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BolderBOULDER 1996


May 27, 1996 in Boulder, CO

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Event Groups
This event belongs to the following groups:
Number of Finishers:34,495
Number of Females:17,536
Number of Males:16,959
Average Time:1:11:17
BolderBOULDER 10K - Results 
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Male Participants
1. John Mirth 31:04
2. Darren De Reuck 31:21
3. Tewodros Jaleta 31:45
4. Craig Young 31:48
5. Chris Nelson 31:50
Female Participants
1. Yuko Arimori 34:48
2. Jane Welzel 35:32
3. Diane Bussa 36:06
4. Amy Herring 36:27
5. Inge Schuurmans 37:17
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print A594 Craig Young M39 31:48
print A870 Dave Murphy M39 35:23
print A008 Stephen Bergen M39 35:47
print A899 John Delmez M39 36:14
print A339 Jeff Ogren M39 36:17
print A111 Russ Miller M39 36:21
print A535 Thaddeus Noll M39 36:24
print A488 Thom Vernon M39 36:32
print A599 Ronald Lund M39 36:34
print A482 John D. Miller M39 36:38
print A478 Tom Carminati M39 36:49
print A375 Jordan Krim M39 36:58
print A028 Larry Dreyer M39 37:08
print A724 Gavin Slater M39 37:16
print A386 Bob Brown M39 37:25
print A445 Johnny Ray Garcia M39 37:28
print A085 F. Joseph Glynn M39 37:53
print A377 David Albo M39 38:24
print A068 Richard Welch M39 38:46
print A571 Kevin Berg M39 38:47
print A216 Brian King M39 38:49
print A051 Carlos Vera M39 38:51
print A845 David Taylor M39 39:05
print A144 Mike Flores M39 39:16
print AA508 Pierre-Yves Martin M39 39:25
print A670 Peter Scanniello M39 39:27
print AA759 Scott Minor M39 39:37
print A196 Ray Blum M39 39:51
print A039 Scott Deitler M39 40:01
print I203 Scott Meyers M39 40:02
print B662 Dan Davies M39 40:04
print A365 Jonathan Skripko M39 40:06
print C312 Mark Adams M39 40:22
print AA133 Daniel Polak M39 40:25
print AA858 Gregg Batchelder M39 40:27
print A866 Jim Lawrence M39 40:37
print AA064 John Conrad M39 40:43
print AA732 Ralph Wappel M39 40:50
print D899 Steve Swenson M39 40:55
print A019 Dan Ski Zeroski M39 41:03
print A038 Lindsey Lewis M39 41:15
print AA119 Tom Revitte M39 41:22
print AA128 Mark Rippe M39 41:33
print AA271 Randy Haupt M39 41:54
print AA189 Dan Smith M39 42:06
print AA321 George Vadakin M39 42:18
print LL101 Robin Gregory M39 42:21
print AA218 George Webb M39 42:39
print B468 Laurent Cote M39 43:04
print DD128 Richard Director M39 43:08
print B363 Bob Fraley M39 43:09
print B643 Al Sweetser M39 43:22
print AA793 Alain Van der Heide M39 43:23
print BB303 Dave Yanchek M39 43:38
print A898 Timothy Shipman M39 43:45
print F238 Jeff Wolny M39 43:45
print B011 Walter Peeples III M39 43:46
print C759 Kenneth Walker M39 43:57
print BB033 Brad Pattison M39 43:57
print J178 David Waldner M39 43:57
print J713 Jordan Stoll M39 43:59
print G227 Paul Kovach M39 44:09
print B168 Roger Trudell M39 44:14
print B178 Paul Bressan M39 44:24
print AA872 David Duran M39 44:24
print B063 Ken Marchand M39 44:25
print G484 Roy Sinclair M39 44:27
print AA592 Scott Nakauchi-Hawn M39 44:30
print JJ627 Glenn Pinto M39 44:35
print AA737 Bryan Helstad M39 44:41
print C364 Michael Will M39 44:44
print FF214 Robert Stanley M39 44:46
print D149 William Selig M39 44:47
print CC169 Jeffrey Dean M39 44:59
print B404 Clifford Pearl M39 45:01
print B315 Tom Marsh M39 45:01
print G806 Gary Ostwald M39 45:07
print I210 Hank Thomas M39 45:08
print BB130 John McLaughlin M39 45:09
print D731 Joe Lowrey M39 45:09
print FF141 William Tugman M39 45:14
print B278 Charles Reams M39 45:17
print B482 Tom Siller M39 45:19
print B079 Philip Scheick M39 45:21
print BB891 Len McIlvennan M39 45:21
print C315 Hardy Bramley M39 45:25
print AA597 Bob Casey M39 45:28
print FF412 John Porterfield M39 45:37
print BB555 Doug Reed M39 45:44
print A431 Mark Brockie M39 45:45
print AA897 David Coyne M39 45:49
