 45:43
print B507 Larry Hobbs M26 45:45
print B575 Chris Huyer M26 45:47
print F683 Donald Lopezi M26 45:51
print EE467 Michael Steinert M26 46:01
print LL820 John Stewart M26 46:05
print D637 Damon Craft M26 46:10
print B842 Jeff Pecosky M26 46:14
print M557 Brad Wambeke M26 46:19
print FF249 Todd Haavind M26 46:20
print F650 John Campbell M26 46:25
print D155 Scott Werner M26 46:39
print J259 Craig Velcoe M26 46:43
print HH446 Bernhard Bassek M26 46:51
print OO353 Tina Atchley M26 46:53
print P490 Colin Heinrich M26 46:55
print F535 Scott Newman M26 46:59
print CC296 Daniel Reimer M26 47:06
print CC393 Marty Skyrman M26 47:09
print Q762 Aaron Kirby M26 47:22
print LL296 Roland Jesselmann M26 47:27
print FF241 John Novak M26 47:30
print GG599 Tom Quinn M26 47:32
print GG593 Joe Kelzer M26 47:34
print FF378 Michael Vanderkooi M26 47:36
print H768 Paul Gildersleeve M26 47:38
print G549 James Ortman M26 47:40
print D184 Thomas Hand M26 47:42
print CC550 Mark Eilers M26 47:42
print CC134 Kevin Anderson M26 47:43
print AA844 Ian Decker M26 47:44
print C341 Aleksandr Sheykhet M26 47:48
print OO350 Joel Johnson M26 47:49
print FF340 Tony Bleuze M26 47:50
print HH779 Chris Howson M26 47:51
print B721 Tony Jackson M26 47:51
print C791 Eric Wilkins M26 47:52
print H726 Matthew McLaren M26 47:56
print M802 T.J. O'Rourke M26 48:01
print HH001 Jerry Gilbert M26 48:07
print L622 Brian May M26 48:12
print D727 Justin Spaulding M26 48:13
print B805 Ibrahim Konak M26 48:14
print C137 Jimmy Compoz M26 48:15
print B724 Doug Tollin M26 48:27
print E862 Thomas Sandum M26 48:32
print C566 Kevin Doyle M26 48:33
print I084 Brent Fassett M26 48:37
print M628 Bob Holme M26 48:41
print BB259 David Merrill M26 48:42
print HH377 Mark Longacher M26 48:46
print HH106 Brian Adams M26 48:46
print J247 Eric Ryterski M26 48:47
print BB248 John Hindman M26 48:47
print B711 Matthew Wingate M26 48:50
print C865 Jaxon Shelburne M26 48:52
print HH132 Biff Williams M26 48:52
print CC889 Marty Hrnicek M26 48:52
print T644 Dave Dixon M26 48:53
print CC122 Steve Hatkin M26 48:59
print BB879 Rich Field M26 48:59
print E013 Lucas Satre M26 49:04
print CC698 Warren Franklin M26 49:10
print DD077 Ian Williamson M26 49:12
print CC897 Scott Filion M26 49:18
print F179 Steven Hird M26 49:19
print N650 Scott Below M26 49:22
print DD684 Todd Cramer M26 49:23
print DD610 Jason Hevelone M26 49:27
print EE379 Tim Lakose M26 49:28
print CC035 Scott Siao M26 49:29
print HH700 Chris McCuhe M26 49:33
print F659 Alan Sanfey M26 49:34
print OO502 Gregory Larson M26 49:35
print C770 Joe White M26 49:38
print G379 Brad Norris M26 49:40
print BB741 Marc Serravezza M26 49:41
print CC508 Bob Springer M26 49:43
print HH449 Marcus Hagar M26 49:52
print FF075 Jason Gruhl M26 49:58
print KK857 Brad Bruce M26 50:00
print F501 Scott Bailey M26 50:03
print LL172 Ronald Simms M26 50:04
print EE552 Vivek Khare M26 50:05
print EE716 Gary Anselmo M26 50:07
print EE849 Dirksen Maring M26 50:20
print DD798 Keith Kavanaugh M26 50:23
print DD763 Eric Baer M26 50:24
print G489 John Moseley M26 50:34
print H227 Stephen Fehr M26 50:41
print H733 Scott Cardenas M26 50:50
print M392 David Schaller M26 50:53
print M248 Dave McNeil M26 50:55
print G694 Mark Fusco M26 50:55
print H228 Pat O'Meara M26 50:58
print FF871 Matthew Wolf M26 51:04
print EE013 Gary Nielsen M26 51:06
print HH669 Jill A. Babjak M26 51:14
print D407 Greg Anderson M26 51:16
print NN322 Matt Maddux M26 51:17
print F804 David Hamilton M26 51:23
print FF776 Josh Finkleman M26 51:40
print LL746 Chad Mueller M26 51:43
print NN571 Lynn Christopher Koglin M26 51:50
print E704 Jeffrey Donovan M26 51:50
print LL247 Todd Truitt M26 51:59
print EE500 Mike Morrow M26 52:00
print NN554 Jeremy Kamm M26 52:01
print I182 Tony Goodman M26 52:02
print P575 David Leopold M26 52:08
print DD527 Rob Kelly M26 52:16
print DD738 Brian Weber M26 52:22
print HH809 Todd Fasullo M26 52:27
print OO773 Brian Lu M26 52:29
print JJ456 Jordan Bodner M26 52:29
print D489 Robert Levesque M26 52:30
print E119 Jason Chaffee M26 52:32
print EE631 David Varney M26 52:39
print KK466 Joseph Soruco M26 52:45
print FF827 Stephen Taliaferro M26 52:50
print I392 Daniel Hall M26 52:51
print J092 Gregg Moore M26 52:58
print H384 David Meissner M26 53:04

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