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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print A421 Timothy Jones M35 31:54
print A193 Rick Ames M35 33:19
print A342 Kenneth Romero M35 33:26
print A282 Douglas Hugill M35 33:58
print A459 Kent Johnson M35 34:08
print A453 Rod Denzine M35 34:54
print A384 Roger Soler M35 34:59
print A739 Allan Kupczak M35 35:04
print A632 Jim Elwell M35 35:26
print A013 David Perry M35 35:35
print A676 Mark Viner M35 35:44
print A573 Terry Milby M35 35:51
print A391 Tony Comfort M35 35:52
print A861 Steve Cavalli M35 35:55
print A310 Rick Shoulberg M35 36:28
print A472 Mark Mehos M35 36:33
print A719 David Johnson M35 36:42
print A021 Bryan Thompson M35 36:51
print A743 Hans Funke M35 36:54
print A540 Jeff Demeny M35 37:21
print A638 Ty Tracy M35 37:25
print A408 Gonzo Faust M35 37:31
print F215 Greg Avery M35 37:38
print A579 Rob Forister M35 37:41
print A643 Robert O'Donnell M35 37:42
print C753 Dean Wager M35 37:50
print A146 Bill Myrick M35 37:58
print A240 Lonny Granston M35 38:06
print A833 Patrick Dryden M35 38:39
print A078 Michael Silitch M35 38:47
print AA512 Dave Harris M35 39:04
print A460 Rick Cone M35 39:04
print A376 Mike Schuh M35 39:10
print A708 Don De Blieux M35 39:18
print AA177 James Taylor M35 39:27
print A032 Damon Clark M35 39:28
print EE006 John Kathrein M35 39:56
print A580 Rob Erlich M35 39:58
print A539 Paul Zetocha M35 40:07
print A259 James Perry M35 40:08
print AA283 Thomas Runyan M35 40:11
print AA404 Edwin Herd M35 40:13
print AA462 Craig Dayberry M35 40:16
print A242 Michael Manley M35 40:18
print A116 Drew Geer M35 40:22
print AA864 Rickie Oden M35 40:28
print AA590 Pete Jimenez M35 40:36
print C644 Liam Bierney M35 40:53
print AA421 Kurt Spears M35 40:55
print AA079 Dale Barlow M35 41:09
print A231 Marty Garcia M35 41:10
print A890 Paul Sommer M35 41:19
print AA802 Steven Polaski M35 41:21
print A844 Mark Bottom M35 41:32
print AA227 Benny Yih M35 41:33
print AA699 Hal Kyles M35 41:33
print AA097 Gary Maytum M35 41:36
print AA327 Donald Bauman M35 41:37
print AA284 Daniel Knight M35 41:40
print C655 Dean Heerdt M35 41:47
print AA559 Patrick J. Ryan M35 41:50
print AA763 Mel Flores M35 41:51
print AA260 Frank La Rosa M35 42:00
print AA100 Daniel Inbody M35 42:12
print B164 Robert Heiberger M35 42:16
print B623 Mark Lauriha M35 42:16
print I425 Peter Feer M35 42:35
print C388 Christoph Senff M35 42:46
print EE777 Adalberto Rodriguez M35 42:47
print AA123 Thomas Hart M35 42:51
print B203 Brian Olson M35 43:00
print FF618 Jim Scherman M35 43:07
print AA254 Brad Pattison M35 43:08
print AA261 Mike Digan M35 43:17
print EE331 Patrick Bohin M35 43:25
print AA429 James McCrimmon M35 43:27
print B293 Gary James M35 43:27
print LL161 Phillip Johnson M35 43:30
print B087 Alan Smith M35 43:33
print C464 Stephen Nelson M35 43:37
print D898 Alfredo Matheus M35 43:38
print B125 Gary Knippa M35 43:38
print G147 John Selbert M35 43:47
print AA450 Bernie Orsini M35 43:53
print BB626 Todd Fenimore M35 43:54
print B142 Larry Dirks M35 43:59
print B713 Josh Marks M35 44:09
print B761 Matthew Kelsch M35 44:21
print BB706 John Munsch M35 44:28
print B618 James Harvey M35 44:33
print AA780 Mark Herbst M35 44:34
print B862 Clif Miskell M35 44:38
print AA130 Ronald Petersen M35 44:44
print J417 James Geyman M35 44:46
print C114 Floyd Trujillo M35 44:47
print Q799 Steve Doersam M35 44:54
print C386 Wayne Ehlert M35 44:59
print C868 Douglas Pousma M35 45:07
print EE361 Perry Johnson M35 45:12
print BB272 Eric Sunderwirth M35 45:15