print AA341 Ron Claman M39 45:50
print B766 David Carlson M39 45:50
print BB794 Mike Osborn M39 45:53
print BB438 Thomas Boldt M39 45:56
print DD219 Ken Andrus M39 46:00
print B682 Dale Perry M39 46:03
print G352 John Horak M39 46:03
print C863 Reuben Ybarra M39 46:04
print EE693 Paul Barker M39 46:08
print QQ794 Steven Dille M39 46:09
print E187 Jim Kauffman M39 46:18
print C449 Ralph Gonzales M39 46:20
print B165 Brian Higgins M39 46:22
print B763 Robert Rosenthall M39 46:42
print I075 Chris Belting M39 46:49
print BB429 Scott Packer M39 46:52
print B020 Chuck Rose M39 46:53
print C858 John Van Ginkel M39 47:00
print BB722 Bill Hertneky M39 47:00
print CC067 Leslie Harris M39 47:04
print G024 Mark Lea M39 47:18
print NN367 Jack Buckner M39 47:20
print BB737 Randy Reukauf M39 47:36
print BB600 Allen Weaver M39 47:42
print QQ083 Glenn Terrell M39 47:45
print D129 Greg Graham M39 47:53
print BB442 Gerald Shioshita M39 47:57
print B101 Daniel Chitwood M39 48:00
print BB273 Brian Greffe M39 48:01
print CC745 Bob Perkins M39 48:03
print C575 John Jancik M39 48:03
print C772 Jeffrey White M39 48:04
print BB411 Pat Wiesneske M39 48:18
print BB708 Mark Nass M39 48:19
print D523 Herbert Siegel M39 48:21
print CC448 Craig Vaughn M39 48:21
print BB326 Steve Pubols M39 48:22
print AA517 Harold Stokes M39 48:27
print C625 Robert L. Atkins M39 48:31
print CC436 John Carter M39 48:32
print C735 Russell DeGering M39 48:40
print J330 Joel Swisher M39 48:45
print BB209 Mark Bishop M39 48:49
print E408 Donald Evans M39 48:54
print F899 Stanley Dyer M39 48:58
print KK454 Joe Pruitt M39 49:00
print CC260 John Ellwood M39 49:02
print I224 Daniel Lowry M39 49:06
print E636 Lee Vitgenos M39 49:07
print CC176 Chris Painter M39 49:09
print C446 Paul Asmussen M39 49:09
print E258 Masakatsu Miyajima M39 49:11
print D401 Peter Ornstein M39 49:13
print B312 Harry Esteve M39 49:20
print LL837 Donald Dunn M39 49:21
print D280 Bill Ritter M39 49:23
print EE576 Mark Brissenden M39 49:25
print T211 Tim Rodgers M39 49:26
print D869 David Crain M39 49:28
print C475 Lowell Spackman M39 49:33
print CC223 Gary Fresques M39 49:34
print D352 Walt Kordziel M39 49:35
print CC073 Sam Greco M39 49:35
print CC068 William Rose M39 49:38
print C729 Kim Hartwig M39 49:38
print N215 William Jackson M39 49:41
print DD645 Rick Hillier M39 49:44
print FF168 Mark Brunnen M39 49:44
print L646 Richard Markley M39 49:44
print D336 Larry Hoffenberg M39 49:47
print C706 Chad Reader M39 49:48
print FF169 Lyle Tucker M39 49:53
print CC443 James Hecker M39 49:57
print F796 Kevin Schilling M39 50:05
print C529 Thomas Reilly M39 50:08
print BB081 Bill Miller M39 50:09
print D039 Donnie Lichtenstein M39 50:19
print JJ853 Bob Schmutz M39 50:22
print C367 Alan Noguchi M39 50:33
print D720 David Jackman M39 50:33
print EE701 Jim Tompkins M39 50:35
print D872 Rob Rodriguez M39 50:41
print D531 Terry Rettele M39 50:44
print C065 Fred Boettcher M39 50:46
print CC411 Peter Oatman M39 50:47
print F884 Mark Snyder M39 50:51
print BB147 Jeff Fehrman M39 50:56
print F082 John Shea M39 51:06
print F140 Randall Coatney M39 51:07
print JJ847 Walt Scoggins M39 51:10
print D299 Andrew Buttrell M39 51:23
print LL880 Mark Euwema M39 51:24
print KK733 Lane David M39 51:32
print H805 Ross Rafferty M39 51:36
print G790 Michael Dolan M39 51:42
print EE065 Greg Giesen M39 51:43
print DD299 Steve Bellio M39 51:43
print CC263 Thomas Kremer M39 51:49
print CC743 Jeff Hancock M39 51:51
print FF463 John Mager M39 51:55
print CC316 Kelly Grogan M39 51:59
print F725 Wayne Nykan M39 52:01
print I329 Jim Lamb M39 52:05
print DD795 Robert Lusby M39 52:06
print K294 James Emig M39 52:08
print E545 Rick Lerner M39 52:11
print G081 John Schultz M39 52:15
print OO856 Al Charron M39 52:18
print OO607 Don Huber M39 52:20

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