print B882 Dave Kwas M35 45:15
print BB698 Jon Alley M35 45:22
print B246 David Cunningham M35 45:24
print FF571 George Dillon M35 45:25
print DD071 Patrick Cade M35 45:25
print DD314 Paul Matthews M35 45:26
print C711 Mark Miller M35 45:28
print B257 Mark Horton M35 45:34
print BB551 Mark Soane M35 45:39
print CC158 John Hruby M35 45:45
print B316 Buddy Lambrecht M35 45:50
print DD386 Ray Dow M35 45:58
print M675 Jim Cochran M35 46:00
print FF273 Jim Johnston M35 46:05
print B322 Martin Kirsten M35 46:08
print F073 Peter Zamora M35 46:10
print KK858 Brad Karn M35 46:10
print B110 Wayne Pryor M35 46:11
print B232 Kurt Bethke M35 46:14
print B303 Eric Johnson M35 46:23
print BB566 Galen Requist M35 46:24
print BB782 Roy Coringrato M35 46:27
print B269 Craig Moellenberg M35 46:30
print BB815 Punit Kalra M35 46:32
print OO234 Burke Gilbertson M35 46:32
print B557 James Woods M35 46:34
print BB078 Bruce Orlowitz M35 46:39
print BB857 Steve Luciano M35 46:42
print BB484 James Falloon M35 46:48
print B362 Greg Kern M35 46:50
print D224 Scott Podres M35 46:51
print BB499 William Stump M35 46:52
print J850 Rick Hamilton M35 46:52
print BB101 Zachary Bergen M35 47:03
print CC386 Geoffrey Johnson M35 47:08
print F237 Steve Thompson M35 47:11
print FF037 Chris Smith M35 47:18
print C851 Daniel Snare M35 47:19
print M300 Michael Hoffman M35 47:21
print DD893 David Thompson M35 47:24
print BB802 Jeff Esses M35 47:26
print C517 Paul Nigro M35 47:33
print EE894 Phillip Mason M35 47:33
print C686 Douglas Lee M35 47:37
print BB398 Matt Johnsen M35 47:40
print BB224 Guy Lansdown M35 47:41
print AA828 Robert Ingram M35 47:45
print BB479 C.J. Hescheles M35 47:46
print DD840 Brian Jesse M35 47:47
print C728 Alan Muramoto M35 47:55
print NN608 Raymond Nutt M35 48:04
print BB700 Ray Mueller M35 48:04
print LL225 Michael E. Fall M35 48:06
print LL407 Ralph Weber M35 48:09
print FF354 Rob Corkran M35 48:13
print M287 Jamie Fitzner M35 48:18
print DD446 Michael O'Connor M35 48:19
print BB486 James Zafarana M35 48:20
print CC274 Stephen Nockels M35 48:21
print OO235 Joe Wathen M35 48:22
print DD643 Michael Evans M35 48:23
print DD547 Robert Wehner M35 48:24
print B009 Bob Bush M35 48:30
print CC866 Michael Cone M35 48:32
print BB059 Thom DeFranco M35 48:35
print D223 Lawrence Walsh M35 48:35
print LL539 Christer Parkegren M35 48:36
print FF265 Jim Dwyer M35 48:38
print HH490 Kelly Borlaug M35 48:39
print E692 Randy Acevedo M35 48:40
print C080 Doug Yule M35 48:41
print CC387 Gregory Johnson M35 48:42
print D735 Mark Rogers M35 48:44
print BB493 Timothy Hand M35 48:53
print DD674 Scott McPhail M35 48:58
print I821 Keith Robbins M35 48:58
print C352 Arnold Archuleta M35 48:58
print DD637 Mark Grubbs M35 49:07
print DD119 Stewart Jones M35 49:08
print CC265 Mark Pougnet M35 49:08
print QQ517 Louis Cordova M35 49:09
print E407 Brett Swier M35 49:09
print E012 Art Hoxworth M35 49:10
print BB796 Bryan Royer M35 49:11
print I044 Chris Fuller M35 49:13
print E409 Michael Peak M35 49:14
print J888 Timothy Davidson M35 49:17
print I753 Brian Bartel M35 49:19
print I781 Michael Smith M35 49:23
print D375 Steven Dias M35 49:24
print CC374 Mark Nilsson M35 49:27
print LL737 Steve Shannon M35 49:30
print R747 Jim O'Donnell M35 49:32
print F006 Rick Waneka M35 49:33
print C626 Chris Taylor M35 49:35
print JJ785 Craig Mastro M35 49:35
print EE345 Wesley D. Brazelton M35 49:47
print D376 Brian Mark M35 49:49
print DD296 Brad VanBuskirk M35 49:50
print G049 Bert Wilson M35 49:50

